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Kartra Funnels And Campaigns: The Best Guide On How To Use Kartra Funnels And Campaigns For Your Sales Optimization

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns is a powerful yet simple and intuitive platform that allows you to create marketing campaigns and funnel processes that are designed to meet your user needs.

It is not possible to imagine successful online marketing without having a powerful sales funnel. It is also necessary to have a personalized marketing campaign that offers your customer what they wanted.

Even though many sales funnel solutions are available in the market, it is not possible to find the right choice that perfectly suits your marketing campaigns.

You may even be wasting your time on creating and designing the proper sales for marketing your campaigns. You will be spending extra dollars on hiring a designer to create the desired marketing campaigns that help in selling your products to the customers convincingly.

Now, with Kartra Funnels and Campaigns, it has become possible to create effective sales funnels for any of your campaigns. It enables you not only to create fully-functional campaigns and funnels but also to share them on other platforms.

With Kartras Analytics you will also be able to track each conversion and also the user journey through your funnel.

Let us now have a brief look at what Kartra Funnels and Campaigns are, what are the benefits and how to build effective sales funnels and marketing campaigns with them.

First, let us first understand what a sales funnel is.

What Is Sales Funnel?


For any online marketing, it is necessary to convert your prospects into actual buyers. This will happen when you put them through a certain process.

A sales funnel consists of 4 different stages to encourage your website visitors convincingly convert to buy the products/services from you.

The 4 stages include Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. You need to create brand awareness to attract the interest of the visitors to make the decision for taking action. These include various tasks and sub-tasks too.

Identify a prospect, convert them to lead, give a sales call, follow up with them, find out the problems and give them a better solution, and eventually convince your lead to purchase your brands. With Kartra it is easier to build the funnels for all your business.

 Let us move on to know about Kartra Funnels and Campaigns.

What Is Kartra Funnels And Campaigns?

When a new person visits your website, through an Ad, Trade show, or through a Google search, his sales journey literally starts with you. A better campaign ensures a smooth journey that ends up buying products or services from you.

But it is somehow not possible to design a convincing campaign easily. It may take hours together in assembling all the required things for the campaigns. It will also be difficult to create a campaign from scratch. You need to have a copy to write, pages to design, emails to send and automation to configure. This is a tough task and consumes time.

It will also take some extra amount to hire professionals or some online companies to build a funnel with a click. Funnels are actually simple pages, but it has to be more. You need to add videos that grab your user’s attention, an email autoresponder that automatically sends messages on the user’s action, and tags to organize your leads based on their behaviour.

If your campaigns are not connected to every aspect of your business, then there are chances of losing potential sales.


Kartra Funnels and Campaigns covers everything that is needed to run your business safely. You are provided with many tested and proven templates along with copy, designs and automation all with a single click. You can even create and sell your own campaigns to earn some extra money.

With Kartra Funnels and Campaigns you can create campaigns that are more than simple webpage funnels. They include opt-in forms, emails, automation, tagging, triggers and more, everything is interlinked just by drag-n-drop sequence builder.

You will be getting many pre-built templates that contain copy, designs and more for your campaigns that are master-designed by world-class marketers. You are also allowed to use campaigns created by other Kartra users as well.

You can even design and earn some extra money by placing your self-designed campaigns on the Kartra Campaign marketplace and selling it to your users.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns is an effective marketing feature that helps to create impressive campaigns and functional funnels.

Kartra allows you to design and launch fully automated, sales-driving funnels quickly. Kartra Funnels and Campaigns are also connected with other features of Kartra, i.e, Pages will be linked with opt-in forms that are connected to checkout which are connected to the mailing list and finally to your memberships where lead tagging can take place.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns also lets you create funnels based on the types of traffic. You can create campaigns that grab users’ interest.

You will be able to design and launch sales-driving and automated funnels within a short time. You also have ready-made templates for various campaigns.

Kartra gives you automation for every step that helps you to optimize your online marketing easily from autoresponders to the checkout process. You can even track every customer’s details and also their conversion through a funnel.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns help you create your own marketing automation process through the simple drag-n-drop method.

What Other Software Does Kartra Funnels And Campaigns Replace?

It replaces the following software:

  • Kajabi
  • ActiveCampaigns
  • ClickFunnels
  • InfusionSoft

Why Choose Kartra Funnels And Campaigns?

a. Build The Perfect Sales Funnel:


The pages that you have created in Kartra can be integrated into the multi-page funnel, you can have an open canvas to drag and drop the things to build your campaigns and funnels.

Provide rules for if and then automation. You can use Kartra Mail to add advanced sequences to your campaigns. You can tag and list your prospects as they pass through your funnel and categorize them into various subgroups as per their advance in your funnel.

You can even use built-in marketing campaigns designed by world-class marketers that ensure your profit.

b. Create A Sequence Using Sequence Builder:


Drag and drop the different events accordingly into your pages and connect the flow with arrows.

After setting up the sequence flow, Kartra carries out the process all by itself through autopilot at any time.

You can set your campaigns either simple or complex, Kartra takes care of it. You can have a simple 3-email campaign or a fully advanced product launch, Kartra Sequences follow your pace and create everything within a few clicks.

You can even set alternative paths by Yes or No rules, you can set Yes or No Booleans. You can assign the tags to your user based on their paths and group them based on the tags.

You can even track their path all along the sequence and can come to know the number of people in each step of your campaigns and finally what amount of users remained till the last step of your funnel, or at what step they are getting exit, etc. You can get a complete view of this in Kartra Sequence.

c. Assign If And Then Rules To Manage The Flow:


You will be knowing what your marketing strategy will be but making it to follow the process will be a puzzle. Now, Kartra will solve the puzzle for you.

Assign The Triggers And Consequences. If This Then That. If someone triggers some actions then it will be directed to further actions they need to follow. You can create a custom automation. List your trigger rules and the desired outcomes.

You can even set advanced rules that allow you to craft the marketing strategy as per your wish.

d. Choose From Pre-Designed Set Of Campaigns:

kartra-funnels-campaigns-done-for-you- campaigns

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns offers you multiple pre-designed campaigns which are tested and proven and are designed by expert marketers. You can benefit from the use of those campaigns. You can even import fully-built funnels with just a click of a button and no need to start from scratch.


The top world-class online marketers like Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins have uploaded their best marketing campaigns to Kartra for the better use of customers. You can use those campaigns that have earned the million-dollar revenue online from your Kartra account.

You can import the campaigns from other Kartra members too. Some members of Kartra have also designed the best campaigns(only if they have published them through Kartra Marketplace) and made them readily available for you. You can leverage the benefit from the collective ideas of many like-minded online marketers.

e. Share Your Campaigns With Others:


Kartra will also allow you to publish and export your funnels and campaigns from your account to other users if you have expertise in designing campaigns.

You can also offer your services to clients if you are a marketing consultant, a web designer or a copywriter and if you are an expert in doing page designs, email sequence campaigns etc you can create them in your Kartra account and once ready you can publish them into Kartra and simply export them to any clients.

Let your campaigns and funnels be reachable to thousands of Kartra users through Kartra Marketplace. You can offer them with a free download or for a certain price. Kartra takes care of payment and delivery.

How To Use Kartra Funnels And Campaigns?

Login to Kartra account. Go to the Kartra dashboard and select My Campaigns. You can build your own campaigns or can create done-for-you campaigns or can import them. Click on available campaigns.

You will be getting a number of various campaigns that are readily available. It includes simple list-builder campaigns, free membership campaigns, VSL campaigns, squeeze-page campaigns, sales letter campaigns, cohesion campaigns, digital daily deal campaigns, daily deal campaigns, and many more to import from.

It gives you different options that cover most of the popular funnels. Based on your specified requirement and what you are looking to do, there are readily available campaigns built for each requirement.

Go through every video, play them and every video has a brief about who the campaign is for, how it works, what are the elements of campaigns, or number of clicks on campaigns, number of clicks on assets, to know what kind of elements are available for every campaign.

Some campaigns are simple with just 6 elements or assets, some are with around 26 assets, some have 39 assets, some have 43 assets and many more. The list builder will be a simple campaign with only 6 elements while launching a new product has 26 elements and a daily deal campaign will have 39 assets.

A simple list-builder allows you to offer opt-in forms, thank you pages, send emails and bring them to your funnel. In a list builder, you will be building an email list and also you will be trying to sell your product after some days when your users come into your list, getting to know about you and your content.

Quick Launcher is a bit more complicated campaign. You will be getting 2 different types of people coming to your list or already on your list and put them into segments in the funnel and then 2 different ways of selling them. It also has countdown timers.

You can start with building a simple one like a list builder campaign, where you can build your list by giving a lead magnet or a freemium offer. Click on the three dots and click on view assets.

You will be having 4 different pages, tags for your email marketing systems, add subscribers who come to a specific list, have an automation sequence, and get an opt-in form. If you want to build them individually it takes lots of time. But with Kartra it will be easier. These are the common aspects of many of the campaigns.

Click on a campaign and click the deploy. You give it a prefix and a campaign name and then click import. It will be done in a couple of minutes. You will be getting a short video which tells you about the steps that are being imported.

You will be getting a wizard or a builder that walks you through each step. You will be able to see the progress as you move through. As you click on the campaign you will see that Kartra has automatically built one asset in tags, one in lists, one in sequences, one in pages, one in emails, and one in forms. You can edit every single asset and you can learn how it works and looks at the actual campaign that is built by professionals.

Go to the tags, and once you are ready, click on take me there. You will be getting a simple tag built by Kartra in Kartra Funnels and Campaigns section that will be triggered when someone fills in the lead capture sequence.

You also have to build the dependencies before building the assets. When someone fills in the form it will configure and create and add them to the list and you can edit it by editing the tag name, giving a tag description and mentioning the tag category.

You will be seeing a simple list builder, people who opted in, and all the different tags come into your list through automation. Select the tag and click on edit. You will be getting an edit tag window where you can change the name of the tag, give the description for a tag and select a category. You can even colour the tag, to make it easier for you to skim through. Once you are done with the tags, say mark it as completed.

Then comes the list, you will be getting a small video on the difference between lists and tags.

Lists are required for the people to opt-out of your email communication and are compliance tools whereas tags are for automation.

Click on the list and check out the lists, click on the edit list and name the list and public description. You can edit or change it if you want to or keep it the same. Once you are happy with it, you can mark it as complete.

You can go backwards or forward with Kartra since it is a goal-oriented marketing company.

Most people think that for building a funnel, what will be the first page, what will be the second, third and so on and will work from front to back, but Kartra Funnels and Campaigns will follow the reverse technique and works from back to front.

Next comes sequences, click on sequences, and click on take me there. You will be directed to the sequence builder page. It will be a difficult step while building funnels in your WordPress or any site.

Check out the sequence that has been built.

You can do the email automation here. Click edit and edit again, and it will load the sequence builder. You can arrange it horizontally or vertically. You can have a simple funnel that you can import.

As soon as the people join the simple list-builder form by filling out the opt-in form, they will be getting added to your sequence and will be getting an email, you can preview it, edit it, etc. It will also suggest you some copywriting tips as to what you need to include in the first email and when to send it, and how often you want to send it, in the second email set a delay. Click on edit email content, you can change the entire content, you will be having guide posts on where to go while creating your email opt-in funnels. You can also design the templates for your emails that you can insert into your emails.

You can edit the text, the colour of the text, move the text where you want, etc. Then click on save. You can also preview it. When you think everything is alright, click on the good. You can also do A/B split testing for your email variations.

You can even set the automation. Mark it as checked.

Next comes pages. Go to the simple list builder and import the related pages. You will be getting a few options that are opt-in with two steps or opt-in with one step, a thank you page, etc. you may be having 2 opt-in pages, and 2 thank you pages. You can edit each page. You can change the headline, change the image, adjust the image, change the background, and adjust everything you need. when the page is ready, publish it live, link it to a custom domain, edit the URL and save the URL.

Go back to the category, and select the page, that you have created. You can edit all the pages of your funnels, and once edited the page, click on Yes, I want this. The link goes to the opt-in form, and you can adjust it. You can alter anything here also. Click on Done, and Publish it. Change the URL and comments.

Go to live, check everything working correctly, and it also preloads your information. Click on exit, and you will be getting your edited pages in the list and can create a split test. Choose the split test for what pages you want to perform a split test, mention the name, criteria and which one to select, and set the goal. Consider the winner. Say next, then you can even tag them. Refresh the page.

You can click on I’ve not done yet, because still need to edit the thank you page.

Edit the Thank you page as well, go to the list builder campaign and select the Thank you page, click on edit, and edit the thank you page as you want, add the links, and customize the colour. Once done, click Save and then click Publish to go live. Mark it as complete.

Then you need to configure the form. Delete the options that you don’t want to use or group them into a category or can make a site, group it on the edit page, and can also share it. Select the opt-in form, then click on edit to edit it.

After configuring, you will be getting a video. Edit the opt-in page, and connect the landing page and thank you page. Fill in the form fields. Give the first name and email address and then click confirmation. You can even add more information if you want. If you want you can delete the first name or add anything you want to.

Go to confirmation, opt for single or double opt-in. Then success page, where the page will be plugged in. After that, you will be having a welcome page plugged in. You can send or not send the welcome message after completing the registration. Then click on Save and Exit. Click Save, assign the tags that will initiate the email sequence, subscribe to the list, and you can add any advanced automation.

As we are doing it on Kartra Page, no need for any design. everything will be automated. Click Finish. Go to the wizard and mark forms as checked. Then set it as complete.

You can test it in the back end. Can do even the split test. You can download your file and get the email for confirmation. You can even share it with others.

Final Views:

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns is an effective marketing tool that helps to create impressive campaigns and functional funnels.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns covers everything that is needed to run your business safely. You can leverage many tested and proven templates along with copy, designs and automation all with a single click. You can even create and sell your own campaigns to earn some extra money.

With Kartra Funnels and Campaigns you can create campaigns that are more than simple webpage funnels. They include opt-in forms, emails, automation, tagging, triggers and more, everything is interlinked just by drag-n-drop sequence builder.

So, Design your campaigns and funnels with Kartra, Attract the people to purchase in a convincing way, Publish them on Kartra or anywhere outside Kartra and Make them available for like-minded people, thereby increasing your revenue.

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Kartra V/S Clickfunnels:

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