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FlexClip: A Perfect Guide On How To Create Professional Looking Motion Graphics Videos Instantly

FlexClip is a tool that enables you to create and edit motion graphic videos in a shorter time for your brands, marketing, social media, family, and other purposes.

The videos seize the attention of the audience compared to reading the texts. At the same time, lengthy videos will not be as effective as short and snappy videos. People would rather prefer interesting and comprehensive videos than fully informative ones.

Creating videos and editing them is time-consuming and need to have advanced technical knowledge. If you want to recruit any professionals for the purpose of creating motion graphic videos for branding your products, the charges will be higher.

You need to have a proper tool that eases the creation and editing process for any videos. FlexClip is a better tool that enables you to create and edit all videos and makes them look like professional ones. You can create motion graphic videos within a shorter time period even without the advanced skill for editing them.

Table Of Contents
  1. What is FlexClip?
  2. The Incredible Features of FlexClip:
  3. Why Do You Need To Choose FlexClip?
  4. What Are The Benefits Of FlexClip?
  5. Who Can Get The Benefits Of FlexClip?
  6. You can Choose FlexClip Over:
  7. How to Use FlexClip to Create and Edit Your Motion Graphic Videos Like Professionals in Short Time?
  8. Final Views:

What is FlexClip?

Studies say that about 90% of the audience prefers Video content compared to written/text content. They just skim through your content rather than going into detail. So, if you create your content with motion graphics it will surely be going to hit the interest of your audience.


Video content will also help to improve the ROI, brings more traffic to your website, increase sales and grows your revenue faster.

It seems to be simple to create motion graphic videos, but when you want to create such videos, you will find it very hard and time-consuming unless you have the proper knowledge and the proper tool for not just creating but also editing your videos. Moreover, you feel it is laborious to edit each clip and graphics to create such videos. Right?

FlexClip is a solution that creates and edits your motion graphic videos with ease. It enables you to design eye fetching videos within minutes. You can create, edit and customize videos like professionals for your branding, marketing your products, creating memorable family videos, and many more, even if you have never created any such videos or if you have very little knowledge of creating or editing the graphics for your videos.

FlexClip is an easy to use video maker tool that guides you to create videos in professional style within seconds, whether it is promo videos, corporate videos, educational videos, intros/outros, sport-related videos, family celebration videos, real estate videos, or slideshows.

The Incredible Features of FlexClip:

If you want to create professional business videos or personal video stories to share with family and friends, FlexClip Video Maker and Editor will help you out. FlexClip comes with a number of features that eases the process and you can just turn your creativity into designing astonishing videos.

a. Video Trimmer:

Crop your videos without losing any quality to ensure that you get the desired clips easily.

b. Add Music:

Add your favourite background music and audio, crop them with an audio cutter and edit them to suit your clip/project.

c. Add Text:

Add your text to the video and edit it as per your wish.

d. Record Voiceover:

You can record your voice and narrate your story to the audience through video content.

e. video Merger:

You can combine multiple video clips and images in a single video.

f. Video Watermark:

You can add a custom watermark for your videos to protect the copyright of your projects.

g. Aspect Ratio:

Select the proper aspect ratio to make it suitable for different platforms or devices.

h. Video Resolution:

Select the best suitable video resolution for your story and also export it for other purposes.

i. Photo to Video:

Select photos from your gallery to create videos and edit them to make unique videos.

j. Split Video:

You can use this tool to split your larger video files into many small video clips easily and quickly.

k. Zoom Video:

You can zoom in or zoom out your video clips with a few clicks using a video zoomer.

l. Add Logo to Video:

You will be able to add a logo to your videos. Even simple text logos will also hold good.

j. Rotate Video:

You can rotate your videos 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise.

k. Adjust Video:

You can edit brightness, contrast, saturation, etc to make it look perfect.

l. Video Transition:

Add the transition effects to match both your video clips and images properly.

j. Photo Animation:

Add animation to your images to make your videos more attractive.

k. Text Animation:

Add the animation to your text to make your video more compelling and interesting.

l. Video Filter:

Add filter to your video to give it a better and perfect look.

j. Video Speed:

You can increase or decrease the speed of your video with a unique video speed charger.

k. Media Library:

You have the option to select from millions of stock photos, video footage, and music to customize your video.

Why Do You Need To Choose FlexClip?

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It has beautiful UI/UX.
  • You can create videos in 3 steps.
  • Thousands of templates are available.
  • You have various rich animated elements along with a number of royalty-free media resources.
  • You have comprehensive video editing tools.

What Are The Benefits Of FlexClip?

1. Online Video Editing and Creation Has Become Simple:

You can create, edit, or customize your videos for better branding, marketing, and other personal purposes. You can edit it for free by using 1000+ readily available templates, 3M+ animated texts and other elements, 4M + various stock assets.

2. Create Stunning Videos In A Moment:

You can use readily available templates to create your videos instantly. You have templates suitable for every niche and every aspect of life categorized as most popular, recommended, promo, intro and outro, education, sport, real estate, celebration, slideshow, business, etc.

3. Rich Animated Elements:

You can give more animation to your video and make it more lively and engaging by using different dynamic texts, overlays, widgets, logos, etc.

4. Millions of Royalty-Free Stock Media:

You can enjoy using 4M + Royalty-free music, high-quality videos and images from the media library that makes video editing quicker and easier.

5. Flexible and Versatile Features:

You will be able to trim your videos, add animations to text, create logos, music and colour grading, record voice for voice over, export videos to share on social media, and many more.

6. Easy-to-use Video Editor:

You will be able to create and edit your videos easily and quickly with the easy-to-use FlexClip user interface and don’t even require the experience for editing.

7. Design videos in 3 Simple Steps:

You can design your videos easily with 3 simple steps:

  • a. Add Media
  • b. Customize
  • c. Export

8. Create Business, Social Media and Lifestyle Videos:

You can easily create your videos related to business, social media and lifestyle.

9. Learn Video Editing, Video Recording, Video Marketing, Video Conversion And Social Media:

You will get the tips to learn the above-mentioned processes.

Who Can Get The Benefits Of FlexClip?

FlexClip is best suitable for –

  • Freelancers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Marketers
  • Performance Marketers
  • Graphic or Video Designers
  • SMB’s
  • Enterprises

You can Choose FlexClip Over:

FlexClip is an alternative for –

  • InVideo
  • WeVideo
  • Promo
  • Animoto
  • ClipChimp
  • AdobePremierPro
  • Camtasia
  • Prezi
  • Descript
  • RenderForest, and many other videos creating Apps.

How to Use FlexClip to Create and Edit Your Motion Graphic Videos Like Professionals in Short Time?

Creating and Editing videos like professionals may consume time and money and will require lots of patience and technical skills. But with FlexClip you can create your videos in no time and edit them easily. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Getting Started:

Go to the FlexClip site in your browser, Login to the account using Facebook or Google ID or can sign in using a new account by creating a new email id and a password.

You have the option to create your videos by choosing a readymade template or can start completely from scratch.


Click on the New button, if you want to create a new project.

When you are starting from scratch, FlexClip will ask you to define size and orientation based on the device on which you would like to post your video. It includes different sizes suitable for various social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

2. Add Media Files:

You can either upload a file or can select a file from FlexClip’s media library. Click on the Media button on the left side of the dashboard and you will be having a wide range of readily available files that you can use online including stock media, local files, and recording. Just drag and drop the files from your device or click on the buttons to add the required files.


Click on the Stock Media and you will be getting a number of videos and photos, search for the relevant photos or videos from the library and click on the Add button to add them to your media.

Once you are completed with adding the required files to the media, just drag and drop it to your storyboard.

You can create Picture in Pictures easily with FlexClip to make your video unique and flexible.

a. Picture PiP:

Select a picture from the media and add it to your storyboard. Give it “in and out” effects, change the opacity, and crop the picture to fit in your video perfectly. You can add any number of images to create PiP.

b. Video PiP:

You can even create a video PiP with FlexClip, provided that you can use only a single video to create a video PiP. Simply drag and drop the video, adjust the position for the best fit, crop the video, change the opacity, etc.

c. Adjust PiP:

Click on the Clock icon to manage the appearance time of a video/picture in your PiP.

d. Crop PiP:

Click on the Crop icon to crop your image or video and also change the shape to square or circular. You can also use it to adjust the part, that you want to show.

3. Add Storyboard:


In order to add a new storyboard to your project, click the Add button at the end of the storyboard list, and you will be getting 3 options in the pop-up list, namely,

  • a. Add Local Media: to upload the photos or videos from your computer.
  • b. Add Stock Media: to upload photos or videos from the FlexClip media library.
  • c. Add Background: to create a storyboard with default background.

4. Manage Storyboard:

You can edit or modify any elements that you add.

  • Press and hold the recording button to record your voice to give a voiceover to your video.
  • Click the Play button to preview the storyboard.
  • You can drag and arrange your storyboard list.

5. Edit Video:

You can edit your video as per your choice. Multiple features are available to edit your video.

a. Trim:

Click the Trim button and the video trimmer will appear, then you can trim your video by adjusting the trimming sliders on your video track. Drag one or both ends of your sliders to adjust the video length. Drag and move the icon on the top of your track and select the start and endpoint for your video.

b. Split:

The split button will allow you to split your video into 2 clips. Click on the split button and then drag the small scissor icon to the desired position and click the Split Video button.

c. Filter:

Pick a filter button and choose an effect to make your video more stylish.

d. Adjust:

Drag sliders to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc.

e. speed:

You can also adjust the speed to have a slow or fast motion for your video.

You can also modify the other aspects of your video like zoom, volume, rotation and so on by using a specific tool.

6. Edit Photo:

You can alter the size, rotation, filter, adjust, and animation to your image similar to the video storyboard. You can further change the duration of your image in your video. Choose a suitable animation from the library.

7. Add and Edit Text:

Select a preferable text animation from the gallery that gives a touch up to your video.

a. Add Text:

Click the Text button on the menu that will give you a wide range of text animations. There are simple texts and dynamic texts and you can choose the one that fits your project.

b. Edit Project:

Type your own text by double-clicking on the text box. You can change the size of your font by dragging the corner and also move it to a suitable place in your video.

Click on the text box and open the text editing panel and change the font, size, colour, background, motion, style, position, duration, or remove the text quickly. You can even customize your text.

a. Text Style:

While you click on the style button, you will be getting lots of readily available text styles. Select the desired style, and make some small changes by dragging the slider.

b. Text Motion:

Select the animation to your texts, by clicking on the Motion button and you will get a number of options. Select an option and preview the effect and choose the animation that suits your video.

8. Add & Edit Overlay/Logo:

Select a suitable overlay or Logo to your video that enhances your video.

Click on the Overlays option and you will be getting many premade templates for logos/overlays. You can also change the colour and text of the logo as well.

9. Add & Edit Element:

There is a provision of 1M plus elements that you can use to highlight your videos.

When you type a keyword, you will be finding many related elements, including arrows, bubbles, shapes, emojis, etc. You also have animations for the elements.

a. Rotate:

You can rotate elements and adjust the length-width ratio of some elements.

b. Flip & Opacity & Layer

Once you added an element, you may flip it to suit a certain angle. Click the Flip button, and select flip the image horizontally or vertically.

You can also adjust the opacity and layer of the elements.

10. Add Background

Select the Background templates from the media library that gives an attractive look to your video project. Just type a keyword and you will be getting numerous background pertaining to your keyword.

11. Transition Effects:

By clicking the transition icon, you can have the transition between two video clips. You can also choose the transition effects such as Cross Dissolve, Fade to White, Fade to Black, Zoom In, Zoom out, etc. Select and click the Apply button. You can even edit, delete or change the transition effect.

12. Add & Edit Music:

Make your video more interesting by adding specific music to your video.

a. Add Music:

Select add the stock music option and you will get a collection of audio files or simply browse and upload the music from your computer.

b. Edit Music

Click the play button to listen to your music. Drag the volume slider or type a number to increase or reduce the volume. If you want to play the music more often, use the loop playback option. Click the trim button to trim and adjust the duration of your music by dragging the sliders at each end of the music track to fit in your video length.

Hover your cursor over the music part, if you want to add/change the music and click the button.

c. Fade In & Fade Out

You can add the effect of fade in and fade out to your music by moving the slider.

13. Add & Edit Watermark

You can copyright your video by adding the watermark. Select a text or image watermark by clicking on the watermark button.

a. Text Watermark:

Type the word that you want to be your watermark and change the colour, position, font, size, and opacity.

b. Image Watermark:

Upload a JPG or PNG image that you want to be as your watermark and then change the position, size, and opacity.

14. Adjust Ratio:

You can select a suitable ratio for different devices, including 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 21:9, and 4:5 based on where you want to post your video.

15. Preview & Export Video

Once you are ready with creating your video, click the preview button to preview it live. Go back to your project, if you feel some additional changes to be made and then do the editing.

When you feel your video is perfectly ready, you can click save your video online or export it directly. You can choose from the option to download a video or to download it in the GIF form.

You can select the quality of your videos like 480p, 720p, and 1080p based on your video length.

If you want to download your video as a GIF, click the GIF option and select a suitable size to download and you can customize it.

16. Advanced Features:

a. Undo & Redo:

You can undo or redo your previous actions by clicking on undo/redo buttons or pressing Ctrl+Z keys or Ctrl+Z+Shift Keys.

redo undo

b. Full-Screen:

View your video in a full-screen mode to cross-check and customize it.

full screen

c. Align Object:

You can easily align your objects by using the FlexClip’s auxiliary line.


You can create any videos in a similar way.

Final Views:

You can create, edit or customize any type of video in seconds with FlexClip. You will be getting multiple tools and elements to make your video creation easy.

You can even edit your videos, and add motion graphics to make your videos more attractive. You can also record your voice to narrate videos, add music and text, add logos, etc.

You will be getting millions of prebuilt templates for each element, feature and video.

Just give it a try, create your own videos and edit them like professionals based on your creativity using FlexClip. It saves your time and money.

5/5 (1 Review)

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