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MeetRecord: It Empowers Sales Teams To Capture Intelligence From Video Calls.

Capture Meetings & Sell More Using Intelligence!

Increase Your Sales Conversions By Up To 34% When Using This Tool

Sales teams are always looking for an edge, which usually comes in the form of better intelligence. 

It’s tough to get good intel from sales calls, so many deals fall through.

PichGround Presents MeetRecord. 

This solution changes all that.

MeetRecord’s AI-video call recording software makes it easy to capture critical insights from calls so that you can implement real-world coaching and close deals faster.

How does MeetRecord work?

  • Start your call on Zoom, Google Meet, or any other available integration. 
  • MeetRecord will record the call. 
  • It will transcribe and intelligently analyze the entire call, automatically giving you actionable and timely feedback for deals to increase win-rate and grow the pipeline.


  • MeetRecord empowers sales teams to capture intelligence from video calls.
  • Alternative to: Gong,, Trywingman,, Avoma
  • Easy to use dashboard, AI-enabled, accurate transcript, support & integration for the most popular video hosting/calling platforms. 
  • Best for Salespeople, Sales teams, Sales Agents, SMBs, Enterprises, Freelancers, and solopreneurs who make 1:1 sales.

Critical Stats:

  • Forrester’s study found that companies implementing a B2B sales and marketing intelligence solution reported that they realized 35% more leads in their pipeline and 45% higher-quality leads leading to higher revenue and growth.
  • Gartner’s research (2020) previously suggested at least 30% of B2B brands would use AI in some form of sales strategy. 
  • HBR also finds that over eight out of ten surveyed companies see a future in AI blending sales with marketing.
  • Seven out of ten high-performing salespeople expect better intelligence forecasting, while 66 per cent expect improved opportunity insights and better lead prioritization with the help of AI (Source: Oberlo)

Capture and Analyze Every Interaction:

You’re missing critical insights from your online meetings because you can’t easily track or analyze them, affecting your sales conversion.

Without meeting recordings with Automated Intelligence, knowing what’s going on in your meetings is challenging. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

MeetRecord Capture and Analyze Every Interaction and provides the recording.

It analyzes your online meetings to get the insights you need to drive process and behaviour changes that deliver bottom-line impact.

This alone can improve your sales by up to 34%. 


Understand What Drives Performance:

Every organization has top performers. 

But how those top performers operate, think, the pitch was still unknown within the organization. 

MeetRecord helps you to do just the same. 

It will record and analyze how your top performers work within your company. Once you identify that, replicate the same across your entire sales team to improve your conversion across the board. 

This way, you can produce more “winners” within your company.


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Make Better Data-driven Decisions:

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.” – Suhail Doshi, chief executive officer, Mixpanel.

Data will always help you make the right decision. 

When you have the data in front of you, the chances of you making the wrong decision are minimized. 

But when you combine data with your gut, the chances of you right often increase. 

With MeetRecord, you no longer have to guess or use your gut to decide. 

The insights provided by the AI will help you build a better and more productive organization helping you increase your sales by up to 34%. 


Use MeetRecord for retaining your existing customer:

Here is where MeetRecord gets more interesting. 

You can use MeetRecord, not just for sales but also for customer support. When speaking with your customers, let MeetRecord record the call, and analyze it. This will give you deep insights into your existing customers. 

Use that insight to build a better retention strategy. 


Some interesting Use Cases:

  • Sales Acceleration – For CRO/ VP – Find closing opportunities. Find patterns in closed leads. Know which leads are at risk and what is the root-cause analysis for lost lead #Listen to customers’ voices.
  • Sales Coaching – For Sales Manager – Build Calls library from different sources. Find top-performing reps or overworked reps. Maintain up-to-date coaching playlists. Inspire team members in a remote world.
  • Sales Collaboration – For AE/Rep #Sales <> CS <> Product team communication gap. Find how engaged the leads are #Unravel information overload before calls. Self analyze your calls.

Why are businesses choosing MeetRecord over the rest:

  • Made for SMBs
  • Super easy to use
  • It does not require dedicated resources to extract information
  • Easy Track with a beautiful-looking interface. 
  • Very deep insights with AI. 
  • Very affordable as compared to peers. 
  • Works with most of the popular online video calling software.
  • Super friendly founder & support. 

Improve your sales by up to 34% today by using MeetRecord. Do not wait anymore because you lose sales each day by delaying using MeetRecord every day.

Get your lifetime deal license today! You can also peek into my article about how to use MeetRecord that would inform you about improving your sales using MeetRecord.

Plans & Pricing:

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