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Postly: How to Post your Creative Content Using Postly in All Social Media with a Single Click

Postly is a creative content planner and social media scheduler. It is empowered with an AI tool for your social media marketing engagement and powerful conversions.

8 out of 10 people use Social media for promoting their brands, posting their blogs, videos and their interests. Social media has always been a wonderful platform for small industries or startups to scale their business through ads, lead generation, content marketing, etc.

But it becomes impossible to manage all your social media publishing or campaigns or it becomes difficult to notice and reply to all the mentions, likes, shares and comments.

Social media pages help you to promote yourself and your business, but do you know only a handful number among your audience will take it seriously to become conversions? So you need to have proper and creative content that not only captures your users’ attention but also helps you with increasing leads and conversions.

But, managing and scheduling all social media becomes annoying. You might have used numerous tools, but they may be costly or difficult to work with.

So, Postly helps you with scheduling your social media, marketing your online business, collaborating, and posting all your content and blogs on all social media.

Postly: A Wonderful Social Media Managing Tool

Postly is a social media scheduler that helps you with setting up your social media pages and managing all your posts. Postly has access to many of your social media pages so that you can share your post on all the platforms at a single time.

Did you know that an average user will spend about 145 minutes of his day on social media? Digital marketers, entrepreneurs, content marketers, startups, and other business people take this advantage to grow their business through social marketing.

But, it will not be possible to handle all your social media at a time, if you want to manage it manually it will be risky. You need to have an automation tool or platform that will serve you the best.


Postly is an AI-powered social media marketing, scheduling, collaborating, and posting tool for all popular social media.

You can easily collaborate with your team, Schedule your content, manage your analytics and know more about your users.

Features of Postly:


a. Content Planning: You can visually design your content in advance.

b. Content Media Publisher: Publish your social media content at once, on all your social media.

c. Team Collaboration: Organize your teams and work privately. You won’t be getting messed up with your job and the client’s job.

d. Audience Engagement: It helps you to view customer comments and reviews and respond to any platform in a single time.

e. Postly AI: You can write faster and better copies with AI.

f. Trend Analytics: You will get carefully designed trends and insights reports that guide you through business management.

Benefits of using Postly:

  • You can be able to publish your post on multiple social media platforms with just a single click
  • You can generate a powerful content with the help of AI
  • You can be able to manage multiple and unlimited team collaboration
  • You will be able to do bulk content uploading
  • You will also have smart polls which help in users engagement
  • You will also be facilitated with the management of the workflow approval process

Why Choose Postly?

  • It comes with a basic UI/UX tool that is easy to use and grow your business by making you attend your social media every day.
  • You also have the workspace and workflow management. You can use Postly for the different team environments. You can work on your content in different fields and for different brands and collaborate with each of them in your content.
  • You will get access to unlimited team membership and multiple team roles. You can create unlimited teams and assign them a specific role.
  • Postly offers you a powerful AI writing tool that helps you with writing on different content based on the platforms. It also helps you to write unique content every time.
  • It has an inbuilt trend analyzer that helps you to know what type of content you should work on.
  • It highlights the latest trends and events around you. You can also join in the conversation by clicking on the speech bubble.
  • You can schedule your same post, like yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily to appear. You can do it with Postly’s recurring post.

What are the alternatives for Postly?

The alternatives for Postly are:

  • HootSuite,
  • PublerNation,
  • HeroPost,
  • Semrush,
  • Mention,
  • SOCi,
  • Radaar,
  • Sendible

Which Platforms does Postly Support?

Postly supports the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Personal Accounts
  • LinkedIn Pages
  • Pinterest
  • Telegram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • Instagram

Who Can Use Postly?

Freelancers, startups, social media managers, brands and agencies, and all the other online marketers can make the best use of Postly to promote their business.

How to Use Postly?

1. How to Schedule or Post your Content on Different Social Medias using Postly?

In order to start working with Postly first thing, you have to do is connect your social media account with Postly.

Firstly, you need to signup or sign in to your Postly account. Then click on the platform where you want to connect your Postly account. Click on the ‘+’ icon which will prompt you to a dashboard and connect your profile with Postly. This is the simplest and quickest way to get your social media account get connected with Postly.

Now, in order to post your content follow the steps mentioned below.

Select a text, add a post, add a link and you can even add emojis to your content.

Search the images or videos for your content, or add the link, add the image/video and use the URL and type in the caption for your image or video, and you can also use an image from your desktop or from the dashboard.

Choose various platforms where you want your content to be published. You can select all the platforms or can manually choose the platforms for posting your content.

Save the changes. You can also edit it in the recurring option.

Once your Content/ Post is ready to get published, click on the Post button.

You can use Post now option or can schedule your specific time or day for posting your content. After you have scheduled your time, click on the Post button.

You can manage all your social media platforms and accounts from a single place for different brands and people.

How to Create Workspaces and Manage Team Members on Postly?

Postly has been designed to help you to have a publisher skill, not to work alone, but you need to work along with a team and clients in secured and private workspaces.

For every product and every client, you get a dedicated workspace, that is you need to work, do all your job in a workspace, bring your team members to your workspace, give them specific titles and assign them with a certain role, clear set of responsibilities, invite your clients on your workspace, design your content, review your content, and get it approved by both your team members as well as your clients, before your content being published.

Go to Postly, you will be displayed with a signup dashboard. You can sign in as a new user if using Postly for the first time.


You will have to create a new workspace dashboard displayed. You will be having a window that directs you to create your first workspace.

You will also have the approval workflow. If you don’t need any approval set it as none. If you want your approval to be optional then click on the optional button and if you want your content to be approved every time, click on the required option. Clicking on the required approval button says that, if you are an owner, when you create a post-it has to go for approval.

Give a name to your workspace and create your workspace.

It then asks you to enter your title. You can mention your job title. Select OK, and your workspace will get updated.

Go to your account, you will be having your profile as a New user. You can edit your user name. You can also give the credentials, such as your email address, job title, location, etc. Then sign in to your account.

Give details about your workspace. Select a logo for your workspace and set it to required for approval. You can also change it as optional. You can see that the changes will be updated automatically. You also have the option to delete your workspace and you can add multiple workspaces.

Now, after setting up your workspace, you need to add team members and clients for your desired workspace. You need to manage your workspace.

Go to the Active workspace tab. If you have multiple workspaces then you can switch between them. You have to set your role as an owner who has the privilege of all sets of roles.

Now you need to add your client to your workspace. As he needs to manage your social media platform, assign him the role of the owner so he can have all the privileges as owner rule and also handle your social media platform.

Now, let us see how to connect your Facebook to your Postly account.

If you want to add your Facebook account, just click on the Facebook icon on the dashboard and you will get all your Facebook groups and Facebook pages displayed. Connect to any group or any page of your choice. It will ask you to add a Postly Bot. You can easily get it from your Facebook group settings.

Go to your Facebook Page, log in to your Facebook account, go to group settings, and find the Postly App. You can select it manually by searching it or just by entering Postly on your Facebook group search. Once you have done, click on Add button.

You will notice that in your Postly account the bot is added. Once your Postly account is connected with your Facebook, it directly connects with your Instagram that is linked with your Facebook.

After setting up your platform, and creating your workspace, you also need to add members to your team. If you want to add or hire a member to your workspace, invite them to the team by emailing them. Add the email address of your clients and members of your team, and assign them a role, owner or approver. An email will be sent to them and as soon he clicks on the link, he will get on-boarded. Add them to the team, once they will get a notification to be part of your workspace.

You can even cancel his invitation, edit the assigned role or even change the workflow approvals.

How to Create Recurring posts using Postly?

Go to your Postly Account. Upload a video or image that you want to post, from your computer or from the browser. Select the title for your content that has to be posted repeatedly.

Select the recurring option and then click on it. It will lead you to a page to schedule your posting.

Select how often you want to publish your post.

Daily- If you want it to get published daily or you can set the number of days eg., every 6 days, to recur your post.

Weekly- you can select a particular day of the week eg., every Thursday.

Monthly- choose a specific date of the month or day of the month, eg., 13th of every month or 1st Saturday of every month.

Yearly- Select on which date of the year you want your post to be published every year, Eg, 15th May.

You also have some exceptional dates, like holidays, vacations, etc.

Select the time also.

Click Apply.

Then select your social media platform where you want your post to be published. You can select by choosing the icon or you can manually select by scrolling on each of your platforms.

Now, Click on the Post.

To Sum up With:

Use Postly to schedule your social media content 10 times faster in a secured and private workspace.

It is completely an open platform that allows you unlimited users, unlimited social media accounts, and unlimited scheduled posts.

It makes your content management easier than ever before. You can create content, use strategic hashtags, write strong leads, and use royalty-free images and better quality videos.

It comes with great integrated tools. for royalty-free images, to design your awesome images and videos, Google Drive and Dropbox to be used as media library, email for notifications and report digests, Slack for your notifications and team discussions.

Excite your audience with your creative post. Easily create and manage your posts on social media 10x faster in a private and secured environment.

Don’t look for any tools for publishing your social media posts, instead use Postly to schedule or reschedule, manage, create and share and reshare your amazing content for all your social media platforms.

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