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Laganoo Branding: How To Create Branding For Your Products Efficiently

You might have come across words like branded dresses, branded shoes, branded cosmetics, branded watches, and so on. But what does a brand mean? How do some products stand unique in the market, what makes them the top-rated products? Laganoo Branding will make it easier for you to create branding for your products and your company.


Personal branding would help in increasing the visibility of an entrepreneur, giving possible services in the best possible way and making it reachable to everyone and everywhere. A personal brand is a simple way for your potential customers and your business partners to know who you are and what your brand is all about.

Now let us see in detail what is meant by branding.

What Is Branding?


Branding is marketing yourself as a unique individual. When you are running a business, branding plays an important role. It helps to know the people about who you are and what your products are. Products may be online or physical but branding helps to make your products unique.

According to Digital Marketing Blog, personal branding is the art of developing a brand to market people and their careers. Standing out among others is the main principle behind personal branding. Branding also empowers you to build authority and incredibility along with name recognition.

The development of your platform will scale up with the work you do and as the amount of your project work grows you will be able to grow your platform.

How Does Branding work?

As your brand grows, you would likely get more visibility and you will attract more and more customers. Personal branding will help to put your name into the world and allows your potential customer to get to know you and your work before they reach you.

What Are The Benefits Of Laganoo Branding?

a. It Helps To Elevate Your Brand:


Branding of your company involves a set of values, a vision, a way of promotion and presentation as well as characteristics that the market associates with your company.

Laganoo Branding will help you to develop your company’s visual identity and website design to your branding elements such as logos and other branding assets and can design your brands that will be loved by your customers.

b. To Create A Most Impressive Logos:


Your Logo will be your company’s main face. It is very essential to find the perfect fitting logo for your company and is a very important process as logo creation takes a careful selection of elements, symbols, and aesthetics, that have to go with your company’s needs and reflects its values. A successfully created logo will help the customers to differentiate your products from other brands. It will be functional, memorable, and always recognizable.

Laganoo Branding will help you to create amazing and impressive logos for your company and also to make your brands stand out in the market.

c. To Create Unique And Customized Packaging:


It is a famous quote – “A Book Is Judged By Its Cover.”

Because of this when you are selling your physical products, packaging plays a lead role. It is very important to provide good packaging for your products as it attracts the attention of your potential customers.

Laganoo Branding will help in packaging your products that will give value to your brand, and you can also get help from the Laganoo experts through the complete package design and also how to present it.

d. To Present Your Brand To The World:

It is not only essential to have a good branding design, a proper website, create a unique logo, and good packaging to sell your products, but it is also important how you present your products, which will make a big change in selling your products.

Laganoo Branding will help you with the presentation of your products to the world in a more appealing way so that it can increase more number of customers to buy your products again and again.

Once the branding is created, the customers will be attracted to your products or services and can even refer your brand to others.

How To Create A Brand Using Laganoo Branding?

A brand is not only about a recognizable name and logo that would make you stand out in the industry. “Your brand is how people perceive you wherever they interact with your business- both the impressions that you can control and also the ones that you can’t.”

All businesses have their own identity, like names, products, logos, colours, fonts, voices, and reputations that you need to manage like who they are and how they are perceived in the industry.

It is important to have consistency and maintain consistency while building a brand and even when you extend the brand to every part of your business.

Now let us see how to build the brand using Laganoo Branding.

You need to follow these 7 essential steps before you want to brand your products or websites.

  1. It is important to understand better about your target audience and also it is equally important to know your competitors.
  2. You also need to know your aim and personality.
  3. You need to choose a suitable name for your business.
  4. You need to have a slogan for your business.
  5. You need to have a proper font and colour for your brand.
  6. You have to create a better design for your logo.
  7. Apply your branding across your business and evolve it as you grow.

Sometimes you might have to revisit some of the steps as you modify or expand your brand and it is essential to consider each aspect as you shape up your business and improve your brand identity.

1. Design A Website That Matches Your Brand:


When you think of owning a business, it is essential to have a proper website and proper branding. Creating a suitable website will be easier with Laganoo Branding. Here is the way how to get started with building your Laganoo Website.

Log into your Laganoo portal and click on the overview tab and in that click on Website. Click on the design selection. You will be getting a page where you can choose the website element that you would like to edit.

To design the website click on any of the three options: Edit Site, Edit Site Appearance, or Edit Site Content.

Whichever option you choose, they all will take you to a menu, where you can adjust each of the items separately.

Then, you can select an appropriate layout, colour, and font for your entire website. You can edit everything including the cover and header, product features, and location of your business.

Now by clicking on any of the blocks in this menu, you can choose whether you want to customize the design or the text content.

You can add or delete any elements that will lead to specific pages on your site. You can even change the titles, subtitles, and CTA buttons for your website.

2. Define Your Brand’s Focus And Personality:

When you are new to the market, your brand cannot be everything to everyone. Finding your focus is very important while creating a brand and letting your customer know about your brand as you develop. You need to know the following.

  • a. What is your positioning statement?
  • b. What words you can associate with your brand?
  • c. What metaphors or concepts describe your brand?

Laganoo Branding will help you to know what you need to focus on and improves the personality of your branding.

3. Choose A Business Name:

Depending on the business you want to start, you can name your brand, but a brand is more than just a name. The personality, actions, and reputations of your brand are the main things that really matter and give meaning to your brand in the market.

You might be looking for a name that is hard to imitate and even harder to confuse the existing players in the market. Right? Then, consider keeping your business name broad so that it is easier to get recognized than choosing a brand name based on your product category.

You can follow these options to select your brand name:

  • Make up a word ex: Pepsi
  • Reframe any unrelated words ex: Apple for computers
  • Use a suggestive word or metaphor ex: Buffer
  • Describe it literally ex: Pizza Hut
  • Alter a word by adding or removing letters or using Latin endings ex: Tumblr(Tumbler), Quickr(Quicker), or Activia, Dribbble(Dribble).
  • Use initials for longer names ex: HBO (Home Box Office)
  • Combine two words ex: Pinterest(Pin+Interest), YouTube(You+Tube)
  • Use acronyms ex: BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke)

Your brand name may also affect the domain name or URL of your website, so be sure to get what’s available before you purchase your domain name.

Laganoo Branding will help you to get the proper branding name for your business.

4. Pick The Font And Colour For Your Brand:

After selecting a suitable name for your brand, it is important to think about how you want to visually represent your brand to the world, namely colours and typography. It will also help in creating a proper website. With Laganoo Branding you can easily choose the appearance of your brand and also your website.

a. Choosing Your Colours:

Colours have a huge impact on a person’s mood. Colours will define the look of your brand and also convey what you want to communicate and helps to maintain the consistency and uniqueness of your brand throughout. It also helps you to differentiate yourself from other competitors. It also helps to inform the choices you make, when it comes to the colour of your logo.

The following infographic offers an overview of the emotions and associations that different colours will evoke.


It is essential to notice how legible white and black text is over your selected colour palette, or how coloured text will look on your black and white background.

Typography is also a part of the brand. In addition to colours, typography will also strongly influence one’s mind and also their perception of your brand. It varies greatly between sports, children or luxury brands if you take for example.

If you want to get inspired on how to determine the appropriate typography, you can select the brands that are working on the same business as yours.

b. Choosing Your Fonts:

It is equally important to look at fonts that you would like to use on your website. Use two fonts to avoid unnecessarily confusing your visitors. One for the headings and one for the body of the text.

Here is the way how you can change your fonts. You need to match all the text content on your Laganoo website or Laganoo store.


Go to Homepage and click on Website and in that go for design. Then click on the Edit Site Content option. Then on the left menu, you can adjust and change fonts. When you want to change the colour of your fonts, click on the block you want to edit, for ex: Cover – Design – Title. Then from the drop-down menu, you can customize the dimensions, font type and font style. Then click and save. and publish when you are done with editing.

5. Write A Slogan:

Having a catchy slogan for your brand is always advisable -something brief and descriptive that you can add to your Twitter bio, website headline, business card, and wherever you can. These few words can make a big impact. You may also change your slogan once you find new ways for marketing.

A good slogan has to be short, catchy and leave a strong impression on the customer’s mind. following are some of the ways to create catchy slogans.

Stake your claim, make it a metaphor, adopt your customer attitude, leverage labels, write a rhyme, and describe it literally.

6. Design Your Logo:

A company’s logo is the first thing that would strike your mind when you think about building a brand. Laganoo Branding will help you in designing a suitable brand for your company in an easy way. The logo is indeed your company’s face and will be highlighted everywhere to show that your brand exists.

The logo has to be unique, identifiable, and scalable for your work of all sizes. Consider all the places where you want to feature your brand’s logo i.e, from your website to your FaceBook Page profile picture to even small favicons that you can see in your current browser tab.

If there is a text logo in your Instagram Avatar, it may be difficult to read. For making it easier create a logo in a square version that has an icon element that remains recognizable even at smaller sizes.

You can select abstract logos, mascot logos, emblems, letter marks, icons, wordmarks, or combinations, as your logos.

Upload Your Logo:


You can personalize your logo in the header section. Go to Homepage, select website and click on design. Then click on the Edit site option. Now, click on Header, select content and in that press Change.

After that under the Logotype, you can choose a text logo or a photo. If you want to upload a photo, click on Add image option. Browse and add a suitable image for your brand. Then Save and Publish when you have successfully added the logo to your brand.

7. Apply, Extend, And Evolve Your Brand As You Grow:

Brand building doesn’t stop with creating a logo or slogan or even with launching your brand. It has to exist and remain consistent wherever your customers interact with you, from the marketing you do to customer service, the way you pack your products and how you ship your products.

You can shape your product and customize your brands as you get more customers.

With Laganoo Branding you can easily create a brand for your business that can be recognized by your customers.

Final Views:

Laganoo Branding will help in elevating your brand in the market, creating an eye-catching logo for your brand, and also specialized packaging of your products.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think of a famous brand like Coca-Cola? It is the colour and logo of the brand, right? Just by seeing “Coca-Cola”, you can assess that it belongs to a beverage company. This is what good branding means.

Branding is very essential when you want to represent yourself in the market. You need to compete with many competitors and so the branding will help you to make your company and your products a unique identity.

It helps people to know who you are and what your products are.

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