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Kartra Integrations And API: The Easy Guide On Using Kartra Integrations And APIs To Enhance Your Online Networks

Kartra allows you to integrate with many native or customized businesses for enhancing your network and helping your business to run smoother.

You can use the inbound and outbound features of Kartra Integrations And APIs for bridging your Kartra account with your own account.


Kartra Integrations And APIs don’t go well with third-party integrations, as it is an all-in-one platform for your business. However, the inbuilt integrations are very powerful. You can connect with some tools like Zapier, PayPal, Kajabi, Braintree, etc.

You can easily set up anything that is needed for your business and can access any documentation for help from the integrations hub. If you set up a scheduling form on your page it will get updated automatically in your Google Calendar.

Now, let us know more about Kartra Integrations And APIs.

What Are Kartra Integrations And APIs?

Through Kartra Integrations And APIs, you can securely connect and interact with Kartra. APIs rely upon your platform and helps users automatically subscribe to your Kartra account without much manual input. Users have to be granted permission to handle their personal data and they have to agree to be registered to your contact list and have permission to communicate with them in future.

Kartra Integrations And APIs can also be used as App developers and your app will be approved and valid.

Kartra has integrated with some native and famous SaaS tools that you can use to simplify your online business. Like:

a. Payment Process Integrations: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and

b. Email Marketing Software Integrations: Send Grid, MailGun, ElasticMail, PostMark.

c. Membership site software integrations: Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member, and Wishlist.

d. SMS Software Integrations: Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo.

e. Calendar Integrations: Google Calendar, Calendly.

API is an Application Programming Interface that allows various apps to interact with each other and also with hardware. It acts as a bridge between your software and devices. There will be a number of applications that are based on different technologies and uses different programming languages hence there is a need for the integration of different tools and APIs to communicate with each other.

Web Applications use the Front end and Back end that has to be developed using different languages like JavaScript for the front end and Python for the back end. APIs will allow these two to interact with each other and lets the work go side by side.

Since Kartra is all in one platform, you don’t need too much of 3rd party applications. Kartra has already integrated with some of the Apps mentioned above for better working of your business.

Kartra has got easy to set up interfaces and integrations, and you can go through the documentation through the integrations hub. Let’s say for example you have set up a scheduling page in Kartra and that will automatically get updated even in your Google Calendar. Your APIs will also support you when you want to use them.

With Kartra Integrations And APIs, you have your own email marketing automation, lead management tool, product pages, page builders, checkout pages, and many more, so you don’t have to integrate with CRMs for the email marketing process. But for the payment process, you may connect PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Zapier with Kartra.

Kartra’s user interface is very simple and easy to use. Its API helps you to develop apps even if you are not a tech person. If you are a professional webmaster, then Kartra will help you to design your website better. With Kartra API you can design and develop your apps with ease and without any hassle.

Kartra’s API allows you to create your own custom integrations, which gives you many possibilities to automate your workflow. By integrating Kartra to Zapier, you can be able to connect thousands of web apps.

The Reasons To Choose Kartra Integrations And APIs:

a. It Has Native Integrations:


Kartra Integrations And APIs are integrated with some of the biggest software and help to manage your entire business. Kartra is an all-in-one platform that integrates many successful tools so that you can build anything required for your business through different Kartra Features.

  • Payment Gateways: Kartra has integrated with Stripe,, PayPal and Braintree to Kartra Checkouts that help in processing your payment successfully.
  • Email Gateways: You can have SendGrid, MailGun, ElasticMail and Postmark connected with mass email SMTPs for delivering your email campaigns to your users. You have Kartra Mails integrated with your Kartra Account which is an SMTP gateway provided by Kartra if you don’t like to plug in any of your messaging or mailing gateways.
  • SMS Gateways: You are having Twilio, Plivo, and Nexmo for delivering your SMS campaigns to your users.
  • Membership Platforms: Kartra is connected with membership portals like Kajabi, aMember, Digital Access Pass, Optimize Press, S2 Member and Wishlist, for successfully hosting your content and you also have Kartra Memberships in your own Kartra Account.
  • Hub Connectors: Kartra integrates with the world’s No.1 inter-app connector, Zapier, which helps your Apps to communicate with each other and provide you with the best results.
  • Calendar Apps: You can sync your Kartra Calendars with Google Calendars to avoid double-booking your appointments.

b. Connect With Your Custom Integrations:


Would you or your development team like to code and integrate your own custom integration? Then, Kartra’s API, IPN and Custom App will help you in this regard by providing you with all the necessary tools you need.

  • Kartra Integrations And APIs offer you both outbound and inbound API tools so that you can connect your Kartra account with your customized back-end code.
  • Kartra Integrations And APIs will send an automatic notification to your apps as soon as your customers place an order through the Kartra Checkouts page. You will be getting an IPN, which will provide detailed information about the customer and the transaction.
  • If you are coding your own apps, software or SaaS, you can connect it with Kartra so that your users or other people can get benefited from that.

How To Use Kartra Integrations And APIs?

a. Activating Your API:

You need to create a Kartra App in order to accept your inbound API call by Kartra. Go to My Integrations, Click on Developers and then Click on API. You need to test your app before releasing it.

1. Test Mode and Live Mode:

Once you have done creating your App, it will run automatically on test mode. During the testing phase, the app will be 100% operational and you can use and execute all the possible commands from the Kartra Integrations And APIs system. But you have 2 limitations during the testing mode. You will not be able to send any emails to your registered leads via Kartra and the registered lead will be having their domain name replaced by

If you want to activate the mailing system, then you have to provide your App with Live Activation. Kartra admins will manually review your app and will respond soon.

2. The App ID and API Keys:

You will be getting a unique App ID, that you need to include in each of the API calls before sending it to Kartra and if there is no valid App ID, then Kartra will not be accepting that call.

You will be having two roles:

  • i. The App Developer: It will be basically you. The creator of the 3rd party software would be wanting to create an integration with Kartra. You will be having the App ID.
  • ii. The App Users: Most probably your customers or yourself if you are using your own App. App users just need to have an active Kartra account, so your API needs the user’s API key and API password.

The actions that you command for API calls will get executed in the App user’s Kartra account but not in the developer’s account. It means that App acts as a conductor that executes an action on behalf of the App User.

b. Connecting To The API:

It is required to connect to the Kartra Integrations And APIs by sending a post request to a secured API URL at It has to be in https format as API requires SSL encryption for accepting a request. Every API call has to include an array of the following:

  • i. User’s API Key: api_key
  • ii. User’s API Password: api_password
  • iii. Developer’s App ID: app_id

App Developer and App’s end users will get a particular API key and API password by navigating to My Integrations and then API and then your API key. As the developer, you will have the App ID and need to code it into your App’s API calls in Kartra. Your end-users must use their respective Kartra API key and API password. You need to create a user interface that helps your user to fill in. Know about Kartra API’s coding limit and use it in your codings.

c. Lead Searching, Coding And Editing:

Kartra Integrations And APIs focus on managing the leads in your contacts database. The first step in the API call is identifying the specific lead at which the API call is aimed. You can use multiple actions for a particular lead with the same API call but cannot use the same actions for other leads. If you want to add or edit multiple leads, you have to send individual calls separately.

While passing the lead’s data in your API call, it will confirm your contacts database to locate the particular lead. Mention the ID or Email of the lead in the API call. The lead will get identified by their ID or Email address as no two leads will have the same ID or same email address.

The flow to edit or create a lead will be as follows:

  1. After sending an API call, it will go through the Kartra contacts database and search for an existing match based on ID or Email. In case a lead is found, the system will execute the required actions for that lead.
  2. If no match is found for the given ID or Email, the system will notify with a “Lead Not Found” error. You need to Create a Lead API call, followed by other calls with desired actions for the new lead. You can even use two or more chain commands within the same API call, for making your calls more effective. Use Create + desired action.

d. Lead: Retrieving data

This will allow you to retrieve the profile info of one specific lead from your contacts database. In order to do so, we will search the lead’s email with the function get_lead.

How To Manage Your Integrations With Kartra Integrations And APIs?

a. Payment Gateways:

You rarely require payment gateways for Kartra. But if you want to sell your product online through Kartra, you need to have an account in any of the payment gateways.

Every integration needs different requirements. First, let us see how to set up an integration with Authorize. net. You first need to sign up for the Customer Information Manager (CIM) service.

After setting up, Click 3 dots to add an integration. You need to have an API login, Transaction key, Signature key, and Public client-key. You will be finding it in your account.

Once you have confirmed that all the information is right and in the correct place, click Create. You will be getting a URL to use in your account to allow Kartra as a webhook endpoint. Webhook endpoints help payment gateways to communicate transactions with Kartra. You will also get notifications about any refund, cancellation, or problems with payment gateways inside Kartra analytics.

Then you also need to integrate Braintree and Stripe with Kartra, but the methods will be slightly different. Braintree integration needs Merchant ID, Public key, Private key, and Tokenization key. You need to generate all these. But in Stripe, you will get a Secret key and a Publishable key by default in your account.

For developing an App, you need to create a developer account in Square, go to the site and sign in to your Square account. After signing in click on the +Create button to create an App in your developer account. Name your App and click Save. Then go to Sandbox text accounts and click Open on the default test account. Make sure to keep this page open while integrating it with Kartra, as there should be interaction with that page during integration.

Go back to Kartra to start your integration process. Click on Connect Square option in the Square Integration panel. After connecting, you will be directed back to Kartra.

Then, you will be asked for the location from where you are going to sell. You can set various locations in your Square account. Click on Save and your integration to Square is complete.

The next one will be PayPal integration. You can have your own PayPal account. For Kartra integration you need to have a business or premier PayPal account as personal PayPal accounts can’t be used as payment gateways.

While adding a new integration, there may be a lack of fields to fill in, but you have Connect PayPal button. Log in to your business account and then click on the blue button. After you logged into your Business or Premier account, you can grant Kartra permission in your PayPal account.

You will be having two fields in Kartra, PayPal Email and Payment Data Transfer Token. The token allows Kartra to redirect your customers to the Thank You page once they have done the payment through PayPal. After adding and creating integration with PayPal, you need to configure Instant Payment Notification in PayPal. IPN will allow PayPal to send direct transaction details to Kartra.

PayPal requires customers to confirm purchases and doesn’t allow any changes in any ongoing transactions. In case there is a partial refund in your PayPal or any payment gateway, it will be shown in Kartra as a full refund only. This is because Kartra cannot display partial refunds made outside the Kartra account. The best way to confirm the correct integration is to purchase a product in your Kartra account. Testing will ensure that everything is working properly in your account

b. Email SMTP Gateways: Why and How To Integrate For Email?

Even if you have already customized your Kartra Mail integrations during Broadcast, you need to add your own SMTP service. Kartra may have some mail volume restrictions which differ from your preferred service. Some people find it cost-effective to send emails. There are different email send restrictions for different SMTP services. You can add any of them to your Kartra account if you feel it makes sense for your needs. You can stick with any SMTP service that you may be using already even while you move into Kartra’s services.

 i. How To Integrate An SMTP Service?

Your integration for all SMTP services will be similar and they just need an API key from that account. You can use ElasticMail, MailGun, PostMark and SendGrid as SMTP services. Mailgun requires an initial setup because its tracking system varies.

Go to the Domains section in your MailGun account and toggle Off each tracking setting as they inject their own tracking code into your Kartra Emails that will mess up with your email content, links, etc. Kartra tracks Opens, Clicks and Unsubscribes for you.

Enter your account details in Kartra for integration. You will be having two extra options, Set the integration as your default email gateway (every time when you create a broadcast, the email gateway will be selected by default.) Test your integration by typing in your email and clicking on Test (For sending an email through the SMTP service.) For confirmation, you can send yourself a full broadcast for ensuring that things are working in a proper manner.

If it doesn’t work as expected, you can verify your API key and other details. Even if everything is correct and your integration is not working properly, you can reach out to the SMTP support team.

ii. SMS Gateways:

If you want to send a broadcast via SMS to your leads, you can integrate with any one of the SMS services. You have Nexmo, Plivo, and Twilio for SMS service.

You need to have information inside your SMS gateway to integrate. After filling out all the details, like email gateways, set your integration as default and send a test SMS to contacts of your choice.

In case your SMS API fails to work in Kartra, you need to contact Kartra support. Firstly, you need to enable the option to send an SMS that is Now Available. Select the preferred gateway and click Next. You need to add your recipients’ phone numbers in order to send an SMS to them.

The SMS builder will be easier than the email builder and you have a space of 130 characters to add your message.

You don’t require any automation as you cannot track text messages for receiving or opening. But, you can create automation for SMS based on link clicks.

You can even add SMS to Sequences also. The chosen SMS gateway will be having certain limitations. Any SMS you create in your SMS sequence will be sent to anyone with a phone number on reaching that step. You have to verify your account details independently as Kartra does not track your external programs.

 iii. Membership Integrations:

You will be having aMember, Digital Access Pass, Kajabi, OptimizePress, S2 Member, and Wishlist for membership integrations.

Even though Kartra has its own membership system, there is a necessity for integrating with a 3rd party membership platform. Suppose you have a large membership set up and don’t want to connect it to Kartra or if those platforms are functioning well in a way you prefer.

By integrating these membership platforms, you will also be integrating your Kartra payment system with them. Connect any of your Kartra products to these memberships and when someone purchases your product, Kartra communicates with that membership platform and then sends login details to your customer.

When your customer refunds or cancels their membership, Kartra will tell the membership portal and any cancellation in Kartra leads to the cancellation of access to the membership.

aMember requires a Kartra plugin for integration. You can download your plugin through Once you have created a secret key, you have to add it to the Kartra plugin configuration in aMember. Then, add your Notification URL or the link to the plugin file and login URL to the Membership Portal. After filling out everything, you can now create your integration for aMember.

Similarly, Digital Access Pass also needs a plugin to be uploaded or installed which can be downloaded from You need a Notification URL, which will be the link to the PHP plugin file. Digital Access Pass itself creates a secret key for you and you can get it in your Digital Access Pass account.

Kartra will get integrated with a New Kajabi but not the Classic Kajabi. It requires an API key, a Secret key and Kajabi Offer ID. You don’t require any plugins. Just enter the information and click Create.

You can integrate Kartra with OptimizePress 2.0 using the URL to WordPress Installation, API key, Membership ID, etc. You need to have different integrations for different levels.

Once entering the required details, you can choose what to do with refunds or cancellations or even delete or downgrade your user. You need to enter a Membership ID for downgrading them to another level.

Similarly, you can integrate S2 Member to Kartra using the URL to WordPress Installation, API key, and a Membership ID. You need a separate integration for each membership level. After filling in the details, you can choose what to do with refunds or cancellations, delete the user or either downgrade them. For downgrading, you require their Membership ID.

You just need a URL of your Wishlist integration and a Wishlist API key for integrating with Wishlist. Once you fill this, click “Load Wishlist Data” and your integration is ready to get created.

In case there is any trouble in integration to a membership site, then check if there is a missing “/” in any URLs, double-check if any API keys or codes were copied rightly, and even if everything is right but is not working properly, then contact the support team. Suppose, you are not getting the correct details to enter, contact the support team of the membership platform that you are trying to integrate.

c. Zapier Integrations:

You can integrate hundreds of online platforms through Zapier which is a third-party app. It works like the If and Then automation process.

You can use the link to start a Kartra Zap integration, as Kartra is an invite-only app on Zapier.

You can even find the URL by visiting MyIntegrations, clicking 3 dots in Zapier and choosing the documentation. Once you land on Zapier, you’ll be having Kartra as a trigger app. Choose the trigger. Kartra will be housing a number of triggers that you can work with. The If Rules are similar to that of Kartra Automation.

The “if” rules will be as follows:

  • Lead is assigned tag
  • Lead is an unassigned tag
  • Lead subscribes to list
  • Lead is unsubscribed from a list
  • Lead fills an opt-in form
  • Lead is added to the sequence
  • Lead is removed from the sequence
  • Lead completes sequence
  • Lead clicks on a tracking link
  • Lead plays a Kartra video
  • Lead completes a Kartra video
  • Lead reaches score for the first time
  • Affiliate signs up for product
  • JV signs up for product
  • Lead is granted access to membership
  • Lead is revoked access to membership
  • Customer buys product
  • Customer refunds product
  • Customer cancels subscription
  • Lead registers a calendar
  • Lead completes a calendar
  • Lead cancels a calendar
  • Lead visits a Kartra page
  • Lead visits an external page
  • Lead clicks on a page split test link
  • Customer partial refunds product

Choose any trigger rule and then connect it with Kartra, then click on the blue Sign In To Kartra button. In your pop-up window, enter your Kartra API key and API password.

Under My Integrations, go to API, and then select My API to find the required inbound API details. Copy your API information into the Zapier window, and click Continue. Zapier will collect all the required details from the Kartra account. After selecting a preferred rule, click Test and Continue.

Create an Action relevant to Then rules in Kartra automation. Click the + button and connect to any App.

Once you have selected your required page, click Test and Continue. Once everything is properly connected, the final step is to turn on your Zapier and click Done Editing.

You can also use Kartra as an action in Zapier. The actions list will be as follows:

  • Retrieve all the tags in your account
  • Retrieve all the lists in your account
  • Unassign tag from lead
  • Subscribe lead to a list
  • Unsubscribe lead from the list
  • Add points to lead
  • Remove points from a lead
  • Subscribe leads to a sequence
  • Unsubscribe lead from sequence
  • Retrieve all the sequences in your account
  • Retrieve all the pages in your account
  • Assign a tag to lead
  • Refund a transaction
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Subscribe lead to the calendar
  • Cancel lead subscription to calendar
  • Create new lead
  • Edit lead
  • Retrieve all the custom fields in your account
  • Create custom field
  • Retrieve lead details
  • ​Search lead.

Final Views:

You can integrate Kartra Integrations And APIs with many native or customized platforms for growing your network and helping your business to run smoothly.

Kartra Integrations and API simplify your automation workflow. Connecting Kartra with different services includes some technical skills.

Consider which apps to be integrated for your business integrating various payment gateways to your Kartra will improve your customer satisfaction and the rate of cart abandonment will get decreased. Connect your email broadcasts and campaigns with Kartra email gateways. With interlinking membership portals to your Kartra, you can enjoy increased membership and optimized sales. You can even manage and schedule your customer interaction with the Kartra communications hub and Calendar.

Kartra Integration will help you to streamline your business and automate your workflow.

Try Kartra Integrations and APIs now and also you can watch the web story from here.

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