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Kartra: A Complete Review Of Kartra, An All-In-One Marketing Tool For Enhancing Your Overall Business Growth

From Email Marketing to Memberships, Page Buildings to Automated Funnels, Capturing Leads to Checkout, what not? You will get everything needed to bring your products or services to market with Kartra successfully.

The biggest problem to run your business in this modern world, where everything is based on automation and technology, is that you will not be having a unified system that offers you an all-in-one solution for effectively carrying out your online business.


At the same time, running an online business is not an easy task since it involves lots of your patience, and consumes your time and money. Even if you have sufficient money to market your products or services online, or to purchase all the tools required for your online business, it is obvious that you can’t be able to give the necessary time and effort that is required for a smooth run of your business.

There arises a need for software that takes care of your complete online business. Many companies will be looking for online solutions that will rely upon a number of tools each from different companies as every company has their own specified tools. For example, LeadPages allows you to create landing pages, ConvertKit helps in automation and SamCart with shopping carts. It becomes highly impossible to manage all individual tools and you need to pay high charges for each.

What if you could get all these features in a single tool? Yes, Kartra is the answer to all your online business-related problems.

Now let us dive in to learn more about Kartra, its features, who is it for, its benefits and its uses and how to use it?

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one solution that reinforces your online businesses to make them more appealing to your customers and easy management of your all online software tools.


Good management of online businesses will be possible when you have successful email marketing systems, lead management, listing and tagging of your leads, customer contacts and details, landing pages and so on. These will be possible when you have a great sales funnel builder which takes care of your workflow and records and analytics.

Don’t you have time to maintain different tools that you hired for the purpose of scaling up your businesses? No need to worry at all, because Kartra is the best option for you. It helps in managing your complete online business and also in generating more qualified leads. The purchasing cost of each individual tool will be higher compared to Kartra. You will be having 15 days trial period for all Kartra Plans, you can try and select which suits you the most.

Kartra covers most of the requirements needed for your online businesses and is the best platform for your business. You can easily and effectively create and host your website, build a convincing marketing funnel, have your own affiliates and manage them, create marketing automation, design and publish your attractive pages like landing pages, and also build the amazing pages required for marketing like webpages, video content, blog pages, checkout pages and many more.

You can automate your email marketing and broadcast it. You can have the analytics for almost everything that is important for you to understand your users, their actions, their behaviours, etc so that you can provide them with the best choice of what they want.

Have your own membership portals and keep connected with your contacts. You can even get better support from the helpdesk which is specially designed for all Kartra customers to solve the queries with proper management. Design stunning opt-in forms that you need for your business. Have your own surveys and quizzes to get insightful feedback about your products or services.

Why Choose Kartra And Who Is It For?

You might be thinking of a solution for your business that costs you less but provides you more benefits in your online marketing. Kartra empowers you to meet all your online requirements for marketing along with keeping track of all the things that matter to you the most in your online business. You can know your affiliates, your customers and their behaviour for getting better ideas to improve your business in order to make your users happy.

The best part of Kartra is that you are having an access to view your user’s complete journey on your site. With every sale and change in customer behaviour, you will understand which of your marketing campaigns are performing best.

If you are running your business for a long period and are well established in your online marketing, then you can opt for Kartra, which helps in keeping and maintaining all the records and track of various marketing tools.

However, if you are new to the industry and just starting your business, then, you may find it a bit difficult to use Kartra. Kartra’s active mailing list makes it a big success for many businesses. But small businesses may not be having that many customers or contacts, so Kartra may not be suitable for them. But if you own a large audience in your marketing field, then you may go for Kartra.

It is suitable for online entrepreneurs, course and membership creators, consultants or coaches, bloggers, authors, public speakers and any marketers with proper budgets, etc.

Now, let us look into the various powerful features of Kartra.

What Are The Different Features Of Kartra?

a. Kartra Checkouts:


With Kartra Checkouts, you can create a simple yet reliable cart to carry out your sales effectively. You can get more customers and boost your sales and revenues. You can carry out repeated sales and the ones that have been paused due to some issues. Kartra Checkouts gives credibility to your customers.

It provides you with all the things needed to sell your products online. Get optimized checkout templates designed by professionals to maximise your profits and are highly customizable to suit your branding. The built-in automation allows reconsider the abandoned shopping carts to increase your conversion.

You are able to sell your products at different price points. Kartra Checkouts also provides you with gorgeous checkout pages to sell anything with a single click and can tag your customers.

It lets your users purchase your products through credit card or PayPal and they have the choice to opt for a one-time payment, multiple instalments, or recurring payments. You can offer your customer trials or initial payments and also special promotions and discount coupons.

It also allows your user to experience different checkout flows, like a single-step (vertical) checkout form or a multi-step(horizontal) checkout form.

You will be able to carry out tracking and analysis of your sales and revenues. You can customize your checkout fields or make use of hundreds of professionally designed templates. You can have a secured payment system that helps in regaining your abandoned customer.

b. Kartra Leads:


Kartra Leads allows you to manage and optimize your leads and also to understand them better. It attracts the customer’s attention in order to convert them into more qualifying leads.

Leads are the most powerful assets of any marketing, and without them, it will be hard to make good ROI for your business and that’s why Kartra Leads pay more attention to them.

Kartra Leads allow you to know everything about your leads. With Kartra Leads, you will be getting a 360-degree view of all your contacts. You can have trigger-based automation based on your leads and you can tag them. It also gives your user a unique experience where they get a chance to opt for their own path and get what they want in order to convert much faster.

Through Kartra Leads you can follow up with your lead’s journey and understand their behavioural pattern.

You can have advanced tagging and leads scoring. You can create your own leads or you can import a batch of leads from another website.

Kartra’s automated lead scoring automatically adds score to all your interactions that have been done by your customers on your emails, webpages, membership portals, helpdesk videos, checkouts, etc.

c. Kartra Pages:


Kartra Pages help you to design all your business pages including landing pages, email subscriptions, registration forms, upsell and down-sell pages, checkout pages, etc for successful marketing without hiring any developers and without any technical skills.

It automates the entire process of page creation and allows you to use and customize readily available templates or pages. Just drag and drop the template of your choice and edit every component as you want.

With Kartra Pages you can quickly and effortlessly build your own website that converts and have a complete overview of what is going on. You can create your web pages or any marketing pages like an expert that allows your visitors to quickly convert into your customers. You will be having more than 500 pages and sections that are highly customizable as per your design.

You can embed countdowns, carousels, scrolling, backgrounds, pop-up forms, etc to your pages and link to any pages within Kartra and through analytics, you can easily check your visitor’s profile, their tags, mailing lists, etc.

You can even modify your content, headlines or a video on a page depending upon the details from each visitor and view the complete history of your visitors through analytics, and with heatmaps, you can see where your visitors have stopped scrolling, checkout conversions per device and can do split tests for up to 4 variations of your pages.

Kartra Page builder is the most powerful page builder as you have hundreds of readily available pages and section templates and have a choice to customize every component and preview your pages on whatever platform you want. You don’t require any coding or drafting.

You can use any templates of your choice or can start from scratch. You can customize the colour, fonts, texts, etc to match your branding and publish your page on your site or on Kartra with just a click.

Easily stack every element on your page as you want. You can choose various readily available page templates including lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, video pages, etc and have templates for any niche and any industry. You can even create any pop-ups like checkout pop-ups, landing pop-ups, exit pop-ups, video pop-ups, info pop-ups, and so on.

You can easily create lead capture forms and checkout forms and have the freedom to host your pages on any website or even in Kartra. You just need to use a simple code to host your website.

Create tag-based content, history-based content and list-based content and design and share a globalized menu header and footer for each page on your site. When you add any new sections or edit anything it will show up on your site. You can design your own logo, and add custom colour or style to each page so that your site can be unique and can be get identified easily.

No need to copy-paste the tracking code for individual pages. Once you embed it, it will automatically get placed on all your pages. You can even maximize your SEO ranking for your entire site. Design your pages suitable for any platform either desktop, laptop, tablet device or smartphone. Get the complete analytics like the number of visitors per page, their goals, timing spent by them on each page, conversion being done through which device and their complete scroll on a heatmap.

d. Kartra Emails:


Kartra Emails is the best automation tool for your email that helps to create your email based on user behaviour. You can create personalized emails quickly which leads to more subscriptions and conversions and send suitable emails to the right person at right time by understanding your customer to improve your business by building your relationship.

By automating every process of email marketing, Kartra Email supports you with all the necessary requirements. You can compare and assess your best email by doing A/B testing and through analytics, have a complete overview of your visitors and track each action by them.

Design personalized emails and Kartra will automatically manage to send emails based on your user actions.

You can opt from many outstanding expert-designed templates and components. Just drag and drop, or copy and paste and type the matter to customize your emails with custom tags.

Use the ‘If and Then’ automation system and Kartra will accordingly follow up with your customers. You can set predefined conditions and rules and the Kartra Email tracker will act accordingly.

Kartra allows you to create automated marketing funnels or campaigns and it does the rest of the things for you with an auto-pilot.

You can design a powerful email marketing funnel of any size, from simple to more descriptive ones by dragging and dropping the objects to your page to configure them.

Design your emails and SMS and use multiple trigger rules to trigger a sequence. You are having True/False statements and can search for your leads on the map based on these statements.

You can go through open rates, click-through rates and goals and understand how the leads are engaging with your campaigns, whether they are going through your mails, whether your emails making good sales, etc. It allows you to know which time of the day or which day of the week you are getting better responses from your leads so that you can schedule your emails to maximize your conversion.

By knowing your revenue ratio like amount per send-outs, price per click, amount per recipient in your newsletter, etc., you can improve the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns.

e. Kartra Funnels And Campaigns:


Among the various features of Kartra, Kartra Funnels And Campaigns is a powerful and intuitive platform that allows you to create marketing campaigns and funnel processes that are designed to meet your user needs.

It enables not only to create functional campaigns and funnels but also to share them on other platforms. You are provided with many tested and proven templates along with copy, designs and automation all with a single click.

With Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, you can create campaigns that are more than simple web pages. They include opt-in-forms, emails, automation, tagging, triggers and more and everything is interlinked with just a drag-n-drop sequence builder.

You will have pre-built templates containing copy, designs and more for your campaigns that are master-designed by world-class marketers and also can use campaigns created by other Kartra users. You can earn an extra amount by designing and placing your self-designed campaigns on Kartra Marketplace and selling it to your customers.

You can design and launch fully automated, sales-driving funnels quickly. Kartra Funnels and Campaigns allows you to create funnels based on the traffic.

The pages that you create in Kartra can be integrated into multipage funnels. You can use ‘If and Then’ automation and connect with Kartra Emails for adding advance sequences to your campaigns. You can tag and list your users as they move through your funnels and categorize them into various subgroups.

You can drag-drop various events into your pages and connect the workflow with arrows. You can create simple or complex campaigns. Whether you design a simple 3-step email campaign or a fully advanced product launch, the Kartra sequence will follow your pace.

f. Kartra Memberships:


Kartra Memberships helps to create and organize your content or courses to share them effectively with your members. You will be able to share your knowledge with others through Kartra Membership portals. It helps in creating your content and gives a step-by-step learning experience to your users. You can have a multi-tiered membership portal. You are provided with a set of professionally designed layouts.

You can import audio, video, pdf and article files from your page to create appealing content and have a drip-content feature to restrict the users from downloading your data or to keep them engaged with you. Only give access to the content that your user has paid for. Manage their comments, revoke them, grant access and tag them manually or automatically.

Kartra Memberships help in providing training materials to your customers. You can create a training course, a multi-topic content directory or a private community course. Make use of readily available expert-designed templates to build your branded and customized membership site and have multiple membership tiers and explain how to access them along with the content and pricing.

Upload or share your files, videos or audios and organize your lessons into categories, sub-categories and individual articles. You can set single sign-on credentials or multi-tiered memberships. Schedule your content to release at a specific time and Kartra will drip it to the customers according to the scheduled time.

Kartra will create and sends the login credentials through email to every customer as soon as they register. You will be having a progression bar to track the progress of your customer. You can even get the complete analytics of your members and are allowed to set an automated content drip so as to release your content on a planned schedule on sign-up and they can receive specific posts on a specific day. An automated email will be sent to your customer as soon as they unlock the next level.

You can interact with your customers through the comment section and respond to their questions and feedback. Kartra even helps to see, filter, and manage your members. It helps to collect all your memberships in a single platform and let them promote each other. You are allowed to track the complete details of your members. You are provided with multiple stunning templates.

Use drag-n-drop membership builder and be a master designer of your own membership sites.

g. Kartra Surveys And Quizzes:


Get valuable feedback and insights from your customers by creating surveys and quizzes through Kartra Surveys and Quizzes feature, and also get the needed info about your customer and create better surveys and quizzes which can convert effectively.

Kartra integrates with multiple tools and you can have custom campaigns, product pages, emails and funnels. Get insightful feedback from customers through Kartra Surveys and Quizzes and engage with them whenever you want. Also, you are allowed to do market research to stay ahead of the competition. There is flexibility to ask questions in various formats using single or multiple texts, use images for getting answers in visual forms or can have options or ratings.

Have automation, result-based tagging and analytics to build your surveys and quizzes within no time. Choose a horizontal format or a vertical format for your quizzes or surveys. Create distinct paths based on user responses and optimize surveys to get proper answers.

Design interesting surveys that contain videos, quizzes, images, automation, tagging, etc. Choose the format for quizzes and surveys from 8 different variations, which are multi-option or single-option text, short or long text answers, single or multi-option image, binary or yes/no option and score rating.

Set a predefined survey path for your users and tag them based on their answers, their scores or their responses to specific questions. Opt for a single-step or multi-step questionnaire format and also get comprehensive analytics about your customers.

h. Kartra Videos:


Quickly upload, publish, and track your videos through Kartra videos. Upload your videos with a single click and publish them on Kartra Pages, and let your user watch them within minutes. You can have complete control over the look and feel of your videos and limit the control depending on your goals and also add a watermark with your own branding. You can even have timed actions.

As every feature is interrelated in Kartra, you will understand your customers. You can have complete control over your videos, like autoplay on loading, mute at the start, hide or enable the video control bar, upload the thumbnail, display an overlay title, add social media buttons, and so on.

Customize the feel and look of your videos. Select various video backgrounds, themes or colours to fit your brand. You can set the autoplay so that when a video ends the next video will be played automatically. You can even embed your video directly onto your webpage or even manage it to load inside a pop-up window.

Tag your customer based on their interaction with your video. Add a pop-up call to action button on your video to appear at a particular time. Create a mailing list to deliver your video content and add a timed opt-in form, provide a checkout button. Let your user share your video content on their social media.

You can provide a single video per content or you can add a series of videos if you have a bigger topic to cover. It enables you to have a playlist for your membership sites. If you are giving a training program or having demo videos, then also playlist is a better option.

You can host and stream your videos on Kartra just by uploading them and also organize your videos into categories. They can be played on any browser or any device. You can get every ratio through analytics.

i. Kartra Helpdesks:


To accelerate your customer support, you have Kartra Helpdesks, that give necessary support and instant responses for each customer.

As it is integrated with all the features of Kartra, your agents can view customers’ full history. You will be having a ticketing system that allows you to have multiple agents, departments and shifts and everything is organized in a single helpdesk portal.

Assign tickets to suitable team members so that the issue can get sorted out easily. You can also support your customer over the phone, via Skype or through live chat on your website.

Create Wiki articles for the most commonly asked questions. You can direct them to self-billing to cut down the work of rebilling and cancellations and let your customers self-manage their accounts. 

You can organize tickets by department so that specialized agents can respond to the specific query. You can add another agent to the conversation and pass private messages from one agent to another. Let your customer leave a ticket if you are offline and when you don’t know the answer to a specific query Kartra helpdesk will assign it to another agent.

Wherever you are working within the Kartra site, you will be getting a pop-up window for the helpdesk, so that you can never miss out on any customers. Download the chatlogs as records for further use in your training and can store any conversation.

If you have opted for an email to interact with, Kartra Helpdesks will automatically read their email and paste it into a specific email thread. You can directly give your support to the user’s email address without logging into Helpdesk portals. Understand your busiest time and prepare your support before hands. It helps to even track the time taken by your team to respond to a ticket and resolve it.

Value your customer satisfaction and let them inform if they have any opinions. Kartra helpdesk will help you with the billing task, by providing them with a self-billing and secured portal. You can even use Wiki as your best support agent and even embed a floating support button on your site which will appear as a bubble message. Host your helpdesk as a separate page or embed it into an existing page.

j. Kartra Calendars:


Kartra Calendars let your customer’s book, check and manage their appointments. With Kartra Calendars, clients can see your availability and schedule appointments. You can manage the schedule, control your availability and collect all the info about your clients.

There are reduced chances of double booking as Kartra Calendars get updated in real-time. Once the time slot is filled, it will be blocked for other users.

Kartra Calendars can be embedded anywhere and on any page. It allows you to set your calendars to your own time zone and if your clients are outside, it geo-locates them and converts their time zone. You can do the scheduling through any device, any browser or any operating system.

You can view all your appointments and clients in a centralized console and also your clients’ pre-history from your Kartra Cakendars dashboard. Edit, approve, cancel and reschedule any of your appointments as per your convenience. You can have unlimited hosts and coaches and also set downtime between your clients or courses. You can even block your sessions for specific days.

You can opt between the consultant model, gym model, recurrent class model and live event model to schedule your programs. You will also get inbound and outbound updates. Have different calendar integration for each team member. You and your client both will get instant notification and will be sent to the particular events. Kartra Calendars allows you to have paid or free bookings also.

k. Kartra Forms:


Kartra Forms allows you to create the most effective forms for your business to attract your leads and improve your business. It includes advanced methods of creating opt-in forms. You can design your forms and place them directly into your website created by Kartra or outside Kartra. You can use video calls to action.

Kartra Forms autofill the details from previous results. Once you embed your form, you can automatically get engaged with your users using Kartra’s trigger-based automation.

More than 50+ opt-in forms are available, designed by experts and convertible and mobile-friendly. Segment your lists and custom fields. Assign tags to your leads, subscribe them to a mailing list, trigger custom automation, etc. You are free to embed your forms anywhere. You can choose double opt-in for getting more information.

Select a suitable pre-built template and design your forms. You can also allow your users to agree to your mandatory terms and conditions.

You can create your own fields according to your design and by collecting helpful data you can restructure your message. You can embed your forms on your content page, or pop-up your form with a suitable video call-to-action in between, let it slide from the right corner of your browser or can have it like a peek-up box from the bottom right corner.

l. Kartra Affiliates:


It helps in managing and tracking your affiliates so that you can have your own affiliate team. You will be getting a new production partner to level up your business and you can organize everything in a single platform.

Through Kartra analytics, you can have a detailed analysis of your affiliates. You can set different levels of affiliate programs and provide a special commission to your affiliates.

Kartra’s in-built affiliate management system gives the power to incentivize and interact with your affiliates. You may fix a common commission for all or can fix it product by product, percentage-based or a fixed amount. You can even control when and how your affiliates have to be paid. Even you can have joint venture brokers as affiliates.

Design highly convertible landing pages that can be used by your affiliates. Be selective and accept only the trustworthy affiliates who really know about your business.

Have a view of the required details of affiliates at any time. Kartra Analytics will let you know about the total revenue being generated by your affiliates.

m. Kartra Integrations And API:


Kartra integrates with native or customized businesses. Through Kartra Integrations and API you can safely connect and interact with other Kartra tools. It also can be used as an App developer and Kartra will make your app valid. Kartra integrates with some of the native SaaS tools for simplifying your online business.

PayPal, Stripe, Braintree and for payment process, SendGrid, MailGun, ElasticMail and PostMark for email marketing, Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member and Wishlist for a membership site, Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo for SMS, Google Calendar and Calendly for Calendars.

Kartra APIs support you when you want to use them. You can have your own email marketing automation, lead management tool, product pages, etc. Kartra’s user interface is simple and easy to use. It helps in developing your App and your website even if you are not a tech person.

You have both inbound and outbound API tools to connect with your Kartra account through back-end code. As soon as your customer places an order through Kartra Checkout, it will send a notification to your app. You will get an IPN that provides detailed info about the customer transaction.

If you are coding your own apps, SaaS tools or software, you can connect them with Kartra so that other people can benefit from it.

n. Kartra Analytics:


Kartra Analytics will give you simple diagrams which are easy to read. It tells you about your email performances, landing page conversions, automation tracking, and sequences to know which of them are giving more sales.

Kartra Analytics, being integrated into video hosting and webpage will allow you to know how long someone watched your video, how long he stayed on your sales page, or how far they scrolled on your page.

Your membership analytics tracks and tells you how many customers renewed their subscriptions after the 1st month, and subscription analytics lets you know from where the leads are coming.

Product Analytics allows you to track your revenues and helps in separating your sales based on traffic sources. You can get in-depth info about every incoming sale and all your income sources.

Email analytics helps in tracking the email sent, opened or clicked. You can wisely use this info to create smart automation. Perform A/B testing for your email funnel. You can get the complete data for your email list, your leads, your broadcasts and sequences and also about clicks, opens, and goals for your emails. It also tells you which day of the week or which time of your day will score better responses from your leads. You can come to know when your email is not working as you desired and can modify your content.

Calendar and Helpdesk analytics track your customer interactions and gives you useful information like the time taken for an appointment, to resolve an issue, a helpdesk ticket, etc.

It is always better to track your website traffic and know what is encouraging them to click on the purchase button. You can view the statistics of your visitors and their engagement on your page or video.

Through Sales Analytics, you will get a detailed picture of revenue per sale and the value of each customer.

Affiliate analytics allows you to track your affiliate sales and their commissions paid. You can make changes to affiliate commissions or links and adjust individual transactions.

With Transaction Analytics, you will get details of each transaction for your product and filter your data to show a particular transaction for a product. You will also come to know dollars per send, dollars per newsletter recipient, or dollars per click. Test two subject lines or call to action buttons against each other and know the result through a simple graph.

Subscription Analytics helps you to know everything about your subscribers, memberships and opt-in form details.

o. Kartra Agencies:


This feature is specially designed for marketing service providers who want to manage multiple marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients. It is a centralized dashboard to manage all your clients and their accounts.

Kartra Agency reports allow you to track every metric and help your clients see how their business is performing. You can generate the reports for each client on a monthly, weekly or daily basis and they don’t have to log in again and again to see their business performances. Kartra Agency by providing detailed reports improves the efficiency of the business.

You can also provide custom permission to your clients and they can log in and see their reports themselves. It updates reports in real-time and lets your client refresh the reports as they want.

Kartra Agency simplifies the billing-related tasks with a single billing profile and no need for multiple billing profiles for your clients. You can use a single credit card to buy multiple client accounts in bulk. You will be having a unified billing profile. Kartra Agency removes the paperwork.

You need to create brand awareness for your clients and also for yourself because the agency will be working with multiple clients. Kartra Agency understands your branding needs and it embeds the elements at the footer of every email.

You can let your clients interact with their Kartra accounts. Let them log into funnels, emails, and pages and also decide the level of access for them.

If you can influence the consumer then you can try becoming a Kartra Affiliate. Agency will allow you to be a part of Kartra which is fast growing in the market. You will get a commission every time a sale is generated through your referrals and it upgrades when the referrals upgrade their Kartra plans.

You can even earn a commission when your clients own their accounts and handle billing for themself. Kartra provides you with marketing materials and valuable content to use across social media.

p. Kartra Marketplace:

Through Kartra Marketplace, you can hire experts for your job. You can filter them by their expertise, like designers, copywriters, custom coders, marketing specialists, and so on.

You can use the ready-made campaigns which are approved and designed by experts and you can import them. If you are a content creator, then share your content with other Kartra members either free of cost or let them pay some fee to buy.

Sell your campaigns and funnels with other Kartra users and earn an extra amount. Categorize your campaigns as a single-page template, multipage funnels, membership templates, or full campaigns. Import fully designed campaigns to your Kartra account instantly. Build your contact list by creating a free campaign.

How to Use Kartra?

After you log in to Kartra, you will be displayed with a blank screen with a navigation menu on the left side. In the upper right, you will be having your profile. You can edit your profile. Now, let us see how to work with Kartra.

Step 1. Creating Your Profile:

Click on your Profile button and Kartra will take you to your personal page, where you can upload your photo, provide security questions and give other necessary information.

Step 2. Make A List And Check It:

The second step is to set up your marketplace to add your customer lists. Go to My Campaigns from the side menu.

Step 3. Getting Paid Yourself:

Integrate Kartra with aa payment system, so that your customers can pay for your products/services. Integrate Kartra with other platforms as well.

Step 4: Creating Your Products:

Click on My Products from the side menu and click on the +button to add your first product and you will be having a series of steps until you complete building your product page. For going to the next page, you need to click on Confirm button at the right top of your configuration screen.

If you want you can go back to any step and can make changes. Once you finish, you will be getting a congratulation message along with HTML code which you can use on your product’s main landing page.

Step 5. Creating An Opt-in Form:

It is important to gather customer information through opt-in forms in order to capture more leads. You will be having many pre-designed opt-in forms which you can choose and place on your pages, either in Kartra or outside.

To create your forms, select My Campaigns from the sidebar, click on Campaigns and then select Forms. You can select form fields and rearrange them as you wish. Once you have completed your forms, you can click on Confirm and if you want you can edit your form in the Kartra Pages. Click here to know about creating your opt-in forms.

Step 6. Adding My Campaigns:

Use Campaigns to upload and set up your email lists, your leads, email campaigns, and tagging your leads. You can broadcast emails to your list and create sequences. Set up your list by clicking on Leads and then clicking the +List button. Click here to view the how-to guide for your campaigns.

Step 7. Creating My Pages:

Kartra offers you a fully functional page-builder. You can create lead generation pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, video pages, etc and host them.

For creating a Page, click the +New Page button and select the inbuilt pages or create your pages from scratch. Click to view creating your pages in Kartra.

Step 8. Adding My Membership:

You can create a site with different membership levels with different content, products and files for each. You can communicate with your user through this. Create your own Helpdesk to support your customer, automate your membership based on the behaviour, and upload files and videos to the membership portals.

To create a membership, click on the +Membership button and add members to your lists. Click to view more details on adding memberships.

Step 9. Hosting My Videos:

Kartra offers to host your videos with ease. Go to My Videos and select the videos from readily available videos or download your videos and also add some special features like embedded forms, watermark, etc.

The videos that you upload in My Videos will be added automatically to Membership portals and My Pages inside Kartra and you can embed them whenever you want to your own site. You can upload your new video by clicking on the +Video button. You can even add a Project to your videos library. Click to view the details about My Videos.

Step 10. My Helpdesks:

Let your customers contact you through the helpdesk. You can create multiple helpdesks to answer tickets, and use live chats, and phone or Skype calls to respond to them. Add Wiki to the helpdesk to allow your users to find answers about your product on their own. To know more, you can click here.

Step 11. My Affiliates:

You can become an affiliate for Kartra or can choose any affiliates to promote your products. Go to My Affiliates and then click on Marketplace and select a product to an affiliate. Click on the link to know more about using affiliates.

Step 12. My Analytics:

You can get the analytics for every feature of Kartra. You will find the detailed analytics for each section and understand your leads, user behaviour or how your campaigns are performing, and many other details.

Why Is Kartra Different From Other Online Platforms?

i. All-In-One Platform Weaved Together:

As you know, an online business will need a dozen of solutions that have to be connected together and it may end up in frustrating results. The checkout page may fail to add customers to the mailing list, the Helpdesk portal won’t lead to the contact database, and membership portals may fail to give access to the site when a user refunds his payments, and so on.

But with Kartra everything is inter-connected and each feature will talk to one another. When someone lands on your Kartra Page, Kartra Analytics will track it, when a user fills out an opt-in form, Kartra Emails will subscribe them to your newsletter, and when a customer pays through Kartra Checkout, Kartra memberships will send the login details to you.

ii. Minimizes Failure In Business And Reduces Stress:

When you have many platforms to run your business, there may be a loss of connection between those platforms. If you have more links, there are chances of breakage in any of the links. You can’t even able to contact the support system.

But in Kartra, there is a single platform and no breakage in the links. You can easily connect with the support team if any query is there.

iii. It is Great for Experts and Better for Beginners:

It can be easily usable by beginners and also by experts. The intuitive platforms help the beginner to get a new experience for their online marketing as it contains many drag-and-drop and easy-to-use templates for all the features. No need for designers, developers, programmers or marketing consultants. Kartra helps you to create everything on your own.

It is the best for Pros who have tried and tested other software. They can design the most advanced, customized and complex sales funnels and even automate marketing campaigns.

Iv. A Cloud-Based Software That includes Everything:

Kartra is a cloud-based software. All features are included in every plan you opt for.

Final Views About Kartra:

You need multiple solutions to run your online business but having different tools will cost you more. It may be time-consuming to update each tool manually. Having a single platform to provide all the necessary tools required for your business is what every businessman will look for.

Kartra is one such platform for all your online business solutions. It provides you with everything that is needed to run your business smoothly. You have pages, forms, funnels, surveys, helpdesks, analytics, etc all in one single platform called Kartra.

You can view the web story about Kartra from here.

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