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Laganoo Omnichannel: How To Sell Your Products Quickly And Effectively On Various Platforms

Laganoo omnichannel is a platform that will help you sell your products in different channels simultaneously. It allows you to create your online store as per your likes.

Changes in the world have brought many changes to the meaning of business and covid has changed the way of shopping. Many customers tend now to buy the products rather than purchasing them physically.

With the advent of technology and the influence of social media, people are using several marketing channels such as social media ads, google shopping ads and online marketplaces.


Laganoo is one such platform that offers omnichannel selling for your products. In recent years omnichannel selling has been evolving rapidly. It is becoming a more effective and far-reaching marketing strategy in business for people who would like to improve their customer satisfaction and thereby improve business growth.

But first, let us know what omnichannel selling means.

What Is Omnichannel Selling?


Omnichannel selling is a marketing strategy that gives your customer the same experience as your online store over different channels, such as social media, marketplaces, etc.

Omnichannel selling also offers a more synchronized retail experience as it provides the customer with a consistent marketing strategy at the same time. Omnichannel will give a better customer experience, greater reach, and better data collection opportunities.

What Are The Benefits Of Laganoo OmniChannel?

According to a report, about 74% of retailers have either started or implemented an omnichannel strategy and many are thinking of implementing it. Let us find out why Laganoo Omnichannel Sell is becoming more famous nowadays.

1. It Gives Better Customer Experience:

According to reports, 9 out of 10 customers are looking out for an omnichannel retail experience along with seamless services between communication methods such as social media ads, email newsletters, mobile push notifications, chatbot conversations, or face-to-face chats with your store.

Laganoo Omnichannel offers a better customer experience. It breaks the wall between the consumer and the company and acts as a bridge to connect the consumer with the company.

2. It Increases Your Sales And Traffic:

Making your sales strategy ready for omnichannel is never too easy. It consumes lots of your time and money. But Laganoo Omnichannel will help you to save time and makes more sales.

Customers would like to buy more and more from an omnichannel platform than from a single channel. Customers who use omnichannel will spend 9% more in the store than single-channel customers.

3. It Offers Boosted Customer Loyalty:

Omnichannel customers will spend more and are more loyal to your brand. Around 23% of the customers would log on to Laganoo Omnichannel for repeated shopping trips to your retail store.

There are also chances that they would more likely to recommend your brands to family and friends. It also helps in focusing on customer loyalty.

4. Better Data Collection:

Retailers who can track their customers over different channels can serve their consumers with a better and more personalized experience. Laganoo omnichannel will allow you to gain insights about how to create better content to attract your people and also encourages customers to shop more both in online and physical stores.

How To Sell Your Products Using the Laganoo Omnichannel Platform?

Selling your products has now become easy as Laganoo brings you an omnichannel platform through which you can sell your products at the same time on big shopping platforms like Amazon, Google, and eBay, or social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc all through the single and unified storefront.

a. Sell On Amazon:


Just integrate your Laganoo online store with Amazon and link your website to Amazon to start selling with Amazon.

When you think about shopping for products online, the first name that hits your mind is Amazon. Right? Amazon has become the topmost online-selling platform for many days.

Integration with Amazon allows both small and medium businesses to position themselves on a platform which has a larger number of visits. Connect your online store to Amazon and start selling and making more sales with repeat customers.

b. Sell On eBay:


eBay is one of the biggest platforms for selling products across the world. It also makes your products visible to all global customers.

With eBay, your products will be sold in more than 190 markets around the world.

Integrate your store with eBay and start selling your products on the world’s top-class selling platform.

c. Sell On WhatsApp:


WhatsApp is the biggest platform that connects more people and you can reach as high as billions of customers.

If you want to cover all sales channels and make your products spread as widely as possible on the market, then go for selling your products through WhatsApp.

Connecting your Laganoo with WhatsApp will enable you to reach many people who use this app daily. With the help of ads and promotional messages, you can direct your contact list to your website, and you can inform new customers about your business wherever you are.

d. Sell On Google:


You can gain more customers and sell more by using Google tools. Google will provide you with tools to improve your online business such as Google Ads and Google shopping, free of cost.

Google Surface will make your business visible to most people and also your products will be more accessible.

Even Instagram users can search for brands and make a purchase so that your customers can notice your brand and you can sell more efficiently. Integrate your Laganoo store with Google and trade effectively.

e. Sell On FaceBook:


You can create your own FaceBook Store and watch new business possibilities.

When you connect your Laganoo Omnichannel store to your FaceBook, you will be getting more benefits and also it allows you to advertise your products on the FaceBook store.

As FaceBook has millions of users, there will be chances of your brands or your store being neglected. But through the Laganoo Omnichannel store linked with FaceBook, managing your business will be easy and simple.

In addition to selling your products on social media, you can advertise your products in FaceBook stores and setting up Pixel, opens up new possibilities and opportunities in your business like tracking your conversion rate, optimizing your online store, and retargeting your store.

f. Sell On Instagram:


You can create Instagram posts for selling your products through Instagram. By selling through Instagram you would reach a maximum number of audiences and more potential buyers.

By integrating your Instagram and Laganoo Omnichannel store, you can be able to sell your products more effectively. You can post all your products along with their prices and let your users easily navigate your products and access the required info about the same before making any purchase. Around 60% of people would find out about a company or product through Instagram and 80% of users will search for their jobs through Instagram.

This is the best platform for your users to search for your products and make a purchase, and your brand can become noticeable, resulting in larger sales.

You can even manage and have good control over your Instagram store

g. Sell On TikTok:


Use TikTok to have more fun and also you can sell your products. TikTok has become the latest social commerce platform. As it is becoming more popular among many social networks, you can broadcast and sell your products on this platform by integrating it with Laganoo Omnichannel.

You can tag your products on TikTok videos. You can also have fun using TikTok, and make profits by selling your products simultaneously. It is especially suitable for small and medium-scale business people and also helps businesses to develop brand awareness and also to attract new customers.

Final Views:


Laganoo Omnichannel platform will make your business reach new heights because it gives you the opportunity to sell your products on the biggest shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Google, and also on any social media networks like FaceBook, Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp at the same time.

You can even update and manage your online and physical store from wherever you are. The biggest benefit of using Laganoo Omnichannel is that you can easily reach out to a larger audience and make more sales and increase your conversion rate.

Nowadays, omnichannel selling has been evolving rapidly. It is becoming a more popular and far-reaching marketing strategy in business for the one who would like to improve customer satisfaction and thereby improve business growth.

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