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MyLenio: A Better Guide on How to Automate your Permissions for SaaS Resources for Your Small and Medium Scale Business

MyLenio is a software platform that provides permission for your SaaS resources and enables you to organize your Small Scale and Medium Scale Business in a faster way. It also helps your company to organize and work with Fortune-500 companies.

While considering the business, it becomes challenging to organize and manage your SaaS resources. It even becomes harder and will be time-consuming when you want to scale up your business.

MyLenio helps you to organize and manage your SaaS resources easily without the investment of your time and resources. It provides you with the ability to easily manage and automate your SaaS Apps and permissions. It helps you to organize your company in teams and connect to SaaS Apps and automate your permissions.

What is MyLenio?

MyLenio is an all-in-one platform that helps your SMB to organize properly and enables you to work with major companies in an easier way without losing your identity. You can create your team, add members and assign roles easily and give permission to avail SaaS to scale up your business. You can also manage your resources in a single platform.


With MyLenio you can easily assign specific SaaS Apps and data sets to each team member so that they can have access to specific tools and data.

It also assigns automatic permission to your SaaS resources based on your team’s needs. It even removes and creates users and their permission for SaaS which helps you to focus on your business.

What are The Factors for Choosing MyLenio?

  • It reduces the risk of SaaS Management and tries to keep it simple. It also organizes your SaaS Apps properly so that you can focus on your tasks completely.
  • It minimizes the expenses that you spend on hiring new resources and also saves your precious time.
  • It helps you to manage all your SaaS resources in a single platform.
  • You will be able to create a new SaaS resource when a new team member is added to your team and can remove the same when a member leaves the team. You can also edit the resource if his role has been changed.
  • You can take care of your business by managing all the permissions under a single platform.

What are the Features of MyLenio:

a. Organize your Team:

Once your company starts growing, it becomes hard to manage the SaaS App permissions for all the employees. Each employee or team member has to be permitted to access only specific apps and data. It becomes very tough to manage and will be troublesome to assign and track who needs access to what, or sometimes, they may mess up with the things that they don’t have to.

MyLenio helps you to sort out such problems. You can easily assign permission to particular Apps and data sets to each team, so they can perform their task easily without messing up with unwanted tasks.

b. Automated Permission Setting:

It is a tedious job to manage the permissions for SaaS Apps and at the same time, it is overwhelming. When someone leaves the company it again becomes difficult to refresh all his access.

MyLenio’s automated permission settings will ease your job. It assigns the permissions to your SaaS resources according to the team’s needs.

c. User Provision:

Managing user provisioning to SaaS Apps is hard to handle when a team member leaves or a new member enters the team. It is unmanageable to keep track of all the passwords and to add or remove the users from your SaaS Applications.

MyLenio helps you out with managing user access. It helps in creating and removing the user accounts and helps you to focus on your work.

d. Manage your Resources:

Switching between multiple SaaS accounts is not easy especially if you need to change or edit any of the things. You can’t be able to remember all the login information and passwords.

MyLenio helps you to manage all the resources in a single platform. It helps you with the fastest way to organize your team and also to allow permissions easily.

e. SaaS Integrations:

It lets you connect with the most popular SaaS Apps to your Account. It will help you to create an application for each resource from a single place, provide automatic permissions to your team and verifies that all your resources are updated.

MyLenio provides the SaaS integrations with

  • Google Workspace
  • Office 365
  • Jira
  • BitBucket
  • GitHub
  • Trello
  • GitLab
  • Slack
  • Keeper Security

and other tools for easy working with your team.

Who can Avail the Benefits of MyLenio?

MyLenio is best suitable for small and medium scale businesses that want to scale up their business.

MyLenio is the Alternative to:

MyLenio is the alternative for the following platforms:

  • HR Partner
  • Built for Teams
  • GoCo
  • PayNW
  • Lanteria HR
  • Gusto
  • HRMatrix
  • HubBubHR
  • BambooHR

What are the Benefits of MyLenio?

  • It provides a set of tools that allows HR teams to organize their activities in a better way.
  • It helps you with organizing your employees into teams and you can assign them training, documents and tasks for them to complete.
  • It Identifies the SaaS requirements for each team and allows permissions automatically for using it.
  • It manages the vacation for your team as per their requirement and acts as a self-service for their vacations.
  • It boosts your employee’s engagement and helps them to know each other.
  • You can easily connect with your colleagues and get to know more about them. Helps you to know about contact details of all your employees easily.

How to Work with MyLenio?

You can start by connecting your MyLenio account by signing in with your Google Account.

1. How to Start Configuring with MyLenio?

The basic step is that you need to register with MyLenio. Go to and then click on get started.


The first step is to connect your Google Workspace or Office 365. Click Connect to the directory. Click on Google and then click Sign in with Google and choose an Admin account. It asks for permission and after that, you will be getting connected with your Workspace.

After your connection is confirmed, you will be able to:

  • a. Import your users directly from the directory
  • b. Log in using your Business Account
  • c. Configure your Google Drive for Permissions

Click on Next Step, and let us see how to import your first users. By default, MyLenio after connecting with Google or Microsoft will show you a list of all the users that you have in your team. You can choose all from the list or can select a particular user to Import. After selecting your users, click on the Import User option and the Application will start downloading those users and make them part of your Team.

Once the importing is successful, the next step is to connect with your first SaaS Application.

  • a. You can start assigning your users to Team
  • b. Provide automatic permission to your SaaS resources
  • c. Automatically create or remove their account from SaaS Applications.

Click on the Next Step and start connecting with SaaS Applications. You can connect with any of the Applications that are supported by MyLenio. Connected with the SaaS App with Administrator account. It will direct you to the sign-in page of the selected App and after you provide all the permission, you can fetch your account to MyLenio.

You can assign the Group that will be used to create new projects. Select the team from the dropdown list or create your own team. You can choose any workgroup or any workspace. Click Save.

Then comes Synchronizing your Repositories. Here you can

  • a. Build your first team
  • b. Assign automatic permissions to your repositories
  • c. Create or remove users using MyLenio

The next step is to build your first team. You can start working with 3 to 5 users that you know for testing your software.

You can assign the roles to those users and can add as many members as possible, but for testing purposes, you can keep it minimal. Then click on Next Step.

It will connect your resources to your team. Click on your preferred SaaS platform. Select the resource’s name and where you going to work with. Click on Edit to configure the access and you will be setting certain explanations about each of the resources and permissions for using the Applications and can set who can have the access to what.

Click Next and click on the roles and it will automatically give the permissions for the particular task.

Click next and give set permissions to your team based on their roles. You can automatically remove the permission if someone leaves the team.

Then go to your SaaS App page and you will get the details about the members and the roles that you have assigned for them.


Click Next. The last step is User Provisioning. You already connected with your SaaS platform and have access to use the tool.

Click on the Apps snd you will be getting connected with your first SaaS App.

Select the App name and assign the App name and click on the edit button to configure the accounts that are created for a specific App.

Assign the roles and click on edit to add, remove or edit access to the Apps. You can manage your apps. Can add or remove any role or any members from the team. Your team members will be getting an invitation through email and when they open it up, they will be assigned their roles successfully.

You can assign the existing roles, remove any roles or add a new role and it will be easily managed by MyLenio.

You can add new members that are not on the list. You can create a new role for them and it can be created with the assignment and can process the invitation automatically from the Application and allow them with the permissions.

2. Guide on How to Configure the Basics on MyLenio:

Through Mylenio configuration, you can connect to your documents, set up the training, send invitations to the users, assign tasks and can make reports.

If you go to MyLenio, you will see the tutorial on learning how to configure the basics on your site. Click on Get started. You can see the Welcome to Mylenio Academy where you have different courses.

  • a. Configure the Basics
  • b. Automate SaaS Permissions
  • c. Webinars

Click on Dashboard. Fill in the details and you can see the giving permission email. Give permission to your Teammates or to the Team.


Start by giving permission to your Teammates. Go to the People, Click on a Directory and select the people or team for whom you want to give the permissions. You will be getting a list of recognitions. Choose from the list or can configure it.

Go to Settings. Select Recognition metrics and configure them. You can select from the default names or can select a new one. Give the recognition to the selected member of the team and click on Recognize.

Come back to the Dashboard, you can see that the latest recognition has been added and every member of your company or team can see the latest recognition. An email is sent to invite the link to see all the recognition.

Next is Tech Stack. Here you will be seeing the set of channels, where all the recognitions are added in the MyLenio. Anybody can easily see the new recognition that has been added.

Then you have Recognitions, where you can set the permission to recognition for the different teams.

Select New Recognition and select who you want to recognize, where you can see new users, etc. If the recognition is not set, then configure it automatically.

Go back to the Settings, under the Teams select Team Category. Select the project. Give the name to the project, and check the flags. You have, Show in time count is Project Team, and include in team recognition options. Check on all three flags. Click Save. Now the team name will be displayed under New Recognition.

You have multiple categories on the Teams. You can create your teams, you have projects, working groups, company names, client names, etc. by default. You can Remove or Edit them and can click on the Checkbox to configure them.

Once you have selected the recognition and set all the permissions, you will see in the dashboard that the latest recognition has been added and if you click on all the recognitions, you will be able to see all the history. You can even filter the recognitions.

Now for setting the Documents. Go to Admin Settings, you will be seeing in the Document the list of Documents. There are numerous pre-built document templates that can be used for all users. You can change the Documents and the template information or can even customize them.

Click on New Document. Give the name for the document, a short description and description of the document, etc. Upload the files from your library. Select the Document template from your file and upload it. You can mention the expiry date, document signers, etc. you can add as many signers as possible, assign the role, sign order and user. Click Save. Now you are having your new document added and you can start assigning the documents to your members now.

Go back to Project Team, go to Assignments, and select the document you want to assign. You can add the new one or can configure the existing document. Select to whom you want to assign the document. You can assign them by choosing the resources. Can choose any of your resources and can send the documents for the assigned list. Once they download the document, they can sign the document, they can print it, can add the signature, can upload the document.


You can use DocuSign for using the signature. Go to Apps, and select DocuSign. Click Install. Login with your DocuSign account. It will fetch all your templates from DocuSign, then you can sign directly.

Similarly, you can set the Training in MyLenio. Go to Training, and click Add Training. Give the details about your training. You need to add your Google ID, Titles, etc.

Go to Google Slides, select the slides, copy the ID from the URL and fill it in the Google ID box. Give the Title for your presentation. You can add up to 3 titles for the presentation. You can even test your presentation. You will get the form, and copy the ID of the form. Click Save. Fill in the google form details.

Go to Teams and Assign the Training. Once you click the Refresh button, you can see the list of your training. Click on the incomplete training and you will be getting your first presentation loading. You can view the presentation from Google. Click on Next to view the next slide. Complete viewing all the slides and then Submit. After this, you can fill in the test form and save the changes.

You can even set the certificates for the persons who have completed the training and they can share them on any social media.

Next comes Compliance. You will be seeing a very powerful dashboard. You can come to know how compliant your programs are. You can also see the details about everything like which document has been completed, how much work has been done, etc. You can check for all the details in the same way.


Next comes Inventory. Go to Inventory and select anything that you want for your company. Add the physical aspects. Select the Inventory brands. Add the brands, configure them, add phone numbers, physical details, etc. Add the New inventory if you want and fill in the details. Assign the inventory to your selected team. Go to User, Select the Assignee and click on Save the Assignee.

Similarly, Go to the Workflow. Create your workspace. First, you need to create an account, second, you have to fill in the login information and third, send the confirmation. Add the details, select an Assignee and Create your workspace.

Final Views:

MyLenio is a powerful platform that helps in properly organizing your business and enables your small or startup companies to work with top companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, etc. It simplifies the integration of all your tasks so that they can be handled and organized properly.

It helps in simplifying your business by helping you achieve the high standards of HR and IT and helps to grow up your business and helps your company to work in relation with Fortune 500 companies.

It also helps to give permission to SaaS Apps easily and your team members can easily have the access to the required SaaS Apps.

If you want to take control of your company and manage your business and organize it in the fastest and most effective manner, you can go for MyLenio.

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