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Repozix: A Guide On How To Use Repozix To Create A Intuitive And Powerful Reports

Repozix is a data reporting platform that helps marketers to create and organize their insightful and effective reports within a shorter time. It is a social media and digital marketing platform.


As a Digital Marketer, you might have found it difficult when it comes to reporting. You might have taken hours together to collect all the data from different resources and combine it to make a good report and share it with your client. Right?

According to a study, marketers will be losing 21% of their expenses due to bad reporting.

But, with Repozix you need not have to worry at all. It easily collects the data from all your resources and will provide you with a better marketing report.

What is Repozix?

Creating a report for your marketing and maintaining it will be humdrum work. You have to collect the data from all your resources and need to make a report out of it, which not only eats up your valuable time but it also consumes your money.

Repozix is a platform which combines both social media and digital marketing. It creates a better report for your marketing by collecting data from various sources.

It comes with a powerful no-code report editor that makes your job easy. You can create your report with a single click and get accurate data which you can share on your social media platform.

Repozix enhances advanced analytics and supports multiple data source reports. You can create multiple widgets depending upon the various data elements and data sources for those elements.

It also enables your teams to create templates from finalized reports in order to use them for creating new reports.

What Are The Benefits Of Repozix?

Given below are the main benefits of using Repozix:

  • You can connect your account from more than 30 integrations easily and with a few clicks.
  • You can connect your various accounts to create auto-refreshing reports and you can share them safely with others.
  • You can create your new templates using public templates in just 2 clicks, edit your reports and create new templates from them.
  • You can filter your reports by using tags. You can even filter your data sources and templates.
  • You can create a number of workspaces as per your wish.
  • You can invite your team member to work together for creating the most unique and insightful reports.

What Are The Reporting Features Of Repozix?

1. No-Code Report Editor:

You don’t need any technical knowledge to create your reports and manage them. You will be getting powerful white-labelling features that help you to create your unique reports.

2. Team Collaboration:

You can invite your team members and give them certain access. Let them connect data sources to specified accounts to help you with creating unique reports and also in editing the reports.

3. Rich Templates:


You will be getting a number of templates to use from Repozix to simplify your reporting. It also helps you to create customized reports.

4. Advanced Analytics:

You can have access to a number of unique features such as –

  • Using your data metrics across various dimensions
  • Comparing many campaigns
  • Adding up to 10 widgets for a single metric
  • Reporting can be done on campaigns, Ad-sets or Ad-levels

5. Built For Scale:

  • You can use labels to organize your workspaces and to make sure all your reports are maintained properly.
  • You can also have recurring reports either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly that will be refreshing automatically.

6. Productivity:

  1. You can create your report once and use it as a template for other reports.
  2. You can use it for creating different templates for your clients.
  3. You can share your reports with clients and let them enjoy the features of auto-refreshed reports.
  4. You can even send pdfs containing your analysis through emails.

7. Templates:

You will be getting in-built templates for Google Analytics 4, TikTok Ads And PPC

Who Will Be Getting Benefitted From Using Repozix?

It benefits the following sets of companies or users:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Small and Medium Scaled Businesses
  • StartUps
  • Enterprises
  • Internal marketings
  • Sales People

Why do You need To Choose Repozix?

a. Create Beautiful And Unique Reports With A Single Click:


You can enjoy creating an attractive, unique and up-to-date report just by connecting with your data source. You can share your reports safely with your clients.

b. Create Reports From Different Integrations:


You can bring KPIs from various platforms and create a single report. You can re-analyze your data and get your reviews. It saves your time and efforts as many reports will be converted into a single multi-paged report.

c. Compare Data:


You can compare the results from A/B testing of your campaigns on Google Ads or compare CPC between Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Repozix enables you with advanced analysis and strong analyzing features for this purpose.

Repozix Is The Best Alternative To Which Software or Tools?

Repozix is an altenative to:

  • Qlik Sense
  • Yellowfin
  • Databox
  • Oviond
  • Hirethis
  • Reportz
  • Swydo
  • AgencyAnalytics

How To Use Repozix To Create Your Reports?

You will be getting on the Rapozix Web Page either to get started for free or to check out the Live Demo.

You can start by creating an account or signing in using your existing account.

As soon as you choose the option to get started for free, you will be getting a new homepage which gives a list of all your reports. You can connect to any data source to create a report.

If you connected to any of your data sources before you will be getting a list of your data sources and a list of your reports from the connected data sources.

You can see different options in your home page menu-

  • a. Reports
  • b. Data Sources
  • c. Templates
  • d. Workspace
  • e. Settings

First, let us see how to connect to a data source. A data source may be your Facebook Ads Page, Facebook Page, Google Ads Page, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Company Page, Instagram Business Account, Twitter, etc that are supported by Rapozix. You will be having around 12 data sources from which you can get the data to create your report.

By clicking on the specific data sources you will be getting your preconnected data sources and if you haven’t connected you will be seeing it as zero.

Start by connecting to your data source. Click on the required data source and click on connect. It will ask for granting access to Rapozix. If you have already used Repozix before, you can click on continue with your account.


You can choose your data source either by name (account name) or use labels.

When you click on labels, a new label will be created and you can use it later for other reports, templates or other data sources. Click on submit and you will notice that the first step has been checked, which means integrating or connecting your data source is successful.

Go to the menu, and when you click on data sources you can see that you will be having a set of data sources along with the labels that you have created. You can also see the type of data sources, created date and last refreshed date, etc.

When you click on a particular data source, it will be showing you a list of campaigns that are under selected data sources, a list of other groups, and a list of Ads.

You can refresh it manually for additional data. Go to the data source account and create a new campaign. It will not be added immediately until and unless you have refreshed your page. You will also be having an auto-refresh option so that whenever you create reports using your linked account, you always will get checked for new campaigns and get extra data for the data source. It will be done automatically.

Go to labels and click on the edit button to change or add the new label that will be part of your data source. If you are ok with it, click on continue for the next step, which will be creating a report.

You can create your reports with Repozix in two ways.

  1. Clicking on create a new report
  2. Clicking on use a template

When you click on create a new report, you can start creating your report from scratch or a blank page. When you click on use a template, you will be getting a set of templates and creating your reports using a template will save your time and you can use them with your own data source.


When you want to create a new report, click on a blank report. You will be getting a small rectangular screen. Give the name for it, add the data source and use labels and then hit on create and submit.

It takes you to the report editor where you will be able to edit your report, giving value to your clients. In the menu, you will be having a report editor and have options to manage or edit your report and you can even customize it as per your requirement. If you don’t want the side menu, you can close it and it will be collapsed.

You can have a logo for your report and can edit it. You can even customize your theme, background, widget background, widget content colour or can add any predefined colours. You also have predefined themes that you can use for creating your unique reports. Once you are ok with all the settings, click on continue.

You can also share your reports with your client by clicking on the share option. If you are done with the report and want to share it with your client, use the URL, copy it and share it with your client. They can use the link to view the report and can copy it and check the report.

You can even modify the report, but if it is read-only you or your client can’t modify it. Your data will be sent securely to your client. You can even download the report as a pdf. You will also have an autosave option so that whenever you make any changes in your report it will be automatically saved. You can even get feedback from your client.

In the settings, you have two submenus for creating a report, one will be general and the other one is data elements.

You can create data like widgets, change the title of the widgets and date range like monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc. by choosing a custom date range or a predefined date range.

You can create multiple widgets for your reports. Click on the widget that you like and release it or just drag and drop. It is very easy to use and is user friendly. If you don’t want a widget type on your report, double click on it and then delete it.

You can create your report using data elements as said earlier. Click on the data elements, you will be seeing the title for your data element, and also a data source name. Next comes metrics which depend on your data source. Accounts and metrics are also related to the data sources. Choose impressions, select the campaigns and your report will be ready for the selected data source.

You can also create a report by using specific Ads sets and also adjust the Ads level to choose a particular Ad and then you can create a report based on that specific Ad. If you want to create reports on a higher level or advanced level, you can choose to select all and in that case, you will be getting rich results for your reports.

Select All in Ad Set, the reporting will be done based on the campaign level and you will also get more insights. You can create multipage reports and can compare all your reports.

You will get different impressions from the same widget, same date but different metrics. You can do it for different campaigns using different Ad sets. You can use up to 5 data elements for the same widget. This is how Repozix outstands in creating reports, using the same data element, using different pre-clone sets on the different dimensions, you will get very rich and powerful results and insights that can be saved.

You can compare the reports for two different data sources. Can have the reports from any of your data sources and let your client see which will give the better results, and a number of conversions for selected data sources using the same data source.

You also have Workspaces on your homepage. It depends on the labels that you have created. You will be getting a number of workspaces depending upon the number of created labels.

If you click on the workspace, you will see the data source and reports for the selected labels. You can even create a group, combine some of the reports together, connect clients together or can even combine aby organizations inside your account.

Going to the templates option, you will be getting a few public templates that you can use to create reports quickly. You can preview all the templates and will be getting rich reports where you will be having much more information and many different pages including a comparison page for two campaigns using the power of data elements or breakdowns. You can do a lot of advanced reporting using Repozix templates.

You will be getting a preview of all the templates and you can even templatize your own report. It will take more than 20 to 30 hours to create a report for getting high results, but with Repozix you can create multiple reports easily and in a shorter period of time. No need for creating reports again and again. Create once and use it for any client at any time.

Once your report is ready, click on the templatize option. Mention a name and submit and it says the template has been successfully created. Go to Templates and you will see your privatized template, you can preview it. You can change the data elements and can customize them in the data source creator element.

If you want to create another report from the template, click on the template, and it will prompt you to add the new name for a new report. Select a data source in the data elements list, select a campaign, add a client, and then your new report will be created.

The new template will be added to your list. Add a label and use it to work with different workspaces.

You will also have public templates which are important for all users. It boosts up your time if you are using it for the first time. When you want to create a new report using a public template, click on the option to use a template and select any public template and create a report as you have created from your personalized template.

Final Views:

Repozix makes it easier for you to collect data from your various sources and helps you to create incredible marketing reports. You have a powerful report editor which allows you to create intuitive and very advanced reports.

Repozix supports multi-data source reports which help you with advanced analytics. You can create many widgets using data elements and data sources. Your team can also get involved in the process of creating new reports from different data sources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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