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Kartra Videos: A Simple Guide On How To Use Kartra Videos To Publish, Market and Track Your Video

Kartra Video is a powerful tool that enables you to upload, publish, and track your video in a more simple way.

Have you ever thought your videos speak 10X more than your images and 15X more than your simple and plain texts? It is obvious that most customers prefer video content rather than simple text content.


Due to this fact, many online marketers are switching to video content rather than providing text content. It also helps in getting more leads as the visitors are get quickly attracted to videos and in turn helps in gaining more revenue.

Kartra Videos is the best platform to host, publish, and manage your videos.

Now let us know more about Kartra Videos, its benefits and how to use it for uploading your videos.

The Brief About What Are Kartra Videos:

Do you have anything to sell online? Are you thinking about improving your content or website or marketing pages to appeal to your customer to buy your products?

Then you can surely think about using videos for your content, campaigns or pages. It is a much-believed fact by marketers that your users are likely to convert by 64-85% to buy your products, courses, or any services after watching a product demo video.

Kartra Videos is a platform to publish your videos in a simple way, publish them and also to track your videos.

Upload your videos with just a single click, publish them on Kartra Pages, and let your people watch them all within a few minutes.

Kartra Videos gives you the power to have complete control over the look and feel of your videos, limits the controls depending upon your goals and allows you to add a watermark with your own branding.


Kartra Videos is not just a player. It helps you to control the complete user experience from start to end. Timed action in Kartra Videos controls this. This helps you to deliver the right message to the right user at the right time.

Suppose, if you want to mention a free give-away, you can add an opt-in form as a pop-up into the video at that exact moment. If you want to add an offer page and your customers are ready to buy, you can apply a buy button that appears at that exact moment.

In Kartra, every feature is interrelated and thus Kartra Videos understands who your viewers are. When they are watching one of your videos, you can customize the process depending on how your user interacts with your content.

You can add full-scale analytics to see your user behaviour behind each view. It also allows you to understand who is been watching your videos, how much of each video they have watched and also which videos are adding more value to your business.

If you are looking for creating marketing videos, training videos, or any other sort of videos, then Kartra Videos is the ultimate platform to host any of your videos without any hassle.

Which Platforms Do Kartra Videos Replace?

Kartra Videos replaces the following tools:

  • Vimeo
  • wistia
  • spotlightr
  • SproutVideo

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Kartra Videos?

You can choose Kartra Videos over other hosting platforms because:

1. It Is An Amazing Video Player:


Of Course, videos tell much more than anything and video content and video marketing is the best way to sell anything. You must have a video for marketing your products and offering content to your customers.

You can have total control over video, like autoplay a video on loading, muting at the start of the video, hide or enable the video control bar, upload your own thumbnail, display an overlay title, adding social share buttons, and many more options to turn on or off as you wish.

You can customize the feel and look of your video. You can select from various video player backgrounds or themes and colours to fit your brands. You can even set autoplay so that when a video ends, the next video on the list will be played automatically. It is the best feature for any online courses and training programs. You can add your own watermark to your video as your branding.

You are allowed to embed a video directly into your webpage and also you can manage it to load inside a pop-up window.

As many people like watching videos on mobile, the Kartra Videos player is 100% optimized for any device. Let your watch videos from wherever they are.

2. Tag Your Customer As They Watch:


You can tag your users based on their interaction with your video content.

As told earlier, in Kartra everything is connected to one another. You can come to know through Kartra Videos who your leads are, when someone is watching your videos, where they have paused, etc..etc.

You can tag your customer as they progress in the videos. You can apply a specific tag for all those who have reached a certain timestamp. You can also send an email reminder to those who have stopped watching videos in the middle, by tagging them. You can send a congratulatory message to those who have watched the video till the end and give them a link to proceed to the next video.

3. Enable Timed Calls To Action:


Add a pop-up call to action button in your video to appear at a right time. You can create a mailing list while delivering your video content and also add a timed opt-in form. You can also provide a checkout button to get displayed at the proper time.

You can set sharing your videos to go viral by adding a timed share-to-watch button and allowing people to share them on their social media.

Make some timed actions mandatory and you can allow viewers to hide some options so that they don’t interrupt your videos.

4. Get Comprehensive Playlists:


As playlists keep your content well organized, they are the best option for educators and content writers. You can provide a single video to your content. If you have a larger topic to cover then you can add a series of videos to cover a particular topic. Enabling playlists will ease your task.

Playlists will be a great gift, suppose you are having a membership site or giving a training program, or any software demo videos. It keeps all your videos well organized and to be navigated easily.

5. Host All Your Videos In A Single Centralized Dashboard:


There is no need for any external platform to host your videos. You can host and stream your videos directly on Kartra simply by uploading them. You can organize your videos into categories for instant management and you can able to watch all your videos from a centralized global console.

6. Enable It On All Devices And Browsers:

Kartra Videos can be played anywhere and everywhere easily, let it be phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or any browsers like Chrome, or Firefox easily.

7. Get Analytics Like Never Before:


You can even get every ratio that is needed by a video marketer like how many viewers clicked on the Play button, How many have stopped watching your videos? How many of them made it till the end? etc. You can even come to know what is watch and drop out curves graph of your views or when they are losing interest in a video.

You will know how the call to action is working with engaging people. Getting to understand whether they are filling out opt-in-forms, or buying through the checkout window, and understanding your lead better. It also helps you to know how each one is interacting with your videos.

A Simple Guide On How To Use Your Kartra Videos?

In the dashboard, go to My Videos from the side menu, to access your videos. You will be seeing all videos that you have uploaded before along with campaigns and specific videos that you have already added to the template builder.

For adding a new video, click on the +video button, to begin with. It shows you two options,

  • a. Upload a single video
  • b.upload multiple videos

Give the name of your video, add a category if you want or select no category. You can even manage your categories as well.

In video configuration, hit on upload video, and select the video from your file to upload on Kartra Videos. It will get uploaded in minutes. If you have a newer version of your video, you can upload that too to replace the older one. If it is embedded somewhere will get automatically updated.

The next option is Display. You can determine whether the video display is to be embedded or displayed in a pop-up window and can have a preview of how it looks.

In the dimension, you can select responsive to adjust the frame based on the browser window or select it as fixed, to set the exact dimensions of the video frame.

Pop-up will allow you to create a button that pops up in your video. First set up the dimensions for the pop-up window, and specify the text on the button as well as its size and appearance.

For more flexibility, you can even add images and upload an image of your choice to act as a button. In the video trigger option, select a button or image.

Go to the settings, then click on more controls. You have a Splash image, the image will be shown before the video plays. You can use Jpeg, PNG, or Gif image file that includes animated gifs as thumbnails.

Then you have a Logo Watermark that overlays in the video. Click on upload a logo watermark and it will be added as a transparent image displaying at the lower right corner of your video and will remain there during video playback.

You can customize your video to your branding by choosing the skin colour.

Next, you will be having Show Video Controls. Toggle it on and then you will be getting options to control your video like play silent on start (Mute on start), Autoplay on load, etc. You can also enable Social Share. If someone clicks on a social share icon while watching your video, they can get the option to share that video via social media website. The page that will be shared is a video that is currently playing. Then you have an overlay title to add some text to the video.

Calls to action will be the most important feature in any content and marketing business. In this, you will be having opt-in forms, image banners, captions, captions + buttons, and social unlock.

a. Select Opt-in forms to have a lead capture form within a video. You can have it started at a certain time, give it a headline, and select the type of your opt-in forms. You will be getting options to pause your video while displaying opt-in or make it mandatory to start or continue playing the video. You can even mention the action from a dropdown list like what happens after filling the form.

b. Then you have an Image Banner which will be like a banner ad that you can have within your videos. Select the display timings to start the banner. Upload an image as a banner and you are having options to pause your video while displaying an image or to hyperlink the image. If you pause the video, you will be getting a link to the special offer within your video that can be shown on fullscreen.

c. The next option is Captions which is a message you want to display in your video. Select the timing of your caption display (from-to), give a headline and add a hyperlink to captions.

d. Captions+Buttons will be the same but captions will be added as a button to give more functionality to your call to action.

e. Next will be Social Unlock. You can have it in order to finish watching a video or continue, they can share it on Facebook or Twitter and you can mark it as mandatory to start or continue playing the video and they can hide it if they don’t want.

Click on Next and Create Now. You can preview and set it at 0 seconds, so in order to watch a video, they need to fill it.

Then, you will be having Tag leads in video configuration. Click on +New Tag. It will display a window where you will be able to assign your tags.

  • When a lead visits the video page – select a category from a dropdown, select a tag from a dropdown list or can create a new tag and then click add.
  • At a certain time through the video – give a timestamp and when they reach a certain point in the video tag them. Select a tag category, assign a tag or create a new tag, then click add.
  • When lead triggers a call to action – when they interact with one of the calls to action. Choose the category and add tag click on add and save.

Lastly, you will be having the end actions to end your video-

  • just end video
  • loop the video from the beginning
  • play another Kartra video
  • redirect to URL

After done with all the settings, you can click on Publish video.

You can also set starting rule for tags. Dispatch only to people who watch half of your video. You can add steps for tags like when to display or wait for the ‘n’ number of days or hours to execute the display.

You can even add a bonus offer for the people who watched your video or even for those who haven’t watched.

Go to Sections, select block templates and add any fields or CTA, drag and drop it on your page and customize the style, background, delay and hide. You can opt for a hide/show based on device or hide/show based on behaviour.

Select the tag category, and tag name and click on apply. Only the tagged people will be accessed to the bonus offer.

You are having various options to choose from for hosting your video on Kartra and everything will be completely automated and interconnected. So, Kartra videos make it easy for you to publish your videos within no time.

Final Views:

As said earlier, nothing sells better than videos and many online marketers therefore will like to add videos to their campaigns or their training programs.

But hosting will be a big issue sometimes, it won’t get loaded properly, or some videos may play well on a desktop while some will play better on smartphones. It may get stuck somewhere in between, or it may fail to appeal to what you’re going to say through your video.

On the other hand, Kartra videos solve all the problems related to hosting your videos. You can add campaigns, opt-in forms, offers, calls-to-action, etc in your videos and when someone clicks those actions it will redirect them to further videos and they will be getting automated emails.

Kartra videos not only host your videos but tracks your user behaviour and play accordingly. You can upload a single video or multiple videos at a time.

As everything is interrelated in Kartra, it will be the best platform for running and optimizing your business.

So, give a high-five to Kartra videos now and you can watch the web story from here.

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