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Screpy: The AI-based All in One SEO Tool that Helps you to Become Top Ranked in Google 

What is Screpy?

It is an AI-based SEO Analyzing and Google Rank Checking Tool. 

A great solution as an SEO tool for speeding up your website rankings thus making you a tough competitor with Professionals.

Your productivity and output can be maximized as you don’t need to spend your time doing things manually.

It helps you with Pagespeed Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, SEO Monitoring, Keyword Tracking, Syntax Checking and the best part of it is Automatically Generated Tasks.

Who is it for?

Screpy is the software best suitable for Marketing Professionals, SEO Experts, Marketing Agencies or Website Owners, and InHouse Marketing Teams.

Why Screpy?

Owning and running a website will be a difficult task as it involves lots of work and also many tasks have to be handled manually.

When you are about to launch your new content or website, the productivity will keep on reducing as multiple other tasks also attack in between the different apps or webpages.

Screpy reduces your risk and saves your time, as it involves an AI System and allows you to track all your tasks on a single platform. Multiple tools are combined for analysis that reduces the toggling between other web Apps.

It also monitors and notifies you about all the help needed for your website and also gives recommendations for your website improvement.

Features of Screpy:

  • Screpy comes with its own inbuilt web assistance which runs on AI. It helps you with step by step analysis of the tasks and provides you with much detailed information about the importance and effect of each task performed. It also alerts you to the issues regarding your links or pages which are not loading easily.
  • It indicates the list of issues, and the important one is listed at the top.
  • It minimizes your risks regarding SEO tasks. If you are working in a digital agency or a single web owner, this AI-based SEO monitor tool will be your best companion.
  • It scans through your website and gives a list of various tasks and issues related to your SEO optimization.
  • It also helps you with your SERP recommended tasks and also guides you in SEO ranking.
  • The keywords play an important role if you want your users to locate you on the website. Screpy provides you with keyword ranking analysis and recommends what keywords have to be used for your targets and you will be getting top 100 results for any keyword search.
  • It also helps you to analyze the last keyword for a whole year and also you can study your keyword rank history back up to 12 months. You can even compare your present ranking with your best-ranked position.
  • It also helps you get a speed report for your website and notifies issues related to downloading your page. Numerous user-friendly tasks are displayed in a single widget that is integrated with Google Lighthouse.
  • Screpy includes uptime monitoring and gives you notifications and also alerts you with the downtime and mails you when your website goes down.

Now let us move on in detail, how Screpy works and how it makes your website to be on the top list among various other searches.

How to work with Screpy?

1. How to Add Projects to your Screpy?

Click on the Add Project button on the top of the toolbar, mention your project name and the URL and get started. Click Save, and then Screpy will start analyzing your website and also give you various recommendations about the errors and tasks. This analysis will be on a regular basis and the info keeps fluctuating according to changes done.

Once you have made the changes to your site, you can reanalyse the page and the changes that you have made will be reflected on your page.

Screpy also displays your health score and other related things about the project. It also tells you when it has last analyzed your website and when the next analysis will be done.

It gives you statistics for 3 important key metrics i.e., your page speed, your SEO analysis, and other tasks thus bringing down your issues to zero.

2. How to optimize the speed of your SEO?

You can switch the working between your mobile, computer, or any other device and the information changes relatively depending on the type of device you are using. The difference will be not much.

3. How to check the Overview of your Project?

Just click on the Overview icon and the Overview page will get displayed. 


It checks the overall health of your project or website, and you can get to know all the information that is responsible for your health score.

Screpy runs through thousands of various checks on your website and AI ensures that everything is alright.

When you click on the Overview, the dashboard displays your SEO score, Page Speed and SERP ratio.

It also shows your Alexa Global Ranking, information about the domain, whether it is accessible or not, or any other check down list.

In Google page speed, it tells you about what things you need to improve and what tasks are ok. Screpy runs through various checks to make sure that it can assist everything in a single platform.

It further helps you to just go through the task and rectify it. It helps your webpage to be 100% optimized for SEO.

Just below the overview option, you will find the OnPage button and it includes various elements like Diagnostics, Syntax, Keywords, Headings etc.

Click on the On-Page and go to the Diagnostics option. 

The page shows you various options like the number of requests, numbers of fonts loading, number of scripts and the style sheets.

The next option is Syntax: click on the Syntax option and you will be getting the number of errors on the page and when you click on arrows, it tells what are the errors on that page. You can go through these errors and fix them. It highlights the errors and helps you in solving them. 

The next element is Keywords. Let us see how to add keywords to your search.

4. How to Add Keywords?

Keywords play an important role in Content marketing and also SEO industry. You must have the right keywords to make your content and SEO be top searched.


Click on the Keywords. You will get the Add Keywords option. Just add your keywords and know your position. The keywords will be categorized as low priority, high priority and normal priority. It tells you about the scanned page. 

You can also use this option to check whether your content is focused on the right keyword or not. If not, then you alter the content and make sure that your content is basically focused on the proper keywords.


5. How to check whether Headings are Correct or Not.

Headings are very important while writing content. Categorizing your headings makes the audience read your content easily.

There has to be only one H1, and in case you have given 2 H1s, then Screpy says that there is an issue to be handled. You must check that your content doesn’t have multiple H1.

The rest of the headings are also to be categorized accordingly. They have to be numbered properly and you should not have to skip the numbers. For example, if you have mentioned H1, H2, H3, H5, and H6, correctly, but skipped H4, then Screpy alerts you about that.

The Headings and their categorization are to be correct, for your table of contents and also for google to read it without any difficulties.

6. Canonical Table:

It helps you to check, whether the status, URL, and content type are proper or not. If there is any mistake you can fix it manually.

7. Image:

The second last in the options is an image. The images are also helpful in reading your content. This tells us how many images you have made use of in your content and also on different pages of your content. It also shows the details about the images, that is length, width, crop, resize, and other related details. 

If you are using mobile the image has to be small and accordingly you can adjust. It will also show an Alt tag, and you can resize your image.

8. How to check the Google Page Speed?


Click on the Page Speed tab. It shows the page speed and loading time. You can also have other information about pages, your articles, score of your article. You can even choose if you want to run the page on a desktop or on mobile. If you choose mobile, then you get your website report on the mobile.

9. How to check your SERP results?

Here you can enter your keyword and track your keyword. Just click on that and it will tell you what the issue is about and you can fix it.


10. Check for Uptiming:

You can check your content for up timing. It tells you how many times your page or content has been checked and other things related.

11. How to do Settings:

Click on the Analytical Settings. It shows multiple options like enable auto crawl, enable auto analysis, enable uptime monitoring, enable uptime notification, enable auto SERP tracking, etc. Set the changes and update them.

 A Short Guide on How to Use Screpy?

  • The first thing you need to do is sign up with Screpy. It will lead you to the dashboard.
  • You can see various icons at the top of the board. They are rewards, notifications, teams and your account details.
  • Click on your account and you will find many options such as add coupons, subscribe, logout, create team, settings and support.
  • Add a project or website for which you want to track.
  • Below the header, you will find the add projects icon and you can add your project and website.
  • On the top left, you will find share your project option, analyze your project option and also the settings.
  • Below, you will see the project icon and when you click on it, you will get the reports of all your projects.
  • For the lite version, only a single project will be added and premium versions will give you the option of adding many projects.
  • All your projects will be displayed on a single page and you can easily refer to which one has to be corrected or which page/project is having issues and which project has better health and a better ranking, which has a top-loading score, etc.
  • The overall score of any project can be seen and also the tasks can be corrected and the issues can be fixed easily.


It takes lots of different tasks to run a website. Irrespective of a webpage being handled alone or by a team, it becomes difficult to manage a website, going through multiple tasks and issues, and rectifying all the issues manually. So, Screpy lends you a helping hand in atomizing all your tasks. It makes your webpage run faster, your website is among the top searched ones and also your content is SEO friendly.

Your content may be good, but that’s not enough. It is due to emerging competition in content marketing, SEO, site building, digital marketing, webpage owning, and many other fields. You have to make sure that your content is optimized, analyzed, and best used for your audience.

Thanks to Screpy. It is all in one AI-based SEO tool, that combines multiple areas of web designing, web handling, SEO related aspects, and many more.


You can track your project by just adding it to Screpy. It shows you the health score of your website and task priority, so you can correct that issue accordingly. It is a time saver and all in one tool.

It also helps you increase your website speed. Corrects your minor errors automatically, such as domain errors.

It acts as a complete guide to a healthy website.

To know more about Screpy, check this video.

So if you want your webpage to be better utilized, your content has to be SEO optimized and if you are looking for any tool for automation, then give Screpy a try.

In a free version, which runs for 7 days, you can just try using this tool and for further benefits, you can go for Premium and Pro versions.

FAQ about Screpy:

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