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Thrive Apprentice 4.0 launch targets course and content creators, mentors and membership site owners.

Are you a course creator ?

If you answered, Yes, to the question, you are likely to have known the features available as LMS.

What is LMS?

You can simply consider it as a learning management system. You can create your courses and design the overall system depending on your requirements. There are many LMS systems/plug-ins available to you as a WordPress website owner.

This is the reason today, I am going to talk about Thrive Apprentice, which has been upgraded to version 4.0 and is going to launch in a couple of months by the end of January-2022. Let’s have a look at what it is and how you can benefit your future plans, drip sequence, conditional display and much more you can literally imagine as a course creator.

What is Thrive Apprentice 4.0

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Suite finally reveals the new features of Thrive Apprentice with the launch of the newer version 4.0. Well if you are not aware of Thrive Suite and its overall features, please read my previous article here.

Once you have gone through these basic details about Thrive Suite, you can check out these latest features revealed by Thrive Suite especially targeting content creators and website owners who especially brings content for their members depending on their membership criterion. The specific details that Thrive Apprentice offers are detailed here.

Let’s have a look at what is on offer hereunder. You can also check the details even before the launch on 25th January 2022.

Previous Versions and Development Over the time.

Thrive Apprentice was just a feature within the website when it was originally launched with Version 1.0. It was very clear that the feature will grow over time, given its full potential.

Later on, with version 2.0, it already grew as a standalone WordPress plugin, with many extended features and at this stage, it was fully compatible to be added to any desired website without any Thrive Suite requirements. Further with version 3.0, it was a complete visual editor with all integration possibilities with Woo-Commerce, Thrive Cart and many more.

Now, with version 4.0, Thrive Apprentice has been upgraded to much more functionalities to totally revolutionize your business, with an inherent tagline “sell ANYTHING and customize EVERYTHING”.

What are the main features under Thrive Apprentice 4.0?

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 — Sell ANYTHING. Customize EVERYTHING.

Products & Memberships


As we have learnt so far that Thrive Apprentice is for course creators, but not any more. You can’t just keep selling courses, but now you can also sell your products and any type of content, with an extended layer of the flexible digital product.

The upgrade has been worked around in such a way that courses are considered as products within the system and you can give access to your members depending on their membership criteria whether they are silver member, gold member, platinum member and so on, without any separate WordPress membership plugin.

You can also restrict someone from accessing specific pages, posts, categories or even custom pages. With the help of Thrive Apprentice Products, you can also create membership areas without any type of course created on your system, which you can allow access to a specific category of members.

Feature highlights:

Functions as a full membership plugin for WordPress.

Allows you to sell flexible combinations and variations of ANY website content.

Display custom messages to non-members or customers attempting to access restricted content.
Redirect new visitors or current customers to specific sales or upsell pages to buy access to your premium membership or single-purchase product content.

Drip Schedules


This has been considered as a major feature in the update, as it has been most awaited for a long time. You can give access to a specific product or course or membership area after triggering some kind of event.

If you ever heard about the drip sequence of emails, you would know how the drip process works. The drip feature comes with six, easy-to-use drip schedule templates. More advanced users can also create their own drip schedules from scratch.

Once a drip schedule has been created, you’ll then see a visual timeline of how students will access their content. From here, unlock conditions can be added or edited to release course materials at specific intervals. The drip feature lets you hide upcoming lessons until preset conditions are met, meaning you can surprise students with hidden modules!

Feature highlights: 

Precision lesson scheduling for online course content.

6 fully customizable drip schedule templates (including the ability to create your own from scratch).

Make changes to drip schedules with a visual drag and drop editor.

De-coupled Drip

The features De-coupled Drip gives you even more control, which means that you’re not restricted to a single drip schedule per course.

It means that you can now assign different drip schedules to the same course, but sell them as separate Thrive Apprentice Products.

This unique feature gets rid of the painful process of duplicating the same course when, for example, you want to sell it first as a cohort drip course, and then as an evergreen drip course later on. It also centralizes updating both your course and drip schedules — making them much easier to manage.

It means that the feature De-coupled Drip now allows you to deploy a variety of drip strategies for a single course throughout the year. It is quite flexible. You can either give access to your content instantly or create separate drip schedules that would only be available on the previous lesson within the course or the product is finished. You’ve never encountered an online course drip feature as sophisticated as this before!

Feature highlights: 

Launch independent drip schedules for different student intakes of the same course throughout the year (ideal for cohort courses).

Release course content with complete drip scheduling flexibility.

Conditional Display

The name of the feature itself is self-explanatory and you can display anything to your audience depending on their profile and how they have interacted with your website as a user and also depending on their membership criteria whether they are premium members basically as per the rules set up by you in your system.

Conditional Display has been introduced as an overall feature within Thrive Suite as it can be used directly with Thrive visual editor.

Conditional Display gives you the ability to create multiple versions of Content Boxes, Background Sections, and Blocks WITHIN individual posts and pages on your WordPress site using the Thrive visual editor.

However, your visitors will only see the version of the content you want them to based on the display rules you set for them. 

What does this mean for your online business?

Well, you can now, for example, build a pricing table that shows one price to non-customers and a different price to existing customers who don’t have the product — on the exact same sales page. Talk about taking conversion focus to the next level!

You can even hide or display different blocks of content amongst logged-in users that have different WordPress roles on your website (like subscriber, author or editor).

Conditional Display can also be used to alter what visitors see in accordance with what Thrive Apprentice Products they’ve already purchased. This allows you to create very unique visitor experiences to help drive more conversions. For example, you can:

Release ‘sneak peeks’ of premium content that can be shared on social media, but require purchase to gain full access.

Create single pages that include multiple Premium content assets (that must each be purchased separately) like a Premium Resources Page, a Digital Downloads Page or an eBook Library.

Price Hike Announcement

Well, these are currently available features and the team is going to update the tool and bring much more features within the tool. The idea is very clear and everybody know that course creators and content creators/curators are on the rise, they are neither going anywhere nor the industry is dying anytime soon. By providing much more value to their customers Thrive team is already offering better value around it and they are further going to leverage it.

Thrive Suite will be offered to current users at the same price on an ongoing basis until they keep using it. Further, whoever is going to buy it before the upcoming launch of the latest feature of Thrive Apprentice 4.0, on 25th January 2022, they will also get at the current price and until they keep using it and everyone can upgrade the latest version for free.

Once the latest updated version i.e. Thrive Apprentice 4.0 is launched, the price will be increased. I anticipate it would be approximately a 30% increase. Hence, I highly recommend saving your bucks beforehand. Considering the available and upcoming features, it is just a steal deal.

Final Verdict

I have already discussed the latest upcoming update on Thrive Apprentice 4.0 and the features are mind-blowing in comparison to their current counterparts within the industry. But you should take a practical approach to look at the pricing of the tool and see that it eventually works out even less when you compare to other tools available in the market with the similar options available in the tool and you don’t even need to invest in multiple tools, as it is an all-in-one option as a Thrive Suite.

Further, if you check the pricing, you can install it on 25 websites. So you can literally partner with your friends and your cost will eventually cut down to the fraction cost. The value you receive against all the available options within the tool is worth a lot and sharing with your friends or within your group will be much more advisable. However, if you are a business, the pricing is not that much, actually, it is almost less than the cost of multiple plug-ins that would invest into over the period of time to achieve your targets.

However, the guide gives you an overall idea about why and how the tools are beneficial for your online presence and the requirements of your website. I am very confident that would be able to make your decision with a very practical approach and considering almost all the aspects of the tool.

If you still have any queries regarding Thrive Apprentice and its upcoming features or Thrive Suite and any of its other tools or if you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment hereunder and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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