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Qualetics: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use Qualetics To Optimize Your Data Analytics

Qualetics is an all-in-one platform to optimize your data analytics and improve your customer behaviour which would help in the growth of your business.

Qualetics is a tool that helps you to have a better understanding of your products and clients with the help of data analytics. It also helps to create different Access levels for users by using the Users and User Group feature.

It is hard to satisfy the customer needs as it goes on changing with the growing trends in the market and many companies fail to satisfy the customer success which eventually results in losing customers.

With Qualetics, you will be able to understand your customer behaviour and their needs through machine learning capabilities and can modify your products based on their choices and gain up to 12% of direct or indirect revenue.

Qualetics: A Data Analyser Tool To Optimize Your Customer Success.

Qualetics is a platform that allows you to understand your user behaviour and their needs resulting in improving customer success.


Qualetics is an event-based software data analytics platform where all the software is programmed to provide specific events, such as loading a webpage, clicking a button, logging in to a website, etc. Qualetics gives the required instructions to perform such events before streamlining. The API automatically seizes the basic events such as Pageloads, Views, Clicks, Exits, System Info, Timestamp, Locations, and Errors for Web Applications.

What Is Customer Success?


Customer Success or Customer Success Management is a business method that ensures achieving success for your customers and lets you know that they are satisfied with using your products/service. It also enables the relationship between client and vendor for mutual benefits. Effective Customer Success strategy helps in reducing customer churn and increasing up-selling possibilities. It also helps in increasing customers’ lifetime value for the company.

What Are The Best Features Of Qualetics:

With Qualetics AIMS data intelligence you could be able to monitor your user activity continuously and it also provides detailed insights to analyze your user experience.

With more than 25+ AI algorithms, you can be able to understand your user engagement and get better performance and quality insights, and it also provides Real-time remedies.

a. Quality Insights:


1. Monitor Your Product Quality:

With Qualetics Page Rank and Error Ranking algorithm, you will be able to know about the product breakdown which tells about how critical are your errors, how often they will be occurring, and how many users get impacted by them.

2. Track Software Quality Across Versions or Releases:

You need to understand each successful release whether the quality of your application is improving or decreasing before your users get impacted. You have to do that before your users perform AIMS analysis for the latest release to provide you

better insights as early as possible and help you to provide the best position in launching your products and fixing the bugs and performance issues or any post-release issues at the earliest.

3. Validate and Optimize Your QA Efforts:

According to research, on average, there will be 25 defects for every 1000 lines of code and a 95% chance of defects in production for the first two years of app release. With Qualetics, you can be able to fix your defects and issues before releasing your products, and before a single customer is impacted. You will be able to generate acceptance by users.

b. Performance insights:


1. Monitor Your Product Performance:

You will get to know your product’s performance index score with Qualetics. It lets you know the overall performance of your application in detail along with the pages or functions that are not doing good and also tells you about which user or function is not working properly. With the Anamoly detection algorithm, you will be receiving the live performance with detailed information and automated alerts that need to be monitored, and address the issues correctly.

2. Analyze Product Performance At Client Level:

If your product is being used by B2B clients, Qualetics helps you to analyze your product performance at every single client and user level to provide accurate and preferable information about the client’s usage volume and the quality of their engagement for your solution product.

c. User Insights:


1. Analyze User Engagement in Detail:

You will be able to see the overall performance of users like how they are reacting to your products, the time spent by users on your product’s functions, how much they are engaged with your products, their activity, session frequency, activity flow, screen flow and overall task completion rate.

d. Product Insights:


1. Know Which Products Are Doing Well:

You can review your user’s feelings about your product with NLP driven analysis that grades your user experience based on their feedback, which helps you to improve the quality of your product and its performance. Just collect the reviews and understand their sentiment using AI insights.

e. Behavioural Insights:


1. Identify Paths of Friction for Users:

You can identify the actions taken by your users as they go through your experience and learn more about what the successful users will do than those who find it difficult. You can also observe the user flows and associated characteristics which are making the users early exit from your applications.

f. Other Features of Qualetics:

1. Subscriptions:

You can create subscription packs for your customers using AI-based insights that give information, expectations and critical events to your customers.

2. Collaborative Insights:

Get insights from your colleagues, teams and your users by sharing, collaborating and embedding AI-based insights and analytics for your products and solutions.

3. API Based Integration:

You can easily integrate analytics and AI outputs like Content Recommendations, Adaptive Learning Journeys, Learner History, and Real-Time Learner Competency and Confidence insights with powerful API integration.

What Are The Factors To Choose Qualetics?

  1. Qualetics carries out the analytics for all the activities by using the self-learning algorithm and informs you when your users or customers are facing issues in engaging with your products and to stop the customer churn so that you can improve your products better.
  2. A centralized monitoring system for all the customer’s related software Applications being used in different software and hardware systems that helps in improving the stability of the user base.
  3. It informs you and your customers about the performance of the app, who is using it and how they are experiencing it and through which you can improve the product adaption and features.
  4. You can be able to embed the analytics with SaaS products for better monetization and profitability of your products.
  5. You can easily transform any App into smart Apps through API that provides AI as a service, allows companies to use AI for growth and acceleration of business and is also less expensive and less time-consuming.
  6. It has an Intuitive UI or UX and a Responsive founder.
  7. It gives in-depth data analysis for any of your software.

Who Can Make Best Use Of Qualetics?

Qualetics can be used for detailed data analytics for all the apps and also improves customer behaviour and helps in building up your business.

It is best suitable for:

  • small and medium scale business
  • Enterprises
  • product managers
  • CROs
  • Developers
  • Customer Success System

Qualetics Is An Alternative To Which Other Apps?

Qualetics is an alternative to:

  • Fullstory
  • Avo
  • BigEye
  • DataKitchen
  • Promethium`
  • Google Analytics
  • Semrush
  • G2 Deals
  • Amplitude Analytics
  • Looker
  • Smartlook
  • Adobe Analytics
  • MixPanel
  • Google Analytics 360

How Qualetics Can Benefit You?

  • Qualetics helps in making your product smart enough to enable Proactive Customer Success.
  • It helps in reacting to customer issues positively.
  • It eliminates 90% of the data processing workload.
  • You can manage all your analytics in a single platform.
  • It is easy to install and can easily integrate with any tools and API

Why Qualetics is The Best Choice For You?

Qualetics provides you with the following solutions:

a. Centralize Data Collection:

You can centralize all your data across various sources for detailed data analytics. Different data sources can be integrated into a single data storage platform.

b. Extract Intelligence from Data:

Qualetics provides inbuilt Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Insights. Actionable intelligence is also available for your own branded and preconfigured AI portal. You can choose from the Qualetics library of AI insights for various fields.

c. Power Your Solutions With Data Intelligence:

You have automated access to data and results from Qualetics insights using API. It helps you in generating alerts and notifications based on changes made in your data.

d. Transform Your Organization with AI:

You can minimize the time required for adopting and scaling AI. You can drive multiple AI initiatives through a single AI platform. You will also be saving on the cost of implementing AI.

The Steps To Use Qualetics For Satisfied Customer Success And Perform Data Analytics Effectively Through AI:

To start working with Qualetics, you first need to Sign up for the Qualetics Portal. Go to sign up page and you can sign up using a Google account or you can create a new account.


Once you logged in you will be getting a software quality overview screen with data loaded from a demo app. You can navigate and explore the insights and you can also connect your app to know the insights present in your app by connecting your app data with the Qualetics portal. You can connect any web app, mobile app or software app to Qualetics to get continuous insights.


You can connect to your App through its SDK. Any action triggered on the App will be directed to your Qualetics platform and you can see these insights in Qualetics Portal.

As soon as you login into Qualetics, you will be getting a pre-designed overview page. You will be having the software quality overview page or a dashboard consisting of the insights that are related to your Application. You will also be having an activity overview and a custom overview.


Activity Overview gives you insights related to your user’s and client’s activities. Custom Overview directs you to a dashboard where you can customize the types of overviews that you want to see.

You can connect Qualetics SDK to a number of Apps to get multiple client instances. You will be able to see various client instances and applications. You may be having more than one application or product if you are running a B2B business. Qualetics helps you track all the activities related to client instances and applications. You can also integrate document files too through the API. You can see the insights separately or collectively for all the Apps. You can have a centralized view of all your insights. If you want to view the activity for a single site, simply click on the particular client or App and the data will be filtered for that single project.

The Qualetics platforms provide you with more than 25 different insights that are related to your users, applications, client engagement and other metrics which allows you to get an overall view of all the things related to your users and product usage.

Now, you will be having the quality index, a metric that tells you about the overall quality of your application and the quality as explained by your users. You will be having a scale of -5 to +5 that depends on the five important key factors. when you click on the thumbnail, you will be provided with all those 5 key factors.

The 5 key factors are –

  • How many different errors are being experienced by users while using your application?
  • How many overall users are really impacted by your application?
  • What is the frequency of errors occurring in your applications?
  • How many different contexts are being impacted in your applications?
  • How many issues your users are experiencing in your applications?

All these metrics are collected and calculated to give a single metric i.e., the quality index that lets you know how stable is your application. This will be continuously tracked for giving an up-to-date measure of a quality index. A low-quality index will give a lower overall quality whereas a stable application will be obtained by a high-quality index that gives higher overall quality.

The other key aspect is proactive error monitoring which is available in the issues observed. You can be able to see the list of errors occurring which are displayed in the reverse chronological order with the most recent errors listed on the top. You will be able to see the specific sequence of actions for each of the errors.

You just click and open the user flow for the issues. You will be noticing the actual error that your has experienced and you will be able to backtrack the view of the actions that led to the error right from the user engagement.

In addition to this, the platform also gives you the ability as a user to view all the available insights in my data space. Each insight present in my data space page gives you the ability to go through a detailed overview and advanced view for performing more actions.

If you want to have a look at active users, you need to do is go to the view chart and you will be getting a detailed view with a pop-up displaying all the sessions and users. Advanced view allows you to add filters like context, features, actions, and actors and also expand the data range. You can also embed the chart to the external view, share your chart with a particular set of users, export it in different formats, and subscribe to changing situations. Qualetics manages all the data for you and no need for daily logging in for seeing the insights daily.

Even your users can also have their own dashboards. You have the provision to pick and choose the insights that you like to add or remove. Go to the new dashboard and for adding the client’s impact, add it to the active user in the dashboard and for removing it you can easily remove it too. You can also manage your users into different user groups. You can add users in different user groups provided with some restrictions. You can also control which users have to see and what to see on your platform.

You also have a step-by-step guide for integrating the app easily. It helps to set up the app that you want to connect with your customers.


You are also provided with SDKs that you can use to connect with your App. You can also check if your data is connected properly or not, in the data connection screen and also the status of the connection. To check whether your data is connected properly, you need to go live and check it or if you want to pause the data streaming you just have to switch the go-live status to false, and it will instantly pause your activity and stop your data being streaming into the application.

Quick steps to integrate Qualetics into your Apps.

  1. Sign up for your Qualetics account. You can either log in using a Google account or by signing in using the new email account. It will be an authentication process for using Qualetics.
  2. Set up your database after registering into the portal, it will take a few minutes and you can be able to see connect your data button. Click on the button to connect your data from the Apps or Client instance.
  3. Identify the applications to track and analyse the software quality, performance, user behaviour and customer behaviour.
  4. Set up the Applications to Qualetics. Click on Add Application from the Application screen, enter the details about the applications that you want to connect with Qualetics and click on Create application. You can also view or modify the applications from the application list. Any application created will be added to the app list and for modifying an app just click on the pencil/edit icon.
  5. Set up the account for which you want to track the data.
  6. Get the API credentials for apps and customer accounts.
  7. Integrate your apps using SDK integrations.
  8. Check for the proper data streaming.
  9. Get your insights and make decisions based on that.

To Sum Up With:

Qualetics is a centralized platform to analyze your data and improve your customer behaviour which helps in the growth of your business.

Qualetics provides an AI-based platform to carry out data-science analytics for your business, without any obstructions. It works with your products, systems, or software apps. You will be getting insights for your apps and also for your customer instances.

It makes your product intelligent with proactive customer success. It also eliminates 90% of your workload. You can easily integrate your Apps with Qualetics for easy analysis and making it vulnerable for the use of customers and providing what they want.

Qualetics also helps in upgrading your business. It helps you to understand user behaviour and you can satisfy their needs easily. You are also able to optimize your business based on the insights.

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