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Thrive Automator: Standalone Free PlugIn To Automate Your Tasks

What is Thrive Automator?

Thrive Automator is the tool specifically designed to automate the process on your website with your favourite plugins and email marketing tools. This is one of the most untapped ideas which actually works behind the scenes and nobody is actually aware of the requirements, but yes everyone needs it. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars so that various types of plugins or some 3rd party tools will integrate with each other and get the complete process sorted.

Thrive Automator is a tool, which you can use to pass data in between the apps, plugins, email marketing integration and other services to and fro. Basically, it would work like Zapier, which would sit within your WordPress site, manage data within your website, and trigger the automation as per your command.

Thrive Automator is currently only available to Thrive Suite users and they are presently constantly developing and adding new apps and features so that the required actions and triggers can work with seamless integration.

The possibilities and functions of actions and triggers are limitless. You surely need to check out the automation tool and how your life can be made easier, as it covers a wide range of tools as of now and is going to grow in future.

This is one of the best tools within the whole suite as you can literally automate your marketing strategy and once your email marketing process is in place, you will find it well worth the investment. You are already having a lot many features included within the tool which is actually a worthwhile investment from any viewpoint. While you work along with emails and email marketing tools, you automatically add new tags to your relevant visitors and plan the next phase of the process accordingly.

Thrive Automator tool details so far are just the tip of the iceberg. You select what you would like the tool to do when something triggers within your system i.e. your WordPress website. Once things are triggered, you filter depending on the condition you would like to filter it further and then process the action depending on the details. You can literally plan the whole process just with a few clicks and see your system plays on automation. You can also delay for some action to take place depending on the criterion you would set within the tool.

thrive automator

If you look at the image above, you will realise that the current version of the tools is just the beginning and the future seems full of endless opportunities. There are many other automation tools out there, but it doesn’t make any sense to pay extra to get the same kind of facilities, which are available right within the tool you are using. It is a perfect feature in the crown and you can imagine the endless possibilities you can drive through automation. It all depends on your imagination.

Who is it for?

As you can see that you can literally design and plan your automation for every part of the website and it entirely depends on your imagination, strategy and tactics that you would implement to attract and interact with your visitors, engage your customers and how you plan to give value out to your customers.

How to use Thrive Automator?

You can literally use Thrive Automator for various types of automation. Below is the video that gives you an overall idea of how the tool work and how you can leverage it for your usage.

Thrive Automator is a WordPress plug-in introduced by Thrive Team that automates your entire workflow with various Thrive Suite plug-ins or even with any other third-party tools.

As an entrepreneur, you need to carry out and need to manage various tasks in your online marketing. You may need to send emails, create marketing funnels, etc. But it will take more time to all the tasks manually.

No need to waste your time setting up all automation tools. Now the Thrive Automator simplifies your work and you can carry out the automation in just 3 steps, build it, launch it, and sell it.

The biggest task in any online marketing is putting people through the proper marketing funnel so that the right person is getting the right offer at the right time.

For example, you don’t have to offer an advanced course to beginners or a beginner course to experts. No need to ask for testimonials from the entire list in your contact when someone has not yet purchased any of your products or services.

So, Thrive Automator will look after all such automation processes. Now let’s move on to getting started with Thrive Automator.

a. Steps For Using Thrive Automator:

Login to Thrive Automator and you will be getting a Thrive Automator Dashboard that will open up in the backend of your WordPress site. It shows lists of your automation that are running in the backend. Each automation will have icons representing triggers and actions by which you can easily see what is going on.

In order to create new automation in the Thrive Automator, click on the “+ Add New” button.

a. Triggers: You then have to set a trigger for your automation. You can select from prebuilt trigger options such as whenever a person leaves a comment, creates a new account, when logs in to an account, when a webhook is added, when a particular time and date is met, or a particular condition is met.

You can add more apps which are Thrive Theme applications and once these apps are installed as plug-ins on your site, you can get more numbers of triggers being added in Thrive Automator which allows users to use them as per their wish.

Once you have selected a trigger, click on ‘done’ for moving on to the next step.

b. Filters: Once you have selected triggers, you then can select filters, so that trigger will act only when the selected criteria are met.

For example, if you select a trigger for a specific course, use a filter to specify a course for which automation has to be added. Choose a course title and add action, specify what action will occur when you trigger it. Click on add another action to select a tag user in an autoresponder.

The following image shows some examples of filters that can be used to make your automation simplified.

Similarly, you can use filters for any number of automation.

c. Delays: Sometimes, you don’t want certain actions to be performed instantly. For that purpose, you have a “delay” option in your Thrive Automator.

You can assign delays (in minutes, hours, days, months, or years) for the set of actions that you want them to happen after a period of time.

You can even add multiple actions for single automation and can set the trigger timing as per your wish. You can set a trigger for one action to fire immediately and the next one let it trigger after a certain delay.

4. Actions: This is the last part of your automation process. You can select any action from the list provided by Thrive Automator. But you have to notice that each set of triggers has related actions, so when you choose a certain trigger based on that the action will also get modified.

The actions are dependent on your trigger so that when you select a particular trigger, you will get a list of actions pertaining to that trigger.

Some of the actions include enrolling the students in Thrive Apprentice course, removing the user from the course, starting a Thrive Ultimatum Campaign, adding users to an email marketing service, etc.

The following image lists out some of the actions that you can use to trigger your animations with Thrive Automator.

Once you are ready to use your Thrive Automator, you can save and finish to complete the automation and then you can publish it.

Every step will get triggered by their action that leads users to the position to buy your services at the right time.

b. How To Use Thrive Automator For Collecting Testimonials?

Testimonials are very important as they can improve your course or products. You cannot ask someone who is not your customer yet. So collecting testimonials from the right people will be very essential to improvise your product and also for your business growth.

Once a student completes an online course in Thrive Apprentice, he will be sent an email asking for a testimonial and also you can grant him a free bonus like a free mini-course.

Set up your online course, a method to select testimonials, use a survey poll, and create a bonus mini-course. Once you are set, you can go to Thrive Automator. It needs two automation.

a. Start by asking for a Testimonial as soon as someone completes his course.

Select add new automation. Select a trigger that says the user completes a lesson in a course. Click on done.

Then click on add another action to specify a course. Go to filter and under a selected field give the title of the lesson and also select the last lesson of the course. Click on Done.

Tag the user in the email auto-responder. Select an email service app and add a tag.

Click on Save and Finish to complete the automation and then publish it. In your email service you can set up a campaign to send an email asking for testimonials and it triggers whenever a user clicks on the particular tag.

b. Granting Access to a Free Course once a user completes a testimonial.

Go to the dashboard to add a new animation. Click on the trigger, and select a specific trigger. Go to filter, select the field and name it as Quiz title. Give a name for the selected quiz. Click done.

Specify the action as enrol the user for a mini-course and mention what that course is about and then you can click Save and Finish to publish the automation.

c. Adding Your Own App in Thrive Automator:

Go to the trigger option and choose your app here. Inside the trigger app category, you can list your own application including the name of your brand or app or plug-in and when a user clicks on it they will be able to choose any triggers that you have made available.

You can set the triggers as checkout, purchase, completed, quote calculator on a website, submitted, a calendar event that is booked, etc.

You can set the actions like sending a text message, adding a user to the spreadsheet, registering a user for an event, etc.

You can list your app and available actions within it.

You can also define data objects or can extend some of the existing data objects. If you are having a checkout app, a trigger for that will be purchasing your products. You can give the product data, user data, etc and Thrive Automator will figure out the filters for that.

Select a category id, if your product is grouped under a certain category with a few lines of code. Thrive Automator either displays it as a dropdown list or a checkbox or a radio button.

Thrive Automator does the filtering process simplified depending on the provided product data.

What Are The Features Of Thrive Automator?

The features are as follows:

  • The App Library: That helps to browse data, list them, and install new integrations.
  • Send Email Actions: You or your users will get notified when a trigger is met.
  • Dynamic Data: That helps your actions to adapt to dynamic triggers.
  • Webhook Actions: That allows to trigger off-site or 3rd party services.
  • More Universal Triggers and Actions: It helps to optimize your automation process.

How Do Thrive Automator Benefits The Following Sets of People?

a. Online Marketers:

As an online marketer, you can use Thrive Automator for

  • Adding a customer to your mailing list
  • Creating a new WordPress user account
  • Tagging your Email subscribers

b. Thrive Suite Users:

If you are using a Thrive Suite for your business, then you can use Thrive Automator for

  • Adding tags to email subscribers
  • Enrolling a Quiz taker for an online course
  • Starting a Campaign with a count-down for limited-time deals

c. Web App Developers:

If you are a web developer, then use Thrive Automator for

  • Replace other integrations with Thrive Automator
  • Connect with more than 20000 owners with Thrive Ecosystem
  • Getting developer-friendly support and documentation

d. Custom Web Developers:

As a custom web developer, you can use Thrive Automator for

  • Making the fastest integrations for your WordPress Clients
  • Using a single developer-friendly automation tool
  • Offering services to your customers using Thrive Automator’s triggers and actions.

Final Views:

Thrive Automator is a WordPress Plugin tool that allows you to build workflows by passing data between different apps, plug-ins, and services.

Managing multiple tasks for your online marketing will be time-consuming and Thrive Automator will manage all the tasks automatically and effectively. You need not have to spend a lot of your time doing all the things for your marketing manually. You can easily set up a proper marketing funnel and can add tags for the people.

Automating your business through Thrive Automator involves three simple steps, build it, launch it and sell it. Each automation will work on a specified trigger, filters and actions that depend on the triggers. Based on the actions and interactions of your users, the triggers will start to act accordingly.

So, you will be getting a better feature inside your Thrive Suite, that not only works well with Thrive plug-ins but also can easily integrate with various third-party tools and makes your automation process easy and simple. It saves your time.

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