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Kartra Leads: The Useful Guide On How To Attract Your User’s Attention With Kartra Leads To Convert Them Into Qualifying Lead

Kartra Leads allows you to manage and optimize your leads by grabbing the attention of your users and helping them to convert into qualifying leads.

For any online business, you will be getting a number of visitors who will be just glancing at your website, app or any of your marketing pages. It is no rule that every person who visits your site should become your customer or has to convert into a lead. Only around 40% of the prospects will turn out to be a qualitative lead.

So, you need to care about those qualifying leads. You must have to know what they actually want and provide them with the solutions. Kartra comes out with a solution for your lead management. The tool for your lead management is here – Kartra Leads.


Kartra Leads not only manages and optimizes your leads but allows you to better understand every lead. Let us see further what is Kartra Leads and How to manage and optimize your leads using this powerful tool.

What Is A Kartra Leads?

The powerful online marketing tool Kartra offers you many amazing features and one of them is Kartra Leads.

Leads are no doubt, the powerful assets of any marketing. These leads include prospects, customers, affiliates, etc. which are very essential in your business and without them, it is hard to make a good ROI for your business. That is why Kartra Leads pay more attention to them.

Kartra Leads allows you to know everything about your leads like what newsletters or automated sequences they are subscribed to, what products or services they have purchased, their lifetime value, whether they have any support tickets on hand, or have received any sort of mail, or have clicked on your link, etc.

As mentioned earlier, lead generation is the key aspect of any business growth, but many times, it becomes difficult to follow up on your entire leads. 70% of leads will fail to convert if there is a disconnection. You may fail to recognize them and you can’t group them under the same list. It leads to a breakdown in conversions.

With automated lead scoring, it is possible to send relevant messages to related people and less chance of missing out on any quality leads being converted. So, you need to have a proper tool to manage your leads which leads to maximizing your conversion rate and high amount of purchases from your leads.


With Kartra Leads, you can have a 360-degree view of your contacts. In Kartra, everything is automated and interconnected whether it is an opt-in form or your webpage, a membership site or video views, product sales or analytics, and so on.

You can even have trigger-based automation based on their action and tags. This gives you a unique user experience, where they have a chance to opt for their own path and give them what they want so that they can convert much faster.

For Whom Kartra Leads Best Suits?

Kartra Leads is suitable for freelancers, small business owners, mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, large companies, online marketers, etc. those who want to scale their business and want to capture more leads.

What Are The Benefits Of Kartra Leads?

  1. It replaces various lead management tools including Infusionsoft, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, LeadFeeder, Kajabi, HubSpot, OntraPort, and 10X Pro.
  2. You can have an overall view of your lead’s profile and their history on your page.
  3. You can follow their journey to know about their behavioural pattern, validate your blueprint by designing a proper sales funnel, and also you can find out if there is any broken link and can sort it out early.
  4. It provides you with advanced tagging and leads scoring.
  5. You can create your own lead or import a batch of leads.

How To Create A Lead Page With Kartra Leads To Capture Your Leads?


In order to impress your leads, you need to have some opt-in forms which are highly responsive and convertible. You can create a Kartra Leads form which allows your visitors to convert highly into subscribers and they will be getting an email to their inbox.

a. Creating Your Form To Capture Your Leads:

Kartra’s Form Builder allows you to create customizable forms which are highly optimized and responsive opt-in forms. You will be getting a number of readily available forms on Kartra Leads pages or you can choose from creating a new form. You can create your own Kartra Forms as per your design and place them wherever you want.


You can easily place your form into any Kartra Page just by clicking and dragging it into the pages of your choice. If you want to place it outside Kartra Leads, like your own site or your blog, you just need to embed the small coding which may be in the form of HTML or Javascript. You can just copy-paste it into your own pages.

Go to My Forms in the Kartra Menu, and click on the + icon to create a new form. You will be getting a new opt-in form and name your form.

You will get a form builder in Kartra and it will have four types of form layouts to choose from.

  1. Embedded in the page
  2. Create a button and once you click it, the form will pop up
  3. Sign up from the right-hand side and a small window containing your name and email id will pop up from the right side.
  4. Sign up from the bottom, and a small window pops up from the bottom.

Multiple templates are readily available for each type of form. You can select the template of your choice. Some templates have videos and some of them have images. You can edit and change the template as required.

1. Setting up Your Form Fields For Your Kartra Leads Page:


The first option in your form building is to set up the form field. For a new page, an email id and name are included in the fields by default. You can remove the name field if you don’t want.

You can add any other custom fields to get whatever information you want to collect from your customer. You can click on the new fields and add the fields. it is to be kept in mind that if you request more information for opt-in, your conversion will be less. So be careful while adding the fields. You can even change the colour of the button to suit your product. Click on save and next.

2. Confirmation:

The second option in your opt-in form is confirmation.

  • i. Select between the single opt-in form or double opt-in form
  • ii. Add the URL of thank you page to which your customers get redirected
  • iii. Click confirm for both steps
  • iv. Click on save and next

Once your customer fills in an opt-in form, you may want them to get redirected to thank you page, which will be a token of appreciation for filling in your opt-in form.

Once you are done with publishing the thank you page, copy the URL of that page and paste it into the box labelled “Thank You Page URL” on the confirmation step in your opt-in form set-up. Now your customer will receive thank you as soon as they fill in the form.

You can even send a thank you to a customer who signs up.

3. Welcome email:


The next step after confirmation is welcome where you have the option to send an email to your customer with a welcoming message.

  • i. You can send a welcoming message through email, SMS or even opt not to send a welcome message.
  • ii. You can change the welcome message in the email using an email form.
  • iii. Click on save and next.

4. Automations:

It is the most interesting step in your form building. You can define what actions will take place for the leads who fill out your form. You can add

  • i. Tags
  • ii. Lists
  • iii. Sequences
  • iv. Automations

You can start automation after your customer fills in the form. Decide the trigger and actions. Select the cause and effect, Click on the add button and once finished, click on save.

5. Design Your Form Using Kartra Leads:

The next option is designing your form. You will be getting multiple templates to create your form in Kartra Leads. You can decide where to place the form like has it to be embedded in Kartra Pages, Kartra Videos, or on your own site. You can customize your form if you want to embed the page in your own page. Click on the Launch the Form Builder.

Go to the sidebar, and you will be having form setting and template options. The template settings will include

  • i. an embedded form or a button leading to an overlay window
  • ii. adjusting the dimensions or using a fixed width for your window size
  • iii. border appearance of the box.

Once you selected the settings, you can choose a template. You will be getting various pre-built templates readily available and they can be edited and customized according to your needs. Some templates may have videos embedded in them, some have images. You will also have squeeze pages, video sales pages, logo pages, checkout pages and product launch pages.

You can also start from scratch, where you will be getting a blank page, and you can drag and drop the options. Use the page builder. Open up the sections and find the menu. You can even choose from the available options. You can place the menu button bar at the top and can modify the options, they can be linked to your Kartra Leads pages and even you can add the logo.

You will also have hero sections and find the suitable section template. You can drag and drop them and can edit anything. Change the text, and colour of the buttons, place them in a suitable place, add a logo etc.

After you designed a template as you like with Kartra Leads form builder, you can preview how the form will look on various devices including desktops, laptops, phones and tablets. Once you are done, click on the actions to save your progress, preview it and then save and exit.

You have limitless options to customize your opt-in form. Kartra Forms makes it easier for your marketing funnel.

6. Complete the Process For Creating and publishing Your Katra Leads Form:

Once finished, you can be able to publish it on your page using either HTML format or JavaScript format.

You are all set to impress your leads.

b. Putting A Form On A Page Built-In On Kartra Leads:

It will be easier to place your customized opt-in form on the Kartra Leads page.

Go to My Pages in the sidebar and edit your page or create a new page. In the page builder, select the component mode by clicking on the box icon located next to the grid icon. You can choose to add one of the pre-available template opt-in forms wherever you want or can add the forms that you have created on the My Campaign section like a clickable button on your page.

1. To Add A Template Opt-In Forms:

  • Go to components at the side menu and select opt-in forms. Click and drag a form into your page
  • Edit the form by clicking the edit option, you can customize the style, form, fields, and the button text and colour.

2. To Add Your Own Forms That You Have Created:


You can also create an overlay window for your form by adding a button to your page by clicking and dragging it.

  • Go to the component, select the buttons and drag and drop the selected button on your page.
  • Choose the pencil icon to edit a button and place it in the required space.
  • You will be getting a configuration menu. Select the link option located at the top.
  • You can then select the pop an opt-in window option, open the drop-down list and choose the select opt-in. You can select your own form.
  • Press the apply button and your form will open up when the button is clicked.

3. Assigning A Captured Lead To An Automated Sequence:


As you got a lead using an opt-in form, you can then add them to a sequence. It will be like using an autoresponder, but you can use Kartra.

  • Go to the My Forms section and edit your opt-in form.
  • Go to Automation in the top bar.
  • Click + icon for creating new automation.
  • Give the If command and click the add button.
  • Give Then command and choose the sequence and the steps, click on add button.
  • Click on the save button and the automation will be added successfully to your form.

Once your visitor finishes filling up your form, they will be directed to your sequence. You can add multiple targeted emails.

c. Viewing The Form Analytics For The Leads in Your Kartra Leads:

You can analyse and track your leads and also get statistics about your leads. You can come to know your visitors, one who visited your form, subscribers, one who filled out your form, pending, one who hasn’t yet processed any action, opt-in ratio, or the percentage of the viewers who signed up after looking at your form.

You can even edit the data using two-drop bubbles. You can even specify a form and time frame for analysis. You can add the form name, ratio, visitors, and subscriptions, from today, from yesterday, confirmation or pending. You can even find out which forms are doing well, you can redesign your form and funnel for getting better results.

Final Views:

If you are in online marketing or any business, it is essential to have quality leads who help you directly or indirectly to grow your business. Not all the people who visit your sites are not leads. The visitors who have subscribed to your newsletter, have purchased one or many of your products/services, who have filled out any of your forms, etc are considered to be your leads.

The customers who show interest in your brand, products or services are your leads who help to improve your business in every possible way.

For improving your business you must need to generate as many leads as possible. A better number of qualified leads means better sales, better products/services, better marketing, etc. They help in the overall growth of your business.

Kartra Leads helps to generate the leads in an effective way. Kartra Leads not only manages and optimizes your leads but allows you to better understand every lead.

With Kartra Leads you can have a crystal clear picture of the behavioural patterns of your early users like how they got to know about your page, how they landed on your site, when they exit, what are the links they clicked, and their transition right from the moment they signed up until the point of checkout, etc. It gives you valuable insights that lead to designing your campaigns better and finally, you can stop guessing who your audience or customers are.

Kartra’s automated lead scoring automatically adds scores to all the interactions that have been acted by customers with your emails, webpages, membership portals, helpdesk videos, checkout, etc.

You can come to know whom you have to focus on. You can also trigger Kartra’s automation based on a lead reaching a certain score or based on the tag they have received. This gives you a unique user experience and they can select their own path to quickly buy what they want.

As you can see, not only are Kartra Forms highly customizable, but smart too. You can find out which forms are performing well, and retool your funnel for better and better returns!

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Kartra Leads VS LeadPages

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