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Kartra Affiliates: The User’s Guide On How To Use Kartra Affiliates For Managing Your Business Through Affiliates

Kartra Affiliate Program is a better way to manage your affiliates who helps in selling your products or services.


Do you own a business? Then you might have heard of affiliate marketing. Many people may not be knowing what affiliate marketing is, how it works or how to build their own affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing not only helps in growing your business through affiliates but also helps indirectly to build your audience. It will be beneficial to both: you will be getting better advertising for your products and your affiliates will get paid for advertising your brands.

Influencers and bloggers will be having a group of true followers, who loves to visit their page again and again. These readers will trust the content on the blog and when the bloggers write about your company and introduce your products to them, you will get new leads added to your website. You will also have a better rate of conversions through affiliates.

The leads are important to your business and you need to organize them properly. An affiliate marketing system provides an easy platform to manage and communicate with your affiliates.

Kartra Affiliates will help you to manage and track your affiliate sales so that you can build your own affiliate team quickly.

Now, let us know more about Kartra Affiliates, its benefits and how to use it.

Kartra Affiliates: A Platform To Build And Organize Your Affiliate Management Team:

In order to achieve more sales to your business, it is always advisable to have a good number of affiliates who helps in getting better traffic and ranking higher in search engines.

You can hire people to promote your business who will be paid on a commission basis when they succeed in the process. But, finding the right affiliates and managing them will not be an easier task.


You may not be knowing whether they know everything about your products in order to promote them. Without having a proper screening, it is difficult to say which of your affiliates will be knowing better about your stuff and sometimes without understanding your quality of products, they may fail in getting better leads and may bring your business down. It is also time-consuming to manage the payments that are due or to calculate who has been already paid.

Now, with Kartra Affiliates you have an opportunity not only to find a new production partner but also you can level up your existing business relationship and you can manage them through a single organized platform which helps you to succeed in your business growth. Kartra Affiliates manages and tracks all your affiliates’ sales and you can build a team of salespeople effectively.

Kartra’s Affiliate Marketplace provides you with the opportunity to get ahead of all the other Kartra Professionals who are looking for similar products to promote and if they are interested you can hire them through screening using proper questionnaires and mandatory terms and conditions. Once they understand your products, you can let them have their own affiliate dashboard.

Through Kartra Affiliates analytics you can have a detailed analysis of earnings per click, sales, rebills, conversions, and many more for every affiliate. You can even set up different sets of affiliate programs to provide them with special commission structures, where you can give a minimum amount of your sales as a commission.

“Nothing Grows Your Revenue Like A Network Of Affiliates Spreading The Word About What You Are Selling.”

With Kartra you will be getting multiple tools to manage and hire your affiliates. You will be having all the tools to successfully run your business like email automation, website builder, product checkout, a video builder and many more.

Kartra Affiliates Management Replaces Which Platforms?

The best part of Kartra is that it is an all-in-one platform and there is no need for any external tools. Kartra Affiliates Management Tool replaces HitPath, PostAffililiate Pro and OntraPort.

What Are The Reasons To Choose Your Kartra Affiliates?

A. Glance Through All Your Affiliates At The Same Time:


You can come to know how much you need to pay, by when, and for whom at every moment.

With Kartra’s built-in Affiliate Management System, you can have all the options for incentivizing, payment details and communication with the affiliates. You have the flexibility to fix a common commission for all or may fix it product by product, either a percentage-based or fixed amount. You can control how and when your affiliates have to get paid. You can set a minimum amount of sales for unlocking the payments, or can have a reserved period to pay the funds or can use a progressive payment release plan, etc.

You can even manually review and approve all your affiliate’s applications by providing them with a sign-up questionnaire form. Through Paypal’s advanced payment technology you can easily pay your affiliates. Even joint venture brokers can book affiliates for you, which helps in the second-tier commission every time their affiliate gets better sales.

You can design super attractive and highly convertible landing pages that can be used by your affiliates. You can even create multiple affiliate links to redirect your affiliate traffic for different landing offers.

Kartra Pages have multiple gorgeous-looking sign-up pages for affiliations that you can use and customize. You can also stay connected with your affiliates by subscribing to them only through a mailing list.

It is easy to set up various tiers in your affiliate program depending on the individual commission structure like standard affiliates, VIP affiliates, and so on. You can pay commissions to your affiliates based upon a sale or upon a lead registration, depending upon a list of prospects or customers that you are going to create.

B. Know Your Affiliates and Stay Protected:

Let your affiliates agree to your mandatory terms and condition which will help to protect your business from fraudulence. you can use a sign-up questionnaire to understand your affiliates and partners well. Quality is better than quantity while speaking about affiliate marketing.

Be selective and accept only those affiliates who really mean to your business. For affiliate sign-up, Kartra will provide mandatory Terms and conditions and Questionnaires. You can also be able to review their responses in order to approve their application.

C. Get A Comprehensive Affiliation Program:

You can view all the relevant details of your affiliates at any time. You can view his personal details, promotional links, analytics and performance, payment history, and all other stuff.

D. Have Complete Analytics About Your Affiliates:


Your Kartra lets you know how much your total revenue is being generated by affiliates and also you can know what is your earnings-per-click through affiliates’ performance, sales, rebills, commissions, conversions and all the other aspects. You can also find how many affiliates your joint venture partners are providing for your business.

How To Use Kartra Affiliates To Manage Your Affiliates?

A. How To Configure Your Affiliate Program In Kartra?

You can configure your set-up for your affiliate program in two places that help you to know that your products are being promoted as you want them to be. The settings are Global Affiliate Settings and Settings For each product.

a. Global Affiliate Settings:

In Kartra, you will be having the settings for your Affiliate Program for your business in the My Products tab. Click on Affiliates from the top menu and then select Settings options. You will be having the following global settings that can be applied for any affiliates and for any products.

i. Affiliate Approval:

There will be two steps to choose from for approving your affiliates, i.e., Manual or Auto approval. You can go for Manual approval which will be the default setting or can go for auto-approval if you know who really markets your products.

ii. PayPal Instant Payments:

When an order is done through PayPal, your affiliates will get their commissions immediately and automatically by PayPal Instant Payment System. You don’t have to send payments to your affiliates manually. If there is any refund, the system will automatically revert back your amount from the affiliate’s PayPal Account.

You can opt for Manual setup for this so that you can properly choose which of your affiliates will get instant PayPal payments or you can opt for Automatic activation for sending payment for every affiliate that you receive.

It is always advisable to activate PayPal Instant Payment methods for only the trusted affiliates or those whom you may know. Else you may get into affiliate fraud.

iii. Product-Specific Vs Account-Wide:

By using Account-Wide Commissions, you can easily pay your affiliates for any products your visitor buys. With Product Specific Commissions, your affiliates will get paid only for the specific product the affiliate link refers to and is purchased by a customer.

iv. Minimum Amount of Sales:

You can fix a specific target to reach before your affiliates receive any commissions. You can fix it as a minimum unit of products that they have to sell for getting their payment. This way you can incentivize your affiliates and in return get your products promoted easily and quickly.

v. Mandatory Terms & Conditions:

Activate this feature and paste it into your terms and conditions documents, in order to approve your affiliates. You can even have your own terms and conditions document that is reviewed by a trusted attorney for minimizing your potential liabilities.

vi. Affiliate Sign-Up Questionnaire:

Let your affiliate fill out a questionnaire that helps to know better about your affiliates before approving their request to promote your products. It will help you in selecting the proper affiliates or block the ones whom you don’t want.

You will also be getting a clear picture of the people who are really interested in promoting your product.

vii. Product Affiliate Settings:

Go to My Products, and click the Edit option next to the product that you want to set up for your affiliates. Click “Save and Next” for every step until you reach Affiliates.

viii. Affiliate Program on Checkout:

You can activate an Affiliate Program for sales of a particular product and set the commissions, either as a percentage or as fixed amounts, for your affiliates, and joint venture brokers at each price point of your products.

You can even set multi-tiered commissions for well-performing affiliates and manually add individual affiliates to these additional tiers.

ix. Affiliate Program on Opt-in:

When your affiliates capture a lead for you through opt-in, you can pay them a commission which will be a fixed amount.

x. Your Affiliates List:

Here you can select a contact list that has to be added for your affiliates and your joint venture broker upon signing up. If you want you can also create a new list.

xi. Tag Your Affiliates:

Add tags to your affiliates after signing up or create new tags.

xii. Payment Milestones:

You can add delay commissions until a certain time after the transaction has been done or can use the drip method for commission payments or pay on schedule.

xiii. Landing Pages for Your Affiliate Traffic:

Enter the URL for each landing page that you want your affiliates to send to the traffic when they are promoting your products.

You may create more than one landing page for every product that your affiliates can use to promote your brand and your affiliates will get different affiliate links that will redirect their traffic to the relevant destination point.

xiv. Affiliate Sign-up Page Look and Feel:

This is where you’ll configure the page people will see when they go to sign up to become your affiliate.

You can simply use Kartra’s beautiful default affiliate signup page, or you can overlay Kartra’s pop-up form onto your own affiliate sign-up page.

When you are finished with this page, when you hit “Save and next” at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be given a tracking code to place on your landing page. Once it’s there, you can start signing up affiliates and sending them their links.

B. How To Create An Affiliate Signup Page Using Kartra Affiliates?

Go to Kartra’s Page builder for creating a perfect affiliate signup page. Select a Squeeze Page Template and create your signup page. Then pick the URL of that page. Go to My Pages dashboard and click on the three dots under the page that you have created and click on Get Code or Link.

Go to My Products and select a product that you want your affiliates to promote and then click Edit.

After editing, click Save and Next till you reach Affiliates Setting and scroll down to the bottom. You will be getting an Affiliate sign-up page look and feel.

Select the Overlay pop window on your site option. You will be getting a field to place your affiliate sign-up page URL. Place your URL selected from the page that you have just built. Now you are ready with your own custom sign-up page for affiliates to use with Kartra Products.

a. How To Use Kartra Affiliates For Approving Your Affiliates?

You can easily approve a person when he signs up to affiliate for one of your Kartra Products.

You will be getting a number in red colour next to My Products. Click on My Products and you will notice that the number also appears next to Affiliates. Click on that to see your affiliates list. Then you will be getting a message as New Request Pending and you will be having the column named Actions to the right. Click the icons in the Actions column for approving or denying your affiliates. Then, your new affiliate can start promoting your products and thereby start earning his commissions.

b. How To Start Communicating With Your Affiliates In Kartra Using Kartra Affiliates?

After setting up Kartra Affiliates Program for every product in Kartra, you will be having some new online marketers added to your affiliates group for promoting your products. You also need to communicate with them about a new product launch or just want to thank them.

1. Sending Emails To Your Affiliates:

After your affiliates sign up for your promoting your products, you need to send them a message. There are basically two ways for sending your message and you can customize them as to who, how, when and what has to be sent.

i. From The Product Pages:
  • Go to My Products from the side menu and click on Affiliates from the top menu.
  • Select the affiliates from your list with whom you want to contact.
  • Click on the Action and select the dropdown list.
  • Select Contact This Segment from the dropdown.
  • Follow the given directions for creating and customizing your broadcast to your affiliates.
ii. From My Campaigns:
  • Go to My Campaigns from the side menu and then select the suitable Campaigns from the templates and select Broadcast from the top menu.
  • Click on the +Broadcast button.
  • Give it a name and select the category for broadcasting your campaigns to your affiliates.
  • Choose the method for sending your messages either through email or through SMS and then give the sender details or modify them.
  • When setting up your Broadcast, you have to select “Has signed up as an affiliate for the product.” on the Recipients page.
  • Select the product funnel for your affiliates on the drop-down menu. You can select an affiliate whom you want to contact or any product if you want to send a message to all your affiliates.
  • You can even further target your Broadcast by adding some other rules, like sending a message to a particular affiliate those have a specific tag.
  • Finish setting up the Broadcast and then send it. You can also schedule it to send at a future time or when a specific event occurs.

2. Paying Your Affiliates In Kartra:

You will be having multiple options as to when and how to pay your affiliates through Kartra.

  • Payment Gateways: Use any of the payment gateways that have been integrated with Kartra like PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree.
  • Manual Gateways: select your affiliates list from My Products, then Affiliates, and use the Actions column to make a manual payment to any affiliates.
  • PayPal Instant Payments: You can pay your affiliates through PayPal Instant Payment methods also.
  • Payment Milestones: You can set up the timed payment in the Product settings inside Affiliates using Payment Milestones options.
  • Minimum Amount Of Sales: You can activate it in your Global affiliates settings, in My Products and then affiliates and then settings for withholding payment to all affiliates until they made a certain number of sales.

Final Views:

You can use Kartra Affiliates settings for setting up your commission percentages for a particular product or for all your products to make your affiliate program easy and simple.

Create your Kartra Affiliates Program and reward your affiliates with a certain amount or with a certain percentage of the sales. The price level may vary depending upon the price level of the customer’s purchases.

You can reward your affiliates when a person subscribes to an email through an affiliate link. You can even create your landing pages separately for your affiliates only or they can use them for your product promo.

With Kartra Affiliates Program, you can control the affiliates like whom to include in your program and how to pay them. You can keep your affiliates in a loop by offering special promotions, affiliate contests and other incentives to keep them engaged in building your business. You also have easy-to-use and customizable templates and you can reach new heights in your business through campaigns.

Everything is united in Kartra and you can easily manage and optimize your business through Kartra. Give Kartra Affiliates a Try to manage your affiliates.

You can also check the web story about the Kartra Affiliates here.

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