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Kartra Pages: The Best Guide On How To Use Katra Pages To Create Your Pages Like Professionals To Boost Your Online Marketing

Kartra Pages helps to create all your business pages including landing pages, email subscriptions, registration forms, upsell and down-sell pages, checkout pages, etc.

For marketing your business, it is essential to have impressive landing pages, a web page, creative content or blog page, attractive sales pages, etc. which will attract your users and help them to convert.

Sometimes, you may be having a good website but your landing page fails to grab your user’s attention. Your sales page may fail to convert your customers. Your checkout page may get abandoned in between. The people may fail to subscribe to your newsletter or your emails. Why does this happen? Because your pages may not be that effective. You might have spent a lot of money on developers to design your pages or if you have designed it by yourself, then you might have consumed lots of your time as well.

Kartra covers all this. Kartra Pages helps you to create all the pages that you want for your successful marketing and you don’t even require developers and technical skills to design your own effective pages. You need not have to sit hours together to create such pages.

Kartra Pages automates the process of page creation and you can use readily available templates or pages and customize accordingly within no time. You can create any type and any number of pages within a shorter period.

You can just drag and drop the templates and edit every component as per your choice. You can stack the block templates and design stunning pages and many more things, you can easily play with Kartra Pages.

Now let us see what are Kartra Pages and the way to create effective and gorgeous pages with Kartra Pages.

What Are Kartra Pages?

As you know, the strong edifice for any business is its website. So, in order to build a website that is user-friendly and effective, you may have to hire a web designer or sometimes heavy coders. But, it will be too expensive and they will not even assure 100% results and sometimes fail to convert.

Many web builders that are available in the market are standalone and not connected to any other systems. They failed to link to your checkouts, email sequences, membership site, calenders, helpdesk, etc. Sometimes the analytics will even be messed up and would not be giving a clear image of what is happening with your site.

With Kartra Pages you can quickly and effortlessly able to design a website that surely converts and gives you a clear picture of what is going on.


At Kartra, everything is interconnected in a single platform and you can get all that is needed to run your online business smoothly.

Kartra Pages let you create your pages like an expert that allows your visitors to convert into your customer. You will be provided with more than 500 pages and section templates that are highly customizable as per your design and just by dragging and dropping them into your pages, you can create many vulnerable pages.

Create your highly converting site within no time and also create any number of pages easily and quickly.

Build your own pages yourself like professionals with easy to use, drag-and-drop page builder. Everything is customizable and you can change it to suit your brands.

Whatever industry you may be in, Kartra has it for all. From lead capture to sales pages, Checkout pages and video pages, etc. and all Kartra Pages are mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly as mobiles and tablets are being used by almost all.

You can embed countdowns, carousels, scrollings, backgrounds, pop-ups, forms and so on. You can connect to any pages within Kartra and can also check your visitor’s profile details, tags, mailing lists, etc.

You can even change the content like headlines or a video on a page depending upon the details you get from each visitor. You can have analytics with a full history of your visitors. You will also have heatmaps to see where your visitors have stopped scrolling, checkout conversion per device, and split test for up to 4 variations of a page, all at once.

When Kartra Pages is here then why do you need any web developer or coder? Kartra Pages give you the freedom to design your website and pages as per your creativity.

What Are The Alternatives Of Kartra Pages?

The alternatives of Kartra Pages are:

  • LeadPages
  • Kajabi
  • ClickFunnels
  • InstaPage

Why Choose Kartra Pages?

You can choose Kartra Pages because:

a. The Most Powerful Yet Simple And The Best Page Builder:

  • You will be getting hundreds of readily available pages and section templates to choose from. You just have to search and pick the suitable one.
  • You can customize every element of the pages
  • You can integrate everything into a single platform
  • You can preview your page in mobile or device version too
  • No need for drafting and coding anything, just drag and drop and enjoy designing your pages
  • You can start by using templates or can start from the scratch
  • Change the colour, fonts, etc to match your brand
  • Publish your page on your own site with just by one-click.

b. Stack Your Pages Like Lego-Builder Set Just By Drag-n-Drop Action:


You might have played with a Lego builder set in your childhood right. Now it is time to build your creative pages with Kartra Pages in a similar way. You can stack the following elements of your pages according to your wish.

  • Headlines and paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Images and backgrounds
  • Carrousels
  • Videos and playlists
  • Buttons and icons
  • Navigation menus
  • Accordions
  • Countdowns
  • Google maps
  • Facebook and Disqus comments
  • Social media share buttons
  • Sticky alert bars
  • Landing, exit and info popup windows

c. Enjoy Using Readily Available Templates:


If you don’t want to create anything new, no problem. You can simply enjoy choosing from 100s of different readily available page templates that include lead capture pages, sales pages, checkout pages, video pages, coming soon pages, webinar pages, blog pages, and so on. You will get gorgeous ready-to-use templates for any niche and industry.

d. Create Pop-Ups For Any Pages:


You can create any pop-ups like landing pop-ups, exit pop-ups, checkout pop-ups, video pop-ups, info pop-ups, etc.

e. Create Convertible Forms Within A Few Minutes:


Kartra Pages allow you to create lead capture forms and checkout forms that make your visitors convert into customers.

f. Host The Pages In Kartra Or Export And Publish Them On Your Own Site:

If you don’t own any website you can host it in Kartra or else you can use a simple code and host it on your own site.

g. Get Behavioural Adaptive Marketing:

You can create tag-based content, history-based content and list-based content.

g. Design your complete website:

Create and share a globalized menu header and footer for all pages on your site. When you add any new section or make any changes, it will show up on your site. You can design your logo, colour or styles for each page so that your site is unique and can be identified easily.

You need not have to copy-paste the tracking code to every single page. Once you embed it, it will get placed on all your pages.

You can maximize your SEO ranking for your complete site.

h. Perform A/B Split Testing:


You can perform A/B testing on up to 4 varieties of pages for your campaigns. Define your custom rotation for each of the tests. You can track your visitors and see an increase in your revenue.

g. Customize Your Page and Content Suitable For Each Device:


Design your pages such that they will best fit any platform, whether it is desktop, mobile, iPhone or tablet.

h. Trace Your Visitors, Improve Your Pages To Scale Up Your Business:


Have a complete analysis of the number of visitors, their goals, time spent by them on your pages, conversion through which device, and complete scroll on a heatmap.

How To Create Stunning Pages Using Kartra Pages?

Kartra Pages upholds drag-n-drop webpage builder that gives power to your imagination and creativity. You don’t require any expensive team of web builders, developers or designers to create your web pages. No need to spend extra time and money on hiring professionals. Instead, you only can create a number of pages without any hassle.

You can choose any ready-made Kartra templates and modify them accordingly.

The Pages You Can Create With Kartra Page-Builder:

The pages you can create with Kartra include landing pages, opt-in forms, membership pages, sales pages, thank you pages, entire marketing funnels and many more. You can create any type of web page for your business as Kartra Page Builder is easy to use.

The template page types you get include Squeeze pages, Coming Soon pages, Product launch pages, Video sales pages, Long sales pages, Product reviews, Thank you pages, Webinar registration forms, etc.

There are multiple templates for each category that you can choose from or can start creating your own pages from scratch. You can even save your page as a template in your personal library for later use.

Go to Page Builder in My Pages on the left side menu. Click on the + Page icon. Then you will be getting the template page types. You can preview each of them before using them by clicking on the preview button for each and selecting the one which fits your design.

Modifying Page Templates from Kartra’s Page Library:

As mentioned earlier, Kartra Page Builder gives you loads of options and is completely flexible so that you can make your web-building like a pro within no time.

  • Go to the side menu bar and then click on My Pages
  • Click on the + Page icon
  • You will be getting a list of template categories, choose a category that you want to have
  • You can see what they look like by hovering around them with your mouse and then clicking on the preview option for any of the templates.

After selecting the template of your choice, you can click on the Select option to modify it and then click Launch Builder. Then customize your template as you like.

You will be having 2 important tools on the top, Column Mode and Component Mode.


Column Mode allows you to customize the structure of the page such as adding columns, moving boxes or editing the background or background images, etc.

Component Mode enables you to change the individual elements within the page such as forms, links, videos, etc.

If you want to edit, go to the sidebar and select page setting for SEO, custom tracking codes and tags.

Then select the style for your entire page like background colour, whether a page has to fill the window or will be fixed at a certain width.

You can then choose the options for adding pop-up windows to your page. You can explore the readily available templates and select the best one for your project.

Next are the options for adding pop-up windows to your page. There are many templates available for these, so make sure you take a minute to explore to find the best one for your project.

Then, you have sections and components options. Sections cover the whole page and components sit within sections. Sections may be a set of empty columns, top menus, testimonials, or price tables. Select the one which you like and drag it onto the page.


After placing a Section in your place, select the Component mode from the top menu and customize the individual parts or choose column mode to edit the style of the section. Components can be a video, countdown or any such page, you can drag that into your section. Select component mode for editing the content.

After placing the sections and components as you like, use the actions to preview your page and then save it. You can even make the page as a template if you want to use the same style afterwards.

Embedding Objects Into Kartra Pages:

For creating impressive pages, you can add the things like videos or forms. You can embed objects easily with a drag-n-drop interface provided by Kartra Page Builder.

a. Placing a Video On A Page In Kartra:

  • Choose Components from the side menu
  • Select Videos from the list of block templates
  • Click and drag the video into the page where you want to place your video and let that be in component mode.
  • Click on the pencil to edit the video.
  • You will be getting a configuration menu for your video that pops up on the left. You can then adjust the margins for the video with a style menu or borders placed around the video.
  • In order to select your videos, select the video configuration menu and will be getting a dropdown list for selecting the video. You can select the video that you have already uploaded to Kartra or upload a new video with upload a new video link.
  • You will also have the option to auto-play the video, remove the controls, mute the video before playing, etc.

b. To Place An Opt-In Form Onto Your Page:

  • Click components and then scroll down to select Opt-in form
  • Click and drag a selected opt-in form to your page and then edit it
  • Select the opt-in form that you have created before from the dropdown menu.

Creating a Kartra Page from Scratch:


You can also start building your page from scratch. You can control both the functionality and appearance of your page.

a. Select The Builder To Start A Page From Scratch:

  • Go to My Pages from the sidebar and then click on + Page
  • Select the Blank Canvas and Click on Launch Builder in the top menu.
  • Give a name and a project name for this page.

b. Creating Sections for your Page:

  • Select the Sections icon from the sidebar and then select the type of sections that you want from the Block templates menu
  • When you add an empty section, you have to fill it with the columns before adding any components.
  • Click on the components icon, choose the column from the list, and select the portion of the screen to be filled with columns.

C. Adding Components To Your Page:

After setting the overall page layout, you can add specific components to your page by clicking the component icon from the side menu. Then select the type of component and then just drag and drop it into the section. You can add any type of content likewise.

d. Adding Finishing Touches To Your Page:

Use the Styles option to change the page and content background colour, font and size of the text, etc.

To add new features like a footer with contact info, testimonials, additional menus, etc, return to sections and components.

e. Publishing Your Page:

Once you are done with building your page, click the actions button and then select publish live from the dropdown menu.

You have the option to publish on Kartra or publish on your own server. If you want to publish on Kartra, it will be automatically hosting all the files needed for your websites and you can access it at URL.

You have two options if you want to publish on your own service, embed code or full HTML.

Full HTML is entire page content hosted on your servers and Embed Code allows you to display the page on your domain when hosting in Kartra. Add this code to the blank page of your domain.

Every time you update your page domain in Kartra Page Builder, your page on your site also gets updated automatically when you embed the code. With Full HTML, you need to edit your page on your server to get the changes updated.

Final Views:

You can use Kartra Pages not only for building your landing pages but also for other pages for your business including email subscriptions, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar registration pages, upsell or down-sell pages, product launch pages with videos, and many more. You can create complete marketing web pages or a single off-marketing page. You can even have A/B split test for pages created in Kartra or for your own pages created outside Kartra.

Kartra Pages are completely adjustable to your situation and let you create your pages however you want by using built-in web page elements including your opt-in forms, contact info boxes, call-to-action along with countdown timers, checkout forms, pricing tables, notification bars, etc.

You can create any number of pages with Kartra Page Builder easily without wasting money and time on expensive coders and developers.

So what are you waiting for? Give Kartra Pages a try and create your marketing pages like an expert quickly and effectively.

The 15 days Trial Period is streaming fast. So acquire your Kartra before the period ends.

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