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Hexomatic Review – No Code Click & Point Work Automation – Review

What is Hexomatic?

Hexomatic is a unique cloud based data extraction and work automation platform. According to Hexomatic, it is the only platform of its kind that enables to build your own scraping recipes without any knowledge of coding. They also offer ready made automations so that you can save your time on something fruitful rather wasting your time on data entry, prospecting, translation, compliance etc. They are already into the industry for a very long time and this is one of the recent tools and they are offering Hexomatic Deal with various plans for a short period, hence I am writing this Hexomatic Review for you.

Hexomatic offers multiple tasks that you can combine in a form of workflow and multiple workflows will run in the background depending on the plan you would choose. You can schedule and save your data on Google Sheets or CSV on the go.

It is an advanced tool that knows how to deal with bans & blocks from web servers. They keep changing their IP address whenever you submit a new request which makes you a new customer to the relevant server and they won’t block you for requesting similar sort of data frequently.


Technology is evolving literally on a daily basis. The idea behind development of the technology is to allow every single person on the planet to develop their own plans of automation and work around their own strategy. This would allow everyone to have freedom to achieve their targets & goals with ease of technology and automation provided. Well when we discuss technology and automation, scraping of data from the web is one of the most important aspects to look at.

The No-Code, Point & Click Work Automation Platform.
Automate Repetitive Tasks at Scale.
Uses Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Services.
No Coding Knowledge Required.

When a geek can do whatever he / she can dream about but it is not possible for a person who is not into coding or any other kind of computer language, same as myself. I am not a coder or a geek or have never learnt any computer language. Hence I have found a tool which has been recently launched that allows you to scrap data and work around with your requirements. I am going to discuss every aspect & feature of the tool hereunder, so stay tuned…

What tasks can you automate with Hexomatic?


Well, there are many tasks you can automate and I am going to list hereunder, as per playbook, describing every detail possible.

Scale Your eCommerce Business

It is very easy for eCommerce businesses to scale their business with automation. You can scrap any website as desired and scrap the data from your desired website and you can also put this task to automation so it works perfectly fine in the background.

Monitor Competitor Pricing

There are many other tools for marketplace sellers who have lots of SKUs and they can compete with other sellers via repricing tools. But what if you have specific websites that you want to compete with. You can literally keep an active eye when your competitors are changing their pricing, what sort of promotions they are offering to their customers etc.

You can literally monitor your competitors products, description, pricing and stock availability and scrape it to CSV or Google sheets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as desired.

Collect Product Description & Images

It is vey clear that collection data like product descriptions and images is a tiresome & time consuming process. This is where Hexomatic can help you out.

Collect Customer Reviews

Another good example is how Hexomatic helps you collect the customer reviews from your competitor’s website that would help you understand and analyse the data.

Find Prospects for your B2B Business

If you are into B2B business, you would always be looking for new leads to expand your business. Fresh & targeted leads are fuel to your business.

Find Fresh Prospects Using Google Search

Google Search is one of the best, largest & faster search engines out there. You can leverage the power Google through Hexomatic and generate fresh leads for your business.

Hexomatic have created a special tutorial for this purpose, so that their customer get everything they need.

Find Fresh Prospects Scraping Conference Attendees & Sponsors

Hexomatic claims that this is the best way to discover highly targeted leads for your business. You can also look for conferences around you regarding any relevant niche or industry. Eventually, all the data you discovered can be scrapped to Google Sheets or CSV files, as per your needs.

Find Fresh Prospects Using Google Maps

Google Maps as integrated with Hexomatic help you find your potential customers & leads directly from Google Maps API. It means all the data your customers may have entered into their Google Maps profile can be easily scraped for your use.

Go Local to Global By Tapping Into International Markets

Translate product data at scale, Translate your website or landing pages at scale and also, Translate banners and marketing assets at scale

As the name speaks Hexomatic allows you translate literally anything form of data. It uses Google Translate and DeepL machine translation engines that would help you grow your international clientele. The software allows you translate product data that may consist Product Description, Title and Specifications etc.

Scale Your Marketing Activities

Ofcourse, the tool itself won’t do SEO for you, but this highly capable and efficient tool would help you find your competitors traffic & strategies. You can use this tool to carry out below activities within marketing niche.

  • Reverse engineering your competitors traffic and acquisition strategies
  • Detect the tech stack of any website at scale
  • Get the WHOIS details & domain expiry of domains in bulk
  • Scrape SEO tags for a list of URLS

Get An Edge In Finance Or Investment Research

Those who are into finance and literally deals with stocks, equities and mutual funds, can have an extra edge if they know what they are looking for and how they can achieve their results with data scraping.

  • Scrape stock market prices
  • Scrape currency prices
  • Scrape cryptocurrency prices
  • Extract financial statements at scale
  • Monitor news outlets for matching keywords
  • Get your own BUY indicator by studying search trends from Alexa or Google trends
  • Monitor product availability from eCommerce stores to understand sales trends & volumes
  • Scrape job listings for companies
  • Scrape changelogs / updates pages for companies

Real Estate Automation Strategies

If you are into real estate industry, you must be aware that it is a very tedious and time consuming process to keep an eye out for new inventory, competitors listings and market trends. Hence, you are on your own if you want to scrap data from your competitors and Hexomatic is here at your service. Below are just more examples of jobs that can be automated within your industry.

  • Scrape real estate listings
  • Track property values over time
  • Create your own property aggregator

Well, these are few industries that I have tried to find and how this tool can help you with automation. The options are limitless.

Hexomatic has come to your rescue with the options of its help into Artificial Intelligence Services, Research Services, Scraping Services and Translation Services.

Ready Made Automation Templates

Hexomatic are offering more 25 ready made templates and these are instantly at your disposal. You can use them as you want.

If you are a coding guy, you can use programming language and connect your desired applications with webhooks and create your own choice automations.


If you look at their roadmap, you can check their extensive plans. They are going to develop as many integrations that also includes Pabbly, Zapier, Integrately etc. Hexomatic has future plans to develop almost all the possible integrations as their users going to request them. So there is much hope and you can literally expect you integrate and scrap anything that you may ever desire.


Well, lets discuss the pricing. Since the product is launched, Hexomatic has decided to offer almost 5000 lifetime users with special pricing. Once this special sale is over, you can’t expect this type of pricing back. Currently they are offering no-brainer pricing. My personal suggestion would be grab this deal depending on your expected or assumed usage. Even you can start with a free trial account and can plan which type of account would you need. Below are the pricing details.

Monthly Pricing

If you look at the Gold plan, they have further more stackable options, you can check depending on your requirements.

Annual Pricing

If you look at the Gold plan, they have further more stackable options, you can check depending on your requirements.

Getting Started

Scraping recipes, Automations, and Workflows are the core elements of Hexomatic.

You can create as many automations and recipes as discussed earlier and create a workflow as per your desired output and you can schedule for your routine jobs.

Lets look at these core elements :-


Workflows holds highest criteria. It is consist of automations and scraping recipes.

You can literally drag & drop your desired blocks and create your desired output just as a lego piece that you create your desired outcome.


Automations are your inputs that sits within a workflow. It could either by your inputs to fetch specific results from a web page, extracting data from your eCommerce competitor store etc.

Scraping Recipes

Scraping has its own job, but more or less it works exactly like automation and it sits within workflow. These elements have their hierarchy and they completely create a workflow.

Final Words

Hexomatic is one of the best innovative tools that can be used to automate your tasks and can ease your life. If you are smart enough, you can use this task to automate your daily time consuming tedious tasks and make the most out of this tool. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who is always looking for a data from other websites for his/her own usage. You can also use this tool for further expansions and automation. There is already a trial option available, so there is nothing to loose. Give it a try guys.

If you have any other queries or concerns about this tool, or any other tools please get in touch and I will be coming up with such other tools in future.

Look forward to your queries, concerns & comments.

5/5 (4 Reviews)

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