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ProRankTracker: An Ultimate Guide To Track And To Get Better Report For Your SEO Ranking

Are you curious about how your website performs on various search engines? Well, ProRankTracker provides you with the most comprehensive SEO ranking reports. You can track all your website’s performances and can improve your website on a daily basis without even logging into ProRankTracker.

Being an SEO expert, you will understand the data that your all-in-one SEO tool generates, but your client may not be that expert to read all the charts provided by the tool. You may develop the numbers that you want, but clients’ concern is only about the profitability of their business.

You might have spent hours together trying to rank higher with your SEO techniques. Your clients may appreciate your skills in SEO, but they won’t like to see all the numbers or other stuff related to SEO rank tracking. All they need is just crystal clear and easy-to-read reports that display the value of your SEO.

ProRankTracker gives you a variety of reporting options that shows you the changes in your client’s websites. You can proudly showcase the effectiveness of your SEO strategies through clear reports.

Now, let’s see what is ProRankTracker, and how it can be used to improve your SERP tracking, its features and its benefits.

What Is ProRankTracker?


ProRankTracker is an informative SEO Rank Tracking and Reporting solution which updates you on all the latest changes in the rankings of your websites and videos.

You can compete with your competitors in terms of affordability, ease of use, quality of service, and delivered support.

It helps you to get accurate results and also more value for your SEO. You can manage your rankings for global or local search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube and Amazon. As an administrator, you can set up user permissions based on their roles and can configure the tools in various languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

You or your team members can identify high-ranking keywords, get estimated search volume data, and also can find additional keywords for your website content. It also enables you to analyse your competitor rankings at specific times.

Who Can Use ProRankTracker?

ProRankTracker can be used by

  • affiliates
  • digital marketers
  • business owners
  • start-up owners
  • entrepreneurs
  • SEO beginners
  • SEO experts looking for a rank tracker with advanced features.

What Are The Features Of ProRankTracker?

  • 1. Up-to-date rank tracking
  • 2. Local and global ranking for SEO
  • 3. Analytics and research
  • 4. Full SERP
  • 5. Reporting
  • 6. Mobile Apps
  • 7. Sub-accounts
  • 8. API Access
  • 9. Support

What Can You Do With ProRankTracker?

1. Monitor Your Keyword Rankings:


It is hard enough to rank your keywords according to SEO performance without proper tracking and analysis. ProRankTracker lets you track your keyword ranking among thousands of similar keywords. It automatically keeps the track of your keywords daily and notifies you about any rank changes. You can even track the keywords on a monthly, weekly or on daily basis.

You will also get a keyword position summary. The dashboard will show you the site’s ranking distribution, and how many keywords are in the top one position, up to the top 100 positions. You will also get URL View where you can see the keyword ranking stats for all your target URLs along with local and global search volumes.

By setting automatic email notifications for triggered keywords when they change the position.

2. Get Local And Mobile Keyword Tracking Data:


It helps you to track your keyword rankings in any language and also from any location. Track your local ranking on Google, YouTube, and Amazon local sites.

You can even track your Google My Business (GMB) listing on the top 100 map listings. Like this, you can check how you are ranking by relevant keywords in Google Local Finder and also can keep monitoring your GMB listing.

It helps to improve your local search rankings and also to know how well your content is connected with your audience.

You can also do mobile rank tracking for iPhone, Android, or Windows phones. In 2018, Google launched its first mobile indexing due to the extensive number of mobile users who started searching google on their smartphones itself. Since then Google’s algorithm started using the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. According to research, about 79% of searches have better rankings on mobiles compared to desktops.

3. Do Keyword Research Like An Expert:

This tool helps in getting many keyword ideas for ranking better on search engines. We can use the relevant keywords for optimizing search engines, social media advertising, and even for targeting as pay-per-click campaigns.

If you want to consider a single or specific keyword, you can use a filter named “select a term.” You have the facility to add the keyword to your keyword tracking list and also can add any keyword suggestion to your laptop, desktop, mobile or any other local ranking device.

4. Analyze Full SERP:

ProRankTracker is a powerful SERP tracking tool that lets you monitor the top 100 SERP results for any keywords that you have entered in the rank tracking system. It gives you in-depth and competitive insights into your websites.

It gives a detailed report through the Chart view and you can come to know how the results have changed over a period of time. It enables you to click anywhere on the graph to know the details. It also gives you actionable insights into what SEO strategies are working for your competitors and you can use those strategies to rank better and compete with others.

5. Create Powerful Reports:

ProRankTracker helps you to create powerful and highly customizable reports. You can add your logo, select a unique colour and add your domain name. You can get the reports in PDF, XLSX, and CSV format. You can save the reports in DropBox or Google Drive and can send them via email. You can also get shareable report links to send across your clients and employees. These reports include overview reports, progress reports, comparison reports, benchmark reports, client reports, and automated reports.

What Are The Alternatives To ProRankTracker?

The following tools are ProRankTracker Alternatives:

  1. LongTailPro
  2. MozPro
  3. SE Ranking

How To Use ProRankTracker?

When you log in to ProRankTracker, you will get the left navigation menu in the dashboard.

Firstly you have the Ranking section through which you can view your ranking data in different ways. Next comes the Report section where you can generate and manage your reports. Next is the Manage section, which allows you to manage your account URL, groups, tags, saved filters, and trash. Then you have the Add-to-track section, where you will be able to add URLs and terms to be tracked. You will be having two methods- Wizard and Advanced Add.

The next section is Tools. It helps you to discover terms or keywords that your sites are already ranked for with the ranking discovery tools and also can generate keyword suggestions.

You can also find the API documentation if you have API access. If you want you can also collapse the navigation menu if you want to focus on specific information.

How To Add Your First URL And Terms To Be Tracked Into ProRankTracker?

From the left menu, click on Add Wizard and enter the URL that you want to track. You can also enter the words or phrases that you want to track. You can also get the keyword suggestions if you want and also you can use the Groups section to group the URLs and tags to group similar terms. It will be helpful for other users to use it later on the filter views and reports. You can have the option to add it now or later. Click Next.

You can track desktop, android, and iPhone results and can decide also on which search engine. You can select the local Google site, location, and language. Then Click on the Save button. It will take a while to check your data in PRT.

Check whether the URL that you have added for tracking is updated with rankings. In the left menu click the URL view under the rankings. It is the main page of PRT and it shows the list of your terms rankings ordered by URL.

At the top, if you click on the filter, you can filter the data. Under the rank column, you’ll see if the ranks have been updated and if not, you can refresh the page and the ranking columns will get listed with the time.

When you click on download, you will be able to create an overview report immediately. You can also find these reports later on in the report centre under the overview report section.

Next to the filter, to the down, you have the download section and you will find the stats box, where you can find daily, weekly, or monthly changes in your rankings and also how many terms are currently ranking in different ranking ranges.

You also have a box for each tracked URL, where you can find the rankings and other data for each term and by default, you can preview only 4 terms. If you want to see all terms, you can click on the click to show button on the bottom right of each table.

By default, on the column list, you can see the type, term combination, indexed URL, ranking, day, week, month, volume, and trend. You can also change the order of the display columns.

Below the stat box and above the URL box, you have the bulk actions tabs. Through this, you can take certain actions with URLs and terms by selecting their checkboxes and then applying the actions.

The next one is columns and sorting. You can add more columns in addition to the default columns. These include title, base, top, language, location, engine, device, volume change, and tags. When you click on any of the columns, you will find the order of the columns numbered 1 to 19. You can select up to 12 columns. You can change the order of the columns, the order of the URL boxes on the page, and the order of the terms in the inside tables. You can even change the number of terms displayed per page, show all or preview on the entire page.

By clicking on the small trend charts, you will get the window which displays the terms ranking progress. You can also easily change the data range you want to see in that window. If you want to see more details about the daily progress, click on the daily view under the rankings tab on the left menu.

You can notice an eye icon at the top left and also a general search window. By clicking on the eye icon, you can quickly access your URLs, groups, and tags, and save filters on the URL view, terms on term view and view reports.

A general search will allow you to start typing the word, and after three characters it will help you to get results quickly to view URLs, groups, tags, saved filters, terms and reports.

Next is Manage URLs. You will get the list of all your tracked URLs: when each was added, how many terms it has and the group it is included in. When you hover over each URL, you will get quick access to several tools and reports. URL view, daily view, full SERPs, ranking discovery, and keyword suggestions that are already filtered with this URL.

You also have the edit URL, add new terms, and restore the URLs or terms.

Settings Of PRT:

To set up other tools of ProRankTracker, click on the wheel icon at the top right and then click on PRT settings.

In the general sections, select your timezone from the list and in order to match your preference you can either select light mode or dark mode on the right. You can also change the user interface and report language.

Update the chart scale or chart settings and also decide how you want to view your chart. You set the chart view as linear or algorithmic.

If you want to upload your logo, you can do it so on the custom logo part under the white label section. You can also start white labelling your reports. Then, click Save.

To the right of the settings icon, in the top right corner, you will find the Account User, with your account name and billing options. The question mark icon will help you to get needed support about any problems or questions you have about PRT. You can write the tickets to the helpdesk or directly chat with the support team and also you can book one-on-one training, will get the faqs, and extensive knowledgebase tutorials and video tutorials.

Final views:

ProRankTracker is an excellent tool that provides you with all the valuable data for your SEO campaigns in an easily understandable way. It comes with a clear and intuitive UI and it represents the data with colour-coded graphs, charts, and lists.

You can learn about the tool and try it yourself with the tutorials provided before purchasing it. Even with the free version of the tool, you can access every feature of the tool. You can go for 2 URLs and 20 terms and can test everything before going for a paid version.

If you are looking for a tool to rank all your websites easily, give ProRankTracker a try.

You can also check the web story about ProRankTracker from here.

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