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HireBeat: A Step By Step Guide To Use HireBeat To Simplify The Process Of Hiring

HireBeat is a platform that enables even startups or small businesses to hire the appropriate talent through its built-in video-interviewing software.

It is the toughest task for small scale companies to hire the perfect candidate, as you may not be having the proper resources, or suitable job description or you may fail to identify the proper job talent.

Screening through ATS will help you with getting the proper candidate, but if you do it manually there are chances of missing out on some of the best possible candidates for your company.

In order to recruit a skilled person for your industry, you need to have a proper job description, need to select a skilled candidate who can take care of interviews, who will be able to negotiate the salary and benefits and many more.

As per standards, the recommended timeframe for the hiring process is approximately 2 to 4 weeks, but if it takes longer, then you probably miss out on a quality candidate.

Now, you have HireBeat which provides SaaS solutions for companies to make the hiring process simple and you can assess candidates with an automated digital video screening and interviewing.

What Is HireBeat?

Most small scale and large scale businesses are still dependent on the old method of recruitment using spreadsheets, whiteboards or paper. It complicates the process of data handling and analysis of resumes and you don’t even get the required ROI.

It becomes difficult to screen the applicants using a manual tracking system for all the resumes. It consumes your time.

Maintaining the record of applied, screened, short-listed, and the interviewed candidate is tiresome when you get applications from hundreds of people.

So, you need to have a single platform that automates the entire recruitment process.

HireBeat helps you with recruiting the best candidate as it simplifies the hiring process. It enables an inbuilt video interview software and AI-powered ATS in a single platform.

You can hire the topmost candidates by automating the job posts, posting your job alerts on the job boards, schedule of your interview, follow-ups, etc.

You can even use social media for posting your job placements which will speed up the process and you can reach many people.

It is hard to believe stat that around 40% of the resumes with male names have a better chance of getting the placement. But HireBeat eliminates this bias.

You can now filter the unsuitable and less qualified candidates within minutes by using AI technology. HireBeat AI also helps you with reviewing a candidate not only using a keyword but also with the phrases to know about their expertise, determine their skills based on their documents, etc.


HireBeat stops you from buying new and different tools to achieve a single goal. It allows you to outsource, engage, track and hire the best candidate in a more effective way.

HireBeat unites the ATS software, automated video calling interview system, filtering the candidates through video screening, the organized workflow of the hiring system, and AI-powered analytics.

It allows recruiters to select the resume based on the score as it analyzes the resumes and scores the candidates on a scale. You can give your time focusing on the best-scored candidate.

What Are The Best Features Of HireBeat?

1. Job Postings:

HireBeat helps you to post your job on ZipRecruiter and many other sites.

2. Talent Sourcing:

It helps you to reach out to the potential candidate who fits your job.

3. Branded Job Portals:

It is a unique platform where candidates can find and apply for any job positions, that they are looking for.

4. Recruitment Dashboard:

You can find your job lists, applicants, analytics, colleagues’ feedback, etc. in a single place.

5. Applicant Tracking System:

It allows everything that you from ATS.

6. Resume Screening:

AI helps you with screening the resumes quickly so that you can just be able to concentrate on the best candidate.

7. Video Interviews:

It replaces the laborious phone screening with on-demand video interviews, so you can get to know easily about your applicant.

8. Collaborative Hiring:

It allows your reviewers to go through the resumes, and video interviews and helps them to carry on with the candidate interviewing.

Why You Have To Choose HireBeat?

  • It simplifies the hiring process and helps you with assessing the candidate’s talent.
  • It helps in screening the resumes easily.
  • You can interview the candidate through video calling which is the best method of recruiting.
  • You can use Hirebeat to optimize recruitment and attract the best talent and hire them quickly. It just involves 3 simple steps:
  • a. Source Candidate: You can place your jobs on more than 100 plus job boards. It also has a built-in programmatic job advertising tool, a sourcing tool for finding the topmost talent and letting them apply from wherever they are.
  • b. Screen Job Applicants: AI-based resume analysis will help you to identify the best talent, video screening saves your time and the simplest collaborative platform helps to keep the feedback easily available.
  • c. Hire Faster: It just takes 3 minutes to start receiving the applications, all the resumes and applicant details are organized in the hiring hub and it optimizes the hiring faster to help you to grow your business quickly.
  • It reduces the waiting time for hiring the candidate, as it allows you to screen and identify the perfect candidate for your job positions.
  • You can even post your jobs anywhere on social media and makes the applicant search for the jobs in their vicinity.
  • It also makes the process of remote hiring feasible.
  • It combines the video interviews and AI-based analysis of the resumes, video screening, organized hiring workflow, etc. in a single platform.
  • You don’t require multiple tools to carry out the job hiring.
  • HireBeat allows you to post your jobs on over 200+ job boards in a single dashboard with a single click.
  • HireBeat’s video interview screening platform allows your application to submit their answers in the platform that helps your team to hire the best possible candidate.
  • Review multiple resumes with just a click.
  • It reduces the posting time and increases the hiring time.
  • You can even use social media platforms to post your jobs, it helps many applicants to view the job vacancies and reach out to you and it also helps in your ROI.
  • The UX and UI are very interesting and simple.

Who Can Use HireBeat?

HireBeat can be used by any small and big industry or company to hire the best-fit candidate within no time. It can be used by the following sets of people:

  • Small scale business people
  • Medium scaled business people
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Agencies
  • Start-ups
  • Other companies want to hire talent for upgrading their business.

What Are The Alternatives To HireBeat?

  • KiraTalent
  • TestGorilla
  • Highbridge
  • HireCraft
  • Interviewer.AI
  • HireVue
  • SparkHire
  • VidCruiter
  • Willow

etc are the alternatives to HireBeat.

How To Use HireBeat?

a. Editing the company profile:


As soon as you log in to HireBeat, you will get to see your company profile. You can edit your company overview and save it.

Click on the job portal and edit your company settings.

  1. Add the company website name
  2. Add the logo. You can upload the logos from your library or from the media library.
  3. Adjust the size of your company.

When you click on the company site, you will be seeing the details displayed on the dashboard. You can be able to see the company, website link, location, size of the company, industry, contact details, email address, and social media where you can upload your posts by simply adding the links. You can edit your basic information if you want. If you want you can also upload a video profile about your company.

Click on the Post and post your jobs on various platforms. When any applicant logs in to your site, he will be able to see the post and he can apply for the position.


b. Adding The Jobs:


Click on the Jobs icon to set up the jobs. Click create a new position. Give the details about the positions you want to hire your candidate for. Enter the job title, give the job id, and employment types like part-time, full-time, temporary, contract basis or any other type. Mention the experience level as entry-level, mid-level, senior, director, executive, etc. Set the Workplace policy like on-site, hybrid, remote level job, etc.

Enter the job location, from where you want your applicants to be from. Paste the job description, enter the preferred skills from the suggestions or you can enter as per your requirement. Enable or Disable the EEO statement, EEO Question.

In the Application form set it as required, optional or disabled. Add the phone number and LinkedIn URL.

Add the Screening Questions from the inbuilt list or can have your custom screening questions for asking the candidate during the interview. Set yes/no/numeric for response type and set yes/no option for ideal answer option. Check the box-must have qualification.

If the applicant has to be in, he needs to satisfy the above criteria.

Then comes broadcasting your job posting. Set it as disabled if you want your job to be posted only on your company portal. Else you can use standard or premium options. Now, your position will be posted on the HireBeat job board and your company’s career page.

Then click on Save and Publish. Once you click on the save and publish option you will be getting the URL. You can send it to other job boards or social media and all the applications will get recorded in your HireBeat account, which makes it easier and more efficient to manage the entire hiring process.

c. Managing the Pipeline: (Managing Applicants)


Once you have added the job to your portal, the next step is to manage the job applicants. Click on the job title, and select from the list created while publishing the job. HireBeat gives you a clear pipeline view. It helps to see where your applicants are from and can manage them.

It will screen your applicants and tells you how many are active or how many got rejected and the reason for the rejection.

It will show you the number of candidates, their resume review, video interview, link interview, and shortlist. You can assign the candidate to a hiring manager, who can take care of the entire process or can assign them as a reviewer.

You can add a person through email and invite him for – Resume Review, Video Interview, Live Interview or Short URL. Click Add and Save. You can go to any stage and check the active candidate or any candidate. You can see them based on the applied date, current stage and status. You can reject or select the candidate based on the questions that they answered or by reviewing their resumes.

You can add notes at any stage and they will be automatically fed into evaluation notes. Message the candidate or send them an email. You will be having templates that make it easier for you to send the proper emails or messages through HireBeat.

All stages have their unique feature.

d. Video Screening:


In the Video Screening option, you will be having the list of all your candidates. You can see the status of the candidates as interviewed, completed, or pending. You can set the action as invite or resend.

Invite new applicants or resend if you need. You can set the questions from the library and can add up to 6 questions to better understand your selected candidate for the interview. You can give them the preparation time and set the response timing, and the option to keep the camera on and off.

Click Save. It shows you the preview of the video interview and the candidate will get it in the email. You can ask them to submit their video once they are ready to give the interview.

Start your interview if they are ready to face the interview or give them a practice interview if they are unfamiliar with the video interview. Click confirm.

You will also get the transcription of your video interview and you can play the video up to 2X speed. You can flip between the questions if needed and can add the comments. You can hire the best talent based on his interview result.

The next option is analytics, which helps you to see the interview status. You can analyse and evaluate the candidate. You can screen the applications based on the interview status.

Final Views About HireBeat:

HireBeat is a HeartBeat for every job owner. It simplifies the process of job hiring and screens the candidate through video screening. You can also have ATS analytics which makes the hiring process easier.

It reduces your posting time to concentrate more on the hiring process. You can have the best way of interviewing candidates which is a video interview which is suitable for remote candidates.

HireBeat is a platform that helps startups or small businesses to hire the appropriate talent through its built-in video-interviewing software.

HireBeat provides SaaS solutions for companies to make the hiring process simple and you can assess candidates with an automated digital video screening and interviewing.

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