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InstaChamp: How to Gain 3x more Powerful Online Business on Instagram through AI Integrated Tool

In recent days, we can see how fast social media is growing. Due to the advance in technology, even digital marketing is zooming up to a new height.

Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc are being used by most people across the world. They use it to connect with friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Instagram is a platform where people posts their interests, like poetry, writeups, videos, photos and memes, and many more to grab the attention of followers. You can become more socialized through Instagram and can expand your network.

But the usage of Instagram should not have to stop there. As you will be getting many followers, you can even make the best use of this site for advertising and growing your business online and to expand your business through communication.

Mobile Monkey brings InstaChamp to help with growing your business and getting more organic leads and helping you to engage with your audience through Instagram.

What is InstaChamp?


InstaChamp from MobileMonkey is an Instagram messaging tool that helps you to connect with your audience in order to improve your business.

You may be using Instagram to share your posts, views, stories, etc. If you want to sell something to your customers, then Instagram is the best suitable platform for selling your brands, having communications with your audience or customers, etc. When using Instagram for marketing your products or services, you may come across thousands of DM’s, comments, mentions, etc. and it becomes difficult to answer each of those. So, Mobile Monkey brings you InstaChamp that automates your answers and keeps you connected with your audience.

It is built to provide customer service and interactions to optimize your business and improve organic engagement and increase the conversion rate and also to speed up the followers’ rate.

It integrates messenger API to Instagram, which helps businesses and developers efficiently scale messaging workflows to build relationships with customers.

Who is InstaChamp Best Suitable For?

InstaChamp is best suitable for brands that use Instagram for growing their business. It is best suitable for coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, creators, agencies, startups, small scale businesses, marketers, online businesses and marketers, B2C businesses, etc.

Why Choose InstaChamp?

It helps to grow the number of your audience. You can increase your followers and encourage community growth through emails and messages and also engage with your audience.

Not everyone is a celebrity, and it becomes difficult to have a large number of followers. It even takes hours together in responding to all the replies, mentions, stories and comments. So, you need to have a tool to gain more followers, improve your customer experience, etc. That’s why Instachamp serves you as an Instagram Growth tool and assists you in growing your business.

It helps to increase organic engagement. It means that you can add DM replies to your comments, posts, mentions, and more to meaningfully get engaged with your audience.

It helps you to be available for your audience 24/7.

You can boost your content visibility and can drive traffic to other platforms also.

Benefits Of InstaChamp:

Following are the benefits of using InstaChamp

  • You can create your sales funnel
  • You can collect user data instantly
  • You can drive traffic to your landing page or website
  • Helps you in automating your DM messages

What are the Interesting Facts about InstaChamp:

InstaChamp is a DM automation tool for Instagram. It connects your business account with 3 main important fields, that is, Story Mentions, Post Comments and DM’s and you can set up an autoresponder for those who comment, who send you DMs and those who mention you in their stories.

You can use this tool easily and it is customizable and saves your time.

It also helps you to generate more organic leads, you can noticeably increase your conversations and engagement with your audience.

With InstaChamp you can achieve and take your business to the next level. The goals may include online selling of your products and services, increasing the signups for your course or training, instantly replying to all your customers, and sending your traffic to your webpage.

How to work with InstaChamp?

InstaChamp comes with the following growth tools:

  • Comment autoresponders: reply instantly to comments on your posts
  • InstaChamp Story Mentions: DM people who mention you in their stories.
  • Welcome Greeting Messages: reply automatically to direct messages.
  • Instagram DM drip marketing campaigns: send drip sequence to different contact segments.
  • DM inbox management solutions: add multiple users to take control of your inbox.

1. Comment Auto Responders:

It is used for sending automated messages to those who comment on your posts. In order to use comment auto-responder, you must comment on a post using a specific keyword. It is also important because auto-responders will gain more engagement.

Click on Comment Auto Responder, and let your audience comment on your posts using certain keywords. When people comment using that keyword, your Instagram will notify you and that helps in increasing traffic to your website.

It is always preferable to add a clickable link to DM so that when your audience clicks on the link, you can easily start conversing with them. You need to use an effective CTA on your landing page or content and can improve your conversion rate.

2. InstaChamp Story mentions:

It is useful to catch the attention of your brand. When someone tags you or mentions you in their stories, InstaChamp will send a DM instantly to them.

You can send a thank you message or a greeting message or any offers to them. In fact, Story mentions are a powerful tool for individuals as well as for companies to have a closer connection with the audience.

  • Use it as an incentive to share your content and encourage more audience.
  • Reward people for sharing your link with others as referrals.
  • Give a big shout out or announcement and let all your followers know about it.

3. Automatic reply to your DM:

When you have plenty of messages popping up in your Instagram inbox, it becomes difficult to reply to each of them. So, you need to have an automation tool. InstaChamp will auto-reply to all the messages. Just set some welcome or thank you message in the auto-reply window and then you can use it whenever you need to reply to the audience.

InstaChamp comes with multiple buttons and depending on the button you choose, you will get different follow up messages. You can add a CTA link to your landing page.

4. Drip Marketing Campaigns:

It is the most appreciated Instagram tool. They are helpful in increasing engagement on Instagram as well as working Facebook leads to your marketing funnels.

5. Filter Instagram DMs and find your most important messages:

Connect your Instagram account to Mobile Monkey and it will track, search, and collaborate on all your Instagram communications.

Steps to Set Up an automated Instagram Message:


You need a secondary app to automate your Instagram message reply as Instagram doesn’t have the built-in automation tools for message replies.

InstaChamp is there to sort out your problems related to the automation of your messaging. It is a 100% approved growth and automation tool for Instagram.

Follow these steps to get started with the InstaChamp automation tool for Instagram.

1. Convert your Instagram account to Business Account or Creators Account

Go to Settings on Instagram and select how to switch to Business Account. You will get options. Click on tap account and then tap on set to a Business account.

2. Create a Facebook Page:

Go to the Facebook account, then select the pages option. Click on that and select create a new page option.

Give a new name, either a personal or brand name or even a business name to that account or you can select any category from the select option and pick up any name of your choice.

Click on the create page. You will be prompted for adding images and to give some other details as well. They are optional and you may fill that fields later also.

3. Connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram

If you already have a page for your business account, you can skip this step.

After creating a Facebook page, go to the Settings option. Find Instagram on the left side of the window, and click and connect the account. It will ask for the user id and password for your Instagram where you want to do the automation.

4. Enable third party access to messages and then give access to it.

Open your Instagram app, and go to the settings. Then go to privacy settings, find the messages option over there and choose the connected tool section. Select Allow access to messages and toggle it on (enable it).

Go to InstaChamp and sign up for your account via Facebook.

Now, let us see how to use InstaChamp auto-responders.

How to use InstaChamp Auto Responders for DM Section:

Select the DM section and click on auto-responder. Click on the new autoresponder. You will get two options to select from:

a. Respond to everyone no matter how they start a conversation.

b. Respond to keywords.

You will get preset templates when you choose the respond to everyone option.

Click continue and choose click on create from the scratch. In the box to start from scratch, select the message that you want to auto-reply. You can use send a text, ask a question, or pick an option for a keyword. Toggle it on and when a person clicks on the particular keyword, you will be notified. You can even give the time duration as and when to reply. Then you click on save changes.

So, when your user mentions you in their posts or tags you using the keyword, the InstaChamp automatically send replies to them.

Using InstaChamp for Automating Story Mention:

Incentivize your audience for mentioning your products or services in their story. When someone tags you or mentions you in their stories they will get an automated DM to their messaging with Incentives.

Story mentioning is one of the best ways to generate huge traffic. Ask people to tag you and in turn, generate traffic to your Instagram feeds.

If you are having a business brand, then give the coupon codes. Ask people to share your story on their Instagram posts. Ask them to tag you on the story and let them avail of a discount coupon code instantly.

You can also give them a one plus one offer. Send a Google form on their DM and they can claim one plus one offer. Tell them to share your story on their posts, tag you on the story, tag a friend also, so he can also get the bonus offer. Let them get the coupon code or an offer.

You can also avail them with a free service and it can be for everyone who signs up to your page for free.

If you are having an individual or a personal brand, you can give a free consultation like a zoom startup session for 10-15 minutes, send a free ebook for generating the leads, free webinar to increase the traffic, free masterclass to get more leads, and offer some discounts for courses or can even give them some digital freebies.

Steps to Autoreply for Story Mention:

Go to the Story Mentions option, and click on auto-responders. Click on the create a new option. It will ask what you want it for or you can select create from scratch.

You will be highlighted with a dashboard where you can mention your reply. You can text the message and add the coupon code on the window for text. You have to enter the text that you want to send to your users.

The person will receive the message as soon as he tags you in his story. You can also provide the clickable link on the message bar itself.

You can also upload images to your story mentions. Then click on the Save button.

So whenever your user mentions you in his/her story, will automatically receive the DM message.

Using InstaChamp for auto-replying to your post’s comments:

Let it be Carousel or any posts, when people comment on it, you can directly DM them with a gift.

It boosts your brand visibility by Direct Messaging your comments. It is an influential and powerful method to engage with people. You can have a good organic reach.

Go to InstaChamp and select the Post Comments option. Click on the new auto-responder option and then go to catch all for post comment to comment to everyone.

You can start from scratch or can select from the 2 methods:

a. Respond to everyone, no matter how they begin the conversation.

b. Respond to certain keywords.

You can choose either of the two. You can mention the keywords like a masterclass, freebies, discount coupons, etc and when they type these keywords Chatbot will going to trigger.

Click Continue.

You can even use the predefined templates for sending auto-replies. Choose any of the auto-replies and select yes to reply and no thanks for not replying.

When he clicks yes, the chatbot will automatically send him the reply.

You can even start it from scratch. You can post a comment or you can write it, can create a mixture of chatbots or can use a specific template. You can use respond to certain keywords and can set post comment auto-responder.

Click Save.

Using InstaChamp for Automating Direct Messaging:

This is generally used for business accounts to generate leads directly, set up appointments, deliver what is needed, to simplify the process.

Methods to Create a Chatbot and Use it for Automating DM.

Click on autoresponder and you have two options as seen before. You can do it manually or give an automated format.

Select the Respond to Everyone option, you will have some pre-built chatbots, you can use any of them.

You have 3 options for auto-replying, namely,

  • Send a text: so that the person can reply
  • Ask a question: with text or pick an option
  • Add new: give the detail of the message that you want to send.

Select the ask a question option and choose to pick an option and keep a toggle on for the last message. When they select something, give them the details like sharing the links, etc.

Collect their name, email id and phone numbers for future use and get in contact with them.

Like this, you can automate your Instagram messaging and be always in contact with your audience.

To Sum Up with:

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with millions of people using it across the world. The Instagram API allows your business to connect with customers by auto-replying to them. It also helps in boosting your profile, getting more likes and followers, and engaging with them through DM.

You can use the tool to auto-reply through customizable templates. You can send the same messages to all your audience, or you can even set the keyword preference for sending the DMs to people. You can also able to drive traffic to your site through clickable links or prompt the user to take further action.

It takes lots of time to reply manually to all the comments and DMs and hence you can use InstaChamp automated answering service which saves your precious time.

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