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Divi Theme Review : Is it worth your attention?

I am going to talk about Divi Theme today and find out how your investment in the theme can make wonders for you. Or will it make a total blunder ? There are multiple reasons to consider this theme which I am gonna jot down hereunder and the benefits you can garner from the full-fledged available options.

I have been working with WordPress Web Development for many years now. Hence, I am very much confident about my recommendations about WordPress Themes, Plug-Ins and WordPress hostings and other relevant stuff that would enable you optimize your website for Google Standards of Core Web Vitals. Let’s cut the crap and jump right into the Divi WordPress Theme review.

Divi – Most Popular WordPress Theme

Divi has been developed by Elegant Themes. The claim that, Divi is one of the most popular WordPress Theme in the world out there.

Look at their confidence ! Well, let’ take a look at the available features and find out;

Whether it is really worth the hassle?

Whether is it good enough for your requirements?

Whether is it good for your next project?

What makes Divi a complete different than its competitors out there?

Divi – Overall Summary

Divi is a multi-purpose theme, which means you can literally develop any type of website you may ever imagine with WordPress development.

Whether you are novice or a pro WordPress developer, you will be overwhelmed by the features provided by Divi. After a very long time, they are actively inputting their efforts to develop the back-end features and provide as much value as possible.

As the time flies, Google keeps updating their algorithms and requirements. Hence, Divi has been working hard in the background and has eventually redesigned their whole back-end system in order to comply with perfect optimisation scores with Googles Page Insight Speed tests.

Divi Builder : Incredible Advanced Visual Builder Technology

Without a fuss, I would like to commend that Divi has built an incredible visual builder, which is literally an advanced version. It is WYSIWYG builder, which means “What You See Is What You Get”. Elegant Themes claim that they have built the future of WYSIWYG builder and they boast about it. You can create the page as you visualize it.

When we talk about the builder, we usually think about Elementor, Beaver or any other available options. Ofcourse, it is an extra cost when you are planning to build a website. Whether you want to buy any builder, it is actually an added cost to your theme. Alongside the extra added cost, you may also think what sort of features are available that would help you create your website or page, as various builder provide various features. That’s where Divi Builder comes into play.

Elegant Themes have built the Divi theme that would enable you give all types of effects to your content. You can also create beautiful shape dividers. You can edit various elements of your content in bulk, which is an amazing feature.

Divi allows you to drag and drop your elements and beautifully design and develop your stunning websites. If you a pro developer, you can add your own custom css features in order to give the look as you like. Divi is fully compatible and fully responsive with mobile and tablet devices.

Divi also gives you thousands of inbuilt design options allowing complete control over your creation.

Divi has recently introduced the live editing i.e. you can literally edit your page on the front-end itself and see how it looks instantly as you work along. You can also use create, save and manage your designs amongst your pages. You can also control every bit of your website through Global elements & styles.

When we talk about the available options with the Theme, you get 100+ website packs and 800+ pre-built designs in order to support with your project.

Divi – Customisation


You can customise your website in any way you can imagine with complete design control over everything. You plan what works how when you hover the element, you can create responsive editing for specific devices, you can select your choice of fonts & text styles.

You get control over the element with drop shadow effect, filters & effects, text shadows and full animation options.

What can you expect when you buy Divi ?


It is one of the most essential element to consider what do you get out of the product you are paying for. Well frankly and briefly, you get a complete WordPress design system. It is a complete framework that would allow you to design, develop and customize every bit of your website from scratch. You have total control over every aspect and every little details to create perfect website.

Divi not only comes with powerful design tools, it also helps you make your website a success. Build your marketing lists with Bloom pop-ups. Promote your website on social media with Monarch social sharing. Increase website conversions with Divi Leads split testing.

By Elegant Themes

As per Divi’s recent update, you will be amazed by their speed and efficiency. It isn’t only an easy-to-use website builder but it’s an advanced design system that can help take your team’s work flow to the next level.

Divi itself is a theme. While, when you buy Divi you get one more theme “Extra” which has been specifically developed and designed by Elegant themes for magazine or news types of website. So basically, you get two different themes for the price one and also other available features.

When you buy Divi, you also get a complete marketing suite which has been developed by Elegant Themes themselves. You also get Woo Builder to create stunning products page with Divi Builder. You can create the complete theme from scratch with the builder, it is not just for posts & pages. You will be honestly amazed by the features included compared to other available theme when compared to price.

Speed and Efficiency


When it comes to speed, you can see what Divi claims and I have experienced it myself that when you create a website with Divi, you don’t need to any hard coding in order to achieve speed. If you use recommended server along with Divi, you will get the speed as per Google standards, which is must as per Google’s requirements as well.

While when you create your website with any other theme, you need to tweak around and need get help with other plug-ins to achieve the speed and results to meet the Core Web Vitals as per Google standards.



Divi is quite efficient when it comes to operations and performance. You can edit elements in bulk, find and replace styles, extend your styles as per your needs and many other available options. It is quite impossible to cover every aspect and every feature as it is quite overwhelming and a total information-overload, although I am trying my best.



Along with Divi Theme, you will receive a complete marketing suite, that would provide you email opt-in plugin “Bloom” and their own social sharing plug-in “Monarch“. You can now imagine how smartly Divi has been developed so that you find almost everything in one place with built-in split testing and powerful conversion insights.

Divi – Who is it for ?

Well, as a website developer I can say that, even if you are beginner, you can easily get going with Divi theme and its builder. Because, Divi has its support team and they have extensive tutorials YouTube Channel and you can literally find any kind of your requirements fulfilled.

If you are a business owner and want to create a simple site on your own, you will find Divi a very helpful resource to get your job done. You will be literally overwhelmed by the layouts and packs available along with Divi.

If you are an agency, you will feel very much confident about your investment into this Theme. As you not only create website with the theme, but you would literally build relationships with your clients. You can give extensive support once you are well conversant with the available options.

Divi – Why you should not buy it ?

Well, there is no stringent reason for not investing into this theme. Although, I would highly recommend that if you are someone who don’t want to spend your time after learning and creating your website and if you are looking for hiring a web development person or an agency, I would highly recommend you to directly speak to your choice of person or agency and discuss your requirements and make sure you get all the features offered by Divi and latest google standards. If you have any doubt about it, you can directly contact my best choice of WordPress Web Development agency.

If you are someone that fits into above scenario, you should not buy this or any other WordPress theme.

Divi – WordPress Theme Price


You can clearly see the pricing is very simple. If you want to buy one year licence you can opt in accordingly and if you want to buy the lifetime access you buy it accordingly.

Divi don’t block any license holder with any kind of restrictions. You get everything when you buy any type of license, it is just a matter of time for which you can use the specific license. Actually, you can use it lifelong, but you just won’t get the updates in future, so if you consider to get the annual license also, basically you can use it as long as you want. Not every body needs the update.

Divi occassionally brings deals to offer their product at cheaper prices atleast twice or thrice during the year. So you can always grab the deal during the events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Divi – WordPress Theme Vulnerability

WordPress is much more secure compared to its older versions. Further, Divi is continuously updating with upcoming new feature and very responsive in terms of support. There has been few vulnerability in the past few years, but these days nothing is 100% secure, but Elegant Themes makes it very clear that they are always available with their premium support and instant updates to overcome any flaws.

Divi – Extra Discount

Further to my review and all the details mentioned, we are offering this at an extra discount to promote Divi, which means you will get extra discount options if you fill this form with details in here.

Final Words

Divi is a powerful theme and a flagship product from Elegant Themes. You can literally use their layout library to create your website fast with all the available templates.

Alternatively, if you are planning your website from scratch you can use Divi Builder and you can redesign the whole theme, pages & posts as per your needs without learning any code.

Hence I would highly recommend to explore the theme and find the options you are looking for and I can guarantee you will love it.

If you still have any queries regarding Divi Theme or if you still want to know if you should still buy it or not for any specific concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or comment hereunder and I will come back to you as soon as possible.

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