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Treblle: A Guide On How To Use Treblle To Manage Your Entire API LifeCycle

Treblle is an API management tool which helps you to understand the situation of API at every stage of the API life cycle, from the development process to the post-production level.

It helps API developers, App developers and clients to know better about API and helps them to manage API and the related Apps. It provides API monitoring and analytical solutions.

Being a developer, you might have spent a long time managing various tasks, like administrating, writing documentation, providing support, debugging the apps or sites, monitoring APIs and Analytics, or even measuring them.

It even costs you more than billions for getting to know what the problem is and it takes hours together to fix it. You might also have spent your money and time on writing documents, monitoring, giving support, etc.

But, not anymore. Now you have Treblle, a complete API management software which understands and monitors what is happening with your API and Apps that are connected with it.

Want To Know More About Treblle?

It is very difficult to understand what is going on in your APIs during the development stage or even after the production. As a developer, you need to spend lots of your money and time to monitor, organize, and measure your APIs.

Treblle sorts out all your problems regarding API. It is user-friendly and cost-effective. It is all in one API management software that allows you to know what is happening with your API at every stage of its lifecycle either at the development stage or at the production level so that you can easily manage your API and the related apps using a specific API.


You can now add Treblle to any API using one of the SDKs for PHP, Laravel, .Net, Python, Ruby, Node, etc and once you have added SDK you can easily perform real-time monitoring of API, logging, tracking errors, generating the documentation, quality scoring and even the analytics. You will also have the tools to build and ship your API.

Dive Into The Features Of Treblle:

1. Real-Time API Monitoring:


Treblle allows you to monitor all your APIs live. It provides all the necessary information about API. With the help of AI and Algorithms, you will be able to calculate or measure your data like location, device information, user information, performance, and quality of all the requests that enter your API.

2. Logging and Problem Tracking:

By storing a huge amount of data about every request that comes in, Treblle helps you to see the data that has been sent or returned back. It also allows you to sort the data, search it or filter it using different data points. It also looks out for errors either code-based or non-code-based that are occurring in your API and notifies you about that.

3. Automatically Generated Documentation:


You can speed up your documentation with the help of Treblle. It helps you to generate required documentation after each endpoint by giving just one API call. By understanding JSON responses, Treblle will detect various authentication processes, group different URLs under a single endpoint, and support various types of documentation, etc.

4. API Analytics and Quality Control:

Treblle analyzes and measures every API call. It gives you clear information about the API, requests, users, usage, etc. It not only gives you complete analytics but also sees what are the most common best practices on each of the requests and helps you to get a better API score based on Performance, Security and Quality.

5. API Testing:


Treblle can duplicate any call made by the user, as it clearly understands what has been sent and what has returned back. It helps you to run the specific task again. It helps you to test API with a single click. You can also do plenty of manual tests on the platform.

6. Monitoring:


You can test, view, debug, analyze, and manage API with Treblle, even from your phone using android or IOS apps. It notifies you if something is wrong with the app by sending a push notification.

7. Designed For Teams:

Treblle is built especially for the developers and development teams. The users can invite developers for their API system, share the request with others, or even comment and communicate with anyone in the team. It also allows you to view automated activity indicators such as API status, modifications in the API, etc.

Who Can Make The Best Use Of Treblle?

Treblle is suitable for

  • Developers and development team
  • Solo developers
  • SaaS companies
  • Development agencies
  • Technology companies of all sizes

What Are The Alternatives Of Treblle?

The Alternatives of Treblle Are:

  • Postman
  • Rapid API
  • Checkly
  • RollBar
  • DataDog
  • New Relic
  • Informer
  • Heap
  • Splunk Enterprises
  • Cluvio
  • Improvado
  • FireAPIs
  • Kong
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • WSO2 API Manager

Why Do You Need To Choose Treblle?

  • It helps in automating about 60% of the development task.
  • It understands the working of your API better.
  • It helps to find out the location of your users and also gives the device and app details.
  • It measures the loading time and response time
  • It detects problems and notifies you about the same.
  • It provides many interesting features like API monitoring, tracking errors, automated documentation, API analytics, etc.

How To Use Treblle?

To get started to work with Treblle, first log in to the Treblle account using your details.

On the home page, to the left side of the page, you will be having a browser window and to the right, you have a login page. As soon as you log in to your Treblle account, you are able to see a list of your projects. You can see which of your projects are active, the number of API requests, etc.

When you log in, you will see on the browser window on the left side that two requests have been made.

When you click on the specific article, a new API request will be made in the background and you can check for the request that has appeared on the left side. All the procedures will be happening in real-time.

When you open a particular request or a project, it will start to pop up. You can see even the authentication request has been made. You will get the request data and also response data.

Treblle helps you to know what the app has sent, what the user has entered, what the app has got in response, etc. It also helps you to get other informations like what device you used, the app name, what the app is using to make that request, location, etc. It also understands that API authentication is enabled.

Next is Documentation. Treblle auto-generates the documentation instantly from the request that you have made for the projects. You don’t have to write or update anything manually. You even don’t need to go to the developers to prepare documentation for your project.

Once the request is made, Treblle automates the process of documentation and you can click on that to view it, share it with anyone, or open it on any app, on swagger or an API spec.

The next thing is analytics. Click on the analytics, you will be getting all the detailed analysis and quality of your API. You also have the score option, it will score your API based on the Performance, Security and Quality.

You can even test your API. If you have done any mistakes, you can correct them and then do the retesting. You just have to click on the Test button to carry out a test.

Treblle understands everything that API needs in order to complete the task. It runs the re-testing and you will also get the data of that test in just a single click.

It scans your API and tells you if any errors or mistakes have occurred in your API. It notifies you why it occurred, where it occurred, at which line of code, etc.

You will be getting complete analytics, even at the earlier stages of analytics for your API.

You can able to know the location, usage, date, etc for the API.

You can copy and paste the email id in order to invite your team members to view and help you with the project or app. They will get an invitation on their email and instantly will have access to Treblle and can see what is going on with your API.

Larger Projects or larger APIs have more number of datapoints or endpoints and handing them over to a developer will cost you more and you need to explain all the details like how users need to access the app, how to get the authentication, how the article should be, what they have to send and what they will get in return, etc.

Treblle will do everything for you and it saves the time that you will be spending doing it manually or updating everything that you have changed. With Treblle, as soon as you made any changes, a new request will be generated. It updates and helps you with all the things.

It works with any API, or API endpoint and you can take it out to open in API spec or open it in Swagger.

Treblle helps tech persons, be it a CEO, CTO, Developer, API developers, etc.

You can even communicate with someone inside the platform if you are unable to understand something.

You can filter your API through time frames, with or without comments and so on.

How To Add Project Or Create A Project In Treblle?


Log in to create a project with your account. Click on create a new project, you will be landing on a page which asks for three things namely,

  1. Name of the Project
  2. API URL: If you don’t have one, you can leave it, and Treblle will guess the URL and will figure it out the next time you make a request.
  3. Add a member to the team or invite them to your project. Let them have access to your project, to view documentation, see requests, etc.

Once you have done it, you can click on Finish and Save Project. They will be accessed and an email will be sent and you will have a dashboard that contains your projects.

You need to connect your API to one of the SDKs i.e, PHP, Laravel, .Net or Node JS and on the project page you will have the detailed instructions for each API and it will be easier and more understandable for everyone.

Each project has its own key and is Treblle project id, which is a unique id for each of your projects.

Treblle will store all the data that it gets, all the endpoints, and all requests under the particular project, and you can differentiate it from other projects.

If certain mistakes or errors have been made, you can go to settings, change the name of the project, and give an API URL. You can remove the invitee or copy and paste the invite URL and send it to your invitee.

If you don’t like certain projects, you can have the option to even delete them.

Final Views:

Treblle allows app developers, API developers and clients to manage APIs at every stage. It understands your API better and guides you through each step of the API development process.

It gives you incredible features like API monitoring, tracking the requests, and giving access to users or clients.

It even measures the data like location, device information, performance and quality checking for every request. It also captures all the errors and notifies you where and which line it has occurred, what is responsible for that, etc.

You can even invite developers to your complete API process, or share a specific request with any member, you can comment or communicate with any team members and view automated indicators.

You can even get automated documentation for your API even from the beginning of the API life cycle. You can test or retest your API at any stage and also Treblle gives the score for your API based on performance, quality and security.

“API is the Future” of everything. It is used to communicate and share information between you and a client. A client may be an android device, an ios app, a mobile phone App, a server or a database.

It also helps you with writing and updating documentation, and provides support for integration, debugging and many such things. It helps to minimize the cost of hiring a developer and it saves your valuable time by automating almost every task of API.

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