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Kartra Surveys and Quizzes: A Better Guide On How To Use Kartra To Gain Insightful Feedback From Your Leads

Kartra Surveys and Quizzes enable you to create surveys and quizzes to get valuable feedback and insights from your customers which is very essential for any business growth.

It is important to know what your customer really wants because it will benefit to improve your business. But now the question is where do you get the information? How do you capture what they actually need?


It becomes possible through surveys and quizzes. You need to create opinion polls in order to know how better your services or products are. You have to create survey forms to gather information from your leads.

Kartra Surveys and Quizzes is a better platform to get the required information about your customer and also to create better surveys and quizzes that are highly attractive and engaging.

Now, let us know what Kartra Surveys and Quizzes are, their benefits, alternatives and how to use them.

What Are Kartra Surveys and Quizzes?

For the success of any company or any business, it is essential to get quality feedback and insights from your customers that help in improvising your branding.

You also need to know some basic information about your users, who they are, what they are expecting from you, what they want and most important their suggestions.

You also have to keep them more engaged. Valuable feedback and insights not only help to improve your brands but can also help in getting more interactive with them.


But, how is this possible? How can you extract the needed information from them? The answer is through Surveys and Quizzes.

Kartra by integrating with multiple tools allows you to get the needed information. You can have custom campaigns, product pages, emails, and funnels. It is incorporated in Kartra Surveys and Quizzes.

Through Kartra Surveys and Quizzes you can gain insightful feedback from your customer like never before. You can freely engage with them. You can do market research to stay ahead of the competition.

You can gather information to improve courses, coaching and more for constant improvement. You have endless possibilities and Kartra Surveys and Quizzes give you everything that is needed for your business.

You can ask questions in many different formats. You can use single or multiple texting, use images for getting answers in visual form, or can have options, ratings, etc. you can even use binary options, you can even conduct quizzes and can award the winner with certificates.

Why do You need To Choose Kartra Surveys And Quizzes?

a. To Get The Insights You Needed:


You can have automation, results-based tagging and analytics to understand your audience better.

Kartra Surveys and Quizzes allow you to build attractive surveys in minutes through a simple drag-n-drop builder.

Automatically put your customer into proper membership levels based on the quiz results.

Based on the survey results and individual performance you can have automation and tagging and also triggering email sequences.

You can choose between a horizontal format (One-question-per-page) or a vertical format (Multiple questions on a single page).

Create different paths according to user response and optimize your surveys to get appropriate answers.

You can have comprehensive data analytics and check each person’s answers to every question.

b. To Create Simple, Easy And Dynamic Surveys:


You can build interesting surveys that include videos, quizzes, images, automation, tagging, etc.

You can create interesting and valuable surveys that your leads would like to answer.

Place your customers into different membership levels based on their survey answers and quiz scoring.

You can add as many questions as you wish and choose the format from 8 different variations. These include multi-option text, single-option text, short text answers, long text answers, multi-option image, single option image, binary (yes/no) options, and the score rating.

You also have the flexibility to add high-quality images or videos to your surveys and quizzes.

c. To Customize Your User Experiences Automatically:


You can set a pre-defined survey path for your users based on their scores and answers. Tag your lead based on survey answers, quiz scores or their response to a specific question.

You can even check the responses of every individual who answered a survey or quiz even if they have answered anonymously or not completed the survey, send a customized result page based on their scores and performances, also you can send them valid certificates after reaching a certain score.

d. To Opt From Conversational v/s Traditional Way Of Quizzing:


You can have a single-step format that displays all your questions at once including all the necessary fields, questionnaires, etc so that your user can go through the surveys or a quiz in a single page or vertical manner.

You can also have a multi-step format where your users are allowed to complete one step at a time. Your users need to answer the first question before moving to the second until they complete the survey. It is a horizontal format.

Based on your user preference you can set single-step or multi-step surveys. Understand which of your survey is performing better, which one is getting more responses, and so on.

e. To Track Your Audience Insights At A Glance:


You can get comprehensive analytics like how many users visited your survey, the percentage of completion, and the average time took by them to complete the survey or quiz.

Select one of your surveys or quizzes, and view the overall results of all the leads. You will be getting the average response rate, average percentage score, average finish time, etc.

You can even read the individual responses to your survey. If you have created a quiz, you will be able to see the answers from each student and can notice their strength or weakness.

You can also share the analytics and results by downloading a full CSV document with the complete data that you require.

Which Software Does Kartra Surveys and Quizzes Replace?

Kartra is best over the following software:

  • Typeform
  • SurveyMonkey
  • LeadQuizzes
  • Wufoo
  • Thrive Quiz Builder

How To Use Kartra Surveys and Quizzes?

As soon as you log into your Kartra account you will be getting a dashboard. Go to the My Survey option from the side menu, click on the Survey that you want and then hit the edit survey icon to edit the survey.

You will be getting survey details which include the basic information and you will also be getting a user guide that drives you through the journey. You can change the name and description, add the logo by uploading it or change the logo. Click Save and then Save and Next button.

Go to Launch Builder. It welcomes you to the survey builder and you will be getting the description.

You can configure a full-fledged survey or quiz with all its components i.e., an intro cover, question, a lead capture form and a completion message. All the steps are based on a click-and-drag interface and you can visualize your survey or quiz as you build.

a. Intro Cover: Display an introduction message at the beginning of your surveys and provide any instructions if necessary. It will be like a welcome page. You can add images and text to make it a bit more attractive.

b. Questions: You can add different types of questions like a single option or multiple options, star ratings, short or long text input fields, binary or Yes/No options, etc.

c. Identification Form: If you want to collect personal details from your survey users, you can use this. Also tag your users, trigger automation, and subscribe them to mailing lists and so many things that are needed for lead-related information. It is for collecting the contact information or any other details you want to collect.

d. Success: It displays a success or confirmation message at the end of the survey, in order to thank them and give them further information.

In a quiz, it is to display a score and download a completion certificate.

You can have horizontal or one question at a time with the previous/next interface. You can also choose a verticle display if you want all questions to be laid out on a single vertical page.

e. Your brand Colour: You can pick the survey template colour to match your brand identity.

f. Main Actions: It includes Preview or Save And Exit option.

Let us start building our quizzes or surveys.

As said earlier, open the Katra dashboard and select My Surveys. Click on +Survey to create a new quiz. Select a survey model from the New Survey menu.

Quizzes can be designed either vertical or horizontal. Go for vertical, if you want to display all questions at once or a horizontal, multi-step with one question at one time.

Then you have to add a survey name and category. Click on a survey, edit survey details, and add names, logos and a small description of the content. Save it and then click Next. Edit using survey builder.

If you want to design a quiz, display answers to questions by clicking the edit button and selecting options for correct answers.

Add an introduction with an image if you want. Create an intro cover. Decide your format based on the desired outcome. Set questions as long or short answers, single or multi options with images or texts or binary options with yes/no options.

You can even add questions to collect internal data for getting user profiles or for analytics. You can set the progression flow by clicking on the gear icon and toggling the option between linear or branched button. The linear flow will be a single path with only questions and answers related to particular questions. The branched flow will give a direction of questions based on the previous answer. You can even add an identification form to get email addresses and to upgrade profiles of regular users.

Next comes creating a success page for confirming the completion of a quiz. Give feedback based on the scores. Click Add Success for enabling an automated score or to customize score ranges.

Add a score, award them with a certificate or include your own congratulation message which shows personal interest in your customer.

You can redirect your readers to share survey results on social media. You can configure it to reflect your company trademark. You can include a certificate of completion. Make use of the templates from the Kartra Library. Activate the certificate download along with their results, scores, usernames and quiz details.

You can even send an email to your readers regarding confirmation of completing the quiz and verify email details submitted with identification forms.

You can select ‘Yes, send a confirmation email.’ You are allowed to assign tags or customize responses with if and then automation. You can even choose to subscribe your quizzes to lists and sales funnels. You can set rules to trigger advanced automation.

Your Kartra Quizzes and Surveys thus build the quiz/survey for you.

Final Views:

Have you ever thought about which would be the best way to get useful insights from your audience while being engaged with them? Do you know why the insights or feedback are useful?

Insights and feedback are very powerful tools to know how to improve the quality of your products or services or courses and thereby optimizing the business. A better way to get meaningful and valuable feedback will be through quizzes and surveys.

Kartra Surveys and Quizzes help you in creating appealing and comprehensive quizzes and surveys, which enable you to get useful feedback, also you can understand your audience better and you will be able to provide them with what they exactly looking for.

You can share the progress of their surveys or quiz score. You can also view the individual answers and also award certificates based on their quiz scoring and also send congratulatory messages on completing the quizzes, surveys or even your courses.

You can involve campaigns, product pages, emails and funnels in your Kartra Surveys and Quizzes. Kartra is an all-in-one platform to improve the business that gives you everything that is needed for your business growth.

So, Give Kartra A Must Try And See How Your Business Booms.

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