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Ohmylead: How to Optimize your Lead Management at Superspeed?

Ohmylead is a unique platform that allows you to centralize and qualify your leads by synchronizing all your lead sources and also automates the process of qualifying the best leads quickly.


When it comes to marketing, lead management and lead campaigns are very important but at the same time, it becomes time-consuming to unify each of your lead sources.

Ohmylead will definitely help you with syncing and verifying all your leads and qualifying the best lead campaigns and forwarding them to your favourite CRM. It is a single platform that enables you to manage your leads, measure and analyze them, and optimize your ROAs as you grow.

What is the Importance of the Lead Management Tool?

When you want to manage your all leads, it becomes a headache and lots of your time will get wasted in managing every campaign manually. But with the lead management tool, you can easily manage any number of campaigns easily. It helps you in scaling up your business through lead generation either locally or internationally. It helps in saving your time, reducing the unwanted leads through the validation process, helps in maximizing the conversion rate easily, and helps in optimizing all your lead campaigns in real-time.

What is Ohmylead?

Ohmylead is a cloud-based program that is designed to nurture all your business leads in a single platform. It helps any businesses, i.e., small, medium, or large scale, startups or well-built, in streamlining the entire lead management, from capturing the lead to tracking your lead, qualifying them and engaging them with purposes. It also allows the user to automate the authentication of email addresses and phone numbers.

It consists of multiple features such as real-time alerts, leads enhancement, measuring ROI, monitoring the team performance, etc.

The dashboard allows the user to go through the lead funnels and estimate the sales through analytics and statistics. You can also easily integrate it with other apps like google sheets, Clickfunnels, Zapier, etc.

The Features of Ohmylead:

a. Lead Dispatch:

By assigning the owner for each lead, you can easily define the visibility of the leads at user role levels.

b. Smart Views:

These are the search queries that are based on the criteria that you set for dynamic outreach to specific lead matching criteria.

c. Contacts Multicanal:

You can engage with your customers through Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and also can call around the world with Twilio Integration.

d. Making an Appointment:

You can integrate the Ohmylead interface with Calendly for making the appointments and scheduling the events directly.

e. ROI Measurement:

You can easily identify which of your campaigns are generating the better and more qualified leads and redirect your advertising investment in real-time, towards that campaigns.

f. Advanced Permission:

You can enable advanced permissions for a greater scope of actions.

g. Import and Export CSV:

You can import your leads from excel files and also can qualify them. You are also having an option to filter and export selected leads.

h. Phone numbers and Email addresses Validation:

You can automatically validate phone numbers and email addresses, which saves your time by eliminating unqualified leads.

The Factors Why You Have to Choose Ohmylead:

  • It allows you to centralize all your lead management in a single and easy-to-use platform.
  • It acts as a single source for your whole lead management funnel.
  • You can easily manage your leads in 3 simple steps: Connect, Qualify and Nurture.
  • By integrating with more than 1000+ Leadgen integrations, Ohmylead simplifies the process of lead management.
  • It helps you to verify the phone numbers and email addresses of your leads by synching all your forms.
  • Ohmylead creates a smartcard for all your leads with the contact information.
  • It helps to measure and analyze your lead Ad campaigns and optimize your ROAs.

The Alternatives of Ohmylead:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Zoho CRM
  • Hubspot CRM
  • ClickPoint
  • LeadFeeder
  • Freshsales
  • LeadSquared
  • Blitz

Ohmylead is the best alternative to the above-mentioned platforms.

Who can be benefited from Ohmylead?

Ohmylead is best suitable for almost every business. Education, Real Estate, Call centre, Health and wellness, IT business, Business service, Automobiles, Marketing Agencies, Web Agencies, and other online businesses can have the benefits of Ohmylead.

Some of the Critical Statistics about Leads:

  • According to statistics, it takes about 72 hours to get in contact with the lead, which reduces the rate of conversion and causes friction in lead management.
  • Salespeople may receive almost 73% of unqualified leads from businesses.
  • 92% of the marketing people neglect to measure the ROI from lead-generating campaigns.
  • On average, the companies will not consider 71% of the internet leads.

What are the Benefits of Using Ohmylead?

1. Simplification of the Lead Process by Connecting to Every Possible Lead Source:

It becomes difficult to track all your leads when you have multiple leads entering from various lead sources and it also uses lots of your time to qualify the best lead manually. Ohmylead connects with every possible lead source, so you can manage all your leads in a single platform. It also ensures you with receiving only highly-qualified leads.

2. Automated Validation:

Verifying and validating multiple leads from different sources is not an easy task. It even becomes hard to validate all the emails if it comes from a false account or if it has a typo.

Integrating the Ohmylead interface with smart artificial intelligence, you can easily unify all your sources and their leads in a single platform. You can easily qualify your leads and deliver them to your sales team in a single click.

Even your marketing tool and CRM can automatically score better according to their behaviour and can deliver it to your sales team in the best possible way.

3. Smart Cards for Each Lead:

When it comes to updating all your lead information manually, it becomes too hectic and sometimes it may lead to errors. With Ohmylead, you can get a smartcard for each of your lead sources that contain the contact information of all your leads.

You can qualify your leads quickly and easily just by adjusting their status or assigning them as a member of your team. It helps you to analyze and measure your lead campaigns and also to optimize your lead campaigns.

4. Mobile Phone Application:

With Ohmylead mobile application, you can give more space to your customer’s lead management process. You will be getting notifications, a one-click call facility, and tracking your lead through email, SMS or WhatsApp.

The Steps to Work with Ohmylead:

Before you kickstart working with Ohmylead, all you have to do is connect your lead source from Facebook leads, Excel sheets, and many other integration platforms available including a landing page builder. You can choose from various templates and customize them by clicking on the field where you want to edit.


Connect any of your lead sources with the Ohmylead account and once successfully connected with your selected lead sources, you can automatically send a welcome email to every possible lead, and with Ohmylead alerts, you will always be notified when a new lead enters and thus you won’t be missing any leads.


You can change the sender’s name (email) or can change the content of the lead alert. Even on the Welcome email, you can change the name of the sender and the content of the mail, and it will automatically and your lead sources will get connected when you turn the notification on and the mails will be automatically sent to all those in your contacts.

After the lead source is connected you can have various lead sources if needed. After you have done connecting all your lead sources, you can move on to the qualification process.

In the qualification part, you will be able to automatically validate your emails and phone numbers, call or send an SMS through WhatsApp or score your leads based on the qualification for eventually getting all the needed information to filter your approach.

Once you have done integrating your lead sources, all your leads are going to get collected on a single page. You can filter them as qualified, unqualified, reachable or unreachable, call back, etc. You can even create your own customized statistics so that you can have a more personalized and better feel for your business.

Once you are on your lead page or the profile page, you can have automation for your email and phone number for verification. You will also be able to send emails from your contact list. You also have a number of pre-built email templates that helps you with quick workflow.

Once you are done qualifying your process, you can send direct SMS to each individual manually or can decide to send an SMS to your contact book all at the same time thus preventing your extra time.

Through Ohmylead automatic verification, as soon as you send an email, you will be able to see a pop-up that tells you the email has been verified.

Next, you have a most powerful integration tool, which is the lead enrichment tool. When you click on it, it will automatically give all the necessary information needed about the lead and helps in having a personal approach with your lead.

If you have any agents, they can also take notes based on their calls. You can give them a call directly or send an SMS from the profile link and then write any rule which is beneficial for your CRM.

You can manually qualify all your leads and can send them to your CRM. If any leads are unqualified and need to be nurtured, you can send them to your preferred ESP.

You can integrate Ohmylead with 1000+ powerful CRMs and ESPs. Select a CRM and customize it. State the rule like each time when you get a qualified lead, send it to the pipeline and can decide the stage when you want to schedule an appointment. Save it and click OK.

Go back to the lead page, click on a particular name or profile and qualify the profile. As soon as you qualify it, the lead will be automatically sent to your CRM. When you go to the CRM Dashboard, you can see the appointment schedule and the new deal that has been automatically passed. As soon as you create a note every time, there is a qualified lead that will be automatically sent to your team who can proceed with further action.


If you have any unqualified leads, you can proceed further to connect them with ESP. You have Mailchimp, Zapier and many other ESP platforms that can be integrated with Ohmylead. The integration of ESP is similar to that of CRM integration. You can give a quote like every unqualified lead will get sent to the selected ESP list. Save it and click OK. Go to the profile, select the unqualified list, and then go back to ESP. Click refresh. You can see that an unqualified lead has been sent to your ESP.

Moving on to the Dashboard, you have a Lead source that contains the My Source and New Source option.

Next is the Lead Management tab where you will be having all your leads, whether qualified or unqualified. You can qualify your leads and also analyse your leads.

Further, you have Integration. You can integrate the tool with your CRM or can integrate it with ESP. You also can integrate with calls or send an SMS.

In the settings, you have a lead dispatch option. If your business consists of 2 to 3 team members, you can select which team member will receive the call, and who can dispatch the callbacks to specific agents.

You can even decide which one of your leads has to be called first. You can either select call the oldest first or call the newest first option.

You also get the lead lock time option, wherein you set the time and it will automatically connect the call to your lead and if it is unanswered the call will get cut automatically after the specified time duration.

The next tab is Team. If you are setting up a team and want to add a team member and assign them a specific task, click on Add a new member. Select the email and decide the access to and then send them the invitation.

Moving down you have email templates. Ohmylead gives you a set of email templates for easy working. You can edit email details if you want or can create and customize any template that is relevant to your business.

Next comes Scoring. In lead scoring, you can set some standards for making your leads eligible for scoring. You can set points for your leads, so when they drop in their emails, and contact details they can score some points which in turn helps you in generating more conversions. If the lead gets qualified, then also you can gift them with the scores.

You can add customizable sections and can adapt the changes as per your choice.

The Final Views:

Running a lead generation campaign is the necessity of any marketing strategy but it becomes hard to handle and manage most of your leads manually. It even becomes harder and consumes your time to measure your ROIs as most of the leads may not be centralized. It may result in wasting money and time investing in such unqualified leads many times.

Ohmylead has come up with a solution that allows you to track all your leads, manage them, qualify them, and perform all your lead campaigns under a single roof.

Ohmylead is a cloud-based platform that is designed to help your business with the whole process of a lead cycle. It helps you with capturing your lead, tracking your activity, and qualifying your lead. It also helps with the automation process for authenticating email addresses and phone numbers.

Through the filtering system of Ohmylead, managers can easily search the built-in database. It also has better features like real-time alerts, lead enrichment, ROI measurement, team performance monitoring, etc.

The centralized dashboard allows your users to view the lead funnels and take action based on the analytics and statistics.

You can successfully perform your lead management through the Ohmylead platform and also qualify your leads by connecting them to CRM, if you have unqualified leads you can connect them to ESP.

What are you waiting for? Manage your leads with Ohmylead and grow up your business.

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