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Incentivit: The Ultimate Software To Upgrade Your Marketing To Acquire New Customers

To upgrade your marketing skills, you need to get new customers and it can be achieved by referral marketing. It is also known as word-of-mouth marketing and is used to encourage existing customers and refer to their friends, relatives, contacts, and family members to become new customers. The referred person will be rewarded, each time he refers a new customer.

Most people trust recommended brands either by family or friends, rather than the direct messages or emails from the company itself. You can have one of your customers/clients as a brand ambassador who believes in your products and is happy with your brand and likes to promote it. You incentivize him by giving special gifts on particular occasions so that he becomes engaged with branding your products.

The referral market is an essential type of market to grow your business by acquiring new customers. It increases your lead generation and also your brand awareness.

Incentivit is a software tool or a program that helps your online and offline business to get new customers through referral marketing.

Online referral marketing:

It is an internet-based, or Saas platform to improve referral marketing. It tracks your customer behaviour through web browser cookies and similar technologies.


It also improves brand awareness, referrals and revenue and also optimizes your ad campaigns to improve the results. Due to advances in technology, many software systems provide the same benefit for the users even on desktop or mobile.

Offline marketers use trackable cards for referral marketing, which have QR codes linked with them for sales and when the customers scan the QR code it automatically tracks that sale back to the person.

Now, let us see more about Incentivit.

What is Incentivit?


Many marketers ignore referral marketing as they think that it is of the least importance. But, the fact is that it helps to gain your leads and improve your conversion rate by 30% higher than other marketing solutions. The preferred customers are more likely to recommend or refer your brands to others and for every new customer, you will be rewarded with certain referral points. Isn’t it amazing?

You need to have the right tool for this marketing channel to work better. Incentivit is the perfect software solution that contains everything which is needed to boost your referral marketing and also to know your customers.


Incentivit also helps to promote your business to new customers through sweepstakes, goal-based and instantly reward promotions.

Incentivit has all the technologies and mechanisms including email contact importer, social media sharing and email invitations, to make the referral and sharing process quicker and easier.

Incentivit helps to grow your offline and online business to acquire new customers using referral marketing.

More Information about Incentivit:


Rewarding your customer for referring your products to their friends will become easy through Incentivit.

The service includes all the essential technology and mechanisms to ease the sharing process for your customers.

It is completely automated. Referral tracking, and email notifications including enrollment, reminders and rewards are all automated. Referrals and ambassadors are easily manageable.

You have the provision for social sharing. Your ambassadors can share your products with the customers through multiple social networking media using predefined posts and messages.

It provides a personal link. Each ambassador will get his/her private sharing link which he can share with his family and friends.

Ambassadors can even know the statistics and status of their referral efforts, such as their rewards, number of converted customers and so on.

It also has an easy contact importer. Your ambassadors can easily import the contacts from Google and Outlook or any other platform and share them instantly with hundreds of people.

Email invitations can also be sent by your ambassadors to new contacts or to friends.

For Whom it is best suitable?

Incentivit is best suitable for companies with solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, startup companies, freelancers, online and offline marketers, and agencies.

Why choose Incentivit?

  • It is completely customizable. You can easily configure your referral program through the easy and simple configuration tool and also can customize rewards, images, texts, email templates, etc.
  • It has fully automated features like referral tracking, email notifications and enrollment, rewards and reminders. It even manages your referrals and ambassadors easily.
  • It is totally Norm Compliant. It integrates the mechanism to assure you that the emails which you will be getting from new customers will follow CAN-SPAM’s requirements.
  • It also gives you options for multiple program types. You can choose from varieties of referral programs such as double-sided or single-sided rewards, milestone-reward, sweepstakes, engagement rewards, etc.
  • It is also compatible with your mobile. The program works efficiently with desktop and mobile devices.
  • You will also get detailed analytics of the referral program of your customers. It also includes invitations filtered by referral programs and identifies the most influential referrals and tracks the data for each individual customer.

What are the benefits of Incentivit?

  • It has a unique feature and it is easy to use.
  • You can grow your business on auto-pilot.
  • You can automatically engage with your ambassador via email.
  • You will have a shared contest to offer a big prize value.
  • You have the easy step by step wizard for easy referral configuration.

The Alternatives for Incentivit:

Ambassador, Influitive, SaaSquatch, Genius Referrals, Tremendous, Tapfiliate, Referral Rock, Talkable, Post Affiliate Pro, and InviteReferrals are the top 10 alternatives.

Incentivit works perfectly with Magento, WordPress, Shopify and other custom market websites.

How to Use Incentivit?


Getting more organic leads will help in growing your business. But sometimes, you may find it difficult to bring more leads and also want to know how to gain your organic leads. Right?

It can be achieved by referral marketing campaigns. Sometimes, it will be a real mess for setting up such a platform and even consumes lots of your time. So it is necessary to have a perfect platform or software solutions to do that easily.

Incentivit is one such platform that allows you to set up referral campaigns within a shorter period. So, let us see, how to work with Incentivit.

After you logged in to Incentivit, you will have the My Referral Program screen. You can see all your referral programs and can also add new campaigns just by clicking the Add New Program button at the top right corner.

You will get the options to select your new referral program type, like Shared Contest, Goal-Based Program or Sweepstake Program.

Shared Contest offers a chance to win a certain amount of prizes.

A goal-Based Program helps your referrals get rewarded when a specific goal is achieved. For example, let us say that they bring around 5 new referrals, then a certain goal is achieved and will get rewarded for that.

The next option is Sweepstake Program. They will get an additional entry, every time they successfully refer new referrals to enter your sweepstake program.

You can choose between any of these options that matches your goal.

Once you select your referral program, you need to configure your settings.

Select Configuration. You are directed to fill the certain fields as below.

Give the Program Title. Here you need to enter your referral program type.

The next field you need to enter is, “what website is this program for ?” As soon as you add your website, the referral presses the link of the referrer.

Next, we have a “referral redirect URL.” It is a page where your referral gets to see more information about what they signed up for.

Then you can choose your “default language” and “reward currency.”

Next, you can enable/disable fraud detection. If you enable this option, the program will detect the risk of fraudulence, like email is similar to referral sign up. You can come to know that someone is trying to cheat you and also you will get the notification.

Further, you have the “program’s terms and conditions URL” which you can convey to your signups.

Once done, press Save and Continue to Next Step option.

It will take you to the Rewards tab. In this, you can set the rewards for your ambassadors. You can set when and how they have to be rewarded and also how often they have to be rewarded. You can even set the amount or coupon code that has to be rewarded to your ambassadors. You can also do the manual checkup whether they are paid or not.

Next, you need to set up email credentials. All your emails will be sent through this platform only. You can match the colour for your email with your brand colour if you have some predefined text. You also need to give the address information. You can configure the email according to your liking.

It is necessary to send the welcome emails. So, your customers become aware of your products and they can take further actions.

You can send the emails to the referrals and also can set the CanSpam Act requirements to stop the spam emails from being sent.

The next step is sharing option. Here you can share the emails to your referrals where you have prefilled the subject and the message. You just need to fill in the email address. You can link the message through Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

When you have done this, you can enter save and continue to the next step.

It will be installing the widget. You can customize your widget as per your liking and you can embed this to your own page.

People can sign up with Google or sign in with a Facebook account.

Once you enter the save and continue option, you can see that your new referral program has been added to the referral program overview.

When you select an active program, you will be directed to the dashboard that contains the data in analytics. You will come to know the total number of ambassadors, the total number of referrals, total referral sales, program performance over time, total number of shares, etc.

The next option is the participants. On the participant’s list, you will find all the participants, rewards, the person who needs to get the reward, and the status pending option (you can either adjust it or reject it). You will also get the referral list, here you can come to know, where default detection takes place. You can come to know if there are any suspicious entries and you can control them.

To Sum Up With:

The business will grow better when you get real organic leads. Organic leads can be achieved by referral marketing.

The people believe in the products or services referred to by other people rather than the direct messages or emails from the companies themselves. Referral marketing is also known as word of mouth marketing, as the new customers will believe the words of the referrals. You can have your own ambassador who is a trusted customer of your brand and you can benefit them through rewards.

Referral marketing increases your business by a 30% conversion rate. You can easily influence your referrals by rewarding them with certain amounts or special gifts on specific days.

It is suitable for online and offline marketing. It improves your brand awareness, referrals and revenues and also optimizes your ad campaigns to improve the sales results. Due to advances in technology, many software systems provide the same benefit for the users even on desktop or mobile.

Incentivit is the perfect software platform that contains everything which is needed to boost your referral marketing and also to know your customers.

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