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Laganoo Email Marketing: The Easiest Way To Reach Out To Your Customers

The most reliable and popular way to connect with your customer is through emails. Laganoo Email Marketing is one of the easiest ways to do so by creating more visibility, reaching a greater number of potential customers, and also getting higher returns.


Email marketing brings bigger profits with lesser investments. Almost every day, you will be getting your inbox filled with advertising emails and most of the time you don’t even bother to open them. You feel it will be annoying a bit, right? But there are some emails which grab your attention, and you would like to open them even though they are from unknown persons.

The main goal of email marketing is to get potential customers who will be interested in your offers by sending them emails that may be of sales, informational, or just welcome or congratulatory emails. The end result of such email marketing is making more sales.

Now let’s see in detail, what is Laganoo Email Marketing, how it helps to build your business, its benefits and more.

What Is Laganoo Email Marketing?

Laganoo Email Marketing is the platform to send emails to all your potential customers, managing, and updating your emails. It is one of the best digital and e-commerce marketing services for your online businesses.


As much as 91% of internet users will be checking their email at least once a day and it is a morning routine for many people. With Laganoo Email Marketing you can create successful marketing strategies that would be focused on building trust and offering value.

Studies have shown that email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels, even better than social media. The Laganoo Email Marketing team will help you with creating and implementing successful email marketing campaigns for your business.

How Does Laganoo Email Marketing Benefits You?

1. Great Returns On Investments:

Laganoo Email Marketing is the most effective marketing channel for your business as it allows you to get more returns on investments.

2. Easy To Measure:

It allows you to track open rates, click-throughs, and conversion rates.

3. Reach Engaged Audiences:

You can easily target your customers who are already interested in your brands.

How Does Laganoo Email Marketing Help You To Optimize Your Business?

It provides you with email marketing campaigns that are planned to deliver unique marketing messages.

a. Content Creation:

Creating suitable content may be a bit difficult and maybe a bit time-consuming. But with Laganoo Email Marketing you can easily create your email content. If you find it difficult to create email content, no need to worry. The Laganoo team will help you by creating content that will be suitable for your business.

b. Content Layout:

It is not only important to create suitable email content but is equally important to create a proper layout for your content and to design it properly so that it can appeal to your customers effectively. The Laganoo team will provide you with a suitable design layout for your email content.

c. Content Templates:

Laganoo will help you to design your email content templates that can be used whenever you want.

d. Content Distribution:

If you have contact lists of all your customers ready in your database, then it would be easier to send email content to every customer. Laganoo Email Marketing will allow you to send specific emails to specific clients through your contact database.

e. Content Analytics:

You will be able to get reports and analytics about the effectiveness of your business through email marketing campaigns.

Amazing Statistics About Email Marketing:

  1. 59% of marketers say that emailing is the better source of ROI.
  2. 73% of marketing managers believe that ROI through email marketing is considered to be Good or Excellent.
  3. It has been noted that email is 40X more effective in getting more customers even more than social media.

How To Use Laganoo Email Marketing For Improving Your Business:

Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other marketing strategies. It gives you a wide reach and a high conversion rate at an affordable price. There are 5 different types of emails you need to send in order to improve your business.

a. Welcome Email:

A welcome email is the greatest way to create a great first impression on your customers and subscribers and to start a relationship with them.

The welcome email has to be simple and should be easily readable. When a new member enters your list, make them feel warm and invite them by using a conversational tone.

Give your new subscriber some perks like a free gift, some discount, or any other prizes.

Increase their interest in your products or services by telling them how to use them. Offer them necessary links such as links to advice, training, user group, surveys, and customer service.

b. Email Newsletter:

Sending regular newsletters to your subscribers is the best way to keep them updated with the latest events, news and promotions. It is the greatest way to keep your customer engaged with your website.

Creating content for email marketing campaigns may be challenging, so use the templates that are readily available. Create your newsletters to draw attention to your latest blogs, new features, or new products and services.

Publish your newsletter on a regular basis, so that your subscribers can expect and look forward to the updates. Have a calendar for scheduling the updates of the content. People just skim and scan the emails, so include proper headings which makes them easier to find the relevant content. Let your content include various media like videos, images, screenshots, walkthroughs and more.

c. New Product Announcement:

Your existing customers can be a great means to drive new revenue and keep them informed whenever you have new products and services. As they have already shown interest in your offers, and are loyal to your products, they will help you out spreading your business through the word of mouth or through social media.

In order to increase sales and revenue through email marketing, drive people to a specific page on your website that shows new product arrivals and provides them with an easy path to purchase. You can use a call to action to buy or subscribe.

Attract your customers with compelling images, screenshots or videos to make them want to see the full description.

New customers will get interested in your products through testimonials. Let your user give their feedback, reviews, photos, and quotes. Highlight the best quotes that you can find, including awesome images and create your email in an energetic tone. You can also provide links to other guides, information, testimonials, and case studies.

d. Survey Email:

Surveys help you to collect valuable information that can be used to improve your product and customer experience. Make sure you create a survey before launching your products and services that will give the details you are looking for and also give incentives for their responses.

Incentives may be in the form of discounts on a future purchase, a code for free shipping, or entry to a contest.

Make sure your email also contains clickable links or buttons that lead to the survey. Get Feedback offers surveys that allow anyone to create engaging surveys on mobile devices.

tell your customer why you need this information and your customers will be more likely to help you when they understand your purpose. You can ask yourself how to attract customers with different types of email marketing.

Listed below are the three types of simple strategies that you can start implementing in your email marketing today.

e. Attract The Right Audience:

To get the most out of your list, you need to build an audience that needs your products and services. You can achieve this by creating an appropriate customer profile and a strategy that targets a specific audience, ensuring you create the exact type of email that they need.

Research shows that all types of emails can generate more revenue. Segmented and personalized emails are the ones that will help you generate more income. That’s why the personalization of your emails is the most important part of Laganoo Email Marketing. By using personalization in all the various types of emails that you send to your user list. you can increase engagement and conversion.

Data-driven offers are more relevant to your customers and by providing them with the right information, you can make an offer to your subscribers they can’t refuse.

Final Views:

Email marketing is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to connect with your audience. Your email is your personal space and no one can open your email even after knowing your credentials. Because of this many marketers rely upon email marketing to improve their revenue and also to connect with their customers.


Laganoo Email Marketing will help you with creating, designing, and delivering the appropriate emails to specific users. You can create your email content strategically to grab the audience and keep them engaged.

Laganoo Email Marketing is also one of the best ways to increase your revenue and also to optimize your business.

Click here to go to the web story about Laganoo Email Marketing.

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