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WriterGenie: A Guide On How To Use WriterGenie, An AI-Powered Tool That Creates Versatile Content 10X Speed.

WriterGenie is an AI-enabled content creating tool that not only helps you with creating and generating unique content but also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker to test whether your content is original or not.

Content is a King, but generating content with new ideas will be tough enough, as you may be getting lots of content or blogs related to your search. You may also have the chance of your article getting plagiarised.

The first thing you have to do while writing any content is keyword research. You will be having many tools that make your job easy, but there will be chances of getting more copies that will be similar.

As a Content Writer or a Digital Marketer, you might have found it sometimes creating unique content will be tedious, and time-consuming and also feel that you are creating the same content again and again. At some point, you may even feel that you are out of new ideas. This will surely reduce the interest of your audience, and gradually they lose interest in your content.

So, in order to grab the attention of your readers, you need to create content that is unique, and free from plagiarism, that adds more leads to your site, generates more traffic and increases ROI.

Creating Content has now become easier with WriterGenie, an AI-powered tool that comes with many built-in features that help to create unique content every time for all your keywords so as to reduce the chances of plagiarism.

WriterGenie: A Powerful Content Writer

Content marketing is undoubtedly the best way to increase your engagement online and helps you to attract new customers.


As a content writer, you need to be careful while putting your ideas into words. You need to have specific knowledge about what you are writing, how to use proper keywords to attract your audience, how to convert your audience and get engaged with them, etc.

Writing content manually will consume most of your time and you need to put lots of effort to make your copy unique. Sometimes, you will be having ideas about what to write, but may fail to produce the desired content. Creating a proper and suitable headline, describing the product through catchy words, giving detailed information in a more comprehensive form, and having a convertible CTA, will be the necessity of your content.

So, in order to produce highly convertible content, it is better to have a tool, that consumes less time in creating your unique content and helps in cost reduction.

WriterGenie is one such platform that allows you to produce your content in seconds using the power of AI and converts your idea into the best possible content that not only helps you to get engaged with your audience online but also in getting more conversions.

With WriterGenie, you will be able to generate the same content in many different ways. You just need to input your ideas into AI, and it will generate the best possible content that you are looking for. WriterGenie gives you the power of Genie, and magically you can create any number of articles that are unique.

The Unique Features of WriterGenie:

a. Genie Emotions:

Convert the emotion of your audience from simply reading to taking further actions and get highly engaged with them through your content.

b. Website Content:

Create a suitable branding for your website, and create a hero content that grabs the attention and subheadings that gives description to your site.

c. Blogs:

With the help of AI, you will be able to get rid of writer’s block. Writer block is a condition where you will get stuck in generating new ideas to create a new article.

d. Sales Copy:

Get expert advice on creating your valuable content using AIDA, PGC and FTB.

e. Multilingual Support:

Generate your content in more than 20+ languages.

f. Plagiarism Checker:

WriterGenie comes with a free Inbuilt Plagiarism Checker that checks the uniqueness of your article.

g. Digital Ads:

WriterGenie helps you to create digital ads for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn instantly.

h. Rephraser:

You can rephrase and rewrite your article a number of times without any errors.

i. Summarizer:

You can shorten your articles, papers or articles to the key points so that it becomes easier for your audience to read.

WriterGenie:- The Purpose of Choosing it To Create a Great Content:

  • It helps to generate the unique content that is SEO optimized, enabled with the SERP tool and consists of an inbuilt Plagiarism Checker.
  • You can write copies for emails, blogs, website content, sales, social media, etc, with a few clicks.
  • You will be able to produce highly optimized content in minutes using an efficient AI tool.
  • It helps you to give the best and most relevant output for your content and ensures you with a great ROI, and you can improve the quality of your content as you start using WriterGenie more and more.
  • The better quality content which can evoke the emotion of your audience can be created using WriterGenie.
  • The inbuilt Plagiarism Checker will help you to check whether the same content is produced twice or a number of times and helps you to create authentication for your article. You need not have to buy another tool.
  • It comes with an illustrative UI/UX that is easy to use.
  • You can train your AI to make your content 7x productive.
  • You can minimize your time spent on writing content by using AI and maximize the productivity of your content.
  • It covers all parts of content writing.
  • You can be able to create any number of articles many times without any human errors.
  • AI understands your ideas better and helps you to generate versatile content easily.
  • Create your content in 3 simple steps: Create headlines, Have an outline, Create your content.

WriterGenie is Best Suitable For:

  • Freelancers
  • small business owners
  • medium scale business owners
  • agencies
  • digital marketers
  • single owners
  • content writers,
  • Entrepreneurs etc. who want to level up in their business and want to acquire new clients can make the best use of WriterGenie to create great content.

WriterGenie Will be Better Alternative to:

  • ZoomInfo SalesOS.
  • Adapt.
  • Semrush.
  • Demandbase Sales Intelligence Cloud.
  • Clearbit Data Activation Platform.
  • UpLead.
  • 6sense ABM/ABX platform.
  • Terminus ABM Platform.

What Type of Content You Can Create With WriterGenie?

You will be able to produce any type of article within minutes using WriterGenie.

  • SalesCopy
  • Website Content
  • Blogs
  • Content
  • Email Copies
  • Social Media Posts
  • Digital Ads, etc.

How to Write Your Content 10X faster using WriterGenie?

Login to the WriterGenie account and after you logged in you will be directed to the dashboard. It has a simple and easy to use AI and UI dashboard.


You have a list of menus and items that will help you in generating your article in a super cool way. The Items are categorized into many sections.

Digital Ads contains Google Ads Headline and Google Ads Description, Facebook Ads Headline and Facebook Ads Description

Blog Section contains Title, Outline and Section.

Website Copy has – create a hero landing page and subhead option

Sales Template gives you the option to create your content in terms of AIDA, Value Proposition, Feature-to-Benefit, and Pain-Gain-Claim, which helps to create a more complying sales copy.

In addition, you also have a Miscellaneous section where you will get the options like rephrase, autocomplete and summarize.

At the top right corner of the tool, you will be getting the plagiarism checker.

Decide a topic that you want to write before starting your content.

1. Create A Headline:

Once you have selected your topic, first thing is to create a headline for that. Go to the Headline option from the Blog submenu.


You will be asked to give a short description of your product, so mention some details about your product in the space given for adding a description. Next, it will ask about the emotion that you want to evoke for your audience, choose a suitable emotion, mention the type of audience for whom you are writing this article, and mention the number of results. Then click on generate. Your results will get generated within seconds. Select your headline from the suggestions generated and copy it into the editor field. If you are not ok with some of the words, you just refund them back and you will be credited with new words.

2. Creating The Outline:

The most difficult task while creating a blog is deciding what to write and arranging the words and sentences in a proper manner. Thanks to WriterGenie, that helps you to sort out your issues.


Go to Blogs and choose the Outline option. Use the headline that you have created in the first step as the input or you can give other descriptions of what you are writing about. Select the number of results and creativity level for your topic as innovative, discipline or none. Then click on the generate button and your results will be downloaded within no time.

You will be noticing that WriterGenie will be giving you suggestions on what each of your paragraphs should contain. Choose the best option, and copy the outline to the editor screen.

3. Creating Content:

This is the best part where WriterGenie outstands with other writing tools. Just input the selected outline sentence in the editor space and be ready to create your content that is plagiarism-free.


You will be having a keyword section, where you need to fill in the proper keyword, which is the essential part of the SEO optimized content.

Generate the first paragraph from the outline and keywords. Choose the generated content, and copy and paste it to the editor section. Create each paragraph in a similar way.

Every time you will be getting new words with the click on the words, and when you click on to expand, it continues to write more. You can notice that each time you click on the generate button, you will be getting more stuff. You will also be getting different copies for the same topic based on the suggestions you have opted for.

After creating content, copy and paste it into the Plagiarism checker editor space. If your content is original, you will be getting the result of 0% and if it is fully plagiarised, then the result will be 100%.

Likewise, you can also easily create Google Ad Campaigns, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Sales Copy or other types of content.

You can also rephrase your already available or your prewritten content, Summarize your whole content into a brief description, or autocomplete your paragraphs.

Final Views:

With WriterGenie, you will be able to produce a more unique, high-quality and versatile blog content or email copy in less time.

It is difficult to please every audience and in order to do so, you need to create proper and more engaging content that captures their attention very fast. Writing such content will be time-consuming and sometimes you will be out of ideas.

So, WriterGenie makes your work easier and it always allows you to create multiple contents within minutes. You will not be out of your ideas anymore, as Writergenie will grasp your idea and converts it into unique content every time.

The content created by using WriterGenie will be 100% unique and original, helps you get a more engaging audience, get more conversions, generate good leads and brings more traffic to your site.

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