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A Comprehensive Guide On Thrive Suite : The Only Tool You Need To Thrive With Your WordPress Website

It would be quite evident while you have gone through your research about creating your website or some sort of online presence, that WordPress is one of the best option for you as an individual or for your business.

You can also read about all the specific details here, why WordPress is the only best platform and why. You would be more than happy as you are starting out and you can literally plan your journey upto any limit with the platform. There are many big brands started with and are still existing on WordPress platform itself and thriving.

Ofcourse, it is never easy to go live and straightaway thrive within their niche. Usually it takes minimum 6 to 12 months of consistent hard work and may be even a couple more years if you really work consistently on the task.

As you get started with your website, you will realise that you need many other jobs or tasks on your website like to create lead magnets, collect leads, send emails and do many other ongoing tasks for promotions and other relevant activities pertaining to your website services or products.

What if you would have known or found the perfect solution that would have let you create your beautiful website that would comply with google algorithms for speed i.e. Core Web Vitals and have all the requisite steps taken beforehand. If not, you may have to work around and have to manually optimise your website for Core Web Vitals.

Well let’s not roam around and cut the story short. Today, I would like to introduce and discuss a tool i.e. All In One Tool Set – Thrive Suite.

What is Thrive Suite?


It includes many smaller tools within the suite and you can literally build the whole website without any fuss. You don’t need to be a developer or designer. If you can imagine how you want your website to be, you can literally create your website. Even if you don’t have any idea or can’t imagine, you can literally look at your desired websites and you will get all the tools handy within Thrive Suite to get your desired outcome.

Thrive Suite has been developed and designed by Thrive Themes. They have created the tool with an idea to have all the options that a website may ever need under a single roof. This is where Thrive Suite comes into play i.e. a complete suite of tools that has almost everything you need. Let’s have a look what’s included and what can you do with it.

What’s included in Thrive Suite?

You get below tools within Thrive Suite.

  1. Thrive Theme Builder
  2. Thrive Architect
  3. Thrive Quiz Builder
  4. Thrive Leads
  5. Thrive Ovation
  6. Thrive Comments
  7. Thrive Optimize
  8. Thrive Ultimatum
  9. Thrive Apprentice
  10. Thrive Automator

As you can see, you receive a set of 10 tools as detailed above. I will briefly shows you what each and every tool is capable and how you can leverage it into designing the best piece of your WordPress website.


Thrive Membership has recently rebranded themselves as Thrive Suite in early 2021. Since then, they have upgraded their tools and have brought extremely amazing features that would enhance the capabilities and efficiency of your website.

I would like to mention that rather than dealing with multiple themes, multiple plugins to get your desired results, it is always better to have a single tool in your pocket like a swiss knife that can deal with all your requirements without any hassle simultaneously complying with all the latest upgrades and updates as per the Google’s core web vitals. While you keep investing into many tools and plug-ins you will be heavily invested into these and you would also need to renew on annual basis or may be at relevant intervals depending on the tools, but with Thrive Suite your life will be much more easier comparatively.

Thrive Suite Pricing

Let’s go through all the options you can leverage within the suite and what each feature has to offer along the way.

Thrive Theme Builder

What is Thrive Theme Builder?

You will get complete access to Theme Builder within Thrive Suite. With the help of theme builder, you can literally create the whole website from scratch. You can directly customise every aspect of your website pages and posts.

You receive complete control over your website design. You can directly drag & drop every aspect and each element of the page without any type of coding skills. It is not a separate plug-in as you may imagine, but it is a complete alternative to Elementor Pro. You can visually build your pages fast with accurate precision. You can check out the below video to get an idea how easy and interactive it is. You don’t need to spend your hefty funds over Elementor Pro.

Within Thrive Theme Builder, you get complete three themes fully ready to load into your website. You can launch your website within 15 minutes with complete rebranding your own website with your own choice of colours, fonts, logo and every aspect of the website.

You can directly input your lead magnets and conversion elements as per your needs. You will finally receive a complete mobile responsive website within minutes. You can leverage all the available three themes i.e. ShapeShift, Ommi, Kwik. I highly recommend to get hold of Kwik as it has been built considering the google’s page speed requirements and it is completely coded from the scratch considering to achieve the targets as prescribed under Google’s Core Web Vitals. I have extensively mentioned all the specific details about Kwik theme in my review.

Thrive Theme Builder fully integrates with many other tools natively, so that you don’t have separately install extra plugin. So that it is not heavily loaded on your service like other plugins, which means your software will talk to each other seamlessly.

Who is it for?

Whether you want to design a personal blog, personal website or an eCommerce website, Thrive Suite is for you. Thrive Suite is full compatible with Woo-Commerce. Basically, anyone who wants to get a conversion focused, blazing fast website or a personal blog should not miss Thrive Suite.

Thrive Architect


What is Thrive Architect?

It helps you design everything you can imagine as a full fledged WordPress developer. It is one of the fastest visual builder. It has been built from the scratch especially for the websites considering the conversion strategy in mind. The main idea to develop this tools is to keep the process as fast as possible and you can literally implement everything you can imagine on your website without any fuss.

You also get pre-built conversion elements within the tool, so that you can achieve the desired results. It is very evident that Home Page of any website is the most visited page for that particular website, but if your visitor isn’t converted into a lead or if you can’t impress your visitor, it is of no use. That’s why Architect has been built with a laser focus intention to convert your visitors.

You can create a perfect sales page with Thrive Architect, which won’t be possible directly with WordPress. Ofcourse there are many other tools like Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder and many more, but eventually you need to pay for the tools and if you check the cost out, you will see the features you get from them and the results you would achieve are not as beneficial as you can get from Thrive Suite. Ofcourse as you would pay for the whole set of tools and eventually when you workout the pricing you will find it. We will discuss the pricing part later.

Thrive Architect is specifically built to create complete ultra-flexible column layouts, which means you can directly drop elements and design as you need. If you want to make any changes you can edit and change the layout and adjust as per the requirements. You can also design a perfect combination of text and images that would directly catch the attention of your visitors. You can customise the font colours to give any type of look you would need.

A full width background design feature is one of the best wow-factors. You can also create animation effects like on hover and many more options. You can further add styling options like drop-shadow effect, rounded corners, radius etc. without any need of coding. You can implement all the available elements with complete mobile responsive look. Speed is the essential component of modern age and you can literally achieve the results instantly.

Meet the blocks especially developed for effective conversion.


Meet the building blocks especially developed for development of your pages.


You can also create your email list with Thrive Architect, as it seamlessly integrates with all types of email marketing tools. You can also use Thrive Architect along with your current available WordPress theme, which would work literally like any other page builder, but it is not available as a standalone plugin anymore as it used to. But I would highly recommend that if you opt-in for Thrive Suite, you don’t need any other theme. So you can imagine the power behind the value you get out of it.

Who is it for?

Anyone who want to build their website from scratch can enjoy the perks as a complete builder. You get ease of creating lovely and stunning lead magnets, forms and many other conversion focused tactics and build your email list on the go.

Thrive Quiz Builder

What is Thrive Quiz Builder?

You might get lots and lots of visitors on your website, but if your visitors don’t stay or don’t engage with your content on your website. It is very essential to engage your visitors with various types of engagement activities. You can create quiz and and arrange for gifts for the winners and so on and so forth.

The overall idea behind the scene is that you can’t just generate quiz everytime, you need to plan the strategy behind every quiz or game you plan. If you can’t encourage your audience to engage on your website, your bounce rate on your website will increase and it is one of the negative metric considered as an engagement rate. Well, strategy is question for another day and let’s not get into it. The concern here is how do you craft engaging quiz.

Thrive Quiz Builder is at your rescue and you can create complex and engaging quiz that would grab attention of your users without any knowledge for coding. That’s not it, the idea behind the whole quiz and engagement that you can get all the details from your visitors, audience or users to get more details about them, create mailing list on your system and while engaging along with, your visitors can also use social sharing activities along side, which would bring you more than enough data for further engagement activities.

You can literally plan your quiz with text or image questions and create a lovely flow of questions that would enable your visitors to engage and increase engagement rate on your website. The quiz builder automatically detects if there is any concern around your quiz and the troubleshooter will guide you through to fix if there is any issue in the quiz creation process.

While your visitors engage on their spaces, you can segment your visitors in the backend and plan their future engagement process and depending on the badge they have won, they can get further process of quizzes and engage accordingly. Briefly, once you have found your engaging some specific kind of interest and activity, you can design and plan your future activities accordingly. Accordingly, you can segment your visitors and craft your activities relying upon their interests. You can also create A/B tests for the quiz and plan further optimisation strategy accordingly.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is looking forward to plan strategies for engagement activity on their website and whoever wants to build amazing quizzes without any coding skills can get hold of the Thrive Quiz Builder tool and leverage the tool for their users, visitors and audiences.

Thrive Leads


What is Thrive Leads?

The name itself is more than enough to describe the tool and what it does for your website. You can build your email list with the help of this tool. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. The tool is especially built for conversion. Thrive Leads is outcome of most cutting edge conversion tactics used by smart businesses and growth hackers.


You can see that the above image clearly describes the benefits that you would receive out of the tool. You can generate leads with almost all types of available lead magnets and you don’t need multiple plug-ins as you get Thrive Leads with the whole suite and it is all-in-one-list-building-solution.

You get ThriveBox (PopUp Lightbox), Sticky Ribbon, In-Line Forms, 2-Step Opt-In Form, Slide-In, Opt-In Widget, Screen Filler Overlay, Content Lock, Scroll-Mat, Yes/No and multiple choice forms within the tool so that you can build your list accordingly.

Thrive Leads bring you the features to build your list via Opt-In forms. You can also test multiple types of list building tools via A/B Test. This will also boost your conversion with the usage of SmartLinks SmartExit features. You can use pre-designed templates on your website to convert your visitors into customers and keep building lists for your future business growth. You don’t need any other coding skills to learn conversion boosting forms. It is totally visual and self-explanatory.

Once you start converting your visitors into leads, you would ofcourse need to use them and communicate with them with your upcoming future offers, promotions and engage with. You can integrate seamlessly with any desired eMail marketing tool or autoresponder.

Who is it for?

Thrive Leads is the best option for anyone who would wish to generate leads from all the available multiple options on their website. It is for anyone whole would like to engage and communicate with your leads and customers and create ongoing and repeat business from your existing customers.

Thrive Ovation


What is Thrive Ovation?

Thrive Ovation is a tool that would help you to generate and create testimonials on your website. It would help you generate product-specific testimonials. Thrive Ovation helps you generate testimonials and testimonials eventually lead to higher customer engagement and also bring new customers on your website.

Since Amazon introduced product reviews on their website in 1995, it laid out example for the whole web owners. Today, everyone wants to look at reviews and then only they will proceed to the transaction phase.

When you look at the sales page of any product or service, testimonials are the key sales triggers which would eventually give the confidence to buy you those products or services.

Thrive Ovation is basically All-In-One Testimonial Plugin for WordPress. You can literally gather testimonials from your customers, regardless of the size of your business. That’s not it, you can also use those comments or testimonials you received from your customers and display it as per your needs on your website.

If you have received comments on your social media, you can also leverage those comments within your website. The tool seamlessly integrates with Twitter to collect your comments.

It is quite a cumbersome process to ask for testimonials. But with the help of Thrive Ovation, you can automate the process with testimonial gathering landing pages, blog posts or opt-in forms. Then you can just send messages to your customers asking for testimonials and feedbacks.

Once you have set up the system and process how and where you would like to display your testimonials. You can literally make these dynamically appear on your website and it would work like a complete professional testimonials that would appear and enhance the look of your website as a whole.

Who is it for?

As we all know that testimonials not only enrich the look and feel of your website, but testimonials are there to increase the sales of products or services and increase the turn around. As these days everyone will buy the stuff only after reading reviews.

Thrive Comments


What is Thrive Comments?

It is very obvious what it is. You got to build an army of engaged customers, visitors and audience. You would always need to ask your customers to input comments whether you deal with products, services. Thrive Comments will give you wings as it would allow you to get comments from your customers.

Thrive Comments has collected all the most addictive elements of social media and community forums and directly add them to WordPress comments and thereby you create irresistible channel for your audience.

You can convert your comments into conversions. You would literally make too many efforts towards trying to get visitors to interact with our site: click this button, visit this page, subscribe, sign up… but it is very clear that you would never even bother to look back when your visitor would leave a comment. It’s your visitor putting their hand up, letting you know they’re interested in what you’re doing – far more than just putting their email address in a field. You should infact reward your visitor, customers and audience to engage and input their comments in order to improvise your offerings whether it is a product or a service.

One of the main reasons why any company, product, service or an organisation is successful is that they would listen to their customers, their feedback, their comments and so on. You can tap into your customers shoes and see what they are saying. You just need to put your ears and eyes at work empathetically. You should plan strategy and redirect your first time visitors to a specific page and repeating or return visitors to other page depending on their interest and engagement.

You can customize the comments directly on the website. You can directly assign relevant comments to specific team member, so that they can reply accordingly. Thrive Comments bring you complete comments management system rather than just a monitoring or display system.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to leverage customer comments on their website and would like to increase engagement with their users, can use Thrive Comments. It is a complete comments and engagement management tool that would allow you to do much more than your imagination once you get hang of it and try to deep dive into it.

Thrive Optimize


What is Thrive Optimize?

The process of optimisation takes longer in general and takes a lot of expenses. You can test all types of pages, landing pages and other relevant details in your website via A/B testing. Thrive Optimize actually allows you to perform ultra-testing your pages within WordPress. It is also called split testing, under which you create different versions of the same page and test your conversions and you optimize those pages on the go for the best conversions and implement those on your website for the best results eventually.

If you want to test variations of your landing pages, it would literally cost you a lot to design versions of landing pages and also implementation, testing, finalizing the whole process will cost you a lot over the period of time. While working with Thrive Optimize you can literally cut down your costs and make the best of your investment.

If you are a large enterprise or an huge organisation, it won’t be hard for you to invest into very hefty tools and also people alongside who would just keep refining those details for the whole day and understand the relevant metrics trying various tactics and eventually bring the most effective form and perfectly tested result. But ofcourse, you can imagine the cost and over the period of time, it will just build up. Thrive Suite team has been working over the development of this tool and have perfected their part of the system and if you want to make the most out of it, it is the best time to take the advantage.

You can literally set up your A/B test in few minutes, without any fuss of coding knowledge, no code snippet issues, no 3rd party application and neither any integration. If you check the below image, you will find what you get out of the tool and how easy the whole process is. The main idea is that with just a similar amount of investment and all the fuss around it, you can have your site up and running and that too the most flexible options and without any knowledge around or about coding.

Who is it for?

Thrive Optimize enables you to make the most out of something that you are already doing. You are already creating pages, landing pages and other requisite lead magnets etc. for your website and you just need to click a few buttons and tweak some text or images on your alternative duplicate page to test the best page and then treat it accordingly. So looking at the process, the tool is available to all the customers of Thrive Suite and it is honestly for every business customer who would like to increase their business growth and who doesn’t want growth. Every business on the planet is born to grow and evolve over the time.

Thrive Ultimatum


What is Thrive Ultimatum?

It is not just a tool. The whole system Thrive Suite has been specifically designed to grow your business by every means possible. Similarly, as it seems, Thrive Ultimatum eventually gives ultimatum to your visitors to take some specific action before something goes away. Briefly, you create scarcity moment on your website around your products, offers and promotions and you would be able to generate lots of sales around it.

Basically, the tool and whole process depends on the scarcity approach, which is one of the best marketing techniques to grow your revenue along with your sales, audiences and traffic. You can generate a sale on your website and with the help of this tool, you can display it on all the relevant pages on your website, in order to attractive your visitors from all those pages and generate revenue for that particular sale.

The design process is so simple that you just need to create the offer you want and you can then add the time trigger options in order to boos the scarcity aggression. Once your visitors find it, they will be naturally attracted to click the relevant tab and go to the relevant page section either to check out what are you offering or to buy your offer.


Thrive Ultimatum team has built the tool very smartly. Once the tool is perfectly set up, you can display your visitors with their own scarcity. The timer that will trigger to that particular customer will always trigger with the same timings everytime the relevant customer will visit your website. Even if they change their device it will always be the same.

There are many other tools out there, which will refresh the timer as well once you refresh the browser and it will eventually ruins the idea of implementing timer and thereby scarcity effect, as visitor may not really feel like a scarcity effect and eventually the aim of marketing doesn’t work. While the Lockdown feature within the tool ensures that the countdown works seamlessly regardless of various devices, even if a visitor switches devices, uses different browsers or clears their cookies.

You can check out the below features available within Thrive Ultimatum and you can’t miss out the opportunity available within the tool.

Who is it for?

Thrive Ultimatum is for everyone who wants to leverage the scarcity effect along with the effective marketing approach and deal along with A/B testing options available within Thrive Suite, so that your website can make most out of the available features within the tool.

Thrive Apprentice

What is Thrive Apprentice?

If you are tutor or coach or into any kind of educational business, you would have surely heard about LMS system that would enable the course creators to create beautiful courses for their audience. Thrive Apprentice allows you to create course website with beautiful drag and drop course building website.

If you are already in the education or tutorials niche and have tried to build your website, you may have found that along with any other random theme, you would always need to integrate learn dash or any other LMS system to create your website so that it would enable you to set up the technology in the backend and create a website for your students or learners. You can create it in a very low budget, especially in the same budget as you would spend for the whole tool i.e., Thrive Suite. You don’t need to spend any extra dime besides you are paying for the tool.

You can visually build everything you need, dream or desire. With any other WordPress theme or the LMS system along side, you will be stuck with their own designs and framework, but with Thrive Apprentice, you are totally free to design whatever you want. You can either pick the template or you can design your own framework of courses within the system.

That’s not it, Thrive Apprentice actually works with any other WordPress Theme, so you are free to use the tool if you don’t want to stuck yourselves with the pre-designed LMS systems. You can assemble your course modules, chapters and lessons as you desire within the Thrive Apprentice dashboard.

You can dynamically show the audience specific labels on the courses on your website. You can also show which courses should be shown to your customer once they have finished or while they are interacting with some course. You can alongside plan a perfect checkout process for your course customers and similarly you can design a beautiful login page as well for your customers.

If you are into education, Thrive Apprentice is a must tool for you. You can literally plan your whole process with fully customised classroom features. Within Thrive Apprentice, you can design visually the whole experience as you would like your students, visitors, audience to have. You can never imagine the flexibility you get to create it right from the scratch, whereas other available tools give you free features and will restrict you for premium features and will charge hefty money to go along.

You can literally create any type of courses depending on your niche and with the help of all the templates, you can quickly build any type of marketing funnel that also include sales funnels, lead generation funnels, webinar funnels and more.

As you are selling your courses, you ofcourse need your customers to pay you and you can integrate your course website with many other tools like woo-commerce, thrive-cart and send-owl, that would allow your customers to pay directly on your website.

Who is it for?

Thrive Apprentice is especially for the course creators. I won’t be able to say that anyone can or should use it, as the tool is especially crafted and developed considering the teachers, tutors, course creators, educators etc. specifically targeting education industry. Not only you can create courses, but you actually sell your courses with specifically designed sales landing pages and purely designed funnels.

Thrive Automator


What is Thrive Automator?

Thrive Automator is the tool specifically designed to automate the process on your website with your favourite plugins and email marketing tools. This is one of the most untapped idea which actually works behind the scenes and nobody is actually aware of the requirements, but yes everyone needs it. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars so that various types of plugins or some 3rd party tools will integrate with each other and get the complete process sorted.

Thrive Automator is a tool, which you can use to pass data in between the apps, plugins, email marketing integration and other services to and fro. Basically, it would work like Zapier, that would sit within your WordPress site and will manage data within your website and will trigger the automation as per your command.

Thrive Automator is currently only available to Thrive Suite users and they are currently constantly developing and adding new apps and features alongside, so that the required actions and triggers can work with seamless integration.

The possibilities and functions of actions and triggers are limitless. You surely need to check out the automation tool and how your life can be made easier, as it covers a wide range of tools as of now and it going to grow in future.

This is one of the most best tool within the whole suite as you can literally automate your marketing strategy and once you email marketing process is in place, you will find well worth the investment. You are already having lot many features included within the tool which is the actually a worthwhile investment from any view point. While you work along with emails and email marketing tools, you automatically add new tags to your relevant visitors and plan the next phase of process accordingly.

Thrive Automator tool details so far is just a tip of the ice berg. You just select what you would like the tool to do when something triggers within your system i.e. your WordPress website. Once things are triggered, you filter depending on the condition you would like to filter it further and then process the action depending on the details. You can literally plan the whole process just with few clicks and see you system plays on automation. You can also delay for some action to take place depending on the criterion you would set within the tool.


If you look at the image above, you will realise that the current version of the tools is just the beginning and the future seems full of endless opportunities. There are many other automation tools out there, but it doesn’t make any sense to pay extra to get the same kind of facilities, which are available right within the tool you are using. It is a perfect feature in the crown and you can imagine the endless possibilities you can driver through automation. It all depends on your imagination.

Who is it for?

As you can see that you can literally design and plan your automation for every part of the website and it entirely depends on your imagination, strategy and tactics that you would implement to attract and interact with your visitors, engage your customers and how you plan to give value out to your customers.

Final Words

I have already discussed all the options available within Thrive Suite, but it is practically not possible to mention everything and describe all the aspects of the tool. But you should take practical approach to look at the pricing of the tool and see that it eventually works out even less when you compare to other tools available in the market with the similar options available in the tool.

Further, if you check the pricing, you can install it on 25 websites. So you can literally partner with your friends and your cost will eventually cut down to the fraction cost. The value you receive against all the available options within the tool is worth a lot and sharing within your friends or within your group will be much more advisable. However, if you are a business, the pricing is not that much, actually it is almost less than the cost of multiple plug-ins that would invest into over the period of time achieve your targets.

However, the guide gives you the overall idea about why and how the tools is beneficial for your online presence and your requirements of your website. I am very confident that would be able to make your decision with a very practical approach and considering almost all the aspects of the tool.

If you still have any queries regarding Thrive Suite and any of its tools or if you any specific concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment hereunder and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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