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Kartra Calendars: The Basic Guide On How To Use Kartra Calendars To Stay Connected With Your Customers

Kartra Calendars is a simple yet intuitive calendar tool that allows your customers to book, check and manage their own appointments.

Booking appointments with customers or a session with a client will be a difficult task because it’s hard to say when someone will be available.


It may be tedious to manually manage the accounts on different devices to prevent double-booking, rescheduling the dates, etc.

Kartra Calendars help you to schedule your appointments easily without any risk and without double booking by checking the time, and date preferable for both- you and your customers.

Now let us see what Kartra Calendars is, its benefits, and how to schedule your appointments using Kartra Calendars.

Kartra Calendars: Best Way To Get Connected With Your Clients:

Are you a coach or a consultant or any professional dealing with clients and looking to get appointments scheduled on time?

It may be boring to go to customers or clients to schedule or reschedule an appointment again and again.

You may be trying to manually manage your user accounts from different devices and trying to avoid double-booking any appointment or may be trying to set the self reminders for those who have booked, in order to avoid no-shows. Right?


There may be chances of more than one occasion where you need to accept the downpayment or intake forms before you meet in order to realize if you have forgotten anything.

What if you can book more calls, get paid on time, take more meetings and automate and organize the entire booking process?

With Kartra Calendars, no need to ask, what time works for you, again and again. Clients can quickly view when you are available and can book all appointments.

Kartra Calendars allows you to reschedule with a click to eliminate the struggle. If you are a coach or a trainer, Kartra Calendars will meet all your needs.

Using Kartra Calendars, you will be able to manage the schedule, control your availability and collect every data you need to know about your client as soon as they book an appointment with you. You can have the freedom to focus on what matters to you the most and let Kartra Calendars be your online assistant, working 24/7 to fulfil your schedule.

Connect your Kartra Calendars with all the features of Kartra so that you don’t need, any external scheduling tool. Instead, you can have a fully functional system that manages your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Kartra Calendars?

a. Let Your Customer Book Appointments For You:


Your customers can see your availability to schedule a meeting with you.

With Kartra Calendars there are no chances of double bookings as Kartra Calendars will get updated in real-time. Once a time slot is filled, it will get blocked for all other users.

Customize your calendars with your own logo and brand colours, so it becomes easier for you.

You can book appointments with every client at your convenience because Kartra Calendars can be embedded anywhere and into any page, membership, or pop-up with drag-n-drop web page builder.

Kartra Calendars allows you to set your calendars to your time zone and even if your clients are outside, Kartra will geo-locate them and convert their local time zone.

The scheduling can be done either through devices, browsers or operating systems, Kartra Calendars will adjust to the platform and gives various stunning optics.

You can display and manage to service several areas and different hostings with a single Kartra Calendar.

b. Can Simplify Your Agenda:


Kartra Calendars is a single dashboard that manages all your scheduled bookings.

It allows you to view all your appointments and clients in a single centralized console, along with appointments for any hosts or coaches.

You can view your client’s previous appointments, purchases, tags, etc from your Kartra Calendars dashboard as everything is interconnected.

You can automatically edit, approve, cancel or reschedule any sessions and Kartra will update your calendars and notifies to every participant.

Kartra Calendars will manage your meetings in real-time and notifies you if there is a new appointment or any cancellations.

c. A Calendar That Fits Your Schedule:


You can have unlimited hosts or coaches. If you are a consultant who is delivering one-to-one sessions to your customer then you can add yourself as a single host, but if you need many people to carry out your business meetings or if you are running a language school with many teachers and classes, then you can add them to multiple hostings.

Select your available date and time and define to clients about your availability. You can also register your clients for off-session meetings, weekly meetings or short events, Kartra Calendars gives the feasibility to set up any types of appointment that you want to create.

You can schedule your appointments automatically. Kartra calendars provide you with the downtime needed between clients. A typical schedule may follow 45 minutes session followed by 15 minutes break. This will be best suitable when you are having an hourly schedule throughout the day.

Sometimes, you need time to prepare for your sessions and you must be wanting to cancel the booked session at the last moment or don’t want to be booked for a session, then Kartra Calendars allows you to block your time or sessions so that no one can register for that moment.

You can even block your sessions on specific days if you want to avoid working on such days, like Christmas, Birthdays, or anniversaries. Kartra Calendars make it easy to choose the days you want to work.

d. Have A Calendar That Satisfies Every Purpose:


If you are offering one-to-one sessions, then Consultant Model is best suitable for you. You can predefine your available hours in the day or week and let your user pick their time slot accordingly.

If you are running different classes that allow multiple registrations per class, then you can go for Gym Model.

If you are a teacher, then you can go for the recurrent class model. Each student is allowed to reserve a specific day or time, the system will reserve it for all upcoming weeks.

If you want to organize a meetup or any event on a specific date and time, then you can go for a live event model.

e. Syncs Your Schedules In Real-Time:

You can get both inbound and outbound updates. Kartra Calendars sends and receives instant updates from your Google Calendar account also, and without any overlapping, you can sync both platforms.

You can have separate calendar integrations for each team member so that if you have multiple hostings or coaches running different classes, the calendars/ schedule won’t get messed up.

f. Get Reminder Notifications:

You and your users can get instant notification with all the registration details, right after the signup. You both will be receiving an update in real-time and will be sent automatically to the pertaining events.

You will be able to customize pre-sessions reminders or post-session follow-ups with automation.

When a session is cancelled or rescheduled, it will be automatically updated to everyone.

g. Have Free And Paid Appointments:

It is your business and Kartra gives you full freedom to run your business just the way you want.

Free Bookings: These will be a quick and simple form of booking. You can easily set up your registration form by using an easily customizable template and also can add some of the custom fields.

If you want to charge for the time, then you can even select paid bookings. As Kartra Calendars and Kartra Checkouts are integrated you can set charges for your appointments and sessions within the Calendar App and when your user picks up an available slot, they will be getting a secured payment form that pops up within the calendar.

How To Use Kartra Calendars For Scheduling Your Appointments?

As soon as you log in to your Kartra account, you will be displayed with a dashboard. Got to My Calendars on the left menu and will be getting the page that shows Schedule Private Appointments and Classes on my calendars.


Click on the Green ‘+Calendar’ button, you will have the option to select the calendar model.

a. Consultant Model: Suitable for one-to-one sessions especially for coaching or training methods.

b. Recurrent Model: Suitable for online trainers where there are recurring classes or training.

c. Gym Model: Suitable for the trainers who have a fixed schedule per day or week and can be subscribed to by multiple users.

d. Live Event Model: Suitable for a one-off live session that will be set at a fixed date and time in the calendars and many users can subscribe to it.

First, select from the above options. Primarily you can go with the consultant model. Define your business hours and let your user select their preferable time for a one-off session.

Open the time range, and one-to-one sessions, fix session duration and limit the number of sessions per user.

Choose +Create. then name the new calendar, and hit Create. You will be getting a calendar builder. The first thing you have to do is change the look and feel of your Calendar. There are a few tabs that appear at the top which include basic info, schedule, communications, permissions, helpdesk, automation, and finish.

Set up your Header Logo. You can download it directly from Kartra or can download it through your files. If you don’t have any, then can download them directly from any website. Pick it and place it over the Your logo window. You can adjust the size of the window. Then click Save to save your customized logo for your calendar.

You will be having a custom Marquee, where you can put your own image. You have the option to display or not to display your custom marquee. Select the image and place it over the window provided for a marquee. Click on File Upload, upload your file and select an image for a marquee. Change your text, overlay colour, and set the opacity for your marquee. Click on Save.

Next, you have Time Zone. Let your user define their preferable time zone or you can predefine your own time zone. Select the suitable timezone and hit on Save.

Click Save and Next. When your user goes to the calendars, they can choose their time zone and you may create multiple classes in a single calendar. Give an example, say Yes, I Understand. Then you can set available hours. Choose different times and dates.

The Classes are important in the calendar set-up. Categorize your scheduled sessions for classes. Suppose, you have more than one team member with different time availability, you can create different classes for each team member by clicking Add.

Add the title and give a description for the class, and add team members for that class. It will be shown in your Kartra Calendar. Choose the duration for each session.

Then, you can select what time and which day the class can be held, then click “Add”. You can give a time buffer between each session.

You can even set your availability based on months and dates. If your classes run only on particular seasons, you can select the specified months and deselect others.

If you want multiple sessions, you can type the number of sessions. If your sessions are more than one, you will be getting a dropdown menu to choose when the sessions have to be scheduled, such as one session per week, one session per every second week..and likewise. Choose the minimum amount of time you want to give notice for a new booking, allow last-minute bookings, block bookings for certain days and also set a maximum booking range. You can also block scheduling for any specific date.

If you want to add more than one class, an additional option will appear right below the scheduling. If you have more than one class run by an individual person, you can sync the schedules between the calendar classes to avoid overlapping and double booking.

In the next step, you can set the actual registration. Under the registration, choose the free or paid sessions. If free, you can choose the information that is requested. If paid, you can choose a product funnel, product, and price point. The information requested is set in the product set-up.

Then, you have Time Zone Conversion settings. By default, the scheduling zones that you have set in the scheduling step are based on the time zone of your profile setting. Choose, “Let your user select their respective time zone,” and will keep that time zone for your calendar. Allow your users to change the dates and times to their local time zone.

You can choose even “Pre-define your own time zone” to set a specific time zone for your calendar that may differ from your profile settings. Users will see the calendar in that specific time zone.

Then, you can set up the success confirmation messages for every class. Select between having a message within the calendar or redirecting to any page. If you want to redirect the message to another page, then have to select an external URL link or a Kartra Page that you have already created.

You can use the standard Kartra Email builder for selecting the message, creating a headline, sub-headline, instructions for appointments, etc. Then, set up an email notification and reminders for your users. You can even send your opt-in forms and also set an email autoresponder to reply.

After setting up with email settings, you will be getting two options to broadcast. A booking confirmation message and Email reminders.

You can turn your booking confirmation on and off, but rather let it be On so that you can include all the login details for rescheduling or cancellations. Once done, clicking on the edit option will set up the email editor. Change the text, and edit it according to your choice.

If you want to set reminders, click +Reminders and you will be getting timing set up at the top of the window. You can set your scheduling for a certain time before starting or ending the session.

Next, you have Permissions, which helps a registrant to cancel their booking or manually or instantly approve the registration.

Then you have Helpdesk, you can add a support link to your calendar page.

Then you have automation. You can sync with an external calendar. For every class, you can sync your available time and sessions with Google Calendar. Select a calendar integration and then add a specific calendar namely Google calendar to sync with your Kartra Calendar.

Automations will start with If, a lead registers to a calendar, lead completes subscribing to the calendar, and lead cancels his subscription to the calendar.

Similarly, you can set up your Calendar for all the models.

Final Views:

Kartra Calendars is the better way to schedule your appointments, classes, or sessions quickly and easily. It even helps your customers to book a session that becomes convenient for both.

Using Kartra Calendars, manage your schedule, control availability and collect every data you want to know about your client as soon as they book an appointment with you. Kartra Calendars will be your online assistant, working 24/7 to fulfil your schedule.

Kartra Calendars allows you to set your calendars to your time zone and even if your clients are outside, Kartra will geo-locate them and convert their local time zone.

Kartra Calendars will manage your meetings in real-time and notifies you if there is a new appointment or any cancellations.

Kartra Calendars syncs easily with other calendars and avoids extra bookings. You can block a booking or even cancel the appointments with prior notice to all.

Choose Kartra Calendars to book your appointments now at your favourable time. You can also watch the web story for Kartra Calendars from here.

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