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Kartra Checkout: A Better Way To Boost Your Revenue

Kartra Checkout is one of the greatest features of Katra that leads you to manage sales and optimize your subscriptions, payment plans, special offers, and coupons by using customizable checkout templates.

You need to take care of various aspects to make your online business run successfully. You need to perform different tasks which are laborious. Most of the time it even becomes hard to manage all the things.

Most of the time, your checkout page fails to add your customer to mailing lists, your helpdesk won’t be connecting you to the contact database, and your membership site won’t provide access if a user refunds payments and alas! the list goes on. It leads to frustration and of course a real waste of time.

But not anymore! Kartra takes the privilege to sort out your problems. All the sections of Kartra are connected so that each of them can literally talk to each other and no need for any integrations.

When someone lands on Kartra Page, Kartra Analytics will automatically track it. As soon as the user fills a Kartra Form, Kartra Email leads him/her to subscribe to a newsletter. When a customer makes a payment using Kartra Checkout, Kartra Membership automatically sends the login credentials. This way the entire process of your online marketing is being synchronized in Kartra.

The much more interesting fact is that you don’t require any coders for the integration which saves your money and also time.

Now let us learn about one of the tools of Kartra, Kartra Checkout.

What is Kartra Checkout?

The best websites enable the visitor to get attracted to their products or service offerings. Then the visitors out of curiosity start to add the selected products to the cart and click on the checkout page. Oops!! Then something unusual happens. There comes a major break-up in your online marketing. The situation may sound familiar. Sounds familiar, right? Something doesn’t go right.

There may be a sudden disconnection between the pages and the user being frustrated put their wallet back in their pocket without going further to make a re-payment. Sometimes there may be a breakdown with your system which makes the visitor discontinue the journey with you.

It is been estimated that a typical shopping cart abandonment rate ranges from 60% to 80%.

Kartra Checkout will be the best solution for your checkout-related problems. It helps you to create a cart which is simple and reliable, and at the same time helps to effectively carry out the sales. This helps in getting more customers, boosts up your sales and revenue and allows you to continue the repeated sales and even the sales that have been paused due to some of the issues. It also helps in optimizing the credibility of your customer.


Kartra Checkout gives everything that you want for selling your products or services online. You will be getting optimized checkout templates to maximize your profits and also they can be customizable to match your brands or your site.

With Kartra Checkout, you will be able to manage your sales, subscriptions, payment plans, special offers, trials and discounts and coupons. Your marketing and revenue will start skyrocketing with upsells, down-sells, cross-sales and even order bumps.

The built-in automation helps you to reconsider the abandoned shopping carts and can boost your conversions.

What Are The Benefits Of Kartra Checkout?

  • It replaces many of the shopping sites like WooCommerce, Shopify, Samcart, Infusionsoft, etc.
  • It provides you with everything that is needed for your online marketing.
  • You can sell unlimited products at different price points, and it provides gorgeous-looking Checkout pages, you can sell anything with a single click transition and you can automatically tag your buyers.
  • Users can purchase your products using a credit card, or PayPal, and also can provide them with the option for a one-time payment, multiple instalments and recurring payments.
  • You can also benefit them with the trials and initial payments along with special promotions and discount coupons.
  • It incredibly converts your prospects to paying customers.
  • It manages and optimizes your sales, subscriptions, special offers, trials, coupons, etc.
  • Let your user experience a distinct checkout flow, a single-step (vertical) checkout form or a multi-step (horizontal) checkout form.
  • It supports you to manage your existing customer.
  • It helps you to gain your profits with upsells, down-sells, cross-sales or order bumps.
  • It also carries out tracking and analytics for your sales and revenues.
  • You can also customize your Checkout fields so that you can offer your customers multiple checkout options.
  • It also keeps your payment secured.
  • You can regain the abandoned customer to continue with the payment.
  • You are also provided with a set of templates that are professionally designed.

How To Create A Checkout Page With Kartra Checkout?

In order to carry out your online sales, you need to have a proper marketing funnel and a proper payment method which also includes a Checkout page.

The first thing in any marketing is you must have some products or services to sell or offer. So first, let us build our product page and then can move on to the Checkout page.

How To Create A Product Page in Kartra:


Go to Kartra and choose My Products from the side menu. You will be getting the option to edit the product, clone the product, delete the product and even pause the selling.

Choose edit product and then click on next. Fill in with your product details inside the product setting option. Choose the product’s internal name and payment processing. Click on Save and Next.

How to Design Payment Method in Kartra Checkout:


Now, you will be able to configure the product pricing options that are readily available. You can select the payment method which will be feasible for your customers. The payment methods are listed as pay points in Kartra.

  1. The first type of pay point is ‘One Time Payment.’ Create a single-time or one-time payment for whatever price you opt to sell your product at in the price option, then give the price description like lifetime membership or limited period access, etc.
  2. The second pay point is a recurring payment. You can choose the recurrence period as weekly, monthly, every 2 weeks, quarterly, yearly or every two years, etc. and the price description will be like monthly access with a trial week. You can even enable the initial payment for a certain price. It will be like a down payment and instalments.
  3. The third pay point will be a limited number of instalments. Price description can be mentioned as lifetime access with an instalment plan. You can mention the price, no. of instalments and recurrence period.
  4. You can combine type 2 and type 3, which is a type 4, Recurrent Instalment. Price description may be set as lifetime access with 1-on-1 consultation. Mention the price, instalments, recurrence and up to what period it has to repeat. Next, you can enable initial payment and set the default price. Click on the Save option.

Then you will have a Shipping cost, Sales Tax, Refund Policy, etc which you can toggle on or off accordingly and also can change the value. For the refund policy, you may have to set the description.

Then click on Save and Exit. You can identify the best payment method that converts your visitors to customers.

How To Design Your Kartra Checkout Page:


Edit a product and then choose how the checkout looks. Select Checkouts under the Products, you will be having edit info, pricing, offers, checkout, plot sale and affiliate.

Click on checkout and then click on your checkout page look and feel.

Click on change and then you will be having a standard Kartra Checkout page. You will be getting a number of Kartra-hosted templates to select from.

The templates will be like checkout to the right, checkout to the left, different types of checkout boxes, various colour schemes, etc. You can preview your checkout page anytime just by clicking on the eye icon.


You can also include your billing info like payment information, through credit card, or through Stripe or PayPal, with a cart or two and you can also add your own logo.

The templates are highly convertible and have been tested by Kartra and allow you to see a lot of transactions going through and can give you the data which your Checkout page will be converting well.

You can change the colour scheme to suit your products, you can have a preview of that.

You can even select an overlay pop-up window on your site. A button will be displayed and when you click on it, you will be getting a small checkout box.

Next, you can embed the checkout into a custom page or you can create your own custom design as well.

The checkout options are plenty and you can create your Kartra Checkout however you want.

You can upload the logo of your brand, and set your own Kartra Helpdesk icon on the Checkout page if you want which helps someone who is unable to continue the checkout process.

You also select tag cart abandonment, which helps the abandoned customer to reconsider the payment by tagging them. Once they click on the checkout account, they will enter into your lead system and you can send them a mail asking about the reason for abandonment.

You even pick a Bump offer which is a small cutout area at the bottom of your page where you can add an extra offer to make some extra money.

An order bump is nothing but a last-minute “add-on” offer that can be added to the cart just before completing their orders. It can be a beneficial idea to maximize the dollar-per-customer ratio. Your customers will be getting any complementary product or service. They simply have to check a box and the bump order will automatically add to their list.

Let us move back to the Kartra Checkout page. You can make the page more interesting and attractive for yourself. Get the URL for the selected Checkout page and you can add the countdown on the publish page. You can brief about your training programs or can add details about your products or services.

You can embed your billing details, payment details, type of payment, etc. on your Kartra Checkout page.

You can make your Kartra Checkout page attractive and customize it however you want. You can customize it for your mobile, tablet or desktop. All Kartra products are mobile-friendly. You can alter anything in your preview before publishing.

Click on create a new page and you will be getting numerous readily available page checkouts, you can even select the language for your Checkout page.


Select a template of your choice and then launch your builder and you can view how your Kartra Checkout page looks and how it works. Downloading may take a couple of minutes. You also have a selector category and can create multiple checkouts for different products/services or can use a generic one and the product itself will change according to that.

You will also be having a layout of all that you have done with your Kartra Checkout page and that can be embedded to your own site. You can come to know about what product is being promoted, select your product from the product funnel, give your agency name or agency website funnel and also the name of your product.

Price point: Select your suitable price points as mentioned earlier. If there is multiple prices or monthly option or one-time payment option or both.

Click apply and then it will be done.

Once you have done your Kartra Checkout page designing, you can have a preview of that in tablet view, desktop view, and of course mobile view. Click on that and check how it looks on different platforms.

You can adjust anything while you are previewing the page, you can change the colour, background, text or layout and even the positioning of your texts or any other details to match with your brands, add offers if you want, and add countdowns for certain offers, etc.

If you have published your checkout page, then it will go live and you can click preview and the Checkout page will be displayed along with the secured payment and then Boom!! You are all set to sell your products.

Your customers will click continue if they want to choose different products, different payment methods, or if you have mentioned any discounts and offers, etc.

You can even get the analysis of your Kartra Checkout page automatically by Kartra Analytics.


Final Views:

Kartra Checkout page will help you to optimize your sales. The secret to increasing the value of your customer is the sales funnel.

By creating a suitable sales funnel, you can easily increase your earnings.

It has to be noted that Kartra has its own shopping cart. This is great because many small businesses rely upon external shopping carts provided by third-party shopping cart providers. The problem with that is you will be unable to track the payment process. You can’t even get to know when someone enters or leaves your site without making any purchases.

With Kartra Checkout you don’t have the fear of losing tracks for your analytics. You can track anything with Kartra Checkout. If someone enters your site but terminates the payment, then you can send them an email revoking them to reconsider the purchase.

You can even design your own checkout page, add helpdesk, add offer bumps, can create pages for upsells, down sells, cross-sales, etc. You can create different types of sales funnels, including squeeze funnels and also a thank you page for sending gratitudes to the visitors and customers on their login and purchasing.

You also have a drag-and-drop Kartra Checkout page editor, by which you can easily design your own funnel.

So, What are you waiting for? Get your amazing tool at the best affordable price.

Now, Kartra is available for 15 days trial period, go and grab your offer before it ends.

Comparison Between Kartra Checkout And PayPal:

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