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Laganoo PPC Advertising: A Way To Increase Your ROI And CTR Easily


Laganoo PPC Advertising or pay-per-click advertising will help you optimize your business by creating eye-catching advertisements that will increase your ROI and CTR rates.

You might have heard many times in your business about pay-per-click advertising, and might be wondering how it will help you in scaling up your business. Right?

Pay-per-click advertising will help in increasing your revenue, improve your ROI and CTR and also optimize your website traffic.

Now let us dive deep to know more about Laganoo PPC Advertising, how it will help you, what is pay per click advertising is, and its benefits.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?


Pay-per-click is an online advertising model in which the advertiser will pay the publisher whenever an advertisement link is clicked. It is also sometimes known as the cost-per-click model. Pay-per-click advertising is primarily offered by search engines (ex: Google), and Social networks (such as FaceBook). Google Ads, FaceBook Ads, and Twitter Ads are the most popular platforms for Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Especially you will be paying for targeted visits to your website, your landing page, or your app. When Pay-per-clicks work properly, the fee is negligible as the click is worth more than what you pay for it. Ex: If you pay like $5 for a click, but the click results in around $300 in sales, then you will be in more profit.

You can create Ads of different types and sizes, and they may be of text, images, videos, or a combination of any form. You can publish them on search engines, social media platforms, or wherever you want.

Search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC advertising. Here an advertiser can bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone makes a search related to their business. Ex: if you bid on the keyword “Google Ads Audit” your ad for Free Google Ads Performance Grader may appear on SERP for that search.

What Is Laganoo PPC Advertising?

Laganoo PPC Advertising is a business model that makes your business goals possible with paid Ads. You can outstand in your business competition by reaching out to more customers. Laganoo PPC Advertising will also help you in targeting your qualified audience.

How Does Laganoo PPC Benefits You?

a. Cost-Effective Ads:

laganoo-ppc-cost-effective ads

Laganoo PPC Advertising will help you to create your ads easily and you just have to pay only when someone clicks on your Ads. Thus you can make your Ads cost-effective.

b. Fast Campaign Results:

Campaigns are very important in digital marketing systems. Your customers will get influenced by your campaigns and they will start purchasing more and more and also recommend your products or brands to others. Laganoo will help you in creating such campaigns that would reach out to your customer quickly. With Laganoo PPC Advertising you will see increased traffic to your website within the first week itself.

c. Transparent Reporting:

You will be getting your reports about everything either daily, weekly, or monthly depending upon your requirements.

How Does Laganoo PPC Advertising Help You With Strong Return On Investments?

Laganoo PPC Advertising drives you to get more return on investments. Let us see how.

a. Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the main element in SEO. In search engines, online ads will appear only when someone searches a keyword related to the product or service being advertised. Because of this the companies that rely on pay-per-click advertising models research and analyze the keywords most appropriate for their products and services. Investing in relevant keywords will result in a higher number of clicks and eventually larger profits. Laganoo’s PPC Advertising model will create such keywords that are more reliable for your products or services and helps in getting more ROI to your website.

b. Advertising On Google, Bing, Or Yahoo:

By publishing your products/services on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing through advertisements, you will be able to get more reach and can rank higher in search engines. Your ads will be searched by more people and you can improve your revenue and return on investment. Through Laganoo PPC Advertising, you can create your posts easily and publish them on various search engines easily without investing lots of money.

c. Targeting Audience:

You can generate more revenue or more return on investment by targeting more audiences to your site. Create campaigns, posts, content, and ads to reach more customers.

d. Tracking And Analytics:

It is important to track your website progress and also your analytics so that you can improve your website performance. You can manage your analytics and improve your ROI.

e. Ad Management:

To improve your revenue, not only creating eye-catching ads is important, but also you need to manage those Ads. You need to check whether your Ads are getting displayed properly, whether it is reachable to all your potential customers, or whether is it being clicked by visitors. If your ad is not making up to meet your goal, you can always update your campaigns or Ads at any time. You can modify your Ads to attract more and more people. Through Laganoo you can quickly and easily manage your Ads at any time.

f. Review And Reporting:

You can get proper reviews about your ads whenever you want. Reviews will help in improving your brand or products.

Get clear and transparent reporting about your products daily, weekly or monthly. You can update your reporting and improve your ROI.

How To Work With Laganoo PPC Advertising?

  1. Sign up for the Laganoo PPC advertising account.
  2. Create Ads and select the right targeting by choosing the specific keywords and audiences.
  3. Set the maximum cost that you are willing to pay for each click.
  4. Your ads will go into the auction with other advertisers who bids on the same keyword.
  5. This auction will determine the order in which the ads are shown.
  6. You can pay when someone clicks on your ads.

Why Use Laganoo Pay-Per-Click Advertsing?

If you want to choose PPC as a marketing channel for your business, here are the reasons why you should choose the Laganoo PPC Advertising model.

a. You Can Start Receiving Clicks Very Quickly:

After setting up your Ad account and creating an Ad, it has to be approved by the platform, which may take no more than a couple of hours.

Once your Ads become live, you will be eligible for auction and if your bid is high enough, you may start appearing and receiving clicks very quickly.

Compared to SEO, PPC will allow you to see the returns quickly and that’s why it has become a popular strategy for marketers.

b. It Can Be Easily Measured And Tracked:

One of the main benefits of Laganoo PPC Advertising over other traditional advertising channels is that they can be easily measurable and you can track the results from the platform.

All famous platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, FaceBook Ads, or Twitter Ads will allow you to track the conversion rates, including order and lead values. They will also help you to see, at a granular level, the ROI of the overall account and also specific ad groups and keywords too.

It means you are able to use data and insights to effectively refine the efficiency and performance of a campaign over a period of time to increase your ROI.

c. You May Be In Total Control Of Your Ads Like When Run Your Ads And How Much To Pay Per Ad:

Are you willing to pause your advertising due to your busy schedule? Do you want to run ads when you need to generate fresh leads?

Laganoo PPC Advertising is the best channel to do this. You will be in full control when your ads run including the day and week, and you can even turn on and off your ads as per your wish. This sounds amazing, right?

You also have control over how much you want to spend each day or month and how much you want to pay per click. Other channels will not be giving you this freedom to manage your channel cost and budget so easily.

d. You Can Target Your Customers Perfectly:

Laganoo PPC Advertising will allow you to target your exact customer based on your data, and also allow you to adjust bids based on devices used, time and location.

If you know your customer well and how they search, you can use these insights to reduce wasted spending on advertisements.

e. Use From Multiple Ad Formats Available:

Are you running any e-Commerce stores? You can use shopping Ads to display your products on the SERP in the first position.

If you want to convert cart abandoners into conversions? Use display remarketing to serve an offer to encourage the desired action.

Laganoo PPC Advertising encompasses a whole range of different Ad Formats, and these can be used to drive success for specific businesses and use scenarios.

Final Views:

Businesses will get profited from Ads and pay-per-click advertising enables you to optimize your ROI and conversion rates easily. An advertiser will pay the publisher whenever an Ad is clicked.

You will be paying for targeted visits to your website, landing page or App. But when PPC works out properly, the fee you are paying will become negligible as clicks or sales become more valuable than what you pay for.

With Laganoo PPC, you can increase your website traffic and also your conversions. You will be getting stronger returns on investment.

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