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Kartra Forms: A Smart Guide On How To Use Kartra Forms To Grab Your Lead’s Attention

Kartra Forms is a unique feature of Kartra that helps you to create the most splendid and effective forms for your business that not only attract the attention of your quality leads but also help in growing your business.

Quality leads are indeed the most important part of any online business and grabbing their attention will mark a notable step in your business growth.

In order to attract the attention of your customers/prospects, you need to have an opt-in form that is eye-catching and easy to fill in.

But many people are still dependent on older ways of form building, which are boring and fail to achieve the purpose of capturing the leads.

Kartra Forms includes an advanced method of creating your opt-in forms easily and effectively and quickly seizing your users’ attention to convert them into valuable prospects.

Now let us dive in to see more about Kartra Forms, its benefits and how to create qualitative forms using Kartra Forms.

What Are Kartra Forms?


The powerful way to grow your online business or any business is to capture quality leads and interact with them.

Many people may fail in business because they don’t have an effective way to capture their leads and are truly missing out on an opportunity to follow up with their prospects. Even if they manage to create a solid opt-in form, they are unable to achieve the results as expected. This is because they try to collect information about the leads in the background by using older methods which are boring and do not even collect any leads.

You don’t only have to collect the leads but also need to catch their attention to capture leads. You need to have amazing and eye-catching forms that are easy to fill in. You can now create forms that suit your website’s look and feel and will appear at the most relevant moment.

Kartra Forms are advanced and fully designed opt-in forms that can be placed directly into your webpage built by Kartra or even on any site outside Kartra. They help in capturing the attention of your prospects instantly. You can embed the forms, pop them up, slide them or peek at them. You can use an in-video call to action and create a form that displays exactly the moment when your user is expecting it.

Kartra Forms auto-fills the details from the previous results. This reduces the efforts of your visitors in manually filling all the fields even if it is not required and decreases the chances of abandoning your opt-in in the mid-way.

Once embedded, you can automatically get them engaged using Kartra’s powerful trigger-based automation (if-then). Kartra forms allow you to build your relationship with your leads right from the moment they start showing interest in your brands.

If you want to instantly convert your visitors into loyal followers, then you can opt for Kartra Forms. They not only grab your user’s attention to grow your list but are among one of the best features of Kartra that helps in managing your business.

Which Other Form Building Softwares Does Kartra Forms Replace?

Kartra Forms replaces Typeforms and OptinMonster.

Why Do You Need To Choose Kartra Forms?

a. Bunch Of Eye-Capturing Opt-in Forms:


You can opt from more than 50+ professionally designed and highly convertible opt-in forms. These forms are customizable and mobile-friendly. Kartra Forms recalls the user details from their previous visits and auto-fills all the fields. You can segment your list and custom fields. You can customize any fields as you wish, custom text inputs, drop-downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Assign a specific tag to a specific lead, subscribe them to a mailing list, trigger a custom automation, trigger specific actions based on their inputs, etc.

You are free to embed Kartra Forms anywhere, use it as a pop-up on your Kartra Page, show it in between your video play, and embed it on your own site.

You can go for double opt-in if you want more details and confirmation from your customer’s sign-up. Activate it to confirm their email address. Else, you can go for a single opt-in.

Kartra Forms by auto-detecting your visitor’s present location will provide the compulsory GDPR permission checkboxes whenever needed.

b. Be Your Own Designer And Keep Away Expensive Designers:


More than 50+ prebuilt templates, various layouts and colour palettes are readily available. Select whichever suits your style. You can even embed your custom logo and have your own colour palette. Have a style that matches your brand. Create gorgeous-looking forms to maximize your conversion.

You can easily design your forms in minutes. You just need to browse the forms, select the desired one, edit as you want and publish it. It is so simple like child play.

Kartra Forms looks good on any device, any browser, any operating system, etc. Let your customer agree to your mandatory terms and conditions and can use GDPR compliance checkboxes.

c. Customize Your Custom Fields:


You have the flexibility to create your own fields according to your designs which helps to get the details about your user. By collecting the required data you can restructure your message.

You can use any custom fields including text inputs, multiple dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Know your users, their profile details, their preferences, etc and then target them easily. You can use specified automation, assign a tag and based on that you can subscribe them to a mailing list and can promote your products with them.

d. Can Embed It, Pop It, Slide It Or Peek It:


Place your form on your favourite platform. You can easily embed your form on your content page or can pop up your form with a call to action in between, let it slide from the right corner of your browser, or can have it like a small peek-up box from the bottom right corner.

How To Use Kartra Forms To Create And Launch Your Forms?

Login to the Kartra account and go to the Kartra dashboard. Select My Forms from the side menu. Click on ‘+ Form’ in the right corner.

A small window will appear as a New Opt-in Form. Give the name and click Create.

At the top menu, you will have Form Fields, Confirmation, Welcome, Automations, Form Designs and Finish.

Click on the Form Fields. You will be having the fields for the first name, and email address by default. You can add any fields for getting more details about your users. Click +New Fields in order to add any additional fields. You will be getting Add Fields window. Select any predefined field from the dropdown list or can have your own custom field. Add field name, Placeholder, mark as Required or Not. Then click on Add Field. You can rearrange the form fields. Add any number of fields to your form and can mention whether it is compulsory to mention them or not.

If you want to add your own fields to your forms, then select Custom Field. Add a field identifier, field type like text input fields, radio buttons, check boxes or dropdown menu. Select the text input field, add a placeholder, opt required or not, and then click Add Field.

Once you have configured your form fields, click Confirm and then click Save and Next.

Next, you will be getting Single Opt-In or Double Opt-In in the Confirmation setting. Your users can fill-up the form and they will directly go to the Success Page.

In the Double-Opt-In, they first need to fill up the form and then will be sent an email. Then they have to click on the email or the link in the email to confirm their email address. If you want to receive contact information by email and then they can land on a success page. Select your opt-in type and then click Confirm.

Next, you will get a success page to give a destination place or where you want your user to land after they complete filling out an opt-in form or enter Custom Page URL (can give an external URL) or use Kartra URL. Click Confirm. Then click on Save and Next.

In the top menu, the next option is the Welcome page. You can send a welcome message or a welcome email. You can even use an email autoresponder service by using Kartra or any other messaging service. You can edit your welcome message. You can send a welcome email, or send a welcome SMS, or don’t send any. Click confirm or can change it.

If you choose to send a welcome email option, then give the email gateway name, and sender name, send it from email or reply to an email. Then click Confirm. You will be having your welcome message window where you can set or add your email message. Click change if you want to edit or select don’t send if you don’t want any welcome message to send to your user. Click confirm and then hit on Save and Next.

Then you have Automations in the top menu settings. You can assign tags, subscribe them to a list, subscribe to a sequence, advanced automation, automation. After setting all the automation click on Save and Next. Then you will be having Form Design. You can define where are you planning to display this form?

  • a. In Kartra Page or Kartra Video
  • b. I’ll embed it on my own site. If you want to choose 2nd option then you need to launch the form builder. Customize your design and once done embed it where you want.

Click Confirm and then click on Save and Next.

Then you have a congratulation page or Finish.

Go to My Pages from the Kartra Dashboard side menu. Click +Page to create a new page. Select any page of your choice and select Launch Builder.

On the New Page window, select Page name and add a category. Then click on Create. You will be getting your page displayed along with a form.

You can configure your form with a placeholder in the background. Go ahead and connect your designed forms. Click on the edit button and select your opt-in form from the drop-down list and click Apply. Then your form will appear on your page.

Click again on the form and select the edit icon to customize the style of your form. Choose the style. Then you can choose margin, top, right, bottom or left. Adjust the field size, customize the background, field style, text colour, field colour, display icons, etc. Then modify the button, text inside the button, toggle it bold or not, change button corners, button shadow, background colour for the text inside the button, and colour of the button. Let the customization match your brand settings.

Then click on Publish and go live. Get the page link or the page code. Add the link to your page. Choose your Kartra-created link and paste it onto your site. Go to the page and you will see your form is running live. Then click on the form and press Yes, Tell Me How. It will bring you to a success page.

Final Views:

If you are having an online business, then sure you will be trying to capture the leads. But not getting ways to do so?

In order to capture your leads, you must have to grab their attention. To do so you need to have captivating forms. But most marketers rely upon boring and old methods of captivating form due to which they fail to attract leads.

But with advanced technology and with the help of so many features being integrated into a single platform named Kartra, it is now possible to create your forms the way you like, choose from predefined forms and customize them and use them wherever you want.

Kartra Forms gives you the feasibility to create your forms the way you want. You can create many stunning forms within minutes using Kartra Forms.

If you want to capture your leads and thereby want to grow your business, then give Kartra Forms a try. You can even go for web stories about Kartra by clicking here.

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