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Traek: The Best Guide On How To Convert Your Website Traffic Into Qualified Leads Using Traek

Traek is a tool to monitor, track and analyze your website quickly. It helps to identify your website visitors and smartly convert them into valuable customers and generate quality leads.


As a Website owner, you might have spent lots of time creating an amazing website to attract the attention of the people who visit your website. But not all the visitors will convert. Only a certain portion of your traffic will turn out to be good leads. You will also fail to get a proper return on investment. But, can u believe that it is still possible to get the details of your visitors and you can be able to manage them for conversion?

Traek enables you to identify the visitors who enter your website and track and analyze their data. You can also come to know which company has gone through your website so that you can easily convert them into the top leads by analyzing the lead score and closing your deal with them.

What Is Traek?

Traek is a platform that helps to track your website visitor, monitor their actions, analyze their data and generate leads. You will be getting to know about users’ insights, the company of the visitors, and their actions on your website. You can get engaged with your clients through the automated chatting option and give them a better deal so that they can become your prominent lead.

By setting up a custom feed, you can able to see the information about the specific company or the client. You can also get notifications when that company visits your website by setting up the Watch option.

Traek manages to notice the threats to your website and stops them from entering your website. This will reduce unwanted expenses from being spent. It helps in improving your sales and also you can have improved revenue growth.

What Are The Features Of Traek That Helps In Improving Your Sales Funnel?

The following features will help in improving your sales not only by creating awareness about your brands but also by helping your customer to take further action.

a. Identify Your Unknown Website Visitor:


By identifying the new customer and their company who visited your website, you can track the details about their social media handles, their page visits and the tools that they are using for their site. You can also connect with the one who shows interest in buying your product. Create a filter to know a quality lead for your business.

You can also be able to know who your better lead is and be sure you will never miss them when they visit your site. You can stop spam visitors from entering your website.

b. View All The Details At A Time On Your Dashboard:


Know the actual number of total leads, average leads per given timeframe and other details for the validation process of your website. Understand your target audience by analyzing the demographics and your lead traffic source. Get the insights from your user, like from where they are entering your website and what type of content they are preferring to read the most. You can use this data to create better marketing campaigns.

c. Convert Your Leads Quickly Through Live Chat:


You can have the live chat with your customers and can be able to identify the recent visitors to your website, which page they are browsing and the services they are searching for. By creating a custom feed you will be getting notifications as soon as a certain lead visits your site. Check out their activities on your site and also have a chat with them. Go to the chat history and continue from your last message and also store chat records if you want for future use.

Why Choose Traek?

a. If You Are A Sales Team:

1. Check Your Easily Convertible Leads:

People may visit your site when they have any interest in your products or services. So, you can give more stress on what they want and make them your prompt leads.

2. Stay One Step Forward From Your Competitor:

You can close a deal faster than your competitor by reaching out to your customer/leads as they enter your website.

3. Develop Smarter Sales Pitches:

You can check what your users are searching for and with proper CSS code give them what they want and use it to create better sales pitches as per the need of your client.

b. If You Are A Marketer or Digital Agency:

1. Make It Easier For Your Sales Team:

Reduce the workload on your sales team by generating highly qualified leads just by installing Traek.

2. Measure the Effectiveness Of Your Campaigns:

With Traek, you can see which traffic source brought you the highest target companies or audience to your site and you can refine your strategies based on this source information and create your marketing campaigns such that they would attract more leads by acting as a lead magnet.

3. Optimize Your Market Collaterals:

Understand the issues being faced within your targetted market by collecting the data that are responsible for such issues in your content areas and develop your content by addressing those problems and giving them the solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Traek?

You can use it for:

  • a. Developing new business connections
  • b. Strengthening existing connections
  • c. Getting detailed and in-depth market report
  • d. Knowing the technologies used by clients
  • e. Initiating the chat
  • f. Getting insights about your blogs or proposals
  • g. Getting desired notifications and results

Who Are The Better Users Of Traek?

Traek can be used by the following people:

  • IT Services
  • SEO People
  • Marketers and Advertizers
  • Website Owners
  • Businesses
  • Enterpreneurs
  • Small and Large Scale business
  • Any Website Users that have more than 500 visitors per month

Traek Is Alternative To:

  • LuckyOrange
  • Evidence
  • Demand Science
  • LeadFeeder
  • HappierLeads
  • Albacross
  • Visitorqueue
  • ZoomInfo
  • DemandScience Intelligence
  • Ampry
  • TypeForm
  • Monday Sales CRM

How To Use Traek?

You can start using Traek by logging in. It has 3 simple steps to log in.

  • a.Commencing With Signup: Signup for Traek account using
  • b. Link your Website with Traek: You need to paste a script at the header section of your website to link with Traek.
  • c. Start using Traek: As soon as you verified with the signup process, you will be ready to use the Traek.

After you logged in successfully, you will be able to see a dashboard which gives a complete summary of the visitor to your website like who is visiting your pages, the number of leads that you are having, what are the lead sources, the countries from where your site is being searched and the leads tracking and analytics.


You will be getting the live tracking and also can watch the actual data of your visitors. You will be noticing some of the user’s data on a daily basis including what most of the visitors want to read on your website, what they are searching on your website, who will be going to refer to your website, where are they coming from and which company they are from and also about your leads. You can get the data on a daily basis or can have it for the last 30 days.

Traek allows you to go through multiple options so that you can understand what your visitor needs and can create your content or campaigns or any events or activities based on your target audience to convert them into your top leads.

Going to the Lead option in the dashboard, you will be getting all the details about your leads. There is a small difference between a lead and a visitor. Anybody who visits your website is just a visitor but a lead is someone who you can be able to recognize through their company or some other data.


Clicking on the Lead will display the people and their company whom you can identify and it will be showcased in the Lead section. You will see the pageview, time spent, company name, last visited, etc that a marketer or salespeople require to do a target based marketing.

By clicking on the specific company you will be getting the visiting details and the visitor details. Further, when you click on the visitor details, you can come to know what pages they have searched about on your website, the number of times they have visited and also the detailed information about the visitor’s profile, id, location, website, device from which he visited and the total time spent by him on your website or the total number of pages he has visited. It also mentions his first and last visit. You can rate your lead as important or not important based on the detail. You can have better information about the visitor and create a persona for them so that you can have a better idea to create your content and then reach out to them through your content to close the deal.

In the settings, you have Add Tags option where you can assign the user and also will have the “Watch” feature that enables you to get notified if someone from the selected company approaches your website, you can check whether is online or not just by toggling Watch option on and when the person from the company enters your website you will be getting an email notification saying that hit upon a specified person from a particular company is visiting your website, go ahead and have a chat with that person.

When you click on the Chat button, you can get to know more about the people who came to your site, whom you can identify, who they are and what they did. You can also check the sort of technologies that they are using which is very important for the salespeople and the marketers that are technology-based.


All the details you are getting will be real-time based and it helps you in making your pitch better because you will be analyzing all the aspects of your leads and understanding them much better.

Next is a real-time user. Sometimes, you will be missing out on identifying your leads. The real-time user option will help you to stay connected with the important lead. There will be a list of people who are actively going through your website and you can see if a user is in the buyer’s persona or into a segment that you want them to.

The sales rep will be going to know all the data about a company, how long a person from that company is on your website, their past journey, whether they are a repeated visitor, etc to enable them to create a chat.

Further, go ahead and start conversation with the people. Click on Chat and you will be starting your communication. You can start from the last conversation with the lead from where you have left or you can start a new chat.

Then you have the Custom Feed option. It allows you to create a custom notification. You can set multiple filters and a number of conditions. Set the parameters like what event or campaign you are running, and on which platform, so when the visitors enter the platform and click on the event or campaign they will be landing on the specific page on your page. When these parameters are met, your salesperson or a sales team will go ahead and start a conversation with them and share the details with other marketing persons, depending on what they are doing on your website.

Give a Feed name and in the Filter section, select the source or can add multiple sources. Give a URL parameter and say that if the URL of the visitor matches that parameter, then they will be listed in your custom feed list. When a visitor is coming to your website from the specified source and referring URL going to have the keyword mentioned, the system is going to trigger the email notification by switching on the email notification in the notification method. You can use even Slack for communication(for IT companies). Connect with the Slack channel that you are using to communicate.

You can also use the filters by company name, country, page, source, tags, URLs, etc and be sure that you will not be missing any person from your list.

You can also install Traek by using HTML code.

Copy the Traek script. You can copy and paste it into the system in order to customize your chat widget. You can customize this and match it to your branding.

Next comes Team members. Every company or sales and marketing business will have a team to run the business smoothly. You can add members to the team and assign them the leads so that they can take care of the particular accounts that they can export from based on the industry. If you are an Admin, you can add multiple members based on the plan.

You can also use the lead data to create ideal customer and target accounts. Use real-time and chat features to get in touch with your users when they are active on your website.

Summarizing the Methods:

  1. Set up a free account and get started using Traek.
  2. You will be getting a unique tracking script that you need to add to your website. It will help in tracking your leads on your website.
  3. You will then be seeing a dashboard which displays your powerful leads who visited your website. You can start tracking by selecting the contact details, time spent on the website, a page that they have visited, and their social media accounts.
  4. You will also be having some advanced features like adding multiple customers, assigning a specific lead to a specific sales member, adding more websites to track, archive or hide unwanted leads, get email notifications.
  5. Track the real-time activity of your customer. You can track your leads on a real-time basis just by switching on the real-time feature on your dashboard. You can see which of your visitor is using your website and the service they are looking for and start to communicate with them by using the chat option on your dashboard. Thus you can give them what they are looking for and you will be able to close the deal before your competitor does.

Final Views About Traek:

Traek helps to monitor your leads who enter your website and also track and analyse all the data of your visitor on your website. It allows you to get a detailed overview of your leads, a complete view of your website and all the required analytics to get more leads to your website.

Have you ever found that in spite of having a website, you are lagging behind in generating the required lead even though there are multiple visitors browsing through your website? Many may fail to convert as a lead or you may not be having any lead? You might have spent your time and money on building your website but you are unable to generate the required ROI, right?

Traek will give you the solution. It monitors, tracks and analyzes your website. It will also track your website visitor and their company and helps you in turning them into your highly qualified leads. You can be able to generate up to 4X more leads by using Traek. You will also be getting the information about your leads, the number of times they visited your page, what page they searched for, what they actually wanted from your website and many other things. So that you can concentrate on your website and satisfy the requirement of your target leads. It also helps in generating more revenue by improving your leads.

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