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WriterZen Review: An Easy Content Creator Tool For Content Creators, Writers and Curators

Today I am going to disclose something personal! Yes, it is about WriterZen.

Let’s have a look at why do I call it personal…

As a content writer and a content curator, I have been researching the topics that deal with the vast majority of subjects. It has always been the topic of curiosity that what tool should be used in order to generate healthy content that is unique and won’t plagiarise over the web. Of course, no content creator would copy and paste from some available content, but unfortunately, things go out of control. That’s where the tool WriterZen comes into play.

What is WriterZen?


WriterZen is a tool that allows you to research your keywords, topics and then create content around your relevant topic. You can generate many new ideas with the help of this tool.

WriterZen is a must-have tool for any blogger, content writer, copywriter, social media marketer or SEO guy who are especially working only with keyword research and content research considering the competition around their project.

Writerzen Dashboard How to use Writerzen?


WriterZen lands with a very clean dashboard. The details on the dashboard are very clear and crisp. You will only see three tabs on their dashboard.

You can never go wrong with what you want to achieve and how you would like to get started.

WriterZen Features & Highlights

As you can see from the dashboard itself, the bigger picture is very clear and the main tool revolves around creating amazing, killer content so that you can leverage your time and efforts to build value for the audience.

I am going to discuss all the available features step by step.

Topic Discovery


The above image gives you a clear indication that you just need to enter your seed keyword or any short-tail or long-tail keyword and choose your location and language. Once you enter these details and tap the search button, you will find many topics around your seed keyword.

You will be amazed by the options you will see in the results. If you would compare with your manual research or even with any other tool in the market, you won’t find such an accuracy.

Of course, there are many other tools, but WriterZen has made it totally simple and it pulls down everything you need in one place. You don’t have to go back and forth researching your topics, making notes and making list out of your research.

Once you have researched the topic, you would want to create your content. Even the dashboard suggests that the next tab is Content Creator. But I would skip that for a while because you need to have your keywords as well to write your content and to make up your mind and decide which keywords you want to include and what LSI keywords can be included or excluded depending on the topics you have researched and what sort of content would you generate for your audience.

Keyword Explorer


It is a very self-explanatory part of the tool. You can literally research your keywords and find your competitors. You can check the search volume, CPC data and further keyword ideas that are relevant to your seed keyword.

You can literally check how many domains/websites are ranking for your keyword within Serp Overview. You can also check the ranking of the domain. You can also find how many backlinks are associated with that particular URL. You can also check for the referring domains, domain rating, organic traffic and organic keywords for that particular link within SERP Overview. WriterZen pulls most of the details from Google API and also from AHREFs.

Overview Chart

Overview Chart tab within the Keyword Explorer tool gives you the overall idea of search volume over the period of time. While Trends tab gives the details about trends, which is also pulled from Google Trends.

Keyword Data Tab

This tab gives you the idea and details about further research around the relevant keyword. It provides much more flexibility to export your required data. You can create your own list with the system in order to work around your data. You can explore your keywords by various measures like Phrase Match, Same terms, Also search for. All these suggestions are presented to you directly from Google API.

You can also filter your data with various available options. If you want to look for long-tail keywords you can filter it via word count options. WriterZen also gives you the options to filter via its own metrics i.e. Zen Metrics via Golden filter, which further enhances the features around your research. Let’s check out the below video to learn more about this tab.

Keyword Explorer Insight

The insights tab gives you the overall idea around your keywords. It will give you insights into what happens when someone asks questions or queries around your keywords. The tool considers various prepositions, comparisons, alphabets and numbers.

You might wonder about the results you would encounter. You would have never received such insights with google suggest or any other tool or even with your manual research.

Keyword Cluster

The clusters tab will cluster out further google suggested keywords in different groups logically. This cluster tab requires extra credit and will debit some credits from your account depending on the plan you have opted in.

It pulls out various keywords that have similar semantic meanings. This would help you to rank your article for these articles as well once you have integrated and leveraged these keywords into your article. The video from WriterZen will give you an idea about the usage and how it can help you as a content writer to rank your content higher.

Keyword Importer

The above keyword explorer process shows what you can research and how you can leverage your keyword research. This feature is specially created for users who are using some other tool and want to leverage the inherent special features of this tool. Hence, they can just import all their keywords within the tool and then can use the above relevant features.

There are many users who are just crazy about the Golden Keyword filter feature, as offered by WriterZen, as it saves lots of time over the research and many man-hours as well.

Content Creator

It is one of the most lucrative features that every content creator would love. You can create separate projects for your specific client or domain. Within the project, you can create as many separate contents as needed.


While creating content, you can leverage all the above keywords, lists, clusters and golden filters you have researched through within the content workspace. You can keep writing as per your research and naturally fill in all the details as and how you plan to process it. You can check out the below video for a detailed explanation. You will be surely amazed by the available options and how freely you can decide the outcome.

WriterZen also provides the option to check your content with Google’s Natural Language Processing technique which is briefly known as NLP. WriterZen uses Google’s NLP API to carry out different tasks like sentiment analysis and text classification, to balance your writing for bots and also for humans.

WriterZen Easy Content Creator for SEO

WriterZen Easy Content Creator for SEO is a must-have tool so that you can make your living out of it. There are many people, who purely write to satisfy their passion. They don’t care about leveraging SEO skills or web requirements with SEO perspectives. They just keep writing content for their audience and this is where WriterZen can help such writers, as this tool helps with many suggestions and unimagined ideas that can be leveraged within their career or writing journey.


Plagiarism Checker

As the feature looks. It is very self-explanatory. You can check your content for plagiarism within the indexed content over Google. It enables you to have 100% authentic content from your creation. Even if there is any mistake while you are creating or curating your content, you can always check and this comes very handily when you are writing Pillar Content, Educational and informational content around the same niche or similar sort of topics.

As a content creator, you would never want to have plagiarised content and of course, you would never intentionally do that. But there are many chances where you could have never imagined and you would have never found during your manual research and somehow your content might be similar to some other content unintentionally. Hence, using such a tool to leverage your skills is a must-have approach that would save tons of time and money in the long run.

How accurate are WriterZen results?

Well, there are many concerns that start floating around and it is one of the crucial aspects about how accurate the results are?

Well, all the details and data are directly pulled from Google API and Google’s keyword planner API, as alleged by WriterZen, which means the data is quite accurate. Also, they pull DR, Organic Traffic and other ranking details directly from AHREFs which is also one of the most advanced software. So you can imagine the accuracy and precision of the tool.

WriterZen Pricing

Finally, the most crucial part in here, so that you can make your decision and leverage the tool for your process and projects. There are a few factors to consider as the tool offers daily and monthly usage restrictions depending on the plan you would choose.

They are also credit systems within their tool, which can be used as and when needed to leverage the special features like Golden Filter, Cluster and other relevant features. You can also buy credits separately as and when needed depending on your usage. Please click the below link to check out their pricing details. Its basic monthly plan starts with as low as 29-USD, which is a no-brainer compared to the much more expensive tools out there.

They are developing more and more new features and since they are launched, they have already added many new features, hence it is best to leverage the upcoming new features beforehand.

Final Verdict

I am personally using WriterZen to perform my research and honestly, I am very happy with the results I have received so far.

Further, I would also like to mention that if you are just starting out and if you are just into the content writing arena, you don’t need to look for any other expensive tools and their hefty features. You will find everything you need as a content creator within WriterZen.

I have tried to cover almost all the features offered by WriterZen. If you still have other concerns please don’t hesitate to comment with your queries and I will try my best to revert back.

5/5 (1 Review)

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  1. Thank you Saas Monarch! I was looking for a good tool to help me with content creation. Your article makes me want to start right away! I’ll definitely give it a go!

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