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How ToChat Makes your Online Sales Reach New Heights:

Are you a salesperson, a businessman or an entrepreneur? Do you have any goods or services to sell? 

You may be looking out for a Website or an App or a Plug-in, to chat with and get connected with your clients/customers and also to improve your business. So here comes “ToChat” which will help you with all your problems related to improving and taking your business to new heights.

ToChat: A Widget to Make Your Online Services Super Easy

One thing has to be kept in mind during business: “People don’t buy things, they buy the benefits that things provide.” So make sure that your products are to be beneficial for the customers/clients.

“ToChat” will help you in maximizing your sales and get connected with your clients/customers. So what are you waiting for? Give it a click and you are one step ahead in your business.

What is ToChat?

Today, social media is developing very fast, with the development of many interconnecting Apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and the list continues. 

Many people use these Apps only for the purpose of connecting with people all across the globe. We can connect with any of our friends or family members who are in remote places and thanks to these technologies bring people near. They also use it for the purpose of simply spreading the forwarded messages and also wishing each other on special occasions.

But, does the use of WhatsApp, and Facebook have to be limited to only these purposes? Or can we be able to use this for other purposes as well?

ToChat is one such platform that helps you upgrade your business and helps you to be a topper in the digital marketing field. It is a WhatsApp Widget and once you download the widget, you can easily connect with the people forever, who are interested in buying your products or services. More than 10k people are finding it useful to win and manage customers by this widget. ToChat uses specialized CRM solutions, and updated features of  WhatsApp and also gives you solutions regarding buying/selling of your goods.

How to Access your ToChat?

All you need to access your WhatsApp widget is just to install your WhatsApp Widget, which is a green bubble with your WhatsApp brand icon and you can stay connected with all your agents, clients, partners and customers for discussion, chatting, and other business-related purposes.

Why use ToChat?

ToChat widget helps you with:

  • increase your sales and support by linking your WhatsApp with your website.
  • Increase your engagement with clients for easy communications.
  • giving access to multiple software such as WordPress, Drupal, Clickfunnel etc.
  • You can update your google analytics to check for the payment details and also you can check whether the widget is accessible with your WhatsApp API.

The other benefits of ToChat are:

  • You can create, customize and implement your WhatsApp widget on your website.
  • You can add forms, agents and FAQs to your widgets.
  • You can create a payment link.
  • If you want, you can also create a personal WhatsApp link to your WhatsApp number.
  • You can even create surveys, opinion polls, and quizzes.

Guidelines to work with ToChat:

The first thing you need to do is:

Go to the My Widget option on the ToChat page and then select the option Make a New Widget which will be the page or link that you share with your clients/customers.

Let’s say you are wishing to sell/buy some stuff or goods or services online, Add your Company or Business Name. On the button message, add what you are looking for and then on the widget message add the domain name.

Click on the WhatsApp icon and you can choose an icon for your brand from various predefined icons in the gallery or you can even customize your own icon. Select the sector for your service.

You can even personalize your Widget’s look and it’s working from the setting of your widget options, it includes some options like setting the colour for your widget, positioning of your widget, it has to be an active or inactive widget and other fields. You can configure your widget accordingly. You can also add banners to your widget.

Now, you can publish your basic information on the website.

How to publish your widget to the clients/agents?

There is an option on the toolbar named Agents. Click on that option. You can have a single customer or a number of customers. If it is for a single customer, provide his WhatsApp number along with the country code and his other particulars and also update all the other necessary information. The agent’s name will be displayed in your list.

How to connect with your customers?

  • Once you have updated all the information as above, copy the URL or the link that you want to share with your customers who wanted to stay connected with you throughout for purchasing your products/services/sales.
  • You can even add a form and send it to the person.

Add a form ➜ choose a common form template that is available from the widget for all your clients/agents or you can customize your own form.

The idea of creating the form helps you with good leads. Without a form, it will be difficult to know about your clients’ needs or who the person is or what they want and what they are looking for. So, this form will help you qualify your leads and give the basic information about the persons.

  • On the Agent name field, you can mention what you want to know about the customer and provide their email and WhatsApp number of the person and then give the book now.

If you visit your WhatsApp Webpage, you will be having information about your leads and you can come to know about the customer’s/client’s or an agent’s details.

  • You can even customize the background, feel and look of your widget and can create a cool landing page for your widget and you can even set a theme accordingly.
  • You can give better information and can select the predefined background and then submit it. You can also preview the changes from WhatsApp Directory on the left corner of your widget setting.
  • Once you are done with all the settings, copy the URL and you can share your landing page to your customers anywhere online either on Instagram, Facebook page, youtube, Twitter and so on.
  • The users will go to your website and they will contact you for further details and will get connected with you for more purchases.
  • Click on the lead and the lead information will be set. You can check about your user’s personal details and also you can message back to the person. It will be saved in his contact and he can verify the same once he gets the notification.
  • In case you have multiple leads, you can check, whom you may be knowing or not knowing or some leads need to follow up on, what’s happening with your leads, have you replied to all of them or some of them are leftover, to know who wants more details and all, you can even filter your leads and also check with the statistics of your sales.

So, this is about how this widget helps you if you are a sales agent, businessman or entrepreneur.

Let us see the usage of ToChat from a buyer’s perspective.

Usage of ToChat for Buyers:

If you are a customer or a consumer, you will be looking for many things online. There are millions of websites and searching through all of these will be a big issue. You may be having a query about which site or app to go for, which will be giving you the best offer, which will serve you better and whose products are best.

So, the widget ToChat will help you with finding the best deals. The criteria you will be looking for while searching for anything to purchase are good quality of the products, the best sellers, the website which gives you more options to buy from and details about the products and the sellers/company details.

You can also get connected with your merchants through this WhatsApp widget. If you have any queries you can directly connect with your seller or a retailer. 

You can also do your payments easily, review your options and tracking details, shipping details etc. Your seller will message you regarding the cashback if any, or any deals he is offering, or discounts and also about the quality of the products/services.

You can get connected with a single retailer or multiple retailers with whom you would like to be connected for purchasing the stuff.

In addition to the many options for buying and selling goods, you can even get the guidelines, tips or how-tos, in order to get more information. It also guides you on how to use the products that you actually have or how to optimize their products.

ToChat also helps you with giving a lot of knowledge and information about the customers, clients or even retailers.

Following below is an example of that:

ToChat will always be ready to help you from the time you find some amazing services, make first contact and all the way through.

It also helps you with the return of your products, new registrations, claims, consultancy, etc.

Following below is the list of services of ToChat that you can consider while creating your widget.


Below is the step-by-step guide for creating a ToChat:

While mentioning procedures, I have mentioned the WhatsApp link. Let us see what it is, and how the link will help you with.

This is one of the really amazing and absolutely free tools provided by ToChat.

This is one of the easiest, most convenient ways to get connected with your users.

You can create your own link, using your WhatsApp number and your name or your company’s name and when the users use this link, they get directed to connect directly to your WhatsApp and can start a conversation with you for knowing better about you, your company or your products and if you are a buyer the sellers or agents will connect you for giving the more info about them, their company or their products and you can come to know which of the sales or deals are best suitable for you. 

Here is an example:


After thinking about purchasing/ buying things from this WhatsApp widget, you may be worried about how the payment has to be done, and you may also be having doubt that the payment will really go to the account of the retailer or will it go to any third party, right?

No worries, WhatsApp stripe payment is a trusted connection. It is an easy, safer, convenient way to pay.

It helps you to make the payment regardless of where you are.

This is how it works.

  • Login to ToChat
  • Go to “connect stripe”
  • Set up the stripe link with your information
  • Now create and design your link
  • And send the same link to your users.

Set up Stripe at ToChat.

To sum up:

Present-day, WhatsApp is the most used messenger app across the globe, and WordPress is the best platform for sharing your business with the world. This helped many businesses to reconsider, and prior appointments and also sharing the links and getting connected will help your business and also helps in customer and retailer engagement throughout the process.

You can spread your business worldwide, and also you can purchase things from anywhere. 

In short, ToChat can be used by any person, who wants the total benefits from WhatsApp and is also a wonderful tool to start up your business. 

It is an easy and simple tool that helps you to take your business to new heights and also as you can get better leads and you can view your statistics.

Share your precious reviews and feedback about this how-to guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the widget and get started. 

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