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Kartra Email: The Best Guide On How To Create Your Personalized & Valuable Email Quickly With Kartra Email

Kartra Email is the best platform to create your personalized emails quickly that in turn leads to more subscriptions and conversions. You can even able to send suitable emails to the relevant persons. Understand your customer and improve your business by building your relationship.

Many marketers believe that emails are the best way to grow their business and increase their conversion and maximize revenue. You can send personalized messages to your contacts and can have a proper interaction with them which helps in generating more leads and improving your business based on the valuable feedback given by your customers. Emails empower you to get more organic reach as you can have control over your audience.

But even then most of them fail to get successful end results. Have you ever thought about what may be the reason for this? This might be because the message you are conveying may not be that appealing and it may not be relevant. Sending personalized emails to your entire list may consume your time. What if you get a tool that automates every step of your email building thereby increasing your lead generation and sorting out the issues pertaining to email marketing?


Thanks to Kartra Email, which automates every process of email marketing. Right from building an email, to sending a broadcast Kartra Email supports you with all the necessary requirements for your email business. You can even assess your best email by doing A/B testing and can have a complete overview of your visitors and track every action by them.

Now, let us see in detail what is Kartra Email and how can you design your emails with Kartra Email and how it is useful to you.

What is a Kartra Email?

Kartra Email is the best automation tool for your email that helps to create your email based on your user behaviour.

According to a study, 83% of marketers rely upon email marketing and believe that it is one of the preferred methods for brand communication. But, most of the branded emails receive only 25% responses.

You may fail to reach your user due to bad email deliverability, unconvincing subject line, failing to group the user according to their behaviour, etc.


You may even be pouring a lot of money on people for creating automation processes for email sequences. You may also be wasting your time writing emails manually but getting minimal results.

With Kartra Emails, now it is possible to send the right message to the right person with the right subject line. You can able to create emails that are highly personalized and relevant and you can send emails automatically based on your user actions. Let your test show what will work better, and how to improve your emails.

Kartra Email is the best and unique email builder that contains stunning templates for desktop and mobile. You can now have behavioural-based automation and personalized features for your emails. Kartra Email lets you target your leads based on their actions and reply to them with the proper messages. You can track their open and click-through rates and also use Kartra’s countdown feature to increase your conversion rate.

You can even follow up with your customer, whether they have subscribed or not, when they last opened your email, have they clicked on any link, are subscribed to any lists, do they carry any tag, and have done any purchasing, etc.

Kartra tracks every send detail, open details and click-through rate and also informs you about what is working well for you and what is not. Kartra Email split testing allows you to test subject lines and it automatically switches to the best one. Kartra Email also helps you to send the message to your leads that they want to read.

Kartra Email provides you with every tool for sending personalized, relevant and valuable emails to your customers and it also integrates with other Kartra tools as well to run your entire business on a single platform.

What Tools Does Kartra Email Replace?

Kartra Email replaces most of the email builders including

  • ConvertKit
  • Aweber
  • mailer lite
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Keap

Why Choose Kartra Emails?

You can select Kartra Emails for the following reasons:

a. An Exclusive Email Platform:


You can have behavioural-based automation like sending the follow-up message if users haven’t opened your email, assigning a tag if they clicked on your link, or unsubscribing them if they haven’t opened your mail for the last 30 days or so.

You can perform split tests through Kartra for your email content and subject line, track the result and finally switch automatically to the one which gives you good results.

You can choose from many outstanding, expert-designed templates and components including hero sections, content blocks, countdown timers, testimonials, etc available with Karta Email Pages. You just have to drag-n-drop, copy-n-paste and type the matter for customizing your emails.

You can have personalized messages with custom tags.

b. Next-Gen Email Automations:


Kartra tracks your reader’s actions and acts according to that. You can have an ‘if’ and ‘then’ automation system and Kartra will accordingly follow up with your customers. You can predefine the condition and rules and the Kartra Email tracker will act according to that.

c. Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns:


Kartra allows you to create automated marketing campaigns and does all the things like sending automated emails, follow-ups, opt-ins, post-sales, sales, tagging, analytics, subscriptions, etc with auto-pilot.

You will be able to design powerful email marketing funnels of any size, from simplest to more descriptive with Kartra Email Builder. All you have to do is drag the objects to your page and configure them.

Kartra Email helps you in designing your emails and SMS and uses multiple trigger rules to trigger a sequence, allowing you to subscribe or unsubscribe and cross-move leads from different lists, sequences or tags as they continue to the next sequence.

Kartra Email allows you to control the tempo of your user, which means giving them a certain time before triggering the next action of your sequence.

Search your leads on your map based on true/false statements. You can even have advanced automation.

d. Get A Complete Analysis Of Your Emails:


You can go through the open rates, click-through rates and goals and understand how your leads are engaging with your campaigns, whether they are going through your emails and whether your emails are making good sales, etc. All these things you can check out in analytics.

You can even come to know which time of the day or which week you are getting better responses from your leads and schedule your emails to maximize your conversions.

Sometimes some emails don’t work as we think. They either fail to grab your lead’s attention or will increase the unsubscription or spam rate. Keep an eye on that and modify them as required.

By knowing your revenue ratio like the amount per send out, price per click, amount per recipient in your newsletter etc, you can improve the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns.

How To Use Kartra Email For Successful Email Marketing?

The success of any online marketing rely upon its customers and their interaction with the owner. Emails are undoubtedly the best way to interact with your leads and they also help in maximizing your revenue. You can send personalized messages, draw your users toward subscriptions, tag them for their subscriptions, make them purchase your products, list them according to their actions, follow up if there is any break in the sequence, etc.

Kartra Email is the best platform for broadcasting your newsletter, sending relevant messages to relevant customers, getting and analyzing their feedback, building your email sequence, having more engagement and subscription, tracking user behaviour, etc all in a single platform.

If you have any product or service to launch, then emails are the better platforms for the purpose. You can start your project by sending subscription emails to your list. Kartra Emails help you with that.

Now, let us know how to start using Kartra Emails.

1. Email Template Builder:

Similar to Kartra Page Builder, you are getting accessibility to many powerful message builder features in Kartra Email Template Builder which are optimized for email delivery and consumption. It includes attractive templates that you can opt from and then edit as you want.

After setting the templates as per your wish, you can save them for after use. Save them for welcoming new users and subscribers, delivering important info or notifying them about a new blog post or video that you have created on your social media platforms.

Kartra Email designer allows you to structure your emails in a highly professional way and you will be able to send effective emails every time.

The first step for starting an email sequence or broadcasting in Kartra is to create an email using Email Template Builder. Create your email using the basic system or go to the advanced tab that leads you to many readily available attractively designed templates.

There is a toggle button to switch between basic and advanced email building for setting up your Broadcast steps, in the message section. Switch the toggle bar to advanced to see the available templates offered and also to save your template.

Go to the sidebar and select the template and elements and then drag it where you want to place it. You can add the template to favourites by clicking “Save as Template.

Just by changing the content of the template you can use it for whatever purposes you want. Drag the template to the editing area, click on the editing icon and change the individual elements.

2. Sending A Broadcast To Your Subscribers:


There are many ways to send messages across your lists in Kartra, but the best way is to use the broadcast feature. It is a fully-featured email marketing system and autoresponder included along with other Kartra features to handle your complete business tasks.

  • Go to My Campaigns from the side menu, select the campaign and then the broadcast option from the top menu. Click on the + Broadcast button.
  • Enter a name and category for your broadcast. You can click ‘Manage Categories’ if you want to add categories to your broadcast and you can keep your broadcasts organized.
  • Decide whether you want to send your message by email or SMS and fill in or change any sender details.
  • Go to the Recipients page, and you will be provided with a number of options for segmenting your broadcast. It includes sending to everyone in your database, only those who have opened or have not opened a specific prior email, who have subscribed to a specified list, tagged list, etc.
  • On the next page, you can compose your emails or messages using Message settings. Katra offers you built-in A/B testing for email broadcasting and you can select the one which will give better conversions.
  • Use Email Template Builder for designing an email to broadcast. Switch from Basic to Advanced and select the design templates menu to design your email.
  • Basic Email Builder allows you to write an email, format the text and insert images and videos.
  • After composing your message, you can now select Automations. Kartra gives you many automation options.
  • The next page contains ‘Send/Schedule.’ A schedule can be used to send your message later, or when a particular event takes place, or send it now. You can also be having recommendations by Kartra like the time of the day when most emails are opened, getting responses, etc. For this option to enable for the first time you will need to have a minimum of 10 broadcasts run in Kartra.

3. Adding A New Autoresponder For Your Customers:

Let your new customer know that they are being appreciated by following them up. You may be getting a couple of ways for this.

a. Creating a List:

  • Go to My Campaigns
  • Click the + button to add a list to your screen
  • Name your list

b. Creating an Automation:

  • Go to My Products
  • Click on Edit next to the product for which you want to add automation and then click edit product.
  • Click save and next for each page until you get the required page setting.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, select Automation rules and click change and hit + new automation button.
  • Mention the ” If” command and select the tag for the customer and mention the “Then” command and add a tag to the customer eg., if a customer buys your product then he will be subscribed to the lead list. Click Save.
  • Click Confirm and then automation will be added to your product.

c. Creating a Sequence:

After automation, you need to create a sequence for sending your follow-up emails.

  • Go to My Campaigns from the side menu and then click Campaigns and select sequences from the top bar.
  • Click add sequence button and mention the name for a sequence.
  • Click the + starting rule box and then click list.
  • Select the particular list from the select list dropdown, and it will be creating the first sequence and the automation that you created before will also be added to this list.
  • Next, you can add emails to the sequence, to follow up with your user.
  • a. click and drag the send email box from the menu to the sequence builder
  • b. follow the set-up steps to create an email and configure when to send it.
  • c. on the Filter, you can choose anyone reaching this step to send emails to everyone who performed the defined action.
  • d. you can add multiple follow-up emails by adding more send email boxes to the sequence and letting them be displayed at different intervals.
  • You can also segment and target the messages by using if-then rules in filter settings.

You can also create individual follow-up sequences for every product to promote them to your customers.

4. Measuring the Email Broadcast Results:

After sending an email broadcast, you can go to My Campaigns and click analytics on the top menu. Select broadcast and see how your emails are performing.

You will also be getting analytics for opens, clicks and goals that you have set, revenue per recipient, etc.

If you scroll down you will be getting more information like how many of your emails were spammed, or resulted to unsubscribe. You will be viewing this as a total number of emails or the percentage of emails sent.

You can monitor everything with Kartra Analytics and then you can optimize your performance at every step of your business.

Final Views:

Emails are the real strength of your marketing. In order to build a strong bonding between you and your leads or customers, emails act as a bridge.

But then due to unreliable message or subject line, poor deliverability, or without grouping or tagging your leads to a specific group, and many such things will make your email fail to connect with your customers.

It also becomes difficult to send emails to particular people if you won’t categorize them according to their status on your emails. Sometimes hiring a pro will cost you more and you will even have to spend your time manually sending emails to individual leads.

But thanks to the Kartra Email. It provides you with the facility to create your email with ease, broadcasting it to your customers, following them up in their journey on your emails, tracking their actions, etc. It automates the entire process of email marketing and you can send emails in sequences.

Kartra Email not only helps in broadcasting your emails but also stays connected with your customers forever. It also helps you in bringing back your old customers. You can build exclusive emails that impress your customer to take further actions like buying your products, subscribing to newsletters, and so on. You can also let them know about further product launches or any other activity related to your business.

Kartra Email helps you to generate more revenue, more leads and also to get more new customers.

Kartra Email V/S Mailchimp

Kartra Email V/S Gmail:

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