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MarketingCopy: How to Create an Effective Market Copy to Maximize Your Conversion Rate

When you want to upgrade your sales or business, you must have to create content or copy that would be reached by your audience easily. Writing a proper copy or content will be preferable to optimize your business, but at the same time, it will consume your time and money to produce one such effective marketing copy. You don’t have to worry at all, because MarketingCopy serves your purpose.

Most of the content writers or copywriters start to write the content but will get stuck in finding the proper keyword as this is the first word your audience will read after all. It becomes important to use the proper keywords in the proper place that would improve the Quality score.

Market Copy is important to promote or sell your products/services or persuade your readers to take a certain action. But writing proper content takes endless hours of thinking about what words to use and how to make your blog/content/copy to be more compelling to the audience. It also consumes your money to hire someone for the purpose.


MarketingCopy serves you with automated copywriting, content writing, blogs, etc to build your business and brings higher conversions and maximized ROI.

So, first, let us see what Marketing copy is.

Marketing Copy – A way to promote/sell your product/services online

Marketing Copy is content that is written to promote your business online and also persuade your readers to take further action. It also helps in educating your audience and providing the resources and necessary information to create awareness about your business.

The different types of market copy are long-form copy, short-form copy, social media copy, web media content, sales copy, technical copy and public relations copy.

For creating an effective copy, you need to have many elements such as a proper call to action, easy to read sentences and tone, addressing the solutions, maintaining emotional reactions, speaking about the unique branding of your company and its personality, etc.

A proper and compelling marketing copy will become successful when it meets its productivity and ROI goals that can be measured by an increase in website traffic, number of clicks, emails or queries, number of subscribers, social media engagement, and finally conversion rates.

Differences between Copywriting and Content Marketing:

Copywriting helps in convincing the audience to take a specific action, content marketing, on the other hand, concentrates on increasing the number of customers or website traffic and enhancing awareness about your brand.

Copywriting is brief and direct with a clear call to action, whereas content marketing is a bit descriptive and explanatory.

You may use newspaper or television ads, direct mail campaigns, sales emails, banner ads on websites for copywriting and blogs, articles, podcasts, landing pages, educational emails, etc for content marketing.

What is MarketingCopy?

MarketingCopy is a tool that automates and helps you to write your blogs, content, copy, etc in a better way.

It is a perfect tool that assists small scale business owners to create high quality and strong marketing content.

It is powered by incredible artificial intelligence that will produce content based on your data. It helps online businesses and entrepreneurs to create a high converting market copy within a short time and with less effort that speaks to your customer needs, implements your brand voice and drives conversions to your business.

Who is MarketingCopy for?

It is best suitable for SMBs and SMEs, startups, agencies, freelancers and entrepreneurs, small and medium marketing agencies, content writers and copywriters, virtual assistants, etc.

Why Use MarketingCopy?

  • It saves your precious time that is spent on thinking about the words to use while writing an ad copy or a blog. The AI does the work smartly and creates a high converting market copy that maximizes your ROI.
  • It provides you with 70+ built-in tools that help you to generate different types of copy such as digital ads, social media content, blog content, emails, web content and so on.
  • It helps you to generate blogs, stories, etc with a long-form writing assistant. You just need to instruct the AI. It will create unique and convincing blogs, articles, etc within a few minutes.
  • It can translate and create marketing copy in more than 25 languages. You can create your copies and translate them into any language with this powerful AI tool without any grammar mistakes.

Features of MarketingCopy:

The features of MarketingCopy are as follows:

a. AI copywriting assistant:

This will help you to create copy for social media content, digital ads, emails, blog content, etc within minutes, as it provides more than 70 tools to use that range from Facebook ad copy to blog post outlines to create high-quality marketing copy with a super speed.

b. Create blog posts or articles in minutes:

You can generate blogs, stories, content, etc with a long-form writing assistant and instruct AI. You just need to give instructions to AI and get your content for blogs and articles done within a short time.

c. Wide Range of Languages to create and translate your copy:

You can produce your content and translate it to any language if you have clients across any country. You can easily create and translate your copies with a powerful AI language-translation tool without any grammar mistakes. It supports 25+ global languages.

It supports the following input and output languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Bulgarian, Danish, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Arabic, Swedish, Czech, Latvian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Estonian, Greek, Korean.

d. Document Editor:

It helps in organising your long-form content in documents with complete formatting, which allows you to export easily and get it published. The text or document editor provides you with editing all the words and formatting your long form when you want to publish it.

e. Project Organizer:

You can organize your content and projects in documents that can be easily shared with your team members.

What are the Benefits of MarketingCopy:

  • You can create effective copies with lesser time and effort.
  • You can even create long-form or short-form copies within minutes with lesser effort.
  • You can be able to create your blogs within a few minutes.
  • It is easily usable.
  • You can organize your projects/content into a document for easy sharing between the team members.
  • It helps you to create a copy in different writing styles and various tones.
  • It also gives you the provision to write your content in multiple languages and also to translate it.
  • It manages to get rid of writer’s block when you want to write an article or a blog without requiring much editing.

How to use MarketingCopy:

Creating a marketing copy, content, blogs, etc. using MarketingCopy is really fun and is very easy.

First, log into the MarketingCopy account and then get started to create amazing and cool content.

1. How to write a Short Copy Generator using MarketingCopy:

a. Tool Selection to Create a Copy:

MarketingCopy comes with cool features and an intuitive UI that helps you to create a good quality blog within seconds. Click on the tools page, where you can access numerous readily available tools categorized in different sections. You have 70+ tools that help you to create a copy for different categories.

b. Language Settings:

After choosing a tool, you can set your input and output language. MarketingCopy offers you over 25+ input and output languages. You can change your language from the language setting option.

c. Project Selection for Saving Your Copy:

You can see the Project selection option, on the short copy generator page where you can check the project for saving your content.

You also have a project selection list. You can change the currently selected copy, save the copy and view the previous history.

d. Input Section:


Fill in the input section, in order to create your copy. Give the details about your products/services in the input box. To generate a high-quality copy, you need to give detailed descriptions and prompts. It will give more context to the AI model to generate a better copy.

e. Output Section:


After clicking on the Generate AI Content button, you will get more than 10 different variations of the copy being generated by AI depending on the tool. You can edit the copy directly, change or edit your text, save the copy of your choice in your projects, and also you can flag the content if it is inappropriate.

You also have the feedback section at the bottom to tell about the quality of the generated copy.

f. Review, Edit, Copy and Save:


In the output section, you will have four different actions for each copy,

  • to edit the copy generated in the output section.
  • to copy the content and can see the notification on the top of the centre of the screen.
  • to save the output copy.
  • to flag or unflag the content if it is not appropriate.

2. How to Use Document Editor and Long Form Writing Assistant:

a. Select a Document:


Select a document from the Documents page or create a new one by clicking on the ‘+’ button.

b. Document Editor:


It combines a long-form writing assistant with text editing and formatting feature. You can create a copy and content just by giving direct instructions to AI. You can also use a variety of prebuilt instructions offered by the document editor.

You can also make use of 70+ tools offered by MarketingCopy AI that are easily accessible from the document editor. You can edit or format your blog completely by using the powerful document editor.

c. Long-Form Writing Assistant:

It allows you to generate content by directly giving instructions to AI. You can also the number of characters, change the creativity, etc. You just think of it as giving instruction to your assistant and AI will do the work for you.

i. Write it for Me:

This is used for giving instructions and prompts for AI. You can add the Title that you want AI to write about. All the instructions will be listed in the content brief section. Below that, you have the option for character count and creativity for the content. You can increase or decrease the parameters as per your requirement. If you want to have highly creative content, then the parameters have to be set for 4-5 and reduce the parameters if you want lesser creative content. You can generate about 300 characters per every instruction.

ii. Write about this:

With this option, you can select the incomplete paragraph or text and instruct AI to continue writing from the point by using the selected text as the background context. The AI will choose the selected text as context and will continue writing.

This feature is very helpful to complete unfinished content, expand on previously written content, and get more content written by AI.

To use this feature, you have to select the text, that you want AI to use as background context. Once the text is selected, use the shortcuts dropdown button from the toolbar and click on write about this. AI will start writing the content considering the highlighted text as context.

iii. Paraphrase:

You can rewrite or rephrase the text by using this feature. This is accessible from the AI shortcut menu from the inline editor.

iv. Summarise:

With this feature, you can summarise your content. Select the text and use summarise from the shortcut menu.

d. AI Tools:

You can access 70+ tools from the document editor, that can be used to create content for blogs and articles and can also use a text editor for editing and formatting the text and also to prepare the content for publishing.

3. How to Write a Blog using MarketingCopy:

a. Creating a New Document:


Click on the ‘+’ button from the document page if you want to create a new document. You have two options to create your blog using MarketingCopy. You can either use a long-form writing assistant or can use any other tool to generate content for a blog or article.

b. Stuck with Getting an Idea on how to write a Blog?

If you don’t have any idea how to write a blog, no need to worry. MarketingCopy offers you a wide range of different tools that can be used to generate ideas and titles for your blog.

Select the AI tools option from the bottom editor toolbar and search for the blog ideas tool. Search Blog Ideas from the tools, on the right side of your screen.

Enter details about your products/services along with the keywords to generate proper blog ideas. Click on Generate AI Content and you will see some blog ideas being generated. Click on any blog ideas and select and copy the text that you want to use in your blog titles tool. You can also use a long-form writing assistant to create a blog idea and start giving instructions to AI.

c. Generate Blog Titles from Ideas:

MarketingCopy provides you with a Blog Title tool, that allows you to create blog titles using blog ideas created in the previous step.

Select the blog title tool and enter the idea that you want to work with and also mention the details about your products/services.

d. Write an Engaging Intro:

In order to grab your reader’s attention, you need to have a proper introduction to your blog. With the Blog Intro tool, you can have an engaging blog introduction within fewer seconds. Choose the blog intro tool from the tool lists, enter the details about your blog and select the desired output language. After you click on the Generate AI Content, you will find a number of different blog intro’s generated. Select the one which you want and it will be added automatically to the document.

e. Create a Blog Outline:

You can either select a preset tool or use a long-form writing assistant to generate a blog outline.

i. Blog Tool:

This is for writing blog outlines. Enter the selected blog title along with the description of your blog and audience, and the AI will generate the outlines for you.

ii. Blog outlines with Long-Form Writing Assistant:

Write for Me is used for giving direct instructions and prompts to AI. You just simply need to add your title about what you want AI to write. The instructions will be stored in the content brief and below is the option to control the number of characters and the creativity for the output.

You can increase or reduce the parameters as per your choice of creativity. You can generate up to 300 characters for each instruction.

f. Write Individual Section:

Here also you can use the inbuilt tools or a long-form writing assistant.

i. Using Long-form Writing Assistant:

You can give direct instruction to AI in the Write for Me section and tell it to write for a first tip. You can add this first tip/outline in the title field, and select the number of characters and creativity level. Click on Write for Me and the initial content of the paragraph will get created.

If you see the paragraph is incomplete, assist the AI to complete it from where it has left. You can select the incomplete paragraphs and then select Write About This from the AI shortcut dropdown list. AI will finish with writing the paragraph and you can have the completed paragraph for the selected section.

ii. Using Tools to Write Blog Sections and Paragraphs:

You can also use tools to write blogs for individual sections. You can use Bullet Points to Paragraphs tool to write an It section of the blog using the bullet points/outlines created earlier.

g. Writing a Conclusion:

You can use the long-form writing assistant and give a prompt to write a conclusion for the blog post.

4. Saving and Organising Your Blogs:

  • View all your projects on the Project page
  • Create a new project
  • Select projects for saving/viewing content or document.

To Sum Up With:

Writing effective marketing copy is the best way to grow your business. But writing a copy that seizes your user’s attention is riskier and time-consuming. Sometimes, you will not be getting ideas to create a powerful title, effective content for a blog or an article, and also about keywords. So, you need a perfect AI tool that helps you in generating creative blogs within lesser time.

You can use MarketingCopy which comes with multiple AI tools to help you not only in writing effective and user-friendly blogs but also with generating blog ideas, and outlines for the blogs and also help you with completing your unfinished blogs.

MarketingCopy also helps you to write blogs in any language or can translate them into any other language.

The tools are easy to use and help you with writing a more comprehensive marketing copy within seconds. All you need is just login into your account, select your tool and give the specific instructions to AI, and it will take care rest of the thing.

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