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Laganoo Payment Solutions: Connect With Your Customers Globally With Better Payment Solutions

Laganoo Payment Solutions allows your clients to break market barriers and helps to reach your customers wherever they are, in any market, in any currency, at any time without any tensions about high bank commissions and geographic restrictions.


You are willing to connect to global customers and want to sell your products and services even away from your location. But, you are not getting how to sell them or are worried about how they will be going to pay you, or by what means they will be able to purchase your services/products. Right?

You don’t have to be stressed about any of these problems. With Laganoo Payment Solutions you would be able to sell your products or services anywhere in the world and can easily get paid through electronic payment methods. Your customers can pay you from wherever they are and in whatever currency you want.

Now, let us dive deep into Laganoo Payment Solutions.

Laganoo Payment Solutions: A Way To Connect Your Global Audience:


The online world is a space of countless possibilities. As it provides more benefits, lots of people started realizing the importance of having a website or an online store. This is a great way for businesses and individuals to have their online presence and greater visibility on a global level.

With the expansion of the online market, there is a great need for secured online payments. In addition, online payment methods have to be simple and easy to use for all customers. If the payment process is complicated, there are chances of losing your potential customers, as they may get discouraged and also will abandon the purchase.

An online store must have various payment options and also should be adapted to the needs of customers of various profiles. With the gradual change in business habits and trends, customer habits have also changed. Customers would like to have a variety of choices in all spheres of shopping and are also applicable to even payment options and possibilities.

If your business fails to provide it, the customer would likely go to your competitor who may have what you don’t. Your offer has to be in line with the demand so that your business should not give a feeling of disinterest to your potential customers. Also, you must be ready to respond to the competition of the market with the best offer and best options on the website.

Laganoo Payment Solutions allow you to reach your global audiences efficiently and you can have payment on a worldwide scale with minimum fees and individual integration.

You can integrate an electric payment option directly into your websites, e-Commerce sites, or digital stores. It maximizes your benefits due to the higher flexibility of payment solutions and the secure collection of payment data.

It also ensures that website visitors can have a seamless experience without compromising data security and without worrying about encryption. Laganoo Payment Solutions also provides clients with the optimal channel to convert site visitors into customers.

The Laganoo Electronic Payment Option is available in 45+ countries and 135+ currencies.

Why Choose Laganoo Payment Solutions?

Laganoo Payment Solutions is for each and every business type as there are no start-up costs, no maintenance costs, no long-term contracts, no paperwork, no hidden charges and monthly fees. The global processing rate is just 2.99%.

Benefits Of Laganoo Payment Solutions:


a. To The Customers:

It allows the customer to choose the payment option that suits him. If you provide more payment options for your customers then there are more possibilities to choose the preferred online shopping method. By providing a wide selection, your business can meet the needs of a large number of customers. The fulfilled expectations of customers on your website will influence a better user experience. A positive experience symbolises a satisfied user.

1. Accessibility:

Customers who use online payment methods will know the fact that different providers offer different tariff plans for their services. Customers may often choose the suitable payment method precisely in relation to the prices of the services. The customer may abandon the purchase if the online store doesn’t offer him the option for payment that he generally uses. On the other hand, there will be higher chances of payment if he can pay it with the most preferable option.

2. Payment Security:

People still distrust the security of online payment. Even customers who already have experience in this field will trust only certain providers and many of them prefer to purchase a product online but will choose to pay by cash on delivery. In this way, the customer can pay only after making sure that the delivered product is the exact product that he ordered.

b. To Your Business:

Laganoo Payment Solutions helps businesses to improve their connection with their customers. It also maximizes your conversion rates and you may have fewer products in your abandoned cart.

1. Higher Conversion Rates:

Conversion on your site will represent the percentage of visitors who brought a specific product or service. With the increase in your conversion rate, you will be having a better increase in your business sales. One of the proven methods to maximize the conversion rate is to integrate various payment options. These options will attract a huge number of your potential customers and have a positive impact on business development.

2. Fewer Products In Abandoned Carts:

When the purchase through your website is according to the choice of the customers, they will make a purchase easily and quickly. An additional benefit will be that your customers need not have to go for additional steps registering for a new payment method. If the purchasing process becomes complicated, the customer will cancel the order and leave the unpaid product in the cart itself. 

3. Increased Customer Loyalty:

The main reason for your visitor to return to your site is a positive user experience. You can contribute a positive experience of your website to your customers by enabling various payment options.

What Sets Laganoo Online Payment Apart From Other Online Payment Methods? 

Laganoo Payment Solutions offers various online payment solutions:

  • No implementation and monthly subscription fees
  • It is secured one 
  • No need for contracts
  • No extensive paperwork
  • The fastest and easiest receipt and management of online payments

Payment options from Laganoo are available in more than 45 countries and 145 currencies. Online payments can be managed easily from wherever you are and no need to visit the bank and stand in a long queue for any updates. The service implementation to your website for payment will only take a day or so.

Whether you own a beauty salon, or a doctor’s office, or sell products in a physical store, you can easily integrate Laganoo Online Payment Solutions with your POS and CRM. 

The Various Types Of Payment Methods:

a. Online Payment Methods:

Laganoo Payment Gateway offers you fully integrated online payments, that are end-to-end encrypted, tokenization of payments, recurring billing, virtual terminal and also quality API.

1. Manage Payments On The Online Portal Anytime And Anywhere:

You can manage your payment portal at any time and anywhere irrespective of your location. It simplifies the collection of electronic payments with easy-to-use gateways.

2. Be Your Own Boss With Having Tools For Online Success:

By having the advanced payment gateway, you can securely launch your virtual business and get paid faster. You can also create instant online invoicing, recurring billing, mobile apps, custom integration, and a quality API.

b. Mobile Payments:

By integrating online payment methods into your mobile, you can accept, track, and manage payments on the go with seamless mobile payment processing.

1. Keep Your Business Mobile Wherever You Go:

Whether you are taking any personal calls or selling any products at the farmer’s market, Laganoo will offer processing tools for readers, mobile apps and business payments at your fingertips.

c. In-Store Payments:

With Laganoo Payment Solutions, you can have safe and secure, affordable and simple in-store payment solutions, whether you offer services at a beauty salon, or doctor’s shop, or sell products at a traditional retail location.

You can easily integrate the payment options with existing POS or CRM.

Final Thoughts:


During the last few years, we are noticing a change in the accelerated growth of online sales as well as payments. This may be due to various factors. The coronavirus pandemic made more and more companies move their businesses online.

In addition, many customers are seeing the convenience of saving time and money by buying from the internet. Many entrepreneurs who launch their online stores will also look for the best online payment solutions for their businesses.

This is a great way to provide adequate payment options to your customers and they can stop spending unnecessary amounts on commissions and subscription fees.

Online selling will give a better and larger market to your products or services and it inevitably leads to an increase in your sales. You can also improve your revenue by choosing the proper payment methods for your business. You can save money by paying lesser fees and avoiding extra costs.

Many inexperienced entrepreneurs rush to banks for setting up their online payments based on their plans and services. But banks will charge higher commissions for each online transaction and also charge extra for their services.

Laganoo offers you an advanced payment system. Laganoo Payment Solutions will provide you with online payment options which are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. It gives you all the benefits of online payments at the most favourable amount.

With its additional features, Laganoo payment will also offer you advanced payment methods, developer tools, reporting, marketplace, and also subscription tools. All this comes with fair-price commissions and absolutely free implementation of online payments on your websites. It not only helps you to save your money but also you need not have to wait in lines at the bank and also no need to pay any additional or hidden fees.

You can implement Laganoo Online Payment within no time and you also don’t need any extra paperwork. By integrating a full-scale online payment solution for your website you will be ensured of a superior customer experience and easy management of your online payments.

This is all about Laganoo Payment Solutions. You can also go through the web story created on this article by clicking here.

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