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Kwik WordPress Theme By ThriveThemes : Do You Really Care About Core Web Vitals Score?

Do you have a personal blog or a website built on WordPress?

Even if you don’t, there is almost 35% of the websites created on WordPress. But what if you are struggling to optimise your website for Core Web Vitals? Well, there is a new theme in the market designed and developed by ThriveThemes, a recently launched theme, Kwik.

It would literally drive you crazy, if you would need to select a perfect WordPress theme everytime you want to build a new website. If you are already into web developer you would have already known the craziness and may have dealt with the situation multiple times. But eventually, being into the profession for enough time, you would have already figured out your long term requirement and your solutions.

What if you want to optimise your WordPress website for Core Web Vitals (CWV)?

What if you are an avid marketer and want to test things out?

What if you don’t want to tweak around with multiple plug-ins and want to have many options handy?

Well let’s not frustrate resources around. There is a new recently born kid into the market, Kwik, a WordPress theme developed by ThriveThemes.

What is Kwik ?


I would like to make it very clear bluntly, that Kwik is not a standalone theme that you can directly install on your WordPress as any other theme. So you may not be happy calling or defining as a theme. But, this has been designed and developed with love by ThriveThemes, with their learning over the years and for the needs of their existing customers and potential new customers who are looking forward to optimise for Google’s upcoming algorithms for speed complying all the features of Core Web Vitals.

Kwik has been developed by ThriveThemes under their “Project Lightspeed” resulting into the matured version of their offerings, as a part of Thrive Builder.

What do you get out of box with Kwik?

It looks amazing out of the box, as you get many pre-built templates. You can directly edit your content as and how needed including your CTA as per your need. You can straightaway build your a stunning website without any extra efforts, which would eventually be one of the fastest website and should get the best page score on Google’s Page Speed Insights.

You can completely customise the look and feel of every single layout and element of your website, which means you have to total control. You don’t need any sort of coding skills, just drag & drop editor. Developers at ThriveThemes have been working hard on the project and have created beautiful pages, blocks and templates, especially for generating leads, converting them into conversions and basically achieving your business goals.

Features included with Kwik.


Kwik is a feature-rich theme and it is fully packed with 12 pre-designed Home Page Templates, 7 Silo Page Templates, 191 Theme Blocks, 59 customisable Headers & Footers, 17 Blog Post Templates, 11 Blog List Templates, 1 404-Page template, 122 Pre-Designed Page Sections, 14 WooCommerce Ready Made Templates, 82 Conversion Focused CTAs.

Further, you also get advanced site optimisation tools that would help you speed up your website. You also get Easy To Use Site Set Up Wizard so that you can directly input your logo, brand colour, fonts, menus, headers & footers to get your website up and running literally in a few minutes.

Do you really need Kwik Theme when you already got ThriveThemes?

Honestly, you don’t pay anything extra, so why not have something extra. Besides, the creator knows that if this theme wasn’t needed why would they even develop it in the first place. So, as it is very clear that, Kwik WordPress Theme helps you create stunning websites instantly. But the idea around this newer version of theme was to exploit available resources in order to achieve the perfect score for Google’s Core Web Vitals.

That is basically the main idea after the development of this beast, for which ThriveThemes are proud of. They just created this to help our their users and people who can’t actually design high end websites or don’t want to hire expensive developers.

Should you switch to Kwik if you are already using other themes within ThriveThemes?

It is a very subjective concern, but this theme has options better than Shapeshift and Ommi, so why not achieve the best out of it. Also, the option is available for free i.e. right within the ThriveThemes itself. Further, Kwik theme has been optimised for speed from the back-end code itself under their Lightspeed project.

Can I use any other plug-in?

It is a kind of question that you want to ride some motorcycle or car, when you already have a best options available in the market.

While Kwik has been totally created to achieve results with Google’s CWV, alongside you have all other plug-ins handy with you, available with Thrive Suite and Thrive Builder. You can create desired header and footers, create your desired lead magnets. You can automate most of the things you can ever imagine on your website. You can create quiz to engage your visitors and customers. So, basically, you won’t need anything extra, although I have discussed all the available options in detail here.

Final Words

It would be very clear by now, that if you are looking for your website to load fast, without getting yourselves engaged into the process of optimisation, hiring developers or freelancers and eventually pay more and more money. This would work out a much better deal overall.

I would highly recommend you to work out your costs and requirements and make the decision accordingly.

If you still have any queries regarding Core Web Vitals or Kwik WordPress Theme or if you any specific concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment hereunder and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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