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Kartra Helpdesks: How To Use Kartra Helpdesks To Respond Your User Queries Instantly And To Accelerate Your Helpdesk

Kartra Helpdesks empowers you to accelerate your customers’ support by providing the necessary requirements and giving instant responses to every customer.

The marketing will not end when a customer buys your products or signups to your website. They may be having many queries or issues related to your programs or products/services.

But, how to solve these issues? It will be possible only through customer care or helpdesks.


But responding to every customer manually will be time-consuming and somehow, there are chances of leaving out some of the tickets.

With Kartra Helpdesks, you will never face any problems and you can always be there to help your customer.

Now, let us move on to know more about Kartra Helpdesks.

Kartra Helpdesks: A Way To Accelerate Your Customer Care Services:

Customers are the backbone of your business and understanding them and solving their problems will add value to your customers. They will be happy if they get instant support.

“A Happy Customer Leads To Success In Business.”

Suppose, if you are a one-man army handling the complete business, or if you have a team to fortify your business, it will be obvious to feel overstressed if your requests are being overloaded and not getting ways to answer those problems.

It is a common fact with many small businesses as they rely upon emails for support that ends up with thousands of emails flooding into their inbox and left unanswered.

If you ignore this disorganization, it may create chaos, and if your email account is not connected to all your business tools, then it will be hard to get a clear picture of every customer and even if you try to do, you need to spend time manually answering to each response or handling the billing issues. It slows down the process and makes your customer more upset.

What if it becomes possible to connect quickly and efficiently with your customers on any channel that too without leaving the browser? And if you could reduce the responses that are to be written and mark tickets by priority?

If you get detailed analytics about your busy schedules, you can be prepared always. This will result in workload reduction, maximized conversions, and optimized user satisfaction.

You have Kartra Helpdesks who will take care of your issues. As it is integrated with all other Kartra features your agents can see customers’ entire history. A ticketing system will allow you to have multiple agent departments and shifts, everything organized in a single helpdesk portal.

Through Kartra Helpdesks, you can assign tickets to suitable team members, so that issues get sorted out as quick as possible. It also enables you to support your customers through a support ticket even over the phone, via skype or live chat on your website.

Customers are allowed to ask questions live and will get satisfied quickly. Kartra saves your valuable time on answering the most commonly asked questions by allowing you to create wiki articles and cancelled responses. You can direct your customers to self-billing if you want to cut down your laborious work of rebuilding and cancellations. They can self-manage their account and you can take care of improving your business continuously. Kartra helps you with giving all the analytics on every action.

Kartra Helpdesks are not only meant for more productive and relaxed agents but also help you to get more and more satisfied customers.

What Tools Would Be Replaced By Kartra Helpdesks?

The tools that get replaced by Kartra will be ZenDesk and HelpDesk.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Kartra?

a. A Powerful Ticketing System:


Kartra Helpdesks allow you to organize your tickets by departments like technical support, billing support, sales support, etc so that specialized agents can react quickly to each query.

If you want, you can add another agent to the conversation and pass private messages from one agent to another, transfer a ticket to another department or agents, etc.

You can have access to customers’ complete profiles, transaction history and billing actions like refunds, cancellations, discount coupons, and so on.

It is not mandatory to copy-paste similar responses again and again. You can use Kartra Helpdesks to embed your frequently used replies with just a click.

b. Enables Live Chat:


Your customer can leave support tickets if you are offline. It is not possible to stay online 24/7, but your customers may want support. So, Kartra Helpdesks will manage to redirect them to open a new helpdesk ticket if you are offline.

No worries if you are unknown to answer a particular enquiry. Kartra Helpdesks allows you to invite another online agent into the live chat.

Wherever you are working inside your Kartra, you will be getting a minimized live chat window. Whether you are designing a new sales page or writing an email campaign, Kartra Helpdesk pops up in the live chat window so that you won’t be missing any customers.

You can even download your chatlogs as records so that you can use them as templates for any training needs. Every conversation will be stored inside Kartra Helpdesks and you can retrieve and download them whenever you want.

c. Get Seamless Email Conversations:


You can plug in your desired email address so that your users will receive and submit support messages from your own domain name(support @

Kartra understands whether to add an incoming email to the existing thread or if it is a new conversation and needs to create a new ticket.

When you have chosen email to interact with your customer, Kartra Helpdesks by automatically reading their email paste it into a specific ticket thread so that support agents can read it and respond to it from there.

You can directly deliver your support to users’ email addresses so that it is not necessary to log into the helpdesk portals again and again, not required to remember the password, etc.

d. Get Complete Analytics:

Understand what is your busiest time, a morning or an evening, a weekday or a weekend and prepare your support before hands.

You can track the time taken by your team to respond to a ticket and resolve it. Because speed is a necessary factor when it comes to customer support.

Kartra Helpdesks allows you to understand if any department is not doing well or if an agent is taking it to the top, if anyone in your team looking for extra help, and so on.

You can value your customer satisfaction and if they have any opinions, let them inform you about it. Know when you have successfully resolved their queries and when and how things would have been better.

Kartra Helpdesks analyzes search keywords through Wiki. Write your support material based on what most of your customers looking for help.

You can even get to know if there is an article that is not scoring good enough and you can modify it.

e. Use Self-Billing Secured Portal:


The busiest help/support department is always a billing department that includes various issues to be sorted out like updating expired credit cards, issuing refunds, cancelling subscriptions, issuing refunds, etc. Kartra Helpdesks will help you with managing the tasks.

Customers can access their transaction history, update their credit cards, and manage their billing needs. You can get notifications of their activity. The data will be completely secured.

f. Use Wiki As Your Ultimate Support Agent:


Organize your content into categories or subcategories so it will be easier to browse through Wiki. Kartra will provide you with an accurate keyword matching algorithm that will direct you to the most appropriate articles for each Wiki search. Let your user find easily what they are looking for.

Sometimes it will not be possible to answer everything in the first article itself and you may have to go further. Let your customer get support materials related to each article and query. You can get feedback from your customers on whether a support material is helpful or not and also they can give ratings and suggestions for improvements if any.

g. Get A Floating Bubble Message:

kartra-helpdesk-floating -bubble

You can embed a floating support button on your site and configure even a welcome or sales message as a bubble message. You can predefine where and when it has to pop up: right after landing on to your page, a few times later or midway through the scrolls, etc. You can even customize the colour, icon, shape and size of a floating bubble to match your site.

h. Create Interesting Helpdesk:


You can either host your helpdesk as a separate page or embed it into an existing page as a slide-out floating sidebar. It will be best suitable for laptops, desktops, tablets or phones. You can choose colours from a palette to match your helpdesk icon to your branding and your site. You can even enable a dark theme to your templates.

The Steps On How To Use Kartra Helpdesks For Supporting Your Customer:

Service and Satisfaction of the customer is a healthy way to grow your business. Kartra Helpdesks helps you to deploy a customer service platform to satisfy your customer needs.

You can have a Ticket system and Knowledge-Based Management system to help your customers at various levels through Kartra Helpdesks. You can even enable a live chat on your customer support page.

The first set-up in your Kartra Helpdesk is its look and feel.

1. How to Set Up Your Helpdesk Look and Feel Using Kartra Helpdesk?

In order to create your Helpdesk in Kartra, the first option you will be seeing ” Your helpdesk page Look and Feel.” You can choose where to host your helpdesk (on Kartra or on your own site.)

If you want to host it on your own site, Kartra creates an embeddable code that when placed on your site, will popup as a help icon. You can choose from available icons in your helpdesk.

Select a logo or upload your own logo for your helpdesk and also choose a background colour to match your brand.

Then, you can also customize your Marquee image, add text, overlay colour and opacity. You are also allowed to use your custom image that will appear on your Kartra Helpdesk page.

2. How to Publish Your Helpdesk using Kartra Helpdesks?

In order to create a Helpdesk in Kartra, you will be getting two options:

  • a. Choose Kartra to host your helpdesk
  • b. Choose your own domain to host your helpdesk.

a. Hosting Your Helpdesk In Kartra:

Hosting your Helpdesk in Kartra will have some benefits:

You don’t have to own a domain or pay hosting fees for any pages, memberships or helpdesks because you can create them all in Kartra and the features are included in your subscription pack.

You don’t even need to update your website when you edit anything in your Helpdesk. It gets updated automatically as soon as you save the changes.

The only drawback of hosting your Helpdesk in Kartra is that your URL for helpdesk will include

b. Hosting Your Helpdesk In Your Own Site:

If you select this option, your domain will host the Helpdesk. Kartra creates an embeddable code for you that creates a floating pop-up icon to place on your page and to help your customers and subscribers.

The advantage of this option is that if you are having a completely built website and want to use it, Kartra makes it easier for you to find your helpdesk from that site. Your Helpdesk will use your own domain name in the URL. Add that URL to your support page and upload your logo and select a colour scheme and create a custom marquee.

The only drawback of this option is if you make any updates in Kartra to your designs, appearance, etc, won’t get updated automatically on your site. You need to refresh the page each time you modify something.

3. How To Set Up Helpdesk Topics:

Go to My Helpdesk from the Kartra dashboard to create a Helpdesk. You can give your customers to select from a variety of topics so that they can get help immediately.

There will be two different methods to segment your Helpdesk. Your customer can select from that and choose in which segment they need help. It may be through Departments, which they can select from a dropdown list when they create a new ticket or through Categories in the Wiki setup.

a. Departments:

The second step of Helpdesk set up is Departments. You can add as many departments as you wish just by typing the name and clicking on the Add button.

If you want to hide some departments from the public, you can do so by using the toggle. This may be helpful for your team to cancel the issues that are fraud or need advanced tech support.

You will be having support tickets, phones, live chat, and skype right below the type of support. You can add additional information which will be a simple tagline. The tagline gives information about your hours and availability.

You can add a tagline and a phone number for each department that you have added. Click on “Activate Channel” to add it to your helpdesk.

You can even add a tagline to live chat also. Click Activate channel in order to add this option.

Add taglines as well as Skype ID for every department that you add.

The Department that you add will appear automatically when your user starts a new ticket in the “Department” dropdown menu.

You can thus organize your support tickets, and make sure that a customer’s message will be directed to the right people who are most qualified with a particular ticket.

b. Wiki Products And Categories:

The third step in your Helpdesk setup will be creating Wiki. You can add categories and can write articles using these categories. You can even create multiple “Supported Products.” These will be different from the products that you have created in My Products in Kartra.

Supported Products will be the first page that your customers are going to see when they enter Wiki. They will be getting a list of supported products and they can select the suitable one. When they select it they can see the Categories pertaining to the specific product which will be Wiki articles that are stored under the selected category.

You can add each product or service at the top that is related to the selected helpdesk. Below you can create content for the Wiki. Click “Create a Wiki Knowledge base” to start creating a wiki article.

As said earlier, you have to create your first category before starting an article. Add a short description and title for the category, then click on ‘Add’ to create an article.

You can create the title for your article and change the category if you want. The content of the article can be created using text-editing tools.

Then, you can add tags and products. Tags will help to search the Wiki, so use proper descriptive words and if you want can separate them by commas.

Add a checkmark to each product that is relevant to your articles and users can find the related articles to the products. Click on “Create” and the post will be added.

The last step will include self-billing and automation that allows you to capture leads.

The Wiki organization will be as follows:

  • WIKI
    • Supported Product 1
      • Categories associated with that product
        • Articles
  • Supported Product 2
    • Categories associated with that product
      • Articles


You can associate Categories with more than one Supported Product so that Categories and articles will show up in more than one place in your Wiki.

You can have multiple options for directing your customers to the right support topic.

4. How to Use Kartra Helpdesk To Respond To Tickets?

As your user sends a ticket or a new reply to an existing ticket, there will be a small red number next to My Helpdesks in the left menubar. When you click on My Helpdesks, you will be getting that red number next to Tickets in the top menu. Click it and see your tickets list.

You will be able to see your tickets along with the departments, last reply and status. You can even delete a ticket thread if you don’t want it, just by clicking on its Status and selecting the Delete option.

Click on the number to reply to a ticket. You can see that number on the right side of the ticket list, under the Ticket heading. You will be directed to the page to read the message and can see the Green coloured “Now Reply” button that will open a text editor box to compose a return message.

Just write your reply or can select a canned response, in case you have created one, from the dropdown menu above the text editor. Select the options you want such as assigning tickets to yourself or emailing them if there is a reply. Then click Send Message.

5. How To Add Tags To Helpdesk Customers?

You can add any tags to your Helpdesk customers and it will follow through any lists, sequences, automation, etc. that you set up for a specific tag. You can easily track the behaviour and interest of customer profiles.

Firstly, assign tags to your helpdesk customers. You have to enable the Capture Helpdesk Users into Leads feature in the Automations section of your Helpdesk. In case you have forgotten to enable it during the initial setup, you can edit your Helpdesk and click Save and Next until you reach Automations.

Then you will be having Assign Tags. You can choose the tags you want to assign to your Helpdesk users. You can even create new tags.

Subscribe all your Helpdesk users to any of your lists or can create a new list and then subscribe them to sequences. This helps to increase the members on your list and also to follow up with your Helpdesk customers.

6. How To Research Customer Profiles?

The following is the easiest way to see the information collected by Kartra:

Go to My Campaigns from the side menu and then click Leads from the top menu. You will be getting an entire list of your leads. By clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Advanced filters, you can easily control your leads. You can also search your leads by using magnifying glass icon or by typing keywords into the search bar.

You will be getting the main profile page that displays contact info about your customers, their tags, joining date, their score, their value, etc. You also have an area to add any notes if you want.

You can also see from other tabs at the top of the lead profile (Lists, communications, sequences, etc) about what has been added to, or add or remove the lead from wherever, etc. You will also see the transactions, their activities in the Helpdesk and their logs.

In the log, you can see all the communications, tag assignments, sequence activities and so on that a specific lead is involved in. You can also know whether the lead has or hasn’t read, seen or done, etc.

Final Views:


Kartra Helpdesks is a powerful tool to create, host and manage your customer support and respond to their queries easily and quickly.

Customer is a King and satisfying him will be the greatest task for the marketers. But how to know if he needs any support or help? Helpdesks are provided for that purpose only.

What if it becomes possible to connect quickly and efficiently with your customers on any channel that too without leaving the browser? And if you could reduce the responses that are to be written and mark tickets by priority?

Yes, it is possible to answer all your customer queries and support them through Helpdesks via Kartra Helpdesks. Choose Kartra Helpdesks to help your customer to get what they are looking for.

You can click here to know the web story about Kartra Helpdesks.

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