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Kartra: An update on 6 new features of Kartra to build your effective sales funnel.

Are you struggling to improve your online business and spending lots of your money and time? You need not have to waste your resources anymore. Kartra is an all-in-one tool that has come up with a solution to improve your online business. It upholds many features to scale up your sales funnel and now it has come up with 6 new features that skyrocket your business growth.

Kartra’s new features will make your business more powerful. It’s never been this easy to optimize online sales or business until the introduction of Kartra: an all-in-one SaaS tool. It’s a powerful funnel builder and a software platform for maximizing your online business growth easily. The tools provided by Kartra are easy to work with and simplify your efforts.

Each of the below-mentioned additional features is designed to improve the complete user experience along with creating campaigns that are conversion-focused and grow your sales efficiently and effectively.

Are you ready to know more about these new features and how they influence your business growth? Without further delay, let us dig deep into these features.

The 6 New Kartra Features That You Can Use With Your Kartra Account:

a. Audio Player:


You can easily upload your audio files and set up complete playlists on any of your Kartra Pages. You can now view any of your interesting podcasts, interview any person or create more audio content easily.

If you want to include any audio files on your web pages, Kartra provides you with an audio component which you can just drag and drop directly onto your pages.

Go to components and scroll down to sound players and drag that component to your page. You can edit it, select your own audio files, or can add new ones. It is now possible for you to manage all your audio files under My Memberships, content and files.

The audio player will also allow for multiple files to be displayed in the same player and you can easily create your playlists.

b. Preview Split-Pages:


You can easily perform your split test and instantly know which of your split-test is winning without clicking the new page or going for extra steps. Simply hover around the name and see the result of your landing page performance.

It is part of the Kartra Page building tool and provides you with the ability to perform split tests of your pages. When someone clicks on a single link, it may go up to any of the four pages and also collects the data and shows which one of your pages is performing better.

You can name your split test and select up to 4 pages for the test. You can choose the percentage of visitors per page.

Then you can set the goals for Kartra to track.

  • Opt-in: how many visitors converted to leads through forms
  • Page visits: how many are visiting tracking links
  • Purchases: how many purchases are made

Once Kartra collects data on these goals, you can automatically select the winning page. After a specified number of visitors, Kartra selects the page with the highest revenue or highest goal ratio. You can even decide to choose the page manually.

You can tag your visitors who opted for split test links. It also allows you to get the link to split test, end it, edit it, or delete it.

c. Autosave Pages:


If you accidentally close a page you are working on, you can restore it now through the Autosave option. You can create, design, or edit the pages.

Saving your pages is as important as creating/designing them. You might have found that due to poor internet connection, a breakdown of the browser, or a crashing of your website, the pages may have failed to save. When it happens, you might have felt too irritated, right?

But, now Kartra has come up with an option of autosaving your pages which may save all your pages even if you forget to click on the Save button and you can stop unnecessarily worrying about losing your important web pages.

You can enable this feature in the Page Builder tab in the left menu. When editing any of your pages, you can click on toggling auto-save option. However, this option works as an individual page setting and does not activate for the complete platform at the same time.

d. Improved Comments Moderation Area:


It is possible now with Kartra that you can approve, moderate, disapprove or delete comments from a single page. You will also be able to filter comments by date or by name so that you can see who is frequently commenting or for which pages, videos or membership sites have the best engagement in a given time span.

If you want to modify any comments that have been posted by your members on your membership posts, you can enable the Comment moderation option for your membership. Go to the settings of your membership, and proceed to the comments tab. Then, you can able Comment moderation, you can go to the Comments moderation.

Enable Comment moderation by selecting “Comments must be approved by an admin” and after that go to the Comments tab under My memberships. Alternatively, click on the three dots on your membership, and select “Comments Moderation.” Now, you can configure the filters to show only the comments for that membership.

You will be able to visit the original post, approve the comment, edit it or delete the comment from the Comment moderation tab. Moderating your comments will help keep a healthy and friendly community and Kartra will make it easier for you.

e. Name Email Templates:

Once you have done creating a new campaign, you will be able to receive step-by-step instructions on how to deploy Start naming each of your email templates to find and use a preferred layout of your choice. No more cloning of your old emails is required. Select the template of your choice, edit your copy, and click on Send.

f. Helpdesk Labels:


By labelling your support tickets, you can easily categorize and manage them. Once you have labelled similar questions, concerns and complaints, Kartra provides you with an in-depth analysis of all your support tickets which helps in providing better service for your leads and customers.

Labels will help you to organize your tickets easily. You can start labelling them by clicking on the green + button at the bottom of your helpdesk screen. You can add a name to your label, give a description, and add colour to it. Then click on Save.

Final Views:

The above-mentioned features are newly added to Kartra and are available to you without any extra cost. These features will make your online business easier.

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