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SamCart: The Smartest Way To Sell Your Digital Products Online

Having an e-commerce site will be a boon to digital marketers. But you need to have a proper shopping cart. SamCart is the platform which helps you to sell any type of your online products easily.


Selling physical products online will be easier as compared to selling digital products. Shopify will be the best platform to sell your physical products and you have a WordPress WooCommerce site for add-ons.

But what about if you want to sell your digital products?

Selling an ebook, online course, software download, SaaS, membership, consulting, or coaching your needs may be different. You need flexible billing options. You will be able to sell only a single item at one time, but that can be billed with a monthly fee, instalments for a period, or as a one-time fee.

You can’t be able to increase the conversion rate as per your wish. With digital marketing, money can be made by the backend offers, not just the initial sale. It would be costlier to create a cart of your own, and also adding a new feature would also take much of your time. Before SamCart, it was a bit difficult to sell digital products. Now, you need not have to be stressed. SamCart offers an effective service to sell any of your digital products online and optimize your sales funnel easily to make money.

Now, let us move on to know more about SamCart.

SamCart- An eCommerce Platform For Your Digital Products:

For selling digital products online, you need a better way to deliver your content. You need to boost conversions, maximize customer value, and run your business without worrying about technology. SamCart is one of the platforms that makes your online selling easier.

There are many tools available to help digital marketers to sell their products, but many of them need a software developer to manage them. This may cost you extra money and time.

To run a business, you need to have the right tools which can be easy to use, helps in making good profits and don’t require too many technical skills and allows you to focus mainly on your business growth.

A recent study has revealed that only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates.

The most important thing in an eCommerce site or any online business is the checkout process and a study says about 68% of the customers will abandon their shipping cart without purchasing. It means every 2 out of 3 of your customers who visit your checkout page will likely abandon the cart.

There may be many reasons for this such as extra costs may be high, the site may want users to create a new account, longer checkout process, no visibility of total cost, slow delivery, and many more.

Samcart on the other hand allows you to remove these hitches by creating an outstanding checkout process that encourages customers to buy and also to upsell or cross-sell.

SamCart is a shopping cart service specialized in selling your online products. You can create a membership portal, sell an ebook, online course, or coaching through SamCart. It is a hosted service and you don’t require to have any technical knowledge to set it up.

What You Can Sell With SamCart?

SamCart will help you to sell almost anything:

a. Online Courses: To attract more students with an easier way to buy, upgrade, and access your content.

b. eBooks: To watch your digital and physical books.

c. Membership sites: For charging recurring subscriptions, payment, and pay what you want pricing.

d. Coaching: Helps you to become a top coach in your industry.

e. Consulting: Helps in getting new clients and for automated billing process.

Who Is It Suitable For?

It is suitable for the following set of people:

  • a. Authors
  • b. Agencies
  • c. Amazon sellers/Etsy sellers
  • d. Course Creators
  • e. Coaches and Consultants
  • f. Nonprofits
  • g. Physical product sellers

What Are The Benefits Of Using SamCart?

  1. Easy to use drag and drop page builder that requires zero-coding, is 100% mobile responsive, has a library of pre-designed templates, easy subscription and plans and provides free and paid trials.
  2. Provides order bumps, 1 click upgrade and 1 click upsells, automated cart recovery and automated subscription recovery, and easy A/B testing
  3. Insights through analytics, easy order management, detailed reporting and exports, multi-step pixel tracking, advanced analytics, sales and /or vat tax support and powerful integrations.

Why Choose SamCart?

1. Ease Of Use:

Whether it may be your signing up process or setting up your store, adding your products or receiving sales, SamCart is very easy to use. You will get intuitive dashboards and also you can access most of the essential features.

2. Features:

It houses all the basic features to sell online and is integrated with many tools to make your sales process easier.

3. Customer Support:

You will get 24/7 customer service available and you can get support at any time. You have easy-to-use support channels such as live chat and email and have a knowledgeable and professional support team.

What Are The Different Tools That Are Integrated With SamCart?

1. Email Integrations:

Moropost, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ConstantContact, AWeber.

2. Marketing Automation:

Klaviyo, OntraPort, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Keap, HubSpot.

3. Membership Integrations:

MMemberpress, thinkific, Wishlist, Optimizepress, MemberMouse, Kajabi, DigitalAccessPass.

4. Other Integrations:

ShipStation, InterCom, Post Affiliates, Zapier.

5. Payment Provider:

SamPay, Stripe, PayPal, Digital Wallets, AuthorizeNet, BrainTree, Easy Pay Direct.

Features Of SamCart:

1. Integrations:


It is an e-commerce platform to sell your physical or digital products online. It integrates with many other tools to run your online business smoothly. It integrates with popular payment processors, shipping careers, email marketing platforms, etc.

2. Affiliate Center:


SamCart will provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly affiliate system. It helps you by providing a wide range of features and tools to help affiliates promote their supplies and service efficiently.

The support team is always available to answer all your queries.

You can compensate your affiliate with a flat rate commission or a package-based commission.

3. A/B Testing:

A/B testing is very important in any online business. It allows you to test different variations in your website/ product to see which one will be performing well.

SamCart is a powerful e-commerce platform that makes it easy to run A/B tests on your checkout pages. You can test different versions of your checkout pages to see which one converts more visitors into customers.

4. One-Page Checkout:


SamCart offers many great features that make the checkout process smoother and easier for you and your customer.

One-page checkout will help to reduce friction and to maximize conversions. SamCart gives you a number of customization options so you can make sure that your checkout process will be as you needed.

You can add or remove fields from the checkout form, change the order, customize the text, and activate or deactivate the shipping address field, with SamCart.

5. Cross-Selling Bumps:


With SamCart cross bumps you can offer additional products or services to your customers during checkout, thus increasing your average order value and boosting your online business.

As SamCart integrates with major payment gateways, you can start using bumps immediately without changing your existing setup.

6. Checkout Pages:


One of the interesting features of SamCart is its collection of 18 professionally designed templates that have been proven to convert. SamCart contains a clean and simple design which is easy to navigate, security features like SSL encryption and PCI compliance, and the option to add custom fields to collect additional information from your customers and many things. With SamCart you can give your customers the best possible experience and also improve your conversions.

7. One-Click Upsells:


If you are having an e-commerce business, then you might be knowing how important it is to have a strong upsell strategy. With SamCart’s one-click upsell, it is easier to boost your average order value and profits.

You can offer any additional products or services to your customers, once they have completed their initial purchasing. It is the best way to improve your average order value, as customers can add on additional items with a few clicks.


SamCart is a simple, effective, and affordable solution for selling your products online. It is easy to use and it has all the features to start making sales quickly.

SamCart is simple and affordable and hence it is a better platform than its competitors. There are no complex features or hidden costs, and it offers you great value for your money.

It offers great customer support, allows you to create your own product pages, offers various subscription plans for customers, and many more. It also has some built-in features, like Subscription Saver or upsells, that help you to gain more sales and maximize conversion rates.

The reporting is great and has exclusive templates for product pages and checkout pages.

Use SamCart for making your online business groom. I have also created a Web Story for SamCart. You can click here to go to stories.

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