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CrowdPower: A Powerful Guide On How To Automate Your Email Marketing Based On User’s Behaviour

CrowdPower is an Email Marketing Automation Tool that helps to improve user engagement and customer data for your SaaS Applications. You can use it for engaging with your customer through onboarding, feature announcements, usage alerts, review requests, and many more.

It is difficult to convert all your signup contacts to customers and when any of your favourite customers turn away from your brandings, it becomes hard enough to bring them back onboarding. You even have to spend lots of your time and effort sending personalized emails to every person that signs up or faces issues.

It is a hard truth that many SaaS companies fail to convert every lead to customers because only 20% of the email marketers use behavioural based personal emails.

CrowdPower helps you to send email messages to your customers that increase the chances of conversion and engagement and ensures their satisfaction from the first day itself.

CrowdPower: An Effective Way To Send Behaviour Impacted Automated Emails

Email Marketing is one of the best types of marketing to get interactions with your customers. You can send personalized and automated messages to each of your contact that will help you to get more leads and also improve your business based on customer feedback. Emails are the most secure form of messaging platform as it will be a more personal space. You can easily get engaged with your customers.


Emails will get the most organic reach compared to other social media platforms. You can have complete control over your audience.

Sending personalized emails to each of your contacts will take a longer time manually. So you need to have an automated tool that sorts out the issues related to email marketing.

CrowdPower is the best SaaS Platform to send an automated email to any of your contacts and also to get conversion easily. By monitoring the user activity and user behaviour, CrowdPower creates simple yet powerful automation. You can use CrowdPower for email onboarding, feature announcements, updates, usage alerts, review requests, etc.

It also helps in getting back to your customers, sending messages to customer segments with broadcastings, and also checking with the event tracking of your customers. You can easily integrate your CrowdPower with coding and non-coding platforms like Segment, Stripe, Zapier, Slack, Discord, Twilio, etc.

By using a behaviour-based email automation process, CrowdPower helps to improve each stage of your SaaS Funnel and helps in successfully converting contacts to customers.

Some Critical Statistics About Email Marketing:

  • According to a study, 39% of marketers say “automatically sending emails based on triggers” is the most powerful way to improve email engagement.
  • Only 20% of marketers send behavioural-based emails.
  • A study tells that 43% of businesses are expected to spend more money on email marketing.

Interesting Features of CrowdPower:

1. User Engagement for Your SaaS:

You can educate your users about your product by creating a simple email onboarding workflow and engaging with your customers for events such as driving engagements, and bringing more sales and referrals.

a. Automate onboarding:

You can create automation that you can send across the onboarding process, to reactivate your users, send request reviews, ask prompts for upgrading, etc. CrowdPower helps you with automating manual tasks.

b. Re-Activate Users:

CrowdPower helps to bring back churned customers back to your product by sending them personalized emails, sending notifications, or SMS and helps to win back your lead and to stop losing any leads further.

c.Notify Team Members:

You can integrate with Slack, Discord or SMS to notify your team members about the important events like when a trial period is coming to end, when new sale or new offer is coming, etc. You can also send the data for other Apps too using Zapier and Integromat Integrations.

2. User Management For Your SaaS:

You can be able to manage your users with a Saas Platform for customer data. With CrowdPower you will be able to identify your best customer and who are converting, etc.

a.All Your Users In One Place:

You will be getting the perspective of all your users’ activity in real-time like who is using your app, when are they using it, what features they are mostly using, etc. You can be able to get all these activities on a single platform with CrowdPower.

b. Real-time User Activity:

You can see the actions taken by your users related to event feeds on the User Profiles. By using CrowdPower, you can check your users’ actions in your App and then send messages to them immediately.

c. Complete User Profiles:

Let each person in your team/organization have the ability to see the details about your users. CrowdPower User Profiles highlights the properties, in-app event history, page history, notes, charge history, etc.

3. Identify Key Users with Segmenting:

You can create segments depending upon the type of your users and their actions and send them personalized messages that make them convert at the right time.

a. Discover Your Best Users:

You can easily identify the power users, the ones who are moving away, the ones who are on a trial period, and the ones who are paying you. With CrowdPower’s effective segmenting features, you are capable of sending messages to every user at all stages of the SaaS lifecycle.

b. Automate Messages:

You can send messages automatically to your users when required. With the help of CrowdPower, you will be able to onboard new users, ask your power users to give a review, re-activate your users with a promo code and so on.

c. Broadcast To Segments:

You can announce new available and updated features, running offers and also upcoming webinars to a particular group of users easily. With CrowdPower, you can send one-off emails and send notifications across your segments whenever required.

4. Send Personalized Emails to Your Users:

You can easily compose many emails with a custom-built smart drag and drop email builder. You can also be able to send personalized messages to each user in bulk depending on their reaction to your application.

a. Drag & Drop Builder:

You will also be provided with a drag and drop email builder that can be customized and can use from scratch, which is specially designed for SaaS applications that suit all marketing platforms.

b. Custom Domain And Senders:

You can add your own customized domain sender for each project, to send it to as many senders as required. It is also possible to send unlimited emails with automation by using your own SMTP credentials.

c. Liquid Templating Engine:

You can easily plug different variables into your emails with the Liquid Templating Language empowered by Shopify. You can even strengthen user attributes and event properties for personalizing the messages in bulk.

What You Can Do With CrowdPower?

A. Automate Your Onboard Users With Automation:

You can create a simple email onboarding workflow for letting to know users about your product and make them engage at special moments to drive engagement, sales, and referrals.

B. Analyze To See The Real-Time Activity Of Your User:

Easily manage your users with a specialized customer data platform designed especially for SaaS. By CrowdPower, you can easily come to know the best customers or the ones who are near to converting.

C. Organize And Build Your Lists For Email Campaignings:

You can create groups based on the type of your users and on their actions and send personalized messages that help them to convert at proper times.

D. Engage And Send Personalized Emails:

Easily compose emails with a customizable drag and drop email builder and send them to your users in bulk depending on the actions they take towards your application.

E. Activate And Retain Your Users With Automation:

You can engage and make your users retain by onboarding process, reactivation process, new sign up alert, automated review request, and add email sequencing to 3rd party CRM.

F. Easily Integrate With Your Favourite Tools:

You can integrate your customer data with 3rd party CDPs and CRMs and also notify your team about your users’ actions and you can also automate anything using Zapier integrations.

G. You Can Also Do Installation Process with Coding Or No-Coding:

Integrate your apps using coding paths like javascript tag and Beacon API and also non-coding platforms like segment, stripe, integromate, and Zapier.

What Are The Factors To Choose CrowdPower?

  • It is a very easy to use email marketing SaaS tool that is available at an affordable price.
  • You can install the setup quickly.
  • You can set up automation based on user behaviour.
  • It is designed especially for SaaS-based companies.
  • It has attractive UI and UX.
  • It has simple and linear automation useful for any person.
  • You are having a user management platform built for SaaS.
  • You can send onboarding emails.
  • You can win back your customers
  • You can have a simple Drag and Drop email builder.
  • It can integrate easily with Slack, Discord, Stripe and others.
  • You can easily send automated email marketing campaigns based on the user behaviour to a specific group/segment using the CrowdPower user engagement platform.
  • You can effectively increase the conversion rates based on the user onboarding process, features announcements, usage alerts, review requests, etc.
  • You can also have a look into each of your customer journeys on your website and also track their interaction with your products.
  • You can monitor and track user behaviour.

Who Will Be Benefitted From CrowdPower?

CrowdPower is best suitable for SaaS companies and Mobile Application Developers. Other marketers can also make the best use of it, as it is also designed especially for a specific niche. It is even suitable for smallscale businesses and freelancers who like to grow up in their industry.

What Other Softwares Are Competitors To CrowdPower?

CrowdPower can be the best competitor with:

  • Customer io
  • ActiveCampaign
  • HubSpot
  • Intercom
  • Drip
  • Braze
  • Bio Link
  • TapLytics Experience Cloud
  • Sherlock
  • WizRocket
  • Emotify
  • Moenegage

And many more alternatives are available.

A Step By Step Guide on How To Use CrowdPower For Powerfully Automating Your Email Marketing:

After you sign in to the CrowdPower, you will be getting the screen which directs you to the installation method. You have to connect with the service that you are already having or you can choose from CrowdPower API. You need to install the script in order to track your users in CrowdPower. You will be having some front end solutions and backend solutions. You can use Beacon API for Front End and Javascript Tag for Backend.

Your Users will be stored as Customers in CrowdPower, and you will be sending a unique ID to your customers. Your customer will be found using this unique identifier or email for them and if not provided then it will be hard to find that customer.

For initializing the set-up, you need to add the java-script tag and copy and paste the code before closing it on your website. You will be getting your Project’s public key in the settings option. After installing the javascript you can send the code to CrowdPower.

As your user signs up or logs into your website, you need to call identify method, it will be created or updated in the user record list in CrowdPower. You can also call this method for changing user specifications, or for any updates. You can also include some other additional properties as well.

Coming to the User Screen, you will be having Projects, Platforms, Automation, Broadcast to send emails, Templates, Settings, and also you will be having documentation and feature request.

Click on the Project, you will be having your project lists displayed and also can see the customers within the project. When you have set up the proper code for customers you can able to see them in your project when they enter your website and if haven’t set up the right coding the customers will not be added to the project.


When you click on the customers, you will be having the events, various pageviews, different segments, different tags, and multiple traits like name, email list, last seen, first seen, sessions, signed up, last messaged, user id, etc. You can also be able to see the charges if it is connected with Stripe.

Click on the events and you will be getting the actions taken by the users on your website. An event is important if you are running a consulting business or doing blogs. An event may be signing up for the newsletter, downloading an ebook, registering for webinars, and so on.

You can set the user actions as Campaign Goal Met, Re-subscribed, Signed Up to a Campaign, Logged in and so on, and it will be available in the pre-created event lists in CrowdPower.

You can edit the Traits, Click on the Traits and can edit what you want to edit. You will be having the customer list and add a new customer if you have custom traits like their user id or any other information. If you want to keep the customer it has to be added in the front end or in the back end with the code. Creating a new trait is simple, Click on Create, add the name, and user address and create a trait and it will be added to the Trait list.

You can even edit by clicking a trait name.

  1. Type: Choose String, Number, Boolean or A Date from the dropdown list.
  2. Format: Select Text, Email or URL from the dropdown list.
  3. Description and Visibility: About where it has to be visible, Use in Customer List or Use in Customer Profile, or Use in Segments.

In the Pageview, you can be able to see a particular page view for a specified customer. You can add a code to record a Pageview and also for recording a charge if you have added a payment system.

Next will be Segment, where you can differentiate the individual customer into categories, like active customers, loyal customers, new customers or the customers who are really slipping away and you need to concentrate more on the slipping customer.


You can set the rules for your active customers like the actions to be taken by them within the desired time frame, like last seen within 90 days or last messaged within 90 days. When your customers satisfy any of these rules then they will be added to the Active Customer list. You can also add a Rule Group or Search your Customer.

Then the next is Tags. When someone clicks on a particular tag they will be getting that tag and you will be able to see how many customers are signed up for a specific tag. You can create a new tag by simply adding a tag name.

All of these are combined in the automation process for sending emails.

The next one is export. It is used to export your user from any other media.

The automation process involves four steps.


1. Trigger:

  • a. Trigger Type: You will be getting a dropdown list or you can add your own trigger method.
  • b. Event
  • c. Repeats

and then click on Save and Exit.

2. Actions:

a. Add Your Tag: Email, ShoutOut and Twilio

It is used for setting up emails. Click on the email settings and send personalized emails in bulk or you can also send any variables. You can customize your email. Choose the email template, you can choose the add image, paragraph, title, social icons, logos, headline, etc from the drag and drop menu. You will be having Settings, blocks and templates to customize your emails.

b. Wait For 24 Hours

3. Goal:

a. Goal Type

b. Tag

c. Timeframe

4. Audience:

a. Audience

b. Smart Sending

Then click on Save and Continue.

Next comes Broadcast. You can create a broadcast by choosing the following.

  1. Audience: Choose your audience type
  2. Email: Compose email by choosing email settings
  3. Options: Choose smart sending

You can then select and send the broadcast to your customers.

In the Template option, you can create a template for sending your emails.

  1. Choose to Create a Template.
  2. Give the name of your template.
  3. Add the required blocks: Add image, logo, paragraph, headline, etc
  4. Set the Settings.

You will be having test templates and save templates option for testing how your email template looks like and then you can save it.

In the settings, you will be having API Keys, Sending Domains for sending your emails to your customers, Email Senders, and Custom Blocks where you can create a customized block that you can enter into your email.

Then you will be having integrations. You will be getting some prebuilt integrations.

Next, you will be having feature requests, where you can add features that you would like to send across your customers. Click on Request a feature, give a subject and message brief and then click on Send.

Lastly, you have Documentation that guides you on how to set up CrowdPower, How to use It, etc.

Next will be Beacon API. It is the same as the javascript tag.

You will also be having other resources, integrations, etc to Beacon API.

Final Views About CrowdPower:

CrowdPower is the best tool for customer engagement with SaaS businesses. You will be having the automation based on the behaviour of your user. You can use it for the Customers Onboarding process, Features announcements, Usage Alerts, Etc. You can easily win over your slipping customers. You can see the user behaviour with automation, you can send messages to your customer segments with broadcast and also can see other actions of your users with event tracking. You can easily connect CrowdPower with Segment, Stripe, Zapier, Slack, Etc.

You can choose CrowdPower for sending personalized emails to your customers and being connected with them throughout. You can also grow your business through email marketing.

So, don’t just read the email marketing article about CrowdPower, better choose it to optimize your emails and build your business to the next level.

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