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PayingGreen: Bring the Change in the World by Carbon Offsetting and Grow your Business Environment Friendly

We all want to live in an environment that is favourable for us, but is the environment really favourable? Is it free from pollution and not harmful?

The answer is a big NO. But why? This is because human activities contribute many impurities to nature. We are also responsible for an increase in the level of greenhouse gases which is resulting in the Greenhouse effect and also causing Global warming.

The effect of Greenhouse and Global warming is a serious threat to mankind and also to other living beings. So measures are being taken to reduce further effects by the UN and UNICEF.

PayingGreen is one such organisation that is striving toward measures to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

It has come up with Carbon Easy solution, a global initiative that helps your business by funding and shows the world that your business is Global smart, with members getting access to the best practices and carbon offsetting through convenient online services.

It also allows its consumers to easily find a climate-smart business through its Climate Connect Searchable Directory.

First let us have a brief about the Greenhouse effect, Global Warming, and its impacts on ecosystems.

What is the Greenhouse effect?


It is a shocking fact that, on an average basis, we humans roughly contribute around 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide per day and annually we will be giving out about 2.94 billion tonnes. It means that we breathe out about 8.5% of CO2 as much as we burn. 

The Solar radiations from the Sun, the ultimate source of energy, have higher frequency radiations such as Gamma rays, X-rays, and UV rays, and some lower frequency radiations such as visible light, Infrared radiations, and radio waves. The ozone layer surrounding the earth controls the entry of higher frequency radiations to the earth. The only radiation we receive is visible light, radio waves, and low-frequency infrared rays.

Solar radiation that travels through the atmosphere gets absorbed by the clouds, earth’s surface, and seawater and as a result, the earth’s surface gets heated up, resulting in the increase of Infrared radiation of a larger wavelength. The earth’s atmosphere becomes opaque for these radiations and are reflected by clouds, and are absorbed by gases present above the earth’s surface. Thus, clouds and gases prevent the longer wavelength Infrared radiations from escaping space, keeping the earth’s surface warmer which supports life on earth. 

The greenhouse gases namely carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour, and nitrous oxide are good absorbers of high-frequency infrared radiations. These gases actively contribute to trapping the heat energy within the atmosphere.

These greenhouse gases have an average warming effect of nearly 33°C, so the average temperature on the earth’s surface is about 15.5°C(60°F).

If there is an increase of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, entire heat energy radiated from the earth’s surface would escape out into space and the average temperature on earth would be  -18°C(0°F), instead of 15.5°C(60°F).

On the contrary, if there is an increase in the proportion of these gases, the average temperature on earth will rise and it will be more than 15.5°C(60°F).

So, to sustain life on earth and to maintain an ecosystem, the right proportion of greenhouse gases is a must that controls a comfortable temperature on earth.

Present Day Scenario:

According to research, it’s been observed that the effective temperature on the earth’s surface has risen by 0.74+/-0.18° per decade for the last 50 years since 1900. The rate of increase is 2.5° per decade since the 1970s and since the 2000s it has been rising much more.

If things continue like this, it is expected that the earth’s average temperature will rise to 64°C by the end of this millennium. The reason for this is the increase in the proportion of greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere and as a result, heat radiated from the earth’s surface is being trapped in the atmosphere.

Human activities such as burning fuel, deforestation, transportation, industrial production, and growing populations are responsible for the increase in greenhouse gases, especially CO2 in the atmosphere.

The imbalance of the Carbon cycle causes the oceans to fail to absorb full amounts of Carbon Dioxide and plants will also not be able to change all Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen.

The increase in the concentration of CO2 due to the above-mentioned activities is responsible for a 60% increase in the greenhouse effect.

Apart from this, rice cultivation, animal husbandry, natural gas exploration, biomass burning to clear the forests, and leakage in natural gas pipelines, have doubled the concentration of methane which is also responsible for the increase in the greenhouse effect.

This increase in Greenhouse gases ultimately results in the Greenhouse effect thus causing Global Warming.

What is Global Warming?

The increase in average effective temperature near the earth’s surface due to an increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is referred to as Global Warming.


An increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere implies an increase in the number of greenhouse gases so that they trap more heat radiated from the earth’s surface.

Human activities mentioned before are playing a major role in the increase of Greenhouse gases, especially CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere.

Causes of Global Warming:

  • The concentration of CO2 has increased up to 25% due to Industrial Growth, combustion of fossil fuel, clearing of forests, etc.
  • The concentration of methane has doubled over the decade due to agricultural sources, such as rice cultivation, animal husbandry, natural gas exploration, burning of biomass, clearing forests, and leakage in natural gas pipelines.
  • The concentration of Chloro Flouro Carbons has increased at a rate of 5% per year.

Thus, an increase in Greenhouse gases contributes to the Greenhouse effect causing warming up of the earth’s surface or Global Warming.

Impacts of Global Warming:

  • The variable changes in climate in different regions of the world have created difficulties and forced migration from one place to another.
  • The blooming season of different plants has changed.
  • The regional climate has an immediate effect on simple organisms and plants also has changed.
  • The world’s ecology has changed and thus there is an imbalance in the ecosystem too.
  • Deaths due to heat strokes also have increased.

Following will be the future predictions:

Dislocation and disappearance of plants and animal species:

  • If the greenhouse effect continues at the present rate, it is assumed that on average 30% of the plant and animal species will vanish by 2050 and up to 70% by the end of the year 2100.
  • It will also disrupt the ecosystem.
  • It is also expected that animals from the equatorial region will start shifting towards higher latitudes searching for ice and cold regions.
  • The absorption of CO2 by oceans will cause acidification resulting in the migration of marine species.

Warming of Oceans:

  • The temperature of ocean water will increase and as a result, many ocean species will either die or disappear.
  • The other species which prefer warm water will increase tremendously.

Melting of Glaciers:

  • Due to Global warming, the frozen Tundra in Siberia has started melting. 
  • Greenland has experienced 32 glacial earthquakes in a year.
  • Arctic snow cover is expected to be ice-free by the end of September 2037.
  • The Global average sea level has risen at a rate of 3.1 mm per year and the rate may increase even more in upcoming years.
  • It is also expected that the amount of oxygen dissolved in oceans will decrease which will have an adverse effect on aquatic life.

The shift in Farming Region:

  • It is expected that global warming will result in poor yields in farms in lower latitude regions which results in rising in malnutrition in the future. 
  • Crop yield will increase in the middle and high latitude regions and the farmers have to shift their farming land from lower latitudes to higher latitudes.
  • Many new diseases will emerge as bacteria can survive better and multiply speedily in increased temperatures.
  • It also results in the multiplication of mosquitoes due to an increase in humidity levels.
  • This will result in an increase in various new diseases.
  • Global warming also adds up to the increase in the rate of deaths due to heat strokes.

Change in regional climate and variable changes in climate:

  • It is expected that the warming of land will be maximum at northern latitudes and minimum over southern latitudes. 
  • The frequency of heatwaves, hot extremes and heavy precipitation also increases.
  • This variation of climate also results in a number of people suffering from deaths, diseases and injuries from floods, storms and droughts.

Increase in cost of Air Conditioning:

  • Due to Global warming, the cost of AC will be consuming more electrical energy.

Change in Sea Level:

  • Due to the melting of ice, the area of sea ice around both the poles is shrinking and it has been assumed that in the next 50 years, the ice at the poles will melt completely.
  • This results in the rise of sea level.
  • Buildings and roads in coastal areas will get flooded and they could suffer damage from hurricanes and tropical storms.

A lot of damage has already been caused to our environment and it is not in our hands to completely stop this damage, but we can try and do our best to reduce the number of greenhouse gases present in our surrounding atmosphere.

Measures to Reduce Global Warming:

The three important measures have to be taken to reduce the further affecting our environment.

1. Technological Measures:

The economical growth and population growth increase the consumption of fuel and are responsible for greenhouse gases

Use Renewable sources of energy to generate electricity instead of burning fossil fuel-based power plants:

Fossil fuels produce nearly 21.3% of total greenhouse gases. Therefore alternate energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, etc. Must be used to generate electricity.

Use battery-operated vehicles such as electric cars, bikes and scooters:
  • Vehicles like cars, lorries, trucks, etc. run on internal combustion engines and contribute nearly 14% of total greenhouse gas emissions. They have to be switched to battery-operated vehicles, which results in a reduction in CO2 emissions drastically. You can opt for electricity generated by renewable energy sources for charging your battery.
Use bio-char stoves for cooking:
  • In developing countries, biomass is mostly used for cooking which contributes significantly to the increase in greenhouse gases.
  • New technology has to be used for burning this biomass in the absence of air in a specially constructed stove called a biochar stove. 
  • It will release smokeless combustible gases methane and hydrogen, leaving charcoal residue that can be buried in the soil.

2. Economic Measures:

Industrial growth and deforestation due to population growth have caused an increased greenhouse effect. To check them following these 2 measures are important.

Reforestation and Sustainable use of land:
  • In developing countries, population pressure has resulted in unsustainable agricultural practices that are responsible for 90% of deforestation.
  • These countries must be asked to reforest and maintain forest habitats.
Industries to pay carbon tax:
  • Since industries emit CO2 to a greater extent, to check them, they have to be asked to pay the carbon tax.
  • This has to be calculated on the basis of CO2 emitted from the industry, number of employee hours and turnover of the industry.
  • This tax will encourage industries to use energy-efficient offices and to avoid travelling of their employees by having teleconferencing.

3. Policy Measures:

The government has to take some measures to educate the people and children.

  • Educating the children to live a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Controlling population growth by family planning, welfare reforms and women empowerment.

The global community by the name PayingGreen helps people to grow their businesses in an environment-friendly manner.



It is a global community having its origin in Australia, Spain, and Sweden. It has a non-profit charitable foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. It is associated with other charitable foundations and environmental organisations across the globe.

Since the emission of CO2 in one country will also affect other countries as well, there is a necessity to decarbonize our energy system and also to reduce emissions from the household and agriculture.

So PayingGreen has come up with a solution, Carbon Offsetting projects all over the world to reduce and avoid emissions and trap Carbon from entering the environment.

To know more about Carbon Offsetting, just click here.

How PayingGreen is different from others?

PayingGreen’s Smarter Net Zero climatic solutions help you to grow your business by funds and if your business is carbon-free then you will be getting carbon offsetting credits.

PayingGreen maximises the number of offsets per dollar of raised funds.

You can calculate it by a simple formula

Dollar raised/ Metric tonnes of CO2= emission offset.

This can be achieved by buying carbon credits and returning them immediately.

Once your business becomes a member of Carbon Easy through a subscription, then the company selects and purchases carbon credits for the best and most impactful carbon offset projects.

Carbon Footprint:

 It is the total amount of emission of greenhouse gases caused by a single person, community, event, industries, services, etc. expressed as CO2 emissions.

The annual footprint print for 2014 was about 5 tons globally. 

So in order to reduce the carbon footprint, you need to reduce the emission of CO2 and methane and even other greenhouse gases. 

Know your carbon footprint and try to minimize the carbonation. 

Carbon Offsetting:

It is the process of reducing the emission of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Even after cutting down all the emissions of carbon, the traces will still be left out in the atmosphere. So we have to compensate for it by supporting the projects which will work to reduce or remove carbon emissions.

Read more to know about carbon offsetting.

What Makes PayingGreen Smarter?

The idea of PayingGreen is simple yet powerful and brings a change to the environment by helping those industries or businesses which strive to reduce CO2 emissions. 

It is a low-cost but highly efficient platform and has a belief in the principle that being climate-smart is being business smart.

The climate solutions like Smarter Net Zero are designed to help business customers to become a leader in the climatic change in a way that encourages business owners to earn recognition and have their licence.

The solutions include:

1. Carbon Easy: an online subscription solution for small and medium-sized businesses, that want to contribute to the carbon offsetting community.

2. Carbon Neutrality Partnership: it offers a chance for large and heavy emitters to deliver net-zero commitments through Smarter Net Zero commitment plans and Smarter Net Zero Transition plans.

3. Climate-Smart Payments: a solution that allows you to engage your customers in your climate response through the act of PayingGreen.

The projects that are undertaken by PayingGreen are:

1. Cook Stove Project in Uganda:

The traditional ways of cooking were based on the burning of wood which ultimately results in deforestation and also emission of CO2 to a greater extent to the atmosphere.

So, the cookstoves serve as an alternative to the traditional cooking methods.


It’s been estimated that every year nearly 19,700 people in Uganda are dying due to this older method of cooking.

It also results in indoor and outdoor air pollution and also results in the degradation of forests.

From 1990 till 2010 more than 39% of the existing forest has disappeared.

So, the cookstove project aims at bringing down this risk.

As a member of PayingGreen, your investment benefits the environment along with supporting communities with UN approved goals.

The major credits are a reduction in poverty, reduction in hunger problem, providing good health to all the people, and climatic control.

2. 5MW Solar PV Project, Jaisalmer – India:

Sun is a natural form of energy. Solar power is created when this energy from the sun is converted into electricity.

The solar panels consist of semiconductor cells that are encased in glass and aluminium frames.


 Solar energy is pollution-free, doesn’t produce any harmful gases and has no radioactive waste.

Its credits include reducing poverty, affordable and clean sources of energy, decent work and environmental growth and climatic action.

3. Biogas Project Namakkal – India:

When organic materials namely food waste, plant waste and animal waste are broken down by anaerobic action, then the resulting product will be biogas. This can be used for the production of heat and electricity which can be used in fuel cells, engines or microturbines.


This is a recyclable product, hence harming nature is reduced.

The credits of this project are minimising poverty, sustainable cities and communities and decent work and economic growth and climatic action.

4. San Antonio El Sitio Wind Power Project – Guatemala:

This project uses natural and renewable sources of energy for the production of electricity. The project contains wind turbines, wind measuring stations, an operational building and a substation. 

This project is environmentally safe as it doesn’t contain harmful greenhouse gases and no CO2 emissions.


This project is credited for affordable and clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, decent work and economic growth and sustainable cities and communities, and climatic actions.

The other projects include
  1. Ratchaburi Farms Biogas Project at S.P.M Farm – Thailand
  2. Berlin Geothermal Project – EL Salvador
  3. Hydropower Project San Clemente – Chile
  4. Okhla MSW Composting Project – India
  5. 5 MW Solar Project – India

How does PayingGreen help your customers?

When you become a member of PayingGreen you will be supporting one of the Climate Smart Brand Partners. They will be contributing the funds without any extra cost for purchasing UN credit cards to reduce carbon emissions.

It helps your customers to be a part of the global community and helps to support your business through the act of PayingGreen.

How does it benefit the local community?

The carbon offsetting projects help the surrounding communities. And it also helps to meet the UN’s Development Goals.

How PayingGreen help your business grow?

  • It helps you by showing your commitment towards the climatic changes to the world.
  • It helps in maximising your carbon offsetting.
  • It helps you to grow your business and inspires your community.
  • You can even have other benefits like climatic scouts.
  • Through ClimateConnect you can become searchable easily through the public directory and you can also connect with people of the same interest.

Final Views: 

 Living in an environment that is free from pollution is every person’s dream. But our actions are far away from it. Our reality is far beyond our expectations. To live up to those expectations, we must work hard in our present. Measures must be taken by each and everyone for a clean environment, not only by words but by our daily actions. 

PayingGreen has come up with such an idea to reduce the emission of CO2. It is a non-profit organisation that helps you grow your business by funding you, providing you with carbon credits for your environment-friendly projects and making your business be searched by people who have similar interests.

Once you become a member of PayingGreen, it selects and credits your business based on your carbon footprints and by carbon offsetting. 

It works toward the measures to minimise the Greenhouse effect and thus reduce global warming. It also helps you to become you and your project climate superheroes of the globe.

Save our nature, be the change, and lead your business in a climate-friendly way.

For knowing more about the working of PayingGreen click here.

What are you waiting for? Choose PayingGreen to build your business in an environment-friendly way.

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