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Ureify: How to Build a Strong and Job-Winning Resume Using AI

A resume is a document that a job seeker will create to set out their qualifications for a position. It shows the employer what you have done before. It details your job experience, qualifications, work experience, accomplished projects in previous companies, etc. Check out Ureify to get the job done.


It is important as it grabs the attention of employers. It signifies how you are perfectly fit for the particular position or project. It enhances your specific skills and experiences. More importantly, it is the first step toward getting into the job that you are looking for.

Giving unnecessary information will also lead to rejection. So, it is very necessary to know what you need to mention and what not to mention. It is important to have a neatly designed, well-structured, and properly formatted resume. Your resume has to be ATS friendly and HR friendly.

But many times, even after having a well-defined resume, the recruiter may reject your resume. It is not because you haven’t detailed your skills, or not mentioned the necessary fields, but it may be because your resume may not be structured properly.

But writing a perfect resume is a difficult task and also consumes time if you are writing it manually. No matter how experienced or fresher, everyone gets confused about what to include or what not to consider while writing a good resume.

Thanks to Ureify, which helps to write your resume properly and all through AI automation. You can have many predefined resume formats, and pre-written examples, which helps to build your resume more creatively.

Why Are Resumes Important?

We can say that the importance of a resume is two-folded. It helps the Companies to recruit qualified candidates and job seekers to present themselves effectively to the companies where they want to work.

Many times after forwarding your resume, you must have felt some consequences and might have heard that you have been rejected. Why is this so? You might be the right person for the position and must have given your best in the interview, but even then fail in the last round, which is the HR Round. But Why?

Many companies use ATS software to filter resumes. It is an Application Tracking System to screen through thousands of applications for hiring a correct candidate and it filters out all the irrelevant applications.

Let us say, for instance, a company has called for an interview for a certain post. Then say around 5000 applicants have applied for the post. It may be a shocking fact that 70-80% of the applications will be filtered out and completely neglected while hiring. It means only 1000 to 1500 applications will move on to the HR level, and HR recruiters will select only 2% of the remained applications that has the correct and well-organized resume and feel that they may be best suitable for the required position. That is only 20 to 30 people will clear the interview. It means 99.6% of 5000 people have been rejected purely on the basis of resumes.

Companies never reject people, they reject Resumes. So you need to write a resume that is ATS friendly and HR favourable. Please note that HR scans through your Resume within 7 seconds, and it is important for you to provide a resume that catches the eye of HR.

It is not the fancy fonts, Images or Graphics that HR will look for in your resume. They just look up the summary or briefing. It is not even needed to mention the whole story but just a few words that will brief you about yourself. It has to be crisp, relevant and powerful.

Your resume also needs to have good content and good structure. It is also important to keep in mind that the same resume cannot be used everywhere and every time. The resume that is perfect for Microsoft may not work for Google or Apple and a resume that is the best fit for a Web developer may not fit for a game developer post. Each resume has to be structured differently for different companies and different job titles. It has to be customized according to the job you are looking for and also has to meet the company’s mission statement like what position they are hiring you for and what exactly HR is looking forward to.

Ureify gives you the option to choose between many templates that are ATS and HR reliable and can customize your resume accordingly.

Ureify: Build Your Resume ATS And HR Friendly:

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to have a unique resume that gives you 3x more chances of getting into a job. But creating one such resume and managing it, is extremely time consuming and there are chances of missing out on some particular fields or sometimes it may be overwritten.

So, what if you get a tool that simplifies your task and makes you win in getting the desired job?

Here comes Ureify to serve your purpose. It not only helps you to build a good resume but also helps to find a suitable job for you.

It offers you resume formats that have been approved by more than 40 HR experts. You also have access to over 2 lakhs prewritten examples for about 10k different job titles. It also has a built-in review, Job search, Job interview, etc.

It helps to build your resume in AI automated way and guides you in writing your resume which can pass through ATS screening and HR level passing.

Why Choose Ureify?


It gives you the option to choose templates that have 40 plus HR experts, which add an extra advantage to the competition. It has templates, not only for the freshers who are applying for jobs for the first time but even for experienced who like to change their jobs and executives who want to get promoted.

You don’t have to write a single word as you have many prewritten formats to choose from and for different job titles.

It has an AI-assisted job review, that helps to analyze your resume with job description and gives you a description of what needs to be added and what is missing. It rates your resume out of 100 and gives tips to improve it.

It helps to build a customized resume for each job description so that it won’t get missed out while screening through ATS.

Ureify helps to improve your resume and helps with suggestions at every level.

Once you have built your resume, Ureify searches for the jobs that will match your resume and increase your interview chances by 3x times.

You can have the choice to work from your laptop and can install a mobile app, both will make your resume building easier.

Alternatives For Ureify:

Indeed, Resume Genius, Cake Resume, Resume-Now, My Perfect Resume, Canva, Hloom, Kick Resume, Visual CV are some alternatives for Ureify.

Who Can Use Ureify?

Solopreneurs, Job-seekers, Freshers, Professionals, Small Agencies and those who are looking for a better job opportunity can use Ureify.

How to make your Resume 2x Better using Ureify?


It is essential to build a professional resume that reflects your skill and visually appeals better. Ureify is a platform that joins hands with you in writing a perfect and job-winning resume. It is simple and easy to work with Ureify.

When you enter your dashboard after logging in, you will be displayed with an overview and you have an “Add New” tab where you can add a new resume and start working with it.

Select Add New and it takes you to the template page from where you can choose between 3 different kinds of Resume templates, namely, Freshers, Experienced and Executives.

When you choose a particular option, you further have different formats for templates and you can choose the one which you like and design according to your choice.

You have prewritten templates but the only thing you need to do is edit the same. You can change the colour and select the fonts. You also have the option to add a new section, preview your resume and also download the same. You can run your resume through the scorecard to know where your Resume stands up.

It displays how you want to start and gives you options while adding a new resume. You can upload your own resume and format it or you can start with the “create a new resume” option.

Select “create a new option”, choose your desired template and start editing all the required details. You can hover over any field and just click on the pencil icon to adjust.

You have a Heading section where you can mention all your personal details like your first name, middle name, last name, phone number, etc. and after filling in the details, press save. Then you can see the overall completeness of your resume.

Next is a summary. Here you will get certain recommendations that you can input into your resume. Depending on the role or position that you are applying for you will get a certain set of recommendations. You can directly add it to your summary page and also can edit it according to your fields.

Then you are having a skills tab. You get a set of pre-listed recommendations for this too and can set your bucket list of skills. You can choose from predefined skills or can enter your own expertise. Once you have done, can go to the next tab.

The next tab is Work Experience. Here you need to add your job title or you can choose from the recommendations. You have 35 pre-defined recommendations for this field. After adding your job title, you can insert the name of the organization where you wish to work, your location priority, and so on. You can also edit the fields to match your own experience level.

Then comes the Education tab. Here you will get 5 tips to implement in your education list. Fill in the details and move on to the next field.

The next option is the Additional Section. Here you will be able to set up all the different kinds of sections listed down. These include Accomplishments, Software, Certifications, Languages, Hobbies and Interests, Projects. For each section, you will be having tips or recommendations.

The last option is Job Match. You need to give your job description like the job title, employer name, company mission statement and job description. You need to follow certain tips while entering these particulars.

Once you have filled all the required fields, you will find that all the contents have been updated and everything is being filled in the appropriate sections.

You can edit the specific sections directly. If you want to edit/change any of your template designs you can easily do it just by clicking on the pencil icon and then format the fields that you want to or update the things for particular fields. You can even change the template.

After formatting your resume, you can test it on a scorecard and it tells you about the overall score, it also suggests to you what you can improve, and the tips to make it suitable for a job-ready resume. It also suggests classifying your skills into categories, for ease of readability. You can also fill in the highlighted fields and so on. Make a note of all the suggestions and correct your resume, so that you can get a better overall score.

So, isn’t it a great and simple tool to work with?

To Sum Up With:

Resumes are important to get into a job. Whether you are a fresher seeking to start up a new career or an experienced who wants to change the job, you need to have a well designed, well-formatted, and well-structured resume, which has the ability to pass through ATS software and also catches the eyes of HR.

But preparing such resumes manually will be boring and time-consuming. So it will be better to have software that helps to reduce the risk of rejection and also builds your resume properly within a few minutes.

All thanks to Ureify, which helps to write your Resume in an automated way. It saves your time as you need not have to write everything. It gives you suggestions and tips at every step for making your resume look more professional.

You just follow the suggestions and even add the recommendations given by Ureify and edit according to your specifications. It also runs your resume through a scorecard which will help you to know where your resume stands, you can modify and change your resume format and also include the suggestions given by Ureify to get a better score.

It is easier to work with Ureify and once you have created the perfect resume, you will have 3x better chances of getting the best suitable job.

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