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Laganoo: The Best Way To Build Your Online Store Quickly And Easily

Create your online store instantly and effectively with the Laganoo e-commerce ecosystem. You can build your store in a mobile-friendly and in an omnichannel environment which has easy integration with social media networking.

E-commerce is becoming more popular and is rapidly growing in the field of digital marketing. Many new e-commerce platforms have emerged to simplify the process of online business of all sizes. E-commerce business helps in increased revenue growth, improving brand awareness, and also maximized conversion rates.

But, operating and maintaining an e-commerce business may be a bit tricky and time-consuming, especially for startups and smaller businesses that don’t have much capital. Starting a new eCommerce business from scratch will be expensive as it requires high investment for various tools and also for hiring qualified staff to run it efficiently.

Laganoo is a simplified platform that helps in solving your problems related to your eCommerce site.

It allows you to design your own online business the way you want, just with a few clicks. You can now sell your products everywhere and can even manage your store from anywhere. It allows you to even create special discount coupons or gift cards and also to send offers via email, newsletters, or Whatsapp.

What Is Laganoo?


Coding, designing, technicalities…oops what all is needed to create a website. It becomes frustrating when you don’t know how to code and design your own website. Hiring web developers will be expensive and web builders will be even more confusing.

Starting an e-Commerce business from scratch will be very expensive. Laganoo gives you sophisticated marketing and sales features in an omnichannel platform.

It helps you to manage your store in one place, import products, and inventories, set delivery options, track orders and keep you updated with your revenue.

It allows you to connect your e-Commerce store to social media and marketplaces so that you can sell your products or services on TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay.

You can start your business with just 25 products and can add as many products as you wish.

Select the perfect photo of your product, add a category, and a short description, enter the price and sell it in your store.

Why Choose Laganoo?

1. It Is Easy To Use:

For using online marketing your tool or website or app should have a good UI. Laganoo’s user interface and user experience are appreciable and very intuitive.

2. Always Evolving:

As Laganoo is easily expandable and also scalable, that helps in adding new tools and functions quickly.

3. OmniChannel Platform:

It helps in managing your sales on famous marketplaces such as Amazon, and, and also social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, FaceBook, etc. It allows you to connect your favourite apps to your store.

Who Can Use Laganoo?

Laganoo is best suitable for

  • Web-Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Online-Marketers
  • Web-designers
  • e-Commerce handlers
  • and all the other people who would like to sell their products online.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Laganoo?

a. Laganoo Makes e-Commerce Easy For All:


You can easily add the Laganoo store to any website within minutes and you are also provided with step-by-step instructions and also with payment integrations and shipping providers to make your setup work well.

It also helps you to manage everything from a single platform and you need not have to bother about development or maintenance.

You can easily reach your customers on social sites, and marketplaces like Amazon, FaceBook, and Instagram too. It allows you to take advantage of automated Google Shopping and Facebook Ads, recover your abandoned cart, and provide discount coupons.

Laganoo also helps in designing and building an e-Commerce website and also it allows you to create your own website with a few clicks.

b. Ready-To-Use Templates:


Laganoo houses an extensive collection of various exciting templates that are crafted to fulfil your business needs in mind.

They are also designed mobile-friendly for an effective and efficient experience.

c. Best-in-Class Integrations:


Laganoo has integrated with many top-class global players in payment processing, analytics, logistics, and more that help you to carry out your selling process easier. You can take your business to next level by using this service.

d. It Makes Marketing Easy:

Laganoo helps in making your online marketing easy and effective. You can update your website and your social media from a single platform. Laganoo is a one-stop shop for your digital marketing that helps in growing site traffic to your business.

e. You Will Get Paid Instantly:

It helps to accept payment from anywhere- online, in-store, mobile payments, or instant invoicing. You can even send invoices through email or WhatsApp. The payment services are easy and effective, and also you can do payments via Laganoo-issued debit cards that can be accepted worldwide.

f. Point-Of-Sale:

It integrates with Square, Clover, Vend, or ShopKeep for easily selling your products offline and online at the same time. Products, inventories, and orders are synced between POS systems and online stores automatically so that merchants can track the sales in one place.

You can also import products from a POS system to a Laganoo store, or vice-versa to upscale your business.

Selling your products online now has become easier and stress-free with Laganoo mobile app and can operate your business with a wide range of mobile e-Commerce tools accessible from anywhere.

What Is Laganoo Used For?

Laganoo offers the following functionalities:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Configuration
  • Order Management
  • Multi-store Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Channel Management
  • SEO Management

What Are The Alternatives To Laganoo?

The alternatives to Laganoo are:

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • ShofifyPlus
  • Miwa
  • ShopWare
  • Yo!Kart
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • Sellfy

Create An Online Store In Just 4 Simple Steps:

a. Create An Account On Laganoo:

Your online store will be created when you create an account on Laganoo.

b. Add Your Products:

You can add your products by adding relevant store information.

c. Integrate Your Social Media:

You can integrate your social media account and marketplaces so that you can sell everywhere with built-in store-front transactions.

d. Create A Laganoo Payment Account To Get Paid:

You can build your online store as you wish or the Laganoo team will build it for you. You can use an exciting collection of templates to build your online store. Through Laganoo Payment Solutions, you can get paid easily by your customers irrespective of their location and currency.


Laganoo is an omnichannel online selling platform for your products. You can sell your products efficiently and effectively on social media or on any popular e-Commerce platform at the same time.

You can easily and quickly build your online store the way you want or if you want the Laganoo team will design the shop for you.

Laganoo will also help you with the tutorial for building your own online store. It also helps you with buying a domain, branding your product, social media management and many other services.

You can also go through the web story by clicking here.

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