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MeetRecord: How To Capture Intelligence From Video Calls That Helps Customer-Focused Teams To Implement Them In Live Coaching

MeetRecord is a platform that helps to record, transcribe and capture the information from the Video Meetings and Video Calls that you can send to your sales team for getting better and more useful insights to improve your sales.

Getting more customers and sales is a difficult task but it is even more difficult to maintain them. Sometimes it becomes impossible to meet the customer needs and also you may miss some of the insights from the valuable customers during the meeting.

So, there comes the necessity of an AI or automated platform that helps to record the video calls or to record the meetings for future view and also to get the information and insights from your customers.

MeetRecord is one such platform that helps you to record and grab the intelligence from the video content, meetings and also video calls. It helps to get connected with your customers and you will never miss any leads and their insights. This in turn helps to improve your sales, get more revenue and also to have a better conversation with your customers to get more conversion.

What Is MeetRecord?

Sometimes, in the sales business, you may find it difficult to get good conversions. Finding new customers is a great challenge and maintaining the old ones and retaining the new customer is a much more difficult task. In order to maintain and get good customers, you need to have a channel for interaction and it is even better if you get the recordings of your video calls.

With the help of MeetRecord, you are not only getting your video call recorded, but also you can transcribe, get the customer details and many more and share them with your sales team.


MeetRecord also helps to capture the details from meetings, webinars, interviews, video content, etc through the recordings and it will transcribe them easily. You can watch your insightful video recordings whenever you want. You can also use that information for your real-world coaching and for closing the deals faster.

MeetRecord is a Software that comes with AI-enabled video call recordings that helps to get the reviews from your customers which helps in scaling up your business through customer conversion by reducing the customer churn and increasing the renewals.

You can get actionable and timely feedback and assign courses to improve performance. You can also speed up the onboarding process and be able to analyze all the meetings.

You can give your organization, direct access to all your customer’s voice calls which enables data-driven thinking.

You can even connect your meetings and calls apps like zoom, Google Meet, etc. to MeetRecord and also you track your product features, keyword mentions, etc. you can share part of your recordings securely with your team members.

What Are The Unique Features That MeetRecord Provides?

The unique features of MeetRecord are:

1. Capture and Analyze every Interaction:

With a simple and scalable solution provided by MeetRecord, you are able to record and analyze all your online meetings and create visibility for your customers, drive the process and based on the behavioural change of your customer, deliver the meeting that reaches even your bottom-line customer.

2. Understand What Drives Performance:

With the help of MeetRecord, quickly identify and understand what the top performers are doing differently so that you can share the same knowledge with your team and you can implement the same strategies to grow your business to acquire the customers.

3. Make Better Data-Driven Decisions:

Let your organization have direct access to customers’ voices so that they can imply more data-driven thinking for making your products better. You can easily share the insights and questions with Product, Marketing and C-Suite to reach out to your customer as quick as possible.

4. Build Coaching Library to Organize Meeting Recordings:

By connecting Zoom, Google Meet, etc with MeetRecord, you can sync and analyze all your recordings automatically. You can get the recordings of your meetings and video calls also.

5. Track Product Features, Competitor Mentions, Keyword Mentions:

You can track your keywords, take the reference from your competitors, enhance your product features, and more to quickly close the deal.

6. Share Part of a Recording Securely:

You can securely share the entire recording or choose some topic or time duration of the recording to your sales team and also check the track record of your snippet that has been played or opened.

7. Analyse Engagement Score, Talk-Listen Ratio, Speaking Skills:

You can find some of the important details from the recordings that would help you and your teams to improve and analyze the calls.

8. Track Meeting Performance And Assign Courses:

You can track the scores and performance of individual members or the entire team weekly and create some coaching initiatives to take your organization’s goal in a specified direction.

What Are The Benefits Of Using MeetRecord?

  • You can organize your recordings of all the meetings and video calls easily with MeetRecord.
  • You can share the entire or specific part of the recordings of your meeting, with your sales team or to the customers.
  • You can automatically generate the highlights of your recordings with MeetRecord.
  • You can automatically track the product features, competitor mentions and keyword mentions.
  • You can even analyze the engagement score of your customers, and talk-listen ratio and also improve your speaking skills.
  • You can even track the performance of the meeting and then assign the coaching to your sales team.

What Are The Factors That Make You Choose MeetRecord?

  • It is an easy-to-use platform.
  • You don’t require another person or other tools to capture the information from your meetings.
  • You can easily track your recordings and also the recordings from your competitors and analyze them.
  • You can get better insights from your customers and MeetRecord ensures that no insights have been missed out.
  • You can easily connect it to any of your meeting software or video calling platforms to improve the quality of your meeting and calls.

Who The MeetRecord Will Be Best Suitable For?

MeetRecord will be suitable for:

  • Small and Medium Scale Businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Marketers
  • Sales Team
  • Sales Agents
  • StartUps
  • Single Business Owners, etc who want to make one to one sales.

Knowing About The Statistics of MeetRecord:


What Are The Other Software That MeetRecord Is A Competitor To?

  • Apollo
  • SalesForce
  • OutReach
  • Gong
  • Chorus
  • TryWingMan
  • Avoma
  • Slintel
  • Allego
  • Walnut io

and many more are competitors to MeetRecord.

A Guide On How To Use MeetRecord:

a. For Sales Team To Use MeetRecord For Transcribing, Analyzing and Sharing The Call Snippets:

In order to begin working with MeetRecord, you need to connect it to your Zoom or any meeting or video calling software account.

Log in to Zoom App and then authorize your MeetRecord App. You will be directed to the dashboard screen.


Click on the Recording tab, you will find your meeting recordings listed there. Click on the Transcribe button to get the transcription of your recordings and you can even split them into different sections.

Next comes Notes. Click on the Notes option and you will be able to take private notes from the recording for yourself or to share them with your team or organization.

You can also highlight the key conversation. Click on the MoM( Minutes of Meeting) option and you can share that highlighted recording with any user by selecting the username from the dropdown list or by adding their email details.

Next comes analyzing option. Click on the analyzing tab and you can be able to analyse the important conversation details such as the talk-to-listen ratio, longest video call, longest monologue, and speaker time.


You can share your recording completely or a part of your recording by choosing the options like selecting the topic or by choosing the time duration.

You can add your recording to the playlist to watch it whenever you need it and also you can take some details from that to improve your skills for sales.

2. How To Build Effective Sales Coaching Program With MeetRecord?

MeetRecord helps to gain the knowledge from your recordings of your video calls, meetings or seminars or webinars to implement them in your coaching to close the deals faster.

Log in with your Zoom or any meeting software account and authenticate MeetRecord.

  1. Connect your SDR and Managers by clicking on New User. Give the details, assign a role to them and click on Create.
  2. Create a new team. Enter the Team name and add the members to your team.
  3. Add Keywords or update them to track them in your transcript. You can create keywords using product features, competitor names or simple watchwords.
  4. Create a coaching initiative. It includes a group of skillsets or the points that you want to train your team about. Start by creating a new initiative and then assign it to a team. You can even select your initiatives from the given set of templates or can create a customized one. Launch your initiative.
  5. Once it goes live either you or your managers are able to score the calls of your team members.
  6. The Reps will get a personalized code and can give feedback or comments that you have to focus on. They will also be able to see the top-rated calls to get the information from it.
  7. You can tag your teammates and give comments for individual transcripts.
  8. You can share the full recording or a part of it by creating a snippet of the specific part. You can even add it to your playlist.
  9. Monitor how your individuals or Team are performing week on week, the best preferable will be at least 2 calls per week.

Final Views About MeetRecord:

MeetRecord is a platform that gains intelligence from video calls and meetings to help your sales team to improve sales. It helps your sales leader to identify the behaviour of the top competitor and imply it to your team. You can safely save, manage, and search the video content along with video calls and share it with your team for better performance and get good possible insights to grow your company.

You can accelerate your sales, coach your teams and collaborate your sales with other teams. By using MeetRecord you can improve your sales by up to 34%.

MeetRecord helps you to record and grab the intelligence from the video content, meetings and also video calls. It helps to get connected with your customers and you will never miss any leads and their insights which in turn helps you to improve your sales, get more revenue and also to have a better conversation with your customers to get more conversions.

MeetRecord is a Software that comes with AI-enabled video call recordings that helps to get the reviews from your customers which helps in scaling up your business through customer conversion by reducing the customer churn and increasing the renewals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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