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Kartra Memberships: A Better Way To Organize And Deliver Your Amazing Content And Valuable Course To Your Customer That Improves Your Revenue

Kartra Memberships is a perfect platform that enables you to create and organize your valuable content and courses and share them with your members or customers in a better way. It not only helps to build your content but it will also help in a step-by-step learning experience for your users.


Have you ever thought of how memberships are important in generating consistent revenue? Are your users turned away after making a certain purchase and do you want to bring them back to your sales journey?

It is possible to do so, now with Kartra Memberships. It helps you to create, manage and track membership subscriptions in an organized way that helps you to earn some extra money on a regular basis.

You can easily share your knowledge with others through the Kartra Memberships portal which is a key source of regular and recurring income.

Now, let us see in brief, what Kartra Memberships is and how to use it to optimize your revenue generation by sharing your content and courses with the members and the customers.

What Are Kartra Memberships?

Your marketing or business depends on the number of customers that you have. They have to know if any new product is being launched, or if there is any update in your products or services. They have to be engaged throughout the journey of your marketing. But for this, you need to have consistency. You need to have new products every time.

But what to do if there is a gap between your old product sales and the launching of new products? How to keep your members engaged? The solution is through sharing with them a course or content, which will earn you an extra dollar.

As soon as you convinced someone to click on buy, they are now with you for a regular sale. When a new person buys your products, they will get added to your recurring revenue that keeps on growing until you have anything to do to earn every month.


Membership sites not only provide you with a platform to share your ideas with others but it is a key source of regular and recurring income that gives you some extra money to enjoy a stress-free and comfortable life.

Kartra Memberships enables you to create, manage and track your membership subscription in an organized and multi-tiered portal so that you can easily develop a constant source of income every month.

You can choose from a set of impressive and professionally designed layouts and customize the colour to suit your brand.

Kartra gives you the feasibility to import audio, video, pdf and article files from your page, so you can create appealing content. You can even take advantage of Kartra’s drip content feature if you want to restrict the access to users for downloading your data or if you want to keep them engaged and continuously paying for their subscription without constant content creation.

When you have multiple things to share or if you have a number of membership sites, you can host them all in one big membership portal, and only grant access to the content that the user has paid for. You can let your user explore everything that you want to offer and gain some extra sales.

You can even manage their comments, revoke them, grant access and tag them manually or automatically.

Are you ready to earn more from each customer while working less? Then give a shot to Kartra Memberships.

Kartra Memberships site builder and manager is a must-have tool to run your business and is included in every Kartra account.

What Other Tools Does Kartra Membership Replace?

Kartra Memberships replaces the following tools:

  • Kajabi
  • teachable
  • MemberSpace
  • teachery
  • thinkific
  • simplero
  • Builderall
  • podia

Why Choose Kartra Memberships?

a. It Gives You A Full Learning Experience:


Kartra Memberships is a unique and perfect tool that helps in delivering your training materials to customers. It allows you to organize and share your content with users. You can create a training course, a private community space, or a multi-topic content directory with Kartra Memberships keeping the whole experience for your users intuitive and within reach.

You can use the Drag and Drop interface to build your memberships through the “What You See Is What You Get” principle. Select the required interface, and drag and drop it to the page.

Make use of various readily available professionally built templates to design your own branded and customized membership site.

You can have multiple membership tiers and define how to access those levels along with their own content and pricing.

You can upload and share your files, videos, or audio in whatever format, whether it may be text, video, audio podcast, or a mix of all three.

You can organize your lesson into categories, sub-categories and individual articles so that they can be readily available to the users.

It is also possible to make your content available all at once or you can set the time for dripping your content on a regular time basis.

It will be easier to manage even if you have more than one membership through multi-membership portals for catching cross-sale opportunities.

Kartra Memberships will track your individual user and keeps a record of their progress through your content. You can set it as an ideal bookmark for your online courses or even for learning centres.

b. What You Need Is More Than Just A Login Key:


It will be stressful to manage the login credentials of hundreds of users, But Kartra Memberships will take care of that.

Rather than just a password, a login is an intelligent tool that unlocks your content to the customers and also governs who has to get what and when.

You may set single sign-on credentials that help your customers to access any membership site he has registered with a single password. You may even set multi-tiered memberships like bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Kartra facilitates you the power to configure different tiers to give access to your users for different predefined sets of content.

Make your content to release at a certain scheduled time and Kartra will take care of dripping it to the customers according to your preset time.

Kartra even creates and sends the email about the login credentials to every customer as soon as they register. You are allowed to customize and brand your welcome email as per your wish.

c. Tracking The Progression Of Your Members:


Kartra Memberships easily converts your content library into a wonderful step-by-step learning experience for your users.

The best part of Kartra Memberships is that it has a progression bar that tracks the progress of your customers within your membership content, so they can easily resume from where they left it. It also gives you full analytical data like an average user progression level, the average number of days spent from registration till the course completion, etc.

Kartra Memberships also make the provision of giving progressive content to your members thereby leading them to a higher tier. It also understands when your user has completed your course, so that you can configure a series of automation like displaying a congrats message or automatically unlocking the next tier or subscribing them to an advanced user mailing list, etc. Kartra Memberships designs your path beyond the training course.

d. Setting The Automated Content Drip:


You can have evergreen memberships. Release your content on a planned schedule on signup and let your customer experience the membership portal as a completely new one. You can set your posts to be released on the ‘N’ number of days since signup and let your user receive your content as per their progress. Say, for example, they can unlock chapter 1 right after their signup, 2nd chapter after 3-4 days, 3rd one after a week and so on. It will keep your users engaged and they will look forward to your latest post that is to be released no matter even if you have written it a year ago.

An automated email will be dispatched to a specific customer as soon as the system unlocks an article for him based on your drip set-up. This ensures that your users will never miss any new content that is being published.

Sometimes, you may just want to design all your membership portal content in advance and want your system to publish each post automatically at a particular date and time. So Kartra will help you to queue up your content to be published at a specified date and time. This will be ideal for time-based events like a product launch, live training, etc.

e. Power To Moderate, Interact And Support:

It will be better to have comments and questions from your followers that complete the learning experience.

Kartra Membership’s comment section allows you to interact and respond to your user’s questions and feedback. You can even determine approval, or moderation for your user’s comment or can hold it for further review.

It will be difficult to manage everything by yourself. So, take the help of your staff and assign him some admin permissions to look after the community on your behalf.

f. Management Of Your Members:


Kartra allows you to see, filter and manage all your users in a centralized console and displays everything at a glance.

You can get to know the members online or offline, or whether they are active or have been cancelled.

Kartra Memberships progression bars will be noticing your user performance and let you know how far each member has reached in your content portal.

You can even grant or stop access. You can upgrade a specific user or can block the user manually.

Kartra Memberships will deny access to a user who has cancelled or refunded a paid subscription.

You can manage your users as you want, export a CSV file, assign a tag to everyone at a certain level, trigger further automation for your user on completing the course and so on.

g. Access To Multi-Site Portals:


Gather all your memberships in a single platform and let them promote each other.

Group all your membership sites in a single portal and you can have a unique dashboard for all the courses.

Sometimes your users want to go through all your membership sites, even though they are not part of it yet. So, you can grab this opportunity to gain some extra sales from that.

Each user will be provided with a unique login credential for all the membership sites he has registered for, so no more hassle in managing the password.

h. Tracking The Analytics:


Kartra Memberships analytics gives you complete data and filters the analytics as you want, by date, by membership, by access level, etc. You can easily come to know how many users are signing up and how many are cancelling their membership subscriptions. You can even come to know how many members are active at a particular time.

Kartra Memberships understands the average retention of your users’ subscriptions. It tells you how long your members are keeping their subscriptions on an average basis.

It also knows how many users are consuming your content and whether they are leaving early, etc. It also tells you how long an average customer takes to complete your course.

i. Make Use Of Various Stunning Templates:


You can use drag-n-drop membership builder and become a master designer of your own membership sites with a “what you see is what you get” interface which is optimized 100% for every platform, let it be desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Your membership sites will perfectly suit all of them.

Make use of stunning templates available with your Kartra package and are designed by professionals to keep your members engaged. You can upload your own logo, apply the font and colours that suit your brands and choose your own layout and on-page elements. Kartra Memberships is flexible and highly customizable.

How To Use Kartra Memberships To Build Your Membership Site And To Share Your Content or Course?

You can create membership sites with Kartra to share your content with your users through secured pages. Kartra Memberships is a platform that automatically generates login pages, usernames and passwords, etc. so that you just focus on your content creation.


You will be having a home page, post pages and categories to organize your content and you can even edit the texts, and add images, audio clips, videos or any downloadable documents and you can host them directly on the Kartra Pages.

With Kartra Memberships you are not only creating your content but also delivering it to your members as per time and membership levels.

You can go to My Products in Kartra Overview Board. Select the Post Sales settings and then select Kartra Memberships. You need to specify a membership for a specific product and Kartra sends login credentials to your customer automatically.

It is an all-in-one platform to share a membership with your customer leads.

a. How To Set Up Your Membership Content Structure?

Kartra helps you to build a membership site with content, comments, helpdesk, and different access levels. Kartra Memberships sites are similar to your blog sites but you can provide a username and password to your customers to access the content.

Go to My Memberships in the side menu and click on Add Membership button. You need to fill in your Membership name and then you will be getting Content Builder.

Firstly, you need to create a Home Page, because this is the first page that your customer will be visiting after they log in. You will be seeing a logo and a navigation bar at the top. Select the logo, edit and customize it according to your brand. The navigation bar will auto-update as you create your membership site. Select the readily available content from the side menu bar and drag-n-drop it on your page. Modify the text or write the text as you want.

After creating a homepage with some welcome information or introduction, by clicking and dragging the components of your choice, now you can go to create New Category for your navigation bar. Click and drag the “New Category” icon from the top of the side menubar in the builder, and then drag-n-drop a new category on the top of your page.

Here a category refers to a page which holds the posts with your content. Drag the content that you want on each page from the sidebar and enter the content as you proceed. You can further organize your content by creating subcategories.

b. How To Upload Your Content For Membership Sites In Kartra?

You may be having the best content for your membership site, but want to host it somewhere. No need to worry, Kartra gets you covered. You can upload images, audio playlists, video clips and other files and make them available for all your members.

Select the Membership builder from the My Memberships option and the n click on Add Membership button. In order to add content to an existing membership, that you have created before, click the Edit tool next to membership.

Find the type of content you want to upload from the builder like images, videos, audios, playlists, etc and then just drag and drop them into your page.

If you want to upload an image to your category/page, you can do so by linking the image to a URL of your choice by entering the URL, once it uploads. You can add Audio playlists by simply dragging the element where you want to place it, then select the audio playlist file that you want your users to play on the membership site.

You have some additional options to add the videos. You will be getting 4 different options to embed your video. You can select videos from Kartra, YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo. Kartra not only provides flexibility to host your video but it also tracks and tags the viewers, using forms within the window and more. You don’t have to exit the window to upload a video to Kartra, You just need to hit “Upload a new video.”

You can even embed your files to download for your members. Go to the Download box icon, click on browse and select the file you need to embed.

c. How To Setup Access Levels and Drip Content for Your Memberships:

You need to create Access Levels and Drip-Content. Dripping Content means it will be released on a scheduled date or time.

After you have done creating all your content in the Membership Site Builder, move on to the next step, which is “Access Levels.”

You can create different levels of memberships, based on what type of content is being delivered to various members. You can even lock certain content for another signup page. It will be available for the Advanced membership level.

Each of the categories created thus in the builder will be stored as pages on your Membership site. You can see different unlock dates so that your content will be available to particular members on the scheduled date and time.

Final Views:

You might have convinced your customers to click on your Ads and come to your site. You also made them purchase your products. Once the sale has been done, there will be a time gap until you release your next product. What will be the source of revenue during that phase? You also need to work hard to bring leads constantly and make them get engaged with you until you release the next product.

Running a business literally includes many things and if you don’t have a regular source of income, every day turns out to be a battle.

Once you convince your customer to click on buy, they are now on your regular sales and every time a new customer buys, he will add some penny to your recurring revenue.

Kartra Memberships help you to create, manage and track the subscriptions in an organized manner to earn a consistent source of income. You can use professionally designed layouts and customize them to match your brand.

You can also host audio, video, pdf, and article files from your own page and create content that appeals to everyone. You can also take advantage of Kartra’s drip content system to deliver your content systematically at a scheduled time.

You can also manage, stop or grant access to your content. You can even tag them manually or automatically.

So, Kartra Memberships is a perfect tool to create amazing content or course, but it also ensures a regular source of income by delivering your content to your customers.

So, What are you waiting for? Grab your Kartra Memberships today to earn that extra point of money.

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